Manan ff – unconditional love – Special episode ! Episode 25

Recap: Abhi critical in the operation theater. Mukti losing hope ! Aliya upset about the closeness between Dhruv and Nandini. She moves out of the hospital and goes to a bar and drinks lot of alcohol. Dhruv looking for her but does not find her anywhere. When the bar is about to close, with very few people in the bar, Aliya calls Dhruv.

Dhruv: (picking up at the second ring) Aliya !! Where the hell are you ?? I’ve been looking for you everywhere !! How can you be so irresponsible ??

Aliya: (In a druken tone) Yes !! That’s me !! Irresponsible, insensitive, selfish, rude, everything mean, that’s me !

Dhruv: (suddenly guilty and worried) Aliya ! What’s wrong with you ? Where are you ?

Suddenly he hears some third person talking to her.

Few boys surround her in the bar and start misbehaving with her.

Boy1: So, madam ! You don’t wanna go home ? Come then, let’s go to my place…I promise I’ll make you feel relaxed !!

All of them start laughing and coming closer to Aliya. She drops her phone on the floor. Dhruv had been listening to everything on the phone and was really worried for her. He did not know where she was and could do nothing to save her. It then struck him that all the members of Fab 5 could track each others’ phones. He immediately tracked the location of Aliya’s phone and it was nearby. He started his car and rushed towards the bar that showed Aliya’s location.

Boy2: Aren’t you feeling hot ? Come let me pull down that dress, it will make you feel much better.

The boy takes his hand to her back and starts unzipping her dress. Aliya wasn’t aware at all about what had been happening. The boy was half way there with unzipping her dress when someone hit him hard on his hand undoing the zip with his leg and it was none other than Dhruv. He quickly moved Aliya aside and made her sit on a couch and covered her with his jacket. He then started fighting off all the boys one by one. There were 4 of them and after Dhruv had got rid of 2 of them with his kicks and punches, the other 2 escaped on their own. He then turned towards Aliya only to find that she was only half conscious. But he was so angry at her for vanishing like that, he got her to stand up and gave her a tight slap !

Dhruv: (after slapping her) Have you gone mad ? Why are you doing all this ?

Aliya: (giving him a tighter slap in return) Because I love you !

The doctor comes out of the operation theater and informs,

Doctor: The operation is completed but we really can’t say anything as of now. He is still critical and kept under observation. If he gains consciousness within the next 24 hours then he would survive otherwise, I’m sorry.

After saying that, the doctor starts moving towards his cabin and none of them could react on anything. Mukti freezes at that spot and does not move ! Few seconds later, she calls out to the doctor, not turning to look at him, her eyes stuck at nothingness on the floor,

Mukti: Can I see him doctor ?

The doctor stopped and turned around. He could sense the pain in her words and therefore nodded his head and said, “But only one person and that too after he has been shifted to the ICU.”

Cabir: Thank You doctor !

As soon as Abhi has been shifted to the ICU, Mukti moves towards it with the others following her. The nurse stops them at the entrance,

Nurse: I’m sorry. You can’t go in.

Manik: Listen, the doctor has allowed one person to visit. So, please let her go. Alright ?

Nurse: Let me ask the doctor first. You please wait here and I’ll be right back.

They wait for the nurse for sometime which seemed like forever !

Nurse: (on coming back) Okay. One of you can enter. Come with me.

Mukti follows her in and reaches her lifeline ! She gasps her breath on having his sight after so many hours and suddenly feels depressed to see her lively man lying there caught up in all those machines around him. The nurse keeps staring at Mukti which makes her uncomfortable.

Mukti: Can you please leave us alone for some time ?

The nurse understands her situation and quickly moves out. After she leaves, Mukti slowly moves closer to his bed and sits on it beside him. She takes his hand in hers and keeps looking at him with all the love she has for him in her heart. Tears start forming in her eyes and escaping her eyes one by one but she keeps wiping them off just as they try to come out. She knew Abhi never wanted her to cry which was difficult for her to promise to him but had always tried to control her tears in front of him. She knew that even though he was unconscious, he would still sense her tears which would upset him.

After some time of gazing him through those teary eyes, she got up from the bed, took one step backwards and got down on her knees, still holding his hand in between both of her hands.

