Manan : It’s You ~ my firefly (chapter 13)


Manan : It’s You ~ my firefly

In the morning..

Nandini wake up in the morning 1st..she tried to move but she felt something heavy on her she opened her eyes & saw a hand which is holding her hand tightly as if when he will leave the hand she will vanish..Nandini smiled a bit watching that..she looked at manik..manik was sleeping in sitting position.. There was restless on his face.. Nandini sat down & touched his cheeks.. A small smile appeared on his lips & he was looking calm..nandini called him with his name…manik woke up immediately calling nandini…nandini smiled..
Nandini : I’m fine manik…
Though she was saying she is fine manik noticed her pale eyes which showed that she was not fine…
Nandini : manik..I think..u should go & sleep properly..
Manik : I’m fine nandini..
Nandini : u r not..why r u lying to me?!
Manik : then why r u lying to me?!
Nandini became silent..
Manik : I wanted to ask something..
Nandini : ok..
Manik : what did the boy say to u??why did u go with him & who was he??
Nandini became sad remembering that..
Manik : if u don’t want to talk about it then itz ok..
Nandini : no..I’ll tell u…
Manik : ok…
Nandini : that boy told me that….

Flashback –

A boy tapped on nandini’s shoulder..
Nandini : yes??
Boy : u r nandini murthy..r8?
Nandini : yeah..but how do u know me?
Boy : I know a lot about u which even u don’t know..
Nandini : what do u mean??
Boy : I know something about ur parent’s accident..
Nandini : & what is it??
Boy : it was not any accident.. It was preplanned murder..
Nandini was shocked to the core..
Boy : ur uncle gave money to the truck driver to kill ur parents.. & he gave it a shape as accident…
Nandini : I don’t blv u..
Boy : I knew u won’t blv me..I’ve prove..but for that..u have to come with me..
Nandini : where??
Boy : in the postern area of the mall..there someone is waiting 4 u who has all the proof…
Nandini was confused that she should go with him or not..
Boy : don’t waste tym nandini.. Trust me..itz true…
Nandini : ok..but first let me tell my frnd..
Boy : no..u can’t.. U have to come alone..
Nandini : but…
Boy : u have to trust me..I’m not lying..itz all true & I can show u the proof..
Nandini : f9..let’s go..
Nandini left with the boy…

Flashback ends…

Nandini : that’s why I left with him..
Manik : & what about ur phone??
Nandini : woh..I forgot to chrg it..sorry…
Manik : nxt tym plzz do chrg ur phone..
Nandini : ok..but how did u find me??
Manik : when mukti said she was unable to find u then we went there & searched for u..then we checked the CCTV & there we saw u going with the boy..& then trilok…
Nandini : ohh…
Manik : he is such a jerk..just to brought u there he used ur parents accident..
Nandini : it was true manik..
Manik : what do u mean??
Nandini : he said the truth..uncle killed my parents..then he brought me with that his company get the position & murthy industry will b finished as there will b no one to run that ..police had all the proof of this murder..but uncle bribed them & closed the case & made it accident.. Some of my relatives also started doubting him..that’s why he never allowed me to meet anyone & finished all the rituals fast..
Manik was startled..
Manik : how can u b so sure about it?!
Nandini : trilok showed me all the police reports..he had the copies of the reports so that he can use them to control uncle…
Manik didn’t know what to say..
Manik : I can’t blv it..they r so….
Nandini was crying… Manik looked at her & hugged her…

All these conversions were heard by Abhimanyu… He was standing at the door… He was shattered.. He never thought his own father can stoop so low…he was feeling shame to call him father…he held the table for the support & a vas fall from the table which caught manan’s attention…
Nandini was shocked to see abhi there..she didn’t want to tell it abhi as she knew abhi won’t b able to tolerate it…nyonika,mukti,cabir,navya also came there listening the sound..
Manik & nandini went to abhi…
Nandini hugged him tightly…
Nandini : bhai..itz not ur fault..plzz control urself..I know what r u feeling but still..
Abhi also hugged her..
Abhi : I’m f9..I want to stay alone for sometime…
Abhi left the room & went to the other room…
Nandini sat on the couch feeling helpless…
Mukti asked manik what happened.. Manik told them everything…everyone was shocked & felt bad for nandini & abhi…their relationship was really complicated.. On one side this bro-sis can do anything for each other & love each other to the core..other side abhi’s father was responsible for every bad things which happened with nandu…
Sometimes all the love looks so less in front of some crimes.. But last the love wins fighting with all the negativities..b it bro-sis love or b if the other kinds of love..abhi was feeling lyk killing his dad for doing this with her sister whom he loved the most..but somehow the love for his father stopped him..whatever our parents do…sometimes we can hate them for such things..but we can’t kill them..& when we hate them..we suffer the most pain…abhi was also feeling lyk that..nandu was no less..on one hand she had her parent’s killer & on the other her bhai whom she loves lyk anything…

