Manan : It’s You ~ my firefly (chapter 11)


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Story continues –

Manan : It’s You ~ my firefly

It was nearly midnight.. Manik,nandini & mukti trio were in their respective rooms..mukti was sleeping but manik & nandini both were awake..Nyonika came at home..she thought everyone is sleeping.. She went to her room..she had a she was thinking to make some coffee.. She was about to go when nandini came to her with two coffee..
Nyonika : nandini !! U haven’t sleep yet?! & what r these for?!!
Nandini : actually aunty.. I wasn’t feeling sleepy at all..then I heard the calling bell.. So I came here..& coffee..I thought u need it. If I’m disturbing u..then sorry…
Nyonika : areee..when did I say that?! Itz gd that u came here..& coffee.. I really need fact I was going to make it…come..let’s sit & talk..
Nandini smiled..

Nandini : ok…
Both sat down in the bed..
Nyonika : nandini..u know I’m really angry with u..
Nandini : but why?!! What I have done?!
Nyonika : u do so much formality.. How many tymes I’ve to say u I’m just lyk ur mom..did u do these formalities with ur mom also?!! No na??? Then why me ??
Nandini : sorry aunty…
Nyonika : ok..but no formality from nxt tym..
Nandini : ok….
Both smiled at each other..& started to drink coffee..
Nyonika : I must say u makes really tasty coffee…
Nandini : thank u….
Nyonika : bdw..why u didn’t feel sleepy?!
Nandini : I don’t know..
Nyonika : ok..u know sometimes manik also comes to my room lyk this..& then what do I do u know??
Nandini : what do u do??
Nyonika : I lay him down in the bed & then makes him u r also my daughter… So come with me..
Nandini felt emotinal as she remembered her mother & hugged her immediately…
Nyonika took nandini to the bed..nandini laid down in Nyonika’s lap..nyonika made her sleep & she also slept in this process…

After sometime manik also came to the room..he was amazed to see the scenario.. He admired two imprtnt person of his lyf & their swt rlsnship..he didn’t wanted to dstrb he left & went to his room..he was really happy..he also slept thinking about these things…

In the morning :

Bright sunshine fall on nandini’s face which dstrbed her beautiful sleep..she woke up..she saw that she was in nyonika’s room..then she remembered last night & a smile appeared on her face..she never thought she will get motherly love again..she got up from bed & went to her room..she freshened up & wore a white dress..she applied light orange lipstick & little make up..she made a bun but then she remembered manik’s word..her cheeks became red as she was blushing remembering she left her hair open..then she went for breakfast…
Manik,Nyonika & Mukti were having breakfast… Manik noticed nandini & a smile appeared in his face..mukti noticed it & smiled a bit..Manik was staring at nandini leaving his breakfast..he also noticed that she left her hair open today & then remembered yesterday’s incident..Nandini also noticed manik staring at her so she blushed a bit..manik was wearing a white shirt with black blazer & black jeans..his hair was perfectly set up with jell..he was looking perfect & just awesome that any girl will fall for him immediately.. Nandini also admired manik’s looks..

Nandini’s POV
How can a boy look so handsome everyday ?!! He is looking awesome & amazing..he always looks awesome..but in this attire he looks really handsome..Just lyk a Greek God !!
End of POV

Manik noticed nandini staring at him..he smirked a bit…
Nandini went near the table & greeted everyone.. Nyonika told her to sit..she sat down & had breakfast..

Nandini : manik.. U r going office today??
Manik : yeah..actually I really have some urgent work..that’s why I can’t stay in leaves anymore.. Otherwise my company will face losses..
Nandini : oh..then best of luck..
Manik : thnks..
Mukti in manik’s ear : looks lyk someone will miss u..
Manik blushed hearing this..
Mukti : ohhoo…u r blushing !!

Manik : shut up..
Nyonika : what happened?? Now what r u both whispering about?! What’s cooking??
Mukti : nothing much mom..we were just teasing each other..
Nyonika : about what??
Mukti : u know na bhai ??!! He always tease me about he was also doing that.
Manik :’s it.
Nyonika : ok..manik..don’t tease ur sister..
Manik : ok mom..
Manik & Mukti looked at each other & smiled a bit..then they started to eat their breakfast…

After finishing breakfast manik said bye to everyone & left for office.. Nyonika also went for her work..mukti & nandini was left alone..
Nandini : r u also going to meet abhi??
Mukti : he is in hospital.. So I can’t meet him now..
Nandini : thnk God !! Otherwise I would’ve left alone in the whole house..
Mukti : yeah..r8..but now what will we do ?! I’ll get bore lyk this.. U know na?!!
Nandini : yeah..but we have nothing to do..
Mukti : no actually.. We can do something…
Nandini : what??
Mukti : we can go for shopping !!!

Nandini : no way !!
Mukti : why??
Nandini : u know na what happened?!! Uncle & trilok must b searching 4 me..moreover.. If manik & abhi will come to know this they will b so furious !!
Mukti : come on nandini !! No one will get to know. It’ll b our little secret..moreover, they must b not finding u in mall..& it’s just about some hour.. Nothing will happen..
Nandini : but….
Mukti : plz plz plzzzzzz !!!!!
Nandini : r u sure nothing will happen??