Mukti: (trying to control the tears all the while) Mr. Abhimanyu Thakkar, you are the reason I live. I know you love my smile, but you know what, you were the one who discovered my true smile when you entered my life and now it’s you because of whom I’ve lost it again. Abhimanyu, you got me out of my shell, you made me realize my importance in my life, you taught me love, you taught me how to live life. If it hadn’t been for you, I would still be living a meaningless life. Before you, all I cared about was Fab 5, my friends, my family. After you, before all others, comes your name ! And now, you can’t leave me like this ! Mind it Abhi, if you leave, I’m coming after you ! I won’t let you escape this relationship so easily ! So, it would be better you come back fast or else I…..(she breaks down at that ! She could no longer hold back the tears)…I miss you Abhi !! Please please come back to me !

She gets up from the floor, and hugs him. She keeps holding him like that for some time but when he does not move, or hug her back, she quickly moves out of the room crying. She runs towards his allotted room and Manik, Cabir, Nandini and Navya follow her. She gets into the room and locks it from inside. She takes a look at the room and finds him everywhere in all those memories they had made in the room. She took one look at the empty bed and rushed towards it and threw herself to it, hiding her face in the pillow and crying.

Cabir, Manik, Nandini and Navya keep knocking on the door for her to open it and talk to her but she does not open the door, she keeps lying on the bed alone and keeps crying her heart out ! She did not want to loose hope but seeing Abhi in that condition, was making her weak. She remembered the times when even if Abhi would be weak and tired due to the chemo sessions, he would always hug her back when she would. This time, when she did not get the hug in return, it felt to her as if she had already lost him !

Cabir: I just hope she won’t take some stupid step !

Nandini: She won’t ! I know she is upset but she still has at least some hope, 1% chance that he might come back ! And she will wait ! She might not stop crying and I believe we should let her cry right now, it’s the best remedy. It will clear her heart of the sadness !

Manik: I think you’re right.

Cabir: Hmm..So then why don’t you and Navya go home ? I don’t think she’ll open the door as of now. You can come over in the morning. Manik, would you drop them ? You can take my car.

Manik: Yeah sure.

Cabir: And then, you can also go home take some rest. I’ll be here and will call you if there’s some emergency.

Manik: Oh no not at all ! I’ll come back. I’ll be here with you. You might need some help.

Cabir: No, please. I’ll handle things here. You please go home. Don’t come back ! I’ll manage ! Seriously ! Please.

Nandini: I think Cabir is right Manik. You should take some rest. And besides there’s nothing happening here as of now. Cabir should I stay back with you ?

Cabir: No ! None of you is staying back alright ? Just go. Here Manik, my car keys.

Navya gives Cabir a tight hug and a soft peck on his cheek and they start leaving but suddenly navya stops and turns around,

Navya: Hey ! Where’s Dhruv and Aliya ? Dhruv never returned ! And we don’t even know if Aliya is alright !

Cabir: I’ll call up Dhruv and ask him. And then, I’ll let you guys know.

Dhruv takes Aliya home, picks her up in his arms and carries her to her bedroom. When he places her on the bed softly and covers her with the blanket, he is reminded of the other day when it was a similar situation and he had come by to drop Aliya and Aliya had dragged him into a kiss. He immediately leaves the room and her house as the thought colliding with what Aliya had said to him sometime back, her confession, had been disturbing him. He had no clue Aliya had such feelings for him. He was always interested in Nandini and all others had always been great friends for him. He got into his car and got a call from Cabir,

Dhruv: Hello !

Cabir: Dhruv ! Where are you ? And where’s Aliya ? Did you find her ?

Dhruv: Yeah I found her. Just dropped her home. She is fine. She had got some work in her dad’s office and therefore had to leave immediately. It was an urgent work. (He had to make up some excuse !)

Cabir: You should have informed us at least !

Dhruv: Sorry. I…I just dropped her home and now am leaving. How’s Abhi ? Is the operation over ?

Cabir: Yeah the operation is over but he has been kept under observation for 24 hours and if he doesn’t gain consciousness by then, then it’s a bad news !

Dhruv: Oh ! And how’s Mukti ?

Cabir: She’s locked herself up in Abhi’s room. Abhi is in the ICU. She’s in his room alone, crying.

While Manik, Nandini and Navya had been walking towards the parking, Manik’s phone rang and it made Nandini quite suspicious as to who might be calling him so late ?

Manik: (picking up the call) Hello !

The person calling had been Soha.

Soha: Manik ! Finally you picked up ! I’ve been calling you all day long ! You didn’t answer my calls.

Manik: Yeah I was busy with something. What happened ?

Soha: Manik where are you and Navya ? You guys don’t want to practice for Musicana ? Listen if you guys are not interested then why did you pick me ?