Nandu was sitting on the couch lyk a dead body… Navya sat beside her & held her hand..
Navya : I know nandu..itz difficult for u..but still..go to abhi. Just face everything whatever is happening.. Don’t run from it..if we run from anything.. It’ll never b solved…so face it..think about abhi..he needs u..r8?
Nandini looked at her..
Nandini : but…
Navya : no if & but..just go..
She looked at nyonika & manik…they also blinked their eyes giving her assurance..
She got up from the couch & went to the room where abhi was sitting…
Nandini sat beside him…
Nandini : bhai…
Abhi : don’t call me bhai..I’m not worth of it..just bcz of my dad..u had to bear all these..he killed ur parents..he gave u to trilok..bcz of him u r suffering.. & I can’t even touch him..why?? Bcz I’m his son..I can’t forget my values…but what about u?? Ur pain?? I couldn’t even protect u..what kind of a brother am I?! I’m a failure & coward..
Nandini : don’t say that bhai..u r the best brother of the world.. & it’s not ur fault..don’t blame urself…remember.. Ur mom & my parents always used to say to never forget our values & principles..I’m proud of u that u have always follow ur principles & doesn’t make us makes us different & special…
Mukti also came there..
Mukti : nandini is r8..we can punish him through the law..what’s the need of beating him?! Killing him?!
Abhi : but it won’t b enough for him..
Manik : then I have a plan…

Everyone looked at manik…
Manik : look..he did all these for his business…what if he lose his business?!!
Abhi : I didn’t get u…
Manik : look.. For him..his business is everything.. Nothing else if we send him to jail..he will come out from it easily by using his contacts.. But if we finish his business he will b shattered.. Then there will b no one for him..& only then he will understand & will repent for his mistake truely..
Cabir : manik is r8..such people only understand lyk this…& it’s their real punishment…
Mukti : sounds a great idea..what say???
Nandini looked at abhi…abhi also looked at her…
Abhi : I’m in…
& smiled at nandini…
Nandini hugged him immediately…then all had a group hug…
Navya also come there…
Navya : hey matarani !! There is no one for me…I should leave from here..
Everyone laughed watching her acting..
Nandini : navya stop ur drama..come..
Navya also join the hug….

Then they had their lunch together..after lunch they spent some tym with each other & had a little chit-chat..In the evening… abhi left for his hospital..mukti also went with him as she didn’t want to leave abhi alone…cabir & navya also left for their home..& nyonika left for her NGO…..
Now only manan were left alone in the home…

Manik was standing in the balcony.. He was remembering the moments which he passed with nandini’s parents..nandini’s father-who gave him father’s love..every swt moments with him..then he remembered about nandini.. Her smile..laugh..then her tears,pale face,how she got scared when he touched her…everything was killing him from inside….

Nandini came there…she stand beside Manik…
Nandini : I know u used to love my parents a lot & u r equally need to hide ur pains….
Manik : yeah nandini has become the saint..she knows everything…
He bowed down in front of nandini..
Manik : pranam !! Nandini mata…(greetings !! Goddess Nandini…)
Nandini punched him on his hand..
Nandini : u r impossible manik…
She was about to go when manik caught her hand…nandini looked at him….
Manik : f9..I was feeling bad for them & remembering the moments…
Nandini again stand beside him..

Manik : u know nandini… We have a lot of memory together… Whenever I used to tensed or upset ur father always used to come to me & talk to me..after talking to him I felt as if my all worries r vanished..though he was himself a great businessman.. He had no arrogance or pride..he was also lyk my teacher.. & ur mother..I felt blessed to have two mothers in my lyf..she always used to fulfill my demands.. They were an awesome couple.. Beautiful understanding,communication..I only decided that I will also marry a girl who will cmpltly understand me..& I will make the bonding just lyk ur parents…
Nandini smiled listening all these..she was also remembering her parents & their moments..
Nandini : thank u manik…
Manik : for what??
Nandini : for sharing & understanding… U have always support me whenever I needed it..I prmiz I’ll always b ur side as ur best frnd…
Manik smiled…
Manik : promotion in the relationship???
Nandini : well..u can think lyk that…
Manik : ok…then what’ll b the top post???
Nandini : b happy with what u r getting…
Nandini was about to go when manik held her hand & pulled her close to him…he held her waist with one hand & with the other hand he tucked her hair behind her ear..nandini’s hand were on his chest..he came more close to nandini & was about to kiss her…nandini also closed her eyes feeling the proximity… Suddenly she got flashbacks of her kidnapping & trilok getting cozy with her…she became scared & jerked manik away from her…manik was startled watching her sudden reaction… Nandini was panting badly & was going backwards from manik..manik tried to hold her but she ran from there immediately & went to her room..manik was standing there lyk a statue..

So it was chapter 13..hope u lyk it…plzz share ur feedbacks.. Suggestions r also welcome.. I’ll wait for ur feedbacks.. & thanks to all for ur beautiful cmnts..till then –

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