Manan ff – unconditional love – The thunder 3 ! – episode 18

Recap: Dhrulya kiss. Nandini’s idea to look for a third band member for Navya and Manik. Harshad again trying to befriend Nandini. Auditions started.

The Fab 5 had been judging the auditions along with Manik and Navya. All the students were so excited to participate in the auditions and win it as it would be an honor to be awarded by the Fab 5. However, the excitement amongst the judges, that is, the Fab 5, Manik and Navya was going on decreasing as they hadn’t come across a single good candidate who could match up to their standard of performance.

Navya: (talking to Cabir) Cabir, I don’t think I would be able to participate this year as well. But don’t worry you will have all my support.

Cabir: Navya ! Don’t lose hope like that ! I’m sure we’ll figure something out. And this time I definitely want to see you perform at Musicana. But winning is obviously for the Fab 5. You can have the runners up prize.

Navya: Oh hello ! Don’t take my talent for granted. I was already the nightingale of college and now that I have a partner like Manik, no one can beat us. So, just wait and watch, we will perform for sure and not just that, this year, the musicana trophy would be in our hands !

Cabir just gives her a smile as his mission was accomplished. He wanted to motivate his girl to not give up hope and he succeeded in that.

It was 4.00 pm by the time they were nearing their auditions and there wasn’t a single good candidate they could immediately select. There were a few fair performers out of which they now had to select and compromise with their expectations. After the last performance they take up a mash up with all the 8 participants selected and come up with one name to be selected.

Nandini: (announcing) Today’s job was a tough one for us. A really tough one ! But we had to select any one name and we have finally completed that task. And the winner who is going to join Manik and Navya as their band member is…

She is interrupted by a beautiful female voice coming from the college building.

“…main tenu samjhawaan ki, na tere bina lagda jee….”

Nandini stops her announcement instantly and indicates all the others to follow her. They start searching the college building for the owner of that scintillating voice.

“….tu kee jaane pyaar mera, main karoon intezaar tera…tu dil tu yun jaan meri….jaan meri….”

They finally reach the music room from where the melodious song was being sent out.They slowly entered the room and stood there waiting for the singer to turn around and face them. She was a tall lady wearing a cute short dress in baby pink color, her straight hair with golden highlights extending a bit below her shoulders. She had a guitar in her hand and was slowly playing the tune and singing into the mic.

“….Mere dil ne, chun laiyaa ne, tere dil diyaan rahaan….tu jo mere, naal tu renda, tur pe meri asahaa….”

Nandini looks at Manik and Navya who look back at her and all 3 of them give out a wide grin indicating that they had finally found just what they wanted. All the other Fab 5 members smile too realising they could help their friends.

“….jeena mera….haaye !! Hun hai tera kee main karaan tu kar aitbaar mera…main karoon intezaar tera…tu dil tu yun jaan meri….jaan meri…”

She slowly turns around taking the mic with her and placing it on the other side. Her eyes closed and still singing,

“….main tenu samjhawaan ki, na tere bina lagda jee….”

As she opens her eyes with these lines slowly, she instantly stops on having a large audience staring at her. Her face horrified and singing abruptly stopped. Nandini notices her nervousness and says to her,

Nandini: please don’t stop. You sing good. Okay now since it’s already 4.25, and the registrations close at 4.30 sharp, let me ask you straightaway ! Would you like to join a band to participate in musicana ? Your band members would be Manik and Navya (pointing towards them).

Girl: why me ? No !

Cabir: oh cmon it’s a golden opportunity and you should not miss it !

Girl: I have stage fear and so I don’t think I would be able to help you in any way.

Manik: that I’ll take care of.

Girl: (mesmerised on seeing manik) you will ?

Manik: yeah I mean me and Navya we will help you overcome your fear.

The girl does not respond for some time and keeps thinking.

Mukti: please decide fast chick ! It’s almost time !

Girl: (hesitatingly) who would have thought that the first day you enter college and that too SPACE, you would get to meet the Fab 5 and also be a part of a band who are supposedly friends of the Fab 5 ! Okay so I will join but it will take me some time to get used to all of this ! I mean my stage fear.

Manik: don’t worry about that. All
Of us will help you.

Nandini: c’mon then let’s rush. Or else Raghav sir won’t let us register.

They rush towards the registration counter and find that it had been closing down and Raghav sir had been collecting all the papers to wind up the area.

Nandini checks her watch and moves towards the counter.

Nandini: excuse me sir ! There are still 2 bands to be registered. You can’t close down so soon.

Raghav sir: miss Nandini please check the time first and then come to me.

Nandini: I think you should be doing that. It’s 4.29 and there’s still 1 minute left. I’m sure you can write down 2 band names by then.

Raghav sir checks his watch, lets out a sigh and starts writing the names.

Raghav sir: one is obviously the Fab 5. Which is this other band ?

Manik: our band. It’s me, Navya and…

He turns to look at the other girl they had chosen for their band as he did not know her name. She therefore spoke up, “soha….soha khurana !”