Mukti : 100% sure.. Plzzzzzzzz!!!!
Nandini : ok..f9..let’s go then…
Mukti : yaayyy !! That’s lyk a gd u….
Nandini : love u too…
Both hugged each other…
Mukti : now let’s go & get ready…
Both went to their respective rooms..
Mukti got ready in a pink short dress & nandini got ready ready in a blue long frock.. Both applied some make up & left hair open..both were looking really pretty & beautiful… They went to mall & started shopping.. They were just roaming around the whole mall.. They couldn’t choose anything.. At last they entered in a shop & bought some dresses from there..then they both went into food section.. They ate pizza & ice cream.. Both were enjoying a lot…it was afternoon.. They decided to bought some accessories.. So they were busy in checking them in dfrnt shops..
meanwhile in malhotra industry :

Manik was busy in his work.. Suddenly his P.A came to his room..
Manik : yes sushant..what happened?
Sushant : sir,u asked to gather all information about trilok & kishore Khurana.. Here is the report..
Manik checked all the reports..
Sushant : sir..trilok & kishore both were out of town..but they have again come back in the city yesterday..
Listening this manik thought if kishore khurana has come back why didn’t he go to his house ?! He thought Kishore must b planning something..manik thought to tell nandini to b careful..manik called at home..but no one picked up..she tried several tyms but no answer..then he called mukti..mukti was busy in checking accessories.. Her phone was also she even didn’t notice the manik became really tensed..he called nandini.. But her phone was off…now he panicked..he was thinking why nandini kept her phone switched off!! He again called mukti. After some rings she finally noticed it & picked it up…
Manik : where the hell r u mukti?! Why didn’t u pick my calls??
Mukti : rlx bhai.. What happened?? Why r u sounding so tensed???
Manik : where is nandini??

Mukti : she must b in the other shop..
It slipped from her mouth..she tapped her face for doing this mistake ..
Manik : shop !! What do u mean?? Where r u both now??
Mukti : woh..bhai..we na…
Manik : mukti.. Don’t try to lie..
Mukti : ok f9..we r in the mall..
Manik : what?! R u guys crazy?? Can’t u understand itz not safe ?!!! Where is nandini?? Give her the phone now..
Mukti : ok..but don’t shout at was not her fault..
Manik : ok f9..
Mukti turned backwards to search nandini… But she was nowhere be seen..
Mukti : where did nandini go ?!!
Manik : what happened mukti?? Where is nandini??
Mukti : woh bhai..she was here behind me some time ago..but now I’m unable to find her..may b she went to some other shops.. I’ll check..don’t worry.. She must b here..
Manik : which mall u r in ??

Mukti : city mall..
Manik : I’m coming r8 now..don’t go anywhere.. Wait 4 me…
Manik called abhi & cabir also & told them to come to city mall as nandini is missing from there..trio immediately reach the mall as it was not so now mukti was also tensed as she is unable to find nandini.. She ran towards manik,cabir & abhi watching them…
Manik : why r u crying?? Where is nandini?? Did u find her??
Mukti : woh bhai..I couldn’t find her..

Manik became furious..
Manik : r u crazy mukti?? What was the need to come here?!!!
Cabir : manik..we can talk about it later..1st let’s find nandini…
Manik : ok..f9..
Trio started to search nandini in the whole mall..cabir took mukti with him as he knew manik & abhi’s anger..they searched the whole mall but nandini was nowhere to b seen..
Everyone became frustrated.. Manik was shattering from inside..many bad thoughts were coming in his mind..
Abhi : we searched in the whole mall but there is no single clue about nandu..damn..
Suddenly manik got something in his mind..
Manik : I think we should check the CCTV footage..
Cabir : yeah..I think u r r8..

Four left to check CCTV footage…
In monitor room they started to check the footage..
At last they found the footage…
Manik saw nandini in the footage.. A small smile appeared in his face watching nandini which expressed how much pain he was feeling..
Nandini was in a shop..she was checking some bracelets..suddenly someone came from behind & tapped her shoulder…
They talk for sometime… Nandini was looking shocked while talking to him.. Then nandini left with the man..they went to postern area..there was a person whose backside was shown in CCTV..the man left leaving Nandini there with the person..then the person turned…nandini was shocked & scared to see was trilok..there was evil smile & smirk in his face..nandini tried to run from there..but his goonds caught her & took her with them….

Manik’s anger knew no bound watching that..he was also at the verge of crying..he felt helpless as he couldn’t save Nandini..abhi’s condition was also same..mukti was feeling guilty as she forced nandini to come with her…

Cabir : I think we should call the police..
Manik : u call the police..& abhi..u come with me..we’ll go to trilok’s house..
Cabir called police & wait for them in the mall with Mukti..manik left with abhi for trilok’s house..

So it was chapter 11…

Think what did the man said to nandini which shocked nandini so much that she went with him?!
& will manik b able to find nandini?!!
To know what will happen stay tuned…
& thank u all for ur loves &’s ur love & beautiful cmnts which encourage me to write the story.. Plzz share ur feedbacks.. I’ll wait 4 it…till then –

#b_safe_n_stay_happy_&_spread_love 🙂


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