Manik: Soha relax ! The thing is we won’t be able to practice for the next few days. We are stuck somewhere. Our friend is in the hospital and we need to be here.

Soha: Oh ! But Manik this is important too ! Raghav sir has been after me ! He sees me roaming around in the college and scolds me daily for not practicing. And he has also sent me a message today. He might have sent it to you and Navya as well. Actually it’s a last warning for those who aren’t practicing. We have to show some preparation tomorrow in college sharp at 8 am.

Manik: Listen Soha, I’ll talk to Raghav sir and convince him. But we can’t come to college tomorrow and that’s final.

He disconnects the call and Navya and Nandini keep staring at him, waiting for the explanation to the call. Manik explains to them the situation and Navya and Nandini decide to go to college the next morning just to talk to Raghav Sir and convince him on giving the Fab 5 and The Thunder 3 few more days.

Manik: Okay then, both of you go and talk for both the bands. And if he does not agree then let me know. Me and Cabir, we’ll come over.

They then leave in Cabir’s car and first head towards Navya’s home. After dropping Navya when they had been going towards Nandini’s place, Nandini notices Manik’s stress and decides to do something to cheer him up. Both of them had been upset for Abhi and Mukti but since the other day it was Manik who had come over to help Nandini overcome her sadness, she believed it was her turn now to help Manik overcome the stress. Both of them were not talking and there was a strange silence in the car when suddenly Nandini shouted, “Stop stop stop ! Manik stop the car !”. Manik instantly stopped the car with a jerk and looked at Nandini concerned,

Manik: What ? What happened ? Are you alright ?

Nandini: Yeah ! I’m fine !

Manik: So then why did you shout like that ?

Nandini: Oh that ? Actually, I wanted to have some tea. And look there’s the tea stall on the road. She points behind in the direction of the tea stall.

Manik: C’mon Nandini you can’t be serious ! You shouted like that for tea ? You scared me !

Nandini: At least you came out of that lonely zone ! C’mon now let’s go have tea.

Manik: But, we’d reach your place in like 10 minutes and then you can have tea.

Nandini: Do you think I’m stupid I would ask you to stop here for no reason when I could have tea at my place ? Actually it has always been my dream to have tea at a small tea stall on the road like this after midnight.

Manik: You’ve made that up right now !

Nandini: (embarrassed at having been caught) So what ? It’s now my dream ! Won’t you help me fulfill my dream ?

Manik: (giving out a sigh !) Okay.

He takes the car in a reverse direction, reaches the tea stall and parks the car there.

Manik: Okay you wait, I’ll get it for you.

Nandini: No ! I’ll come with you.

Manik: Nandini are you mad ? There are some weird people out there. Why do you want to go in front of them ?

Nandini: So what ? I don’t care. I’m coming that’s it !

Manik gives up and allows her to join him. They get down from the car and settle down on a bench outside and order tea. While they wait for the tea to arrive, they start discussing about what to say to Raghav sir and how to convince him. Just then, Nandini gets a message from Cabir saying that Aliya was safe and that Dhruv had dropped her home.

Nandini: Thank god she’s safe ! But you know what ? There’s something really strange going on about which I don’t have a clue !

Manik: What do you mean ?

Nandini: I don’t know there’s something between Dhruv and Cabir and then there’s Aliya, something is up with her as well. I just don’t know what is all this ?

Manik: You’ll find out soon. Don’t worry.

Nandini: You know Manik ? When we were in school, all of us were the notorious kids and used to do a lot of mischief. But when it came to one another, we were truly there for each other. And we used to lie a lot about our marks to our parents but would never hide anything from one another. And today, look at us, we’re falling apart ! I’m sorry for talking about all of this. Actually I wanted to cheer you up but I think this tea has got something in it, it’s getting me to burp out everything.

Manik: No, it’s okay. You can share it with me.

Nandini: Do you think Abhi would be alright ? I’m really scared for Mukti.

Manik: I don’t know ! But I believe he would survive, for Mukti, for her love.

Nandini: Love ? Like seriously ? You believe in love ?

Manik: And you don’t ?

Nandini: Not really ! I mean I love my friends, chacha, chachi, Rishab, Amms and also my parents. But love for some other third person in your life I don’t really trust it.

Manik: Well then I hope you find that person soon. It’s good to know love, to fall in love, to live love !

Nandini: (keeps staring at him for a while, blinking her eyes in surprise) Oh my god ! Manik Malhotra you’re in love ?

Manik: What ? No ! Not at all !