Raghav sir: Manik, Navya and soha. And what’s your band name ?

All of them leave a pause thinking about some name as they hadn’t decided on that yet.

Navya: (suddenly excitedly) the thunder 3 !

Everyone looks at her in confusion and she continues,

Navya: what isn’t it amazing ? If it’s fab 5 on one hand, then even we need to have a lightening name !

All of them laugh out at that and agree to the name.

The registration process gets completed and all of them head towards the music room to celebrate !

Precap: musicana preparations. Mukti Manik confrontation on Abhimanyu ! Dhrulya confrontation about the kiss and Aliya’s feelings.

Tomorrow: Pani ff. Jungle and falling from the cliff shoot. Behind the scenes.


Hope you all like soha’s entry as the third band member. Stay tuned as there is a lot of drama coming up with the musicana preparations !

Thank you !



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  1. Finally my wait for the day is done… I’ll happily concentrate on my test…by the way it was nice as usual di…

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Hehe thanks deariee….all the best for your test !

  2. So nice dr

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thanks !

  3. Oh soha entry… it In a positive way or another??….nice episode
    Love u ? ?

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Umm that you’ll find out in the next few episodes…;) wait and watch…:)

  4. Di polichu.
    sorry i am from kerala polichu means superb.I realy enjoyed

    1. Oh thank you ! I got to learn a new word in a different language ! Yayy !!?

  5. Finally third member is out… Omg its soha…now the drama begins na…. Thanku medhavi for such a nice update…. Keep updating and love u dear…

    1. Yup now the drama begins !! Thanks for commenting…

  6. Oh my GOD!!!!!!…..I could have never thought of this nd that is why u r soooooo gud…….i mean Soha………….toooooooo gud…..u just… words i am sooo damn excited for your next update……….dhrulya confession….mukti manik confront abhimnyu……..i wil not be able to concentrate on anything☺…….Superbbbbbb….Hope dhruv realises his feelings for alya fast…..

    1. Haha please do concentrate on other things dear…i mean your studies cuz for the next part you gotta wait till tomorrow…;P


    1. Thank you Mona…:)

  8. i wish ther will be jealousy part …. nandy should feel jealous of soha… … by the way.. epi is cool… soha intro song… amazing…. sema….

    1. To find out you’ll have to wait…;)
      Thanks for the feedback…:)

  9. Aakhir tum kyu itne dil ke pass ho
    Koi to vajah jarur hai
    Jo tum itne khas ho
    Mere dosto mein sabse pehle
    Tumharahi naam ata hai
    Rabb ki kasam hamara
    Pichale koi janam se nata hai
    Rabb mujhpe ek ehassan jarur karana
    Is dosti ko mujhase
    kabhi juda na karana

    Love u dear
    U r fab

    1. Another memerizing poetry dear….I’m becoming your fan day by day….:)

  10. Thunder 3…….
    Now, manik also have a band……that’s called THUNDER 3…….
    Dii…..ek choti si request h apse……plz musicana……too manik ko hi jitne Dena……plz plz plz…..
    Maana ki nandani bhi best h…..but kyy me bhi manik kbhi nhi haara…..too yaha bhi manik ko mat haarene Dena……
    Or apne manik ke band ka naam bhi super duper hit rekha h……
    It’s amazing dii……
    Ab too bas yahi Bolne ka maan kar raha h….
    LOVE U DII….

    1. That is so true Kavya, Aage aage dekho hota hai kya…;) so wait n watch to find out who wins…

  11. Awesome yaar love u loads

    1. Thanks !

  12. Oh My Godddd!!!!!
    U killed it babes…
    Soha is good…soha is gr8!!!!!
    Cant wait to see what will happen next!!!
    Love u!!!
    Take care!!!

    1. Thanks dear !! 🙂
      Love you !!<3

  13. Whattttttttttt????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had seriously not thought about soha for a nanosecond!!!!!!! I was literally in shock!!!!!!!! You nailed it medhu!!!!!! Oh gawdd!!! I’d read 3/4 of the epi yest night but coz of somethings couldn’t. I was damn horrified when i realized it was soha!!!!! I got it before she’d spoke up.. You just gave a small description of her and that was easy to guess who it was..
    And i have to thank you for this… SAMJHAWAN!!!!!!!! I was on cloud 9 when i read my alltime favourite song here!!!!! Yes i love samjhawan.. I just forget every single thing when i listen to it.. It mesmerizes me each time although its been more than a year that HSKD album has released! I so never get bored of it! I love you so much for adding it here!!
    See. IDK what to type now. I forgot what all was there before the song! Dumb me! Got it.
    So its supah good that harshad isn’t the 3rd member!
    Umm.. I just imagined something and im gonna share it.. So you said soha is mesmerized by manik. It seemed she was in his trance.. If manik does something very stupid and what if nandini calls him monkey? OMG manik will be outta the world!!! Like after so many long years she calls him monkey!! So is soha a psycho here too? Hmph! The answer is in the upcoming epis itself! -_-
    Nandu was so cute.. Its 4:29 and there’s one minute for 4:30.. Yeah it is right. Its the fact. But the way she spoke was too cute!
    Navyaa!! Black and white madhubala of our cabira!!! Love the name THUNDER 3!! It rocks man!
    Love the precap hell lot!! ManTi confront about abhi!!! Damn! Its gonna be hell intense i guess! DhruLya kiss confrontation and alya’s feelings!!! Musicana and soha!!! OMG! Its gonna be hell interesting!!!
    Loved it so very much!!!
    The epi was worth my wait undoubtedly!!!

