Manan : It’s You ~ my firefly (chapter 10)


Manan : It’s You ~ my firefly

It was morning.. The sun was shining brightly..nandini was sleeping peacefully in her bed..a smile was also there in her face…but soon the sun rays disturbed her peaceful sleep..she opened her eyes..she checked the tym & got up from bed & went to washroom..she took bath & got ready in a purple dress..she applied pink lipstick & light make up..she made a simple bun with her hair.. & went downstair for breakfast… She greeted Nyonika & Mukti.. She noticed manik was not there in the table..she wondered where was he…she asked nyonika…

Nandini : aunty..where is manik? Won’t he join for breakfast??
Nyonika : I don’t think he will he is sleeping..& no one is allowed to disturb his sleep…otherwise he gets really angry..moreover,tomorrow he will go to office.. So let him enjoy his sleeping today..
Nandini : oh…okay…
Trio had their breakfast with a little chit chat… After that nyonika went to her NGO & mukti went to meet abhi..
So nandini was left alone in the house..she tried to pass her tym watching tv or playing games..but she got she decided to wake manik up..she went to manik’s room..
Manik was sleeping in the bed..nandini was getting nervous if he gets angry then ! She gathered her courage & prayed to her ayiappa..she went near the bed & sat beside him..
She called him..but he was in deep sleep..he was sleeping lyk a baby..nandini found it cute & was staring at her..she touched her face with her hand & manik smiled in his sleep..nandini became surprised watching this..she blushed a bit..she called manik again..
Manik in sleepy voice : let me sleep nandini..don’t dstrb..
Nandini again started thinking what she should do..she got an idea..she took a glass of water & sprinkled some water in his face..manik got up with a jerk..nandini got up from the bed & started laughing..
Manik : nandini !! What was that??
Nandini : that was water.. U don’t know??!!!
Nandini said it innocently..
Manik : lyk seriously?!!
Nandini tapped her shoulder with proud..
Manik made an u r impossible face..
Nandini : don’t make such face..nyonika aunty & mukti went outside & I was left alone & was getting I wake u get up & get fresh..I’m waiting for u in the hall..
Manik : fine…
Nandini left the room & went to hall..
Manik got up from bed & went to washroom.. He got ready in a white t-shirt & black jeans.. He set his hair perfectly with jell & went in the hall..but nandini was not heard some sound from the kitchen & then saw nandini with a tray..nandini served his breakfast in the table & told him to take his breakfast..but manik was lost in her simple yet gorgeous beauty.. Nandini called him again & he came to his sense..
Manik : yeah???
Nandini : where r u lost manik ?? Ur breakfast…
Manik : oh…thnks…
Nandini : bdw u r looking nyc..I mean perfect…
Manik smiled…
Manik : not more than u..u r looking gorgeous..
Nandini : whatever.. Now eat..
Manik : but…
Nandini : now what?
Manik came near her..nandini was getting nervous.. She went more close to her..nandini closed her eyes feeling the proximity..manik opened her hair from the bun & went backwards..
Manik : now perfect..u look beautiful in open hair..
Nandini blushed…
Manik went to the table & ate the breakfast..after that they went to hall & decided to watching some movie together…Both decided which movie to watch..then they started watching it.. They watched a funny movie..nandini was laughing lyk hell & manik was also laughing but most of the tym he was lost in nandini…finally itz afternoon & nearly 4pm..then manik remembered about cabir & navya’s arrival.. He told nandini that his frnd will come with her gf at 5pm..nandini & manik both prepared some snacks for them..
Cabir & navya came at 5pm..manik welcomed them..nandini was in her room..both came in & sat in the hall..

