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Recap: Mukti excuses herself from fab 5 and leaves without informing anything specific. She meets Abhi at the hospital and both of them are celebrating their 6 months anniversary.

After college, while Manik is travelling back to his place in a taxi he comes across an accident. A small kid riding his bicycle gets hit by a car and the car driver simply escapes. People gather around but nobody tries to help. Manik immediately picks up the boy and takes him to the hospital. He clicks a picture of the boy and asks the taxi driver to go at the same place to look for the boy’s parents. He pays a handsome amount to the taxi driver due to which the driver does his work quite efficiently. Manik then takes care of all the procedure with the doctors. The boy’s parents arrive within the next 1/2 hour. They thank Manik for saving their child and Manik takes a leave. After he leaves, the boy’s father inquires with the doctor about the fees to be paid when the doctor informs him that Manik had already made the full payment. Before leaving, Manik makes a call to his lawyer to ask him to file a case against the car driver. He had memorized the car number and based on that he asked his lawyer to register a case against him to help the boy’s parents.

Near the door, the receptionist stops him.

Receptionist: sir, you need to make an entry in this register. When you brought the kid here, it was an emergency and therefore I did not ask you to do it right then.

Manik: yes of course.

While making the entry in the register, he found Mukti’s name. He was surprised to see her name in the register of a hospital. Concerned, he instantly rushed to the room number mentioned there. He looked inside the room from the door outside and found Mukti sitting beside the bed on which a young guy was sleeping. The room was decorated with balloons and flowers and Mukti was blushing looking at him.

He ran back to the reception and asked the receptionist about Mukti and the patient in that room. The receptionist was wooed by Manik’s charm and therefore answered his questions easily.

Receptionist: yes sir. She comes here daily. The patient is Abhimanyu Thakkar who is in the last stage of cancer. Mukti seems to be his girlfriend. Both of them look really cute together. Just wish they would not be separated but it’s really difficult. It would take a miracle to save him.

Manik is moved ! He then realized why did Mukti disappear from college that day. But he wasn’t really sure if fab 5 were aware of all of this. He was concerned about Nandini as she would be shattered if she knew one of her best friends had hidden such a big thing from her.

Later that evening, all of them meet up at a pub for their party due for Manik. Everyone had arrived except for Mukti. As soon as she arrived, all of them started shouting at her for disappearing like that and then being late for the party as well.

Mukti: sorry guys ! Actually it was my dad ! He immediately called me for some work. I could not deny or else you know how another fight would start off and I really can’t take such fights anymore !

Manik thinks to himself, “so the fab 5 aren’t aware of Abhimanyu.” He takes a look at Nandini and finds her disturbed about something.

Nandini knows Mukti had been lying. She knew her friends really well !! She was really worried as to how would their friendship go ahead in the future if such lying continues.

Manik decides to talk to Dhruv about Nandini. Dhruv was standing away from others, talking to someone on the phone. Manik walks up to him and waits till his conversation ends.

Dhruv: (turning to face Manik after disconnecting the call) Hey !

Manik: Hey ! Do you mind if I ask you something ?

Dhruv: Not at all. Please go ahead.

Manik: Actually, I don’t know why but I feel like Nandini is disturbed. She seems to be upset over something.

Manik was correct, she was disturbed but she wasn’t showing it to the others. She was hiding her stress behind her over loud laughter. But Manik could see beyond her fake expressions.

Dhruv takes a look at Nandini and says,

Dhruv: Why do you feel so ? I mean just look at her, she looks so happy ! And why wouldn’t she be ? She is with her family, and that is the fab 5.

Manik: Yeah I know she looks happy but I don’t think she is.

Dhruv: (boiling with anger) So you think you know my best friend more than me ? Listen, you must have definitely helped us all but don’t you ever try to interfere in our friendship. If Nandini has some problem she would come and talk to me. You don’t need to show as if you know her so well in just a few weeks.

Manik: (apologetically) I’m sorry buddy ! I didn’t mean to offend you. It was just a wild guess. Yeah you’re right, you know her much better than me. Please don’t get me wrong. I have no intention of interfering in this friendship. I myself believe that fab 5 is the most wonderful friends cum family and I would never try to ruin it.

Dhruv: (realizing his mistake) Sorry buddy ! I got irritated at you. I know you are a nice person and would never do that to us or Nandini. In fact, you saved her and I can’t thank you enough for that.

Manik: It’s okay man. Please don’t embarrass me by apologizing or thanking me. Come let’s join the others.

They join the others and all of them start sharing some conversations and then Mukti and Aliya jump on the dance floor. After some time, the music changes to a soft love song and Dhruv extends his hand towards Nandini to ask her to dance. Nandini gives him a smile and willingly accepts his hand and they move to the dance floor followed by Cabir and Navya. Aliya starts feeling uncomfortable seeing Dhruv dance with Nandini and therefore comes back to the bar. Even Mukti starts missing Abhi and therefore follows Aliya away from the dance floor. Cabir notices how Aliya moved out and realises it is because of Dhruni. Both of them join Manik near the bar and Aliya starts drinking excessively as she is agitated at the sight in front of her eyes ! Manik notices how she had been drinking but does not realise the reason. He then decides to try and talk to Mukti to somehow find out about Abhi.

Manik: So, Mukti all okay now with your dad ? I mean you didn’t end up in another fight right ?

Mukti: (nervous) No ! I already told you about it.

Manik: Yeah I know was just…

Mukti: (completing his sentence) just trying to catch some topic to chat ?

Manik: (embarrassed on being caught) Yeah ! Sorry !

Mukti: Don’t be ! You must be bored alone right ? Wanna go dance ?

Manik: With you ?

Mukti: Yeah ! Just a dance ! It’s no big deal ! As friends of course !

Manik: Okay sure. (extending his hand) May I ?

Mukti gives him her hand blushing, thinking about Abhi and they join the others on the dance floor. Both of them share a friendly dance while Aliya is still drinking at the bar and by the time all of them join her at the bar, she had passed out ! Her head lying on the table, eyes half closed. The person