Nandini: Okay now stop all this drama. I saw it in your eyes when you said, “Live love !” . Tell me who is she ??

Manik: What ? There’s nobody !

Nandini: Fine, if you don’t want to tell me.

They sit there on the bench quietly, taking small sips of the hot tea, enjoying the soft cold breeze on that empty road. Both of them do not speak up anything for some time, lost in their own thoughts, mostly thinking about each other. Nandini had got some hint that Manik was in love, or maybe had been in love and she really wanted to know, but she had also found out that he was really stubborn when he did not want to share something. He still had not told her about his glasses or the file he would always carry with him. Manik was wondering whether he could tell Nandini that he loved her ? Would she accept it positively ? Or would he end up losing the friendship as well. Besides, he did not even know her feelings, it might be that she was in love with Dhruv. After some time, Nandini breaks the silence,

Nandini: Okay can I ask you something ?

Manik: Yeah sure.

Nandini: As if you’re going to answer whatever I ask !

Manik: If it seems appropriate to me.

Nandini: Well then, I don’t understand you.

Manik: What do you mean ?

Nandini: I mean, you came into our lives just some time back and now you’re part of us like we’ve known each other forever ! Like, how is it that you feel so much pain for Mukti and Abhi ? We’re her friends and so our concern is quite obvious but what’s up with you ?

Manik: Why is it bad to be concerned for someone ?

Nandini: No ! Not like that ! You know what I mean ! Why would some stranger be so caring ?

Manik: So I’m a stranger right ?

Nandini: Well not exactly ! But we hardly know each other and….

Manik: Okay I can answer that one. When I first saw Mukti in the hospital, concerned for Abhimanyu, I could sense her pain through her eyes that had been holding back the tears, that had the fear of losing Abhi. I’ve had such a fear in my life twice and I know what it feels to lose someone you love.

Nandini: So, you’ve fallen in love twice ??

Manik: One could fall in love as many times they want. Because love can be towards your parents, friends, family as well.

Nandini: Oh like that ! So, what were the two incidents when you lost your loved ones ?

Manik: Now answering that does not seem appropriate !

Nandini: C’mon Manik ! That’s not fair !

Manik: Well all is fair in love ! (winks)

Nandini gives up knowing his stubbornness !

They then talk about other things, general things about their lives, mostly Manik tricks her into talking about herself and reveals too less about himself. He tries to cover up all the years of their lives, he had not been with her. He wanted to know all of it, how she grew up, what friends she made, how did she end up into music.

Nandini: Music was not my passion to tell you the truth.

Manik keeps looking at her questioningly, surprised to know that Nandini Murthy did not have that passion for music by herself.

Nandini: It was Amms. She wanted me to pursue music. She always used to say that I have a good voice and that I should definitely go for it.

Manik: Well she wasn’t wrong. You do have a beautiful voice.

Nandini: I don’t know ! But I wanted to do something else.

Manik: What ?

Nandini: I wanted to fulfill my Appa’s dream. He was a scientist. And in his days, he had worked on several projects about which he used to tell me. Being the little daddy’s girl, I used to listen to him, and at times watch him work, quite curiously. I’ve heard he had been working on something big before he passed away. It was his dream project. Sadly, I searched everywhere but could not find any of the workings of that. And those days I was busy with my studies, I never got to talk to him about it. I really wanted to become a scientist and somehow find out about his incomplete dream and fulfill it. But when I got no clue about his work, then Amms and chacha chachi began convincing me to take up music. And so I did, surrender to their wishes.

Manik does not respond even after she had stopped talking. She takes one look at him to find her had been constantly staring without even blinking his eyes, lost in his own thoughts.

Nandini: Where are you lost ?

Manik: (coming out of his thoughts) Huh ? Nothing. I didn’t know you did want to fulfill your dad’s dream like that.

Nandini: Of course you didn’t ! We hardly know each other.

Manik: Yeah !

Nandini: So, now enough of you asking me about myself, now you’ve got to say something about your life too !

Manik: Well I would love to, but just have a look, the sun is about to rise.

Nandini takes one look at the sky and finds faint orange light appearing up there. They keep staring at the black sky slowly turning red and orange.

Nandini: It’s so beautiful !

Manik: Yes

Nandini and Navya reach college to talk to Raghav Sir. They come across Soha who starts getting angry at Navya for being so irresponsible towards the band. Nandini confronts her,

Nandini: Listen Soha ! Control yourself ! Someone won’t be stupid to miss practice without any reason ! And Manik told you last night right that our friend is in the hospital and is struggling between life and death ! So it would be better if you give us some peace of mind and stay away ! Come Navya let’s go talk to Raghav Sir.

