Manan ff – unconditional love – Truth about Nyonika Episode 34


Recap: Nandini rejected dhruv’s proposal that upset Dhruv. Soha left Harshad because of his evil plans.

Soha had been crying her heart out sitting on a park bench in the lawn area of the college. Aryaman who had been passing by, noticed her and wanted to go up and talk to her and calm her down but was confused whether he should do that or not ! He noticed she had been ignoring someone’s calls on her phone constantly and he decided he should not interfere because clearly there was another person involved and that he barely knew her which was a reason she would not like him interfering.

After he left, Soha finally picked up Harshad’s call and spoke up angrily,

Soha: What is it Harshad ?

Harshad: Soha listen to me please ! I wanna see you ! Could you please come over at the back side of the college ? C’mon you can give me one chance atleast ! Please !

Soha who actually was in love with Harshad, could not resist his plea and therefore moved on to see him.

Nandini reached the jam room and found only Cabir and Mukti sitting there. She wanted to talk to Dhruv but he seemed to be nowhere in the entire college.

Nandini: Hey guys ! Where’s Dhruv ?

Mukti: Why do you care ? Now that you have rejected him and broken his heart !

Nandini: Mukti ?! Why are you talking to me like that ? What’s my fault ?

Mukti: Oh so now you don’t even know what’s your fault ? Great ! Nandini, you didn’t even think once before breaking his heart ? Not once ? Why ?

Nandini: I did think Mukti ! But I just could not give him what he wanted !

Cabir: He went home Nandini. And he’s really upset. So it’s better you leave him alone for sometime.

Mukti: She’s already left him alone cabir !

Nandini: Mukti please ! Try and understand my situation ! How could I fake it when I don’t feel the same for him ?

Mukti does not respond and leaves the room. Cabir and Nandini stay there, not saying anything. Cabir was concerned for Dhruv as well but he, unlike Mukti was aware of Nandini’s feelings for him. He somehow knew this was to be her answer. But he just could not interfere in dhruv’s plan because he knew how badly he wanted to propose to her and that he would not have taken his advise. Aryaman who was passing by the jam room saw Nandini and Cabir sitting all alone, in the most lifeless mood, quite unlike them and therefore joined them in.

Aryaman: (trying to cheer them up) What’s up guys ?!

Nandini and Cabir simply look up at him without uttering a single word of welcome.

Nandini: Aryaman, where’s Aliya ? Haven’t seen her as well in a long time.

Aryaman: Umm..actually Nandini she has gone to dhruv’s place to be with him. You know he was so upset and angry, so she just decided to accompany him.

Nandini: So even she’s angry with me right ?

Aryaman: Angry ? With you ? No Nandini. She completely understands your situation. It’s just that she wanted to support Dhruv at this time so…

Cabir: Don’t worry Nandini. Everyone will come around soon.

Manik had been calling Soha constantly but she had been avoiding taking his calls as well. He then angrily put aside his phone and asked Navya to join him in the practice.

As Aliya rang the door bell at dhruv’s place, his mom opened the door and greeted Aliya.

Dhruv’s mom: Aliya ! Thank god you’re here darling. You know I was about to call Nandini. Dhruv is so upset since the time he has come back home. And he’s not even sharing with me what the matter is ! Do you know anything about it ?

Aliya: Umm no Aunty I don’t know. And that’s why I’ve come over to talk to him. Can I go to him ?

Dhruv’s mom: Yes sure dear. Come in.

Aliya: Oh and Aunty please don’t call up Nandini for some days if there’s anything you want to talk about. You can call me ! Actually Nandini is going to mangalore for a few days so…

Dhruv’s mom: Oh good you told me dear. I would not want to disturb her. Now please go and talk to Dhruv.

Aliya went up to his room and tried to open it but it was locked from the inside. She knocked for a long time but he did not open. She then went outside to try and enter from his balcony. She was lucky since the balcony was open and she managed to enter from there. The whole room was in a mess with things lying on the floor broken and Dhruv was sitting in a corner on the floor, resting his head on the wall behind him with his guitar in his hand and a photo frame containing his and Nandini’s picture in it lying beside him.

She went up to him and settled beside him on the floor. He did not move on her presence and remained lost in his own world, rethinking over and over as to why did Nandini reject him after being so close to him forever ? Aliya stayed there with him without saying anything for some time after which she slowly placed her hand on his shoulder and that made him lose control over his tears. They started flowing and he immediately took her in his arms and held her tight. Seeing him so heart broken, her eyes got wet as well but she wiped away her tears and hugged him tight.

The hug and the moment suddenly reminded Dhruv of his kiss with Aliya. He did not understand his feelings as to one moment he had been upset thinking about Nandini and the other moment he saw Aliya and their kiss. That made him uncomfortable and he instantly let go of her and got up from the floor moving away. Aliya could not understand the sudden change in his actions and got up to move towards him but he kept going farther.

Dhruv: Aliya please leave me alone.