    1. OMG Plumpyyy you are so cute dear…like seriously !! You’re asking questions and then answering them on your own…I can see the impatience through your comments….I can’t tell you how happy I feel when you do this detailed postmortem of each and every update of mine….and yes Samjhawan is my favourite as well and that’s why I included it in here….Yes I wish it had been Nandini singing it but she’s more of a rock girl na so I thought this might not suit her personality here. So, I’m glad you are not against Soha as the third member…the way people had been going crazy over thinking that the 3rd member might be harshad, i thought some might not even like Soha as even she was a villian in kyy….now let’s see what role does she have to play here….yes you will find out in the next epis….
      Thank you once again Plumpyyy for this lovely lovely feedback….You won’t believe it, I read it thrice before replying…because each time I read it, I was left speechless….
      Love you !<3

  14. Awesome episode medhavi, it’s superb, lovely narration n suspense mind blowing. …so the third member of manik n navya’s band is soha…wowww…and the band name “Thunder 3″…awesoooooome, thx to navya naveli..bnw madhubala…I hope soha’s entry boost up manan love story. ….this story is going really very well….so curious about the upcoming track. ..cavya convo was very cute…the song samjhawan is one of my favorite…loved it very much. all the bands are set to compete in musicana…this will be very interesting. Precap is very exciting. ..I’m totally addicted to Youuuuuuuuu and Your both stories medhavi dearyyyy. …the dialogues n narration are very professionally written. ..I watch it while reading it.’s really superb. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads, bear hug…♡♡♡

    1. Hey Roma dear, I’m glad you liked the entry of the 3rd and member…You know I was so nervous before publishing this part as I was afraid of the reactions on Soha’s entry. But it’s good to know people liked it…and yes samjhawan is one of my favorite as well….
      thank you so much dear for the feedback….I’m in love with these feedbacks….thanks a ton !!
      Like I’m professional ?? Seriously ?? That is a huge compliment for me !!!
      Love you !<3

  15. Haaaiiiii di I’m baaacckk ?? after two loong weeks .I’m so happy to be back.My exam ended on Friday and as soon as got back at home l read all missed updates.
    U r brilliantly brilliant di. Do u mind me calling u di?
    Anyway in these two weeks I really missed u di.
    Coming to the updates all of them were awesome ? and today’s Soha ke entry meine sapne Mein bhi nahi socha. U really really surprised me. Now u will be thinking how do I know Hindi cause mera optional hai Hindi.
    Waiting for the next one or the next twist in the story.?
    Missed u ?

    1. Hey Anakha…welcome back dear….Even i missed you sooo much…..And you can definitely call me di….it makes me feel like we are connected….<3 🙂 🙂
      Hope your exams went well….and yes just wait and watch now for the new twists and turns in the story….:)

  16. sorry for late comment entery achhi thi but soha really i didn’t expect soha entry…medhavi i think manan ki friendship kuch jaldi hogai but i like they friendship…one more thing your great yaar how difficulty you mange ffs with studies…really your great yaar….and of course office as well…god bless you

    1. Thanks dear !!:) 🙂
      and please don’t be sorry for late comment….:)

  17. Get epi

    1. Thanks Fathima…:)

  18. Wowwwww bang on epi yarr…after reading these I was not that much suprice cuZ I am already knowing that what ever would you write that will be mesmerizing ????
    Medhuuu u r just an angel yard who spred lots n lots of happiness to other’s without expecting any thing from other ??….
    Love u sooooo muchhhhhhhhhhh ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ God bless u forever ?????????????

    1. Thank you sooooooo much Alifya !!!!! That is sooooo sweeeetttt…..when i read the half sentence that said, i was not surprised, i became sad but when i read the whole sentence i realized what you meant…thanks a ton deariiiee… you loads !!!!<3 <3 <3


  19. omg soha is she positive or negative
    now we can see nandhu jealous na

  20. Medhu dear..wher are d updates of yday and today..?i hope u r fine..waiting for ur story 🙂 🙂

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Hey dear yday i could not update as i had too much work in office and then i fell sick in the evening…but for today i have already submitted but they haven’t published it yet !! Even I have been checking the page again n again but it’s not published ! Sorry !!:(

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