Manan ff – unconditional love – Victory and Defeat? Episode 47


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Recap: Manik reached up to the old theater where Harshad had kept Rishab. The Thunder 3 perform without Manik but with help from Aryaman forming the 3rd band member and get disqualified. Harshad asked Manik to call Nandini and ask her to come over with all the original documents. Manik made the call and then started off with a fight with Harshad.

Harshad got up and ran towards Manik, pushing him away knocking him off to the ground floor. Rishab stood there stunned to see Manik falling off. Harshad got a smirk on his face, took Rishab along with him and ran down to the ground floor.

Luckily there was some support down there that helped Manik land a lot safer and he got minimal injuries. Harshad was devastated on seeing Manik standing on his feet in front of him. He instantly took his gun and aimed it at Manik.

Harshad: (before aiming the shot) I would never forget your friendship Manik Malhotra. After all, who would dare to risk their own life for a friend? I wish Nandini could have you but I can’t let that happen. You know because I need to get those documents from her anyhow! So, for now it’s good bye for you, Manik Malhotra.

Manik moved aside but the bullet almost hit his arm and wounded him. Just when Harshad was about to aim at Rishab, he got punched hard on his arm knocking off his gun as well as him away. It was a punch from Cabir.

Cabir, Dhruv and Aryaman were there along with the police. When Harshad had asked Manik to call Nandini and get the documents to the theater, he had actually called up Cabir to ask them to reach there with the police to catch hold of Harshad red handed. It was all a part of Manik’s plan and everything had turned out exactly the way he had planned. He wanted to show the evil side of Harshad to the police so that they would have no scope to spare him.

The girls had been constantly trying to call the boys to find out about the situation but none of them had been answering their calls. They had started getting worried about them but did not have enough time to take any step further. The Fab 5 had been called up on stage for their performance which was the last performance of the night.

Nandini, Aliya and Mukti too went up to the stage just as Navya and Soha did in the absence of their band members. Just when the judges were about to ask them about the whereabouts of their band members, Cabir and Dhruv walked in past the audience towards the stage and joined the girls for the performance. All of them got an instant smile on their faces and started gearing up for the performance. They took one look at the audience and saw Rishab in there cheering for them along with Chacha, Chachi and Amms. Nandini threw a flying kiss towards her little brother to which he blushed a little but then continued to cheer her up.

Manik reached backstage, his hand still bleeding due to the bullet wound. The bullet hadn’t entered his body but had faintly passed through it. He looked around for Navya and Soha and spotted them at a distance cheering for the Fab 5 looking through the screens put up backstage. The contestants weren’t supposed to walk out towards the audience and therefore they had to stay in there. Aryaman had joined Nandini’s family in the audience to cheer for the Fab 5.

Manik moved towards Navya and Soha and they too spotted him moving towards them. The first thing they noticed was his wound that got them worried about him.

Navya: Oh my god Manik! What happened?

Soha: Yeah! Your hand! It’s bleeding heavily.

Navya immediately took her stole off from her shoulder and tied it tight around his arm to prevent further bleeding.

Navya: Let’s first take you to the doctor.

Manik: No I’m fine. Let’s first cheer for the Fab 5.

Soha: Rishab?

Manik: He’s safe and is in the audience with his family and Aryaman.

The fab 5’s performance began and they started cheering up for their friends feeling proud about their friendship, bond and of course the musical talent.

The performance came to an end with a lot of hooting and cheering from the crowd clearly indicating that the winners for the night had to be them. The audience demanded a once more and the judges allowed it as they had enjoyed it as well.

After the end of the once more performance, they dropped all their instruments, came closer to one another at the centre stage and joined in for a group hug. All of them stayed there in the group hug with their eyes closed for some time, digesting the fact that the long day had finally come to an end with another fantastic performance in their history of music.

After the performance, Nandini ran down towards Rishab and took him into a bear hug. For her, Rishab had always been her little baby for whom she cared more than all others. After their parents’ death, although they had Amms, chacha and chachi to take care of them, the two of them were a major support for one another.

After confirming that Rishab was safe and fine in all respects, she rushed backstage to see Manik. She had to thank him for saving her brother by putting his own performance at stake. She wasn’t quit aware that Manik had not just risked his performance but also his own life to save Rishab for her.

She reached the Thunder 3’s green room to see him and found him sitting there with Navya and Soha. He was facing the opposite direction and therefore did not see her coming. She reached up to him and stood there behind him keeping some distance in between. She then softly called out his name “Manik” to which he instantly got up and turned around.

Both of them stood there with considerable distance between them and kept staring into each other’s eyes. The silence spoke a thousand words inaudible to the outside world. Nandini’s teary eyes kept thanking Manik and he passed faint smiles to her. He finally felt relieved on seeing her contended face. He never wanted her to cry but the tears of happiness were something he loved at that point of time. They indicated how happy she was and that was al that mattered to him, Nandini’s happiness.

After a while, she moved closer to him and three her arms around his neck. He too hugged her back holding her waist tight. She was so engrossed that she never realised her nails had been biting into his back and also she had been pulling his hair in excitement. Her hands had been switching between his hair and his back constantly either biting or pulling but he never complained. His wound hurt too due to the tight hug but he didn’t care. He was just too happy for her and anything else did not matter.

After breaking the hug they again kept staring into each other’s eyes this time with minimal distance in between. Soon Nandini noticed the wound on his arm and got worried. She started to panic to which Manik had  to calm her down.

Nandini: (starting to panic) What is this Manik?! How did this? You…you need to see a doctor….oh my god…this is so….oh god!! It’s…because of me…that Harshad !! Oh no….

Manik: Nandini…Nandini relax !! It’s nothing. I’m fine. And Harshad is now behind the bars…

Nandini: Yeah but he hurt you…and this…blood…I…

Navya: Nandini it’s alright. Don’t worry I had tied my scarf tight to prevent further bleeding. And we’ll soon take him to the doctor as well. Once the musicana results are announced we’ll immediately rush to the doctor. I have checked it, it’s not that deep a wound.

“And the winners of Musicana 2016 are none other than the Fab 5!!!!”

Nandini had got all her attention focused on Manik’s wound and she didn’t even hear the announcement. The others came looking for her backstage and had to drag her to the stage. She was not at all interested in the results or the trophy. All she cared about at that moment was Manik.

The Fab 5 were awarded the winning trophy and also the music contract. The sponsors this year had given out a special album contract for the winning band and Fab 5 had bagged it. It was time for their first official album to be launched worldwide, something they truly deserved.

Precap: Fab 5, Thunder 3 along with Aryaman and Rishab go for picnic at Manik’s farmhouse. Manan coming closer. Nandini to make an announcement to all.


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