Aliya: No Dhruv I won’t ! If you don’t want to talk to me or look at me, it’s fine. I’ll sit here in your room itself in a corner and wait for the time when you decide to talk to me. But today, you will have to speak your heart out and let go of all the bad feelings in your heart. Please Dhruv ! I know you’re hurt but this is not the end of life. You can’t stay like this forever and I won’t let you be ! So, I’m sitting right here in the balcony. You can come and talk to me whenever you feel comfortable.

While driving home, Nandini had been thinking about Dhruv and Mukti and was really concerned about how would she be able to gather her friends together once again. While thinking about the entire day, she remembered the incident when she met that lady who claimed to be Manik’s mother. She remembered his mom’s face from the pictures he had shown to her and that made her wonder whether that lady was actually his mom or some stranger pretending to be one maybe to harm Manik ? But why would anyone harm him ? She was so confused she changed her track to go up to Manik’s place to talk to him about it.

The butler opened the door and let her in and while she was moving upstairs towards Manik’s room, she saw Nyonika walking by talking on the phone. On spotting Nandini, Nyonika stopped to talk to her and that made Nandini kind of nervous because of the aura Nyonika carried.

Nyonika: (on the phone) Yes I’ll speak to you later.

Nandini: Hello Mam ! My name is Nandini. I just came by to talk to Manik about something related to Musicana, our college competition.

Nyonika: Yes of course ! You can go up.

After she leaves, Nyonika calls the butler.

Nyonika: Does this girl come here quite often ?

Butler: No mam. Manik sir had asked me not to let anyone come in to meet him. She came once but I did not let her enter as per Manik sir’s instructions. But then yesterday Manik sir told me to let anyone come in if they ask to see him.

Manik was sitting on his bed playing the guitar when Nandini knocked on his door and Manik shouted thinking it must be the butler calling him for dinner.

Manik: I’m not hungry ! Don’t come here again to disturb me !

Nandini: (nervously) Umm Manik.. It’s me, Nandini. I’m sorry to disturb you. It’s okay I’ll leave.

Manik jumped out of his bed on hearing her voice and opened the door to find her turning around to leave and he stopped her by holding her hand from behind. Nandini turned around to look at him and he continued,

Manik: No it’s okay. You can come in.

She entered,blushed on noticing the pictures on his wall once again. She really liked the fact that he had her pictures hanging in her room. It did make her wonder as to why were those pictures on his wall but then decided not to confront him on that right now. She settled on her bed and Manik took a seat beside her.

Manik: Actually, it’s good you came by. I wanted to talk to you in college as well but I thought you must be busy with Fab 5 so.. Is everything okay ?

Nandini: Not really. I wanted to talk to Dhruv but he was so upset and angry with me, he just left without meeting me. Aliya is with him at his place. Hopefully she would be able to bring him back.

Manik: Don’t worry. It might take some time, but he will come around.

Nandini: Yeah ! Oh by the way Manik, I wanted to ask you something if you don’t get angry at me !

Manik: Why would I be angry at you Nandini ? Ask me whatever you want to.

Nandini: I say that because you did get angry the last time I tried talking to you about it.

Manik: (realising what she had been talking about) So, you met her downstairs ?

Nandini: Yes. And I also met her in college today. She was asking me if I know where you must be. And Manik, she was claiming to be your mom..

Manik: (aggressively) She is not my mom ! She’s my dad’s second wife. 3 years after your family shifted to India from New York, my mom passed away. She met with an accident. Me and my dad were left all alone. We missed her badly but my dad was most concerned about me. I was too young and he wanted me to have a mother because his work was such, he would not be able to be with me all the time. And he did not want to leave me on servants. Nyonika is my mother’s sister. After mom passed away, she used to take care of me, getting me ready for school, preparing food for me, singing me to sleep. My dad thought she was the right person to take care of me as she was family and he could trust her. But he was wrong ! Right after they got married, she started showing her true colors. She became the typical stepmom to me and I hated her ! I’ve hated her all my life ! By the time my dad realised her attitude, it was too late. The reputation of his company was at it’s highest and his separation from his second wife could be a dangerous news. He started keeping me away from her and trying to spend more time with me. But he could not separate from her. All she wants to do, is enjoy with my dad’s wealth and claim it all on his death ! But obviously my dad is going to leave all of it on me which she knows and therefore tries to be extra sweet and caring with me. But what she does not know is that I know her true colors and I’m not going to get pleased by her fake concerns.

Precap: Harshad trying to convince Soha to not leave him and help him with his plan. Dhruv opening up about his feelings with Aliya.

Monday: PaNi ff. Parth’s big surprise for Niti on her birthday.


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    1. Yes you’re right but don’t worry it will get sorted soon…

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  7. nestle joseph

    my guess is right.nyo is manik’s step mom.

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  8. OMG Nveonika is Manik’s step mum that is a cool twist. I feel so bad for Dhruv but I know Alya will help hi a nd they will be together soon. Are Aryaman and soha going to get together? and please stop this Harshad. Please get manik and Nandini together really soon and what is happening with Cabir and Navya?

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