Manik reaches hospital and Cabir informs him that Mukti had not yet opened the door and that the doctor had been calling all of them. They decide to break open the door as they were scared Mukti might have taken some wrong step. They take permission from the hospital authorities and break the lock to open the door. On opening the door, they find Mukti asleep on the bed, curled up, hugging the pillow tight. They wake her up slowly and she opens her eyes, and looks up at them expecting a bad news as she had already lost hope.

Cabir: Mukti, the doctor has called us. Come.

Mukti does not move as she is not ready to look at Abhi going away. Both Manik and Cabir somehow convince her to come along. They take her to the doctor’s cabin,

Doctor: I’m glad you’ll are finally here. Dr. John would give you the report.

Dr. John: So, first of all I would say this was a really difficult case, more than any other I would have handled in my life. But we have a good news. Abhimanyu has gained consciousness and he is going to be fine soon.

Mukti instantly looks up at the doctor to reassure what she had heard was correct. A faint smile forming on her face, her swollen eyes still highlighted. She suddenly loses control over herself, her knees start feeling weak and was about to fall down but Manik and Cabir who had been standing on either side of her, hold her tight and that makes her tears burst out.

Cabir: Doctor, could we meet him ?

Dr. John: Yes of course ! He would be shifted to his room in a while and then all of you can meet him.

Back in the college, Navya and Nandini receive message from Cabir informing them that Abhi was safe. It cheers them up and they go up to Raghav Sir to talk to him. Raghav sir understands the situation and allows them a few more days after which they could start practicing.

Aliya gets up really late and has a bad hangover. She does not recall anything from last night, not even the fact that Dhruv came in to drop her home. She checks her phone to find missed calls from all her friends and a last message saying that Abhi was safe. She quickly gets up, freshens up and after taking some medicine for the hangover, leaves for the hospital.

Dhruv had nit been able to sleep the whole night, thinking about what Aliya had said. The three words spoken out of her mouth were not escaping his mind. He still could not believe her. He did not know how to face her now that he knew what she felt for him. He thought they would not be able to be the same old friends as before, it would all change.

Navya had some work in her classical music class and therefore Nandini had been waiting for her near the college gate till she would finish it off and join her. Just then, Harshad came up to her. Nandini had always got negative vibes from him and did not really like it when he was around. She wasn’t interested in talking to him and therefore turned around but Harshad still went up to talk to her.

Harshad: Hey Nandini ! How are you ? Haven’t seen you around in college for quite some time !

Nandini: How does it matter to you ? And why are you here taking to me ?

Harshad: Well can’t friends talk to each other ?

Nandini: Well I’m not your friend.

Harshad: Oh so who is your friend ? Manik Malhotra ? Like seriously ? Don’t you know who he is ? Don’t pretend like you don’t know him !

Nandini: Of course I know him. I’ve known him for some time now and yes we are friends.

Harshad: So, you’ve known him for some time ? Nandini you used to be in New York in your childhood right ? Just give it a thought, don’t you kno Manik before you met him her in SPACE ?

Nandini keeps thinking about it and realizes she had always felt like she knew Manik beforehand whenever she used to be with him, and then the strange sheltered feeling she used to feel only with him.

Harshad: I think you really should ask Manik if he is the same “Monkey” you used to hang out with in your childhood in New York. See you later !

Saying this, harshad moves away leaving Nandini’s thoughts lingering about Manik and the faint memories from her childhood that had been aroused at Harshad’s words. She did not trust him but whatever he said seemed to be having some meaning as she herself could feel it all.

Precap: Nandini confronting Manik about their childhood. Would Manik accept it and reveal his identity to Nandini ? What is it that has upset Cabir about Navya ?



So, here is the long awaited update for valentine’s. I know all of you have been eagerly waiting for this one. And even I have tried to make it as special as possible. I hope I could live up to all of your expectations.

And one more thing, I’m sorry about the treatment of cancer I’ve shown here. I know a few doctors read my story and I might look a fool describing the cancer treatment like this but I really have no idea about it and I’ve just made it all up. Sorry about that if it’s not correct, which I’m sure would not be correct but I really had no clue !

Also, I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you because if it would not have been for all of you, your love and support I would not have reached so far. So thank you very very much for all of you love and support throughout. Please keep loving and supporting in the future as well.


#behappy 🙂

#spreadsmiles 🙂

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