Manik : finally the great cabir & black & white madhubala has come…
Navya : yes…now u have call us with so much so we had to come..
Manik :’s me who called u with love or cabir???
He winked his one eye to tease them..
Both blushed ..
Manik : waah..what a scene !! Our cabir is blushing !! It should b noted down in the history…
Cabir : yeah yeah..I’ll also note many things when ur tym will come…
Navya : bdw where is the special person with whom we have come to meet??
Manik : yeah..r8..she went to her room..but why hasn’t she come yet !! Let me go & check…
Manik was about to go when he heard nandini’s scream calling navya..navya & cabir got astonished watching nandini..navya also scream calling nandini…both ran towards each other with happiness.. Both hugged each other tightly..
Navya : OMG !! OMG !! OMG !! Nandini !! How have u come here?!
Nandini : I also didn’t expect u here navya..I’m so happy to see u…
Cabir also came to nandini..
Cabir : nandini !! Oh my God ! I can’t blv it..after so many years I’m watching u…it’s no nyc to see u..
Cabir hugged Nandini..
Nandini : yeah..after so many r u guys??
Navya : we r absolutely f9..u tell us about urself..where were u in these years?? & now here!! How??
Nandini became sad..she didn’t know what to say..
Cabir : that’s mean manik told me about u..u r that nandini.. That’s mean…OMG !! I can’t blv it..all that things happened with u?!!
Nandini was looking down..
Navya : wait..what happened??
Manik was confused watching all these…
Manik : guys…will anyone plzz tell me what’s happening here?! U guys know each other!! But how??
Cabir : yeah.. Actually nandini is navya’s best frnd..they both used to stay together in fact she was also mukti’s frnd..I also met her in mumbai..But after her parent’s death nandini moved to shimla & decreased the contacts..we used to get information about her through mukti as her brother is mukti’s bf..but one day we got to know that she is vanished.. No news about her..she went missing.. When u told me about ur nandini..for a moment I felt it’s our nandini but then I removed that thought from my mind…
Manik : oh..looks lyk my whole frnd crcl knew nandini except me…
Nandini smiled listening that..
Navya : but nandini.. How have u come here??
Nandini : woh…I…
Cabir : I think u both need to talk..
Nandini : yeah..r8..navya let’s go the room..
Navya : ok…
Both left to nandini’s room…
Navya : now tell me what was cabir talking about?!! What happened with u?!!!
Nandini told her everything..
Navya : what?!! I can’t blv it !! How can he stoop so low?!! U…..
Nandini was crying…
Navya hugged her immediately..
Navya : don’t cry.. We won’t leave those wicked persons..we will surely punish them & everything will b alright…

In the hall :
Manik & cabir was sitting in the couch…
Manik : what r u thinking?? Why r u so upset ?!
Cabir : u know..when u told me about her..I thought it can b our nandini for a while..but instantly removed that thought as I couldn’t even imagine such worst things will happen with our nandini.. She was so adorable & cheerful person.. How can someone b so cruel to do this with her ?!!
Manik : I understand cabir..when I also watched nandini..I also felt the same..
Cabir : I just want to give a tight punch to that man’s face..
Manik : it won’t b enough for the crime they have done..I’m just feeling lyk killing them..but I can’t..
Cabir : do u truly love her??
Manik : of course.. Do u have any doubt??
Cabir : no..but still…u r sure about it na??
Manik : I’m more than sure..
Cabir : I’m really happy for u..she is indeed a very nyc girl..u have found a’ll b great if u guys make a pair…
Manik : right..she is a gem…
Cabir : moreover u both have also many common things..
Manik : such as?
Cabir : such as u r gd at heart..she is also gd at heart..u r a caring & helpful person..she is also a caring & helpful person.. U r fun loving person,do many mischief.. She is also lyk that..u r gd singer & she is also a gd singer..
Manik : wait..what??she is a singer??
Cabir : u didn’t know about it??
Manik : No..
Cabir : let me tell u..she is an wonderful singer..though she is a classical singer.. She sings really well..u should listen to her once..
Manik : ok….

Manik’s POV
So miss Nandini Murthy… What more have u keep hidden from me?! Well itz gd to know that..u love singing.. Now it will help me to heal u…
End of POV

In nandini’s room :
Nandini broke the hug & wiped her tears..
Navya : forget least bcz of this we finally met.. & manik… U have also get a frnd a lyk Manik..
Nandini : yeah..u r r8..he is a really nyc guy..
Navya : what do u think about him? It’s just frndship ?? Or….
Nandini : nothing lyk that.. I lyk him..but as a frnd..I don’t even want to think about love or anything else…
Navya : ok..leave it..we’ll talk about it let’s go to the downstair..

Both went to downstair & joined cabir & manik..
Navya : bdw where is mukti??
Nandini : woh..she went to meet abhi..
Cabir : this girl na…she never think of anything without abhi…
Trio laughed & agreed with cabir..
Nandini : let me go & bring the snacks…
Navya : I’ll also come with u..
Navya & nandini brought some snacks from the kitchen..
Four ate the snacks & also had a lot of fun..they talked about many things & manan got a very gd opportunity to know each other more…
At evening navya & cabir left for their respective home…
Manik & Nandini came inside the home after doing see off…
Nandini was going to her room when manik called nandini..
Manik : nandini…
Nandini turned around..
Nandini : yeah…
Manik : I’m really angry with u…
Nandini was startled listening this..
Nandini : but…
Manik : I didn’t expect it from u nandini…
Nandini : but what I have done?
Manik : how could u hidden such a thing from me?!!
Nandini was clueless about what he was talking about…she made a confused face..
Manik : don’t make that confuse face..I’m talking about music..why didn’t u tell me that u r classical singer?!!
Now nandini got it..
Nandini : u were talking about that !!!
Manik : obviously…
Nandini : sorry manik..actually I never got the opportunity to tell u..
Manik : but when u were listening me singing then u could’ve tell me about it na??!!
Nandini : sorry manik..
Manik made a fake angry look..
Nandini held her ears & made a cute sad pout..
Nandini : I’m sorryyyyy !!!
Manik was just lyk awwee watching her cute antics..
Manik : ok f9..I’ll forgive u..but only on one condition…
Nandini : ok..tell me…
Manik : u have to sing a song for me..
Nandini : now??
Manik : yes..
Nandini : ok happy??
Manik : obviously.. Then let’s go the room??
Nandini : ok..let’s go..
Both went to manik’s room…
Nandini : manik..u also have to sing with me..
Manik : but why?! I’ll play the guitar na??!!
Nandini : yeah..but still u have to sing with me..otherwise I won’t sing..
Manik : ok..f9..I will.
Nandini : good..
Manik : u r stubborn Nandini..
Nandini proudly said : yes.. I am..
Manik made an u r impossible face..
Manik : now shall we???
Nandini : ok..
Manik started to tuning the guitar..
Nandini started singing…

Zehnaseeb, Zehanaseeb
Tujhe chaahun betahasha zehnaseeb

(Manik was amazed listening nandini’s voice..)

Mere kareeb, mere habeeb
Tujhe chaahun betahasha zehnaseeb

Tere sang beete har lamhe pe humko naaz hai
Tere sang jo na beete uspe aitraaz hai
Iss kadar hum dono ka milna ek raaz hai

(Manik was lost in nandini’s voice & felt as if she was telling this to him..nandini tapped on his shoulder to sing the nxt line..)

Huaa ameer dil ghareeb
Tujhe chaahun betahasha zehnaseeb
Zehnaseeb, Zehnaseeb
Tujhe chaahun betahasha zehnaseeb

(Nandini got up from bed & started walking towards balcony & started singing)

Lena-dena nahi duniya se mera
Bas tujh se kaam hai

(She turned towards manik & both looked at each other)

Teri ankhiyon ke sheher me
Yaara sab intezaam hai

(She started coming towards manik)

Khushiyon ka ek tukda mile
Ya mile gham ki khurchane

( she sat beside manik & sang the nxt line..)

Yaara tere mere kharche me
Dono ka hi ek daam hai….

(Manik was smiling & was remembering all their cute moments)

Hona likha tha yunhi jo huaa
Yaa hote hote abhi anjaane mein ho gaya
Jo bhi hua, hua ajeeb
Tujhe chaahun betahasha zehnaseeb

Zehnaseeb, zehnaseeb
Tujhe chaahun betahasha zehnaseeb
Hua ameer dil ghareeb
Tujhe chaahun betahasha zehnaseeb
Zehnaseeb, Zehnaseeb
Tujhe chaahun betahasha
Tujhe chaahun betahasha zehnaseeb

(Both finished the song remembering their moments & with a smile on their face..)

Manik : it was amazing.. U sing superb Nandini…
Nandini : not more than u manik..u r the best…
Manik : no nandini.. U r amazing.. Trust was so easy to play with u…
Nandini smiled & thanked him..
Then the calling bell rang..
Manik : may b mukti or mom..I’ll check..
Nandini : ok…
Manik went to open the door…

Nandini’s POV :
It was so amazing to sing with manik..everything is so nyc about him..I really lyk him..but is it more than that??!! No no’s not..or may b..oh God!! It’s so confusing !!
End of POV

In the hall :

Manik opened the was mukti..

Manik : oh..finally u came..
Mukti : yes !!

Abhi also came from behind..

Manik : oh..that’s why u return so early..
Mukti : bhai !!
Manik winked at her..
Abhi & manik hugged each other & greeted each other..manik welcomed abhi..
Nandini was coming downstair..when she saw abhi & became really excited.. She started running towards him..but she was about to slip & fall from stairs when manik caught her..

Manik : nandini..r u mad ?? U can come slowly na?!!
Abhi noticed manik’s care & concern towards nandini..he smiled..
Abhi : manik is r8 nandu..u should b careful..
Nandini : ok baba.. Sorry !!
Manik & abhi together : itz ok..
Then trio laughed..
Mukti : waah..everyone has forget me..
Abhi : how can we forget u ?!!
Nandini : yes..u r our rockstar..

Four had a group hug..then they chit chat with each other & had some fun..they also had their dinner together.. After that abhi left for house & trio left for their respective rooms….

So it was chapter 10..Hope u guys lyk it..sorry if anyone thinks itz full song as there was also a song on last chapter.. But it was required to describe the part..plzz do share ur feedbacks.. Thank u all who read my story & specially those who cmnts in this ff..thank u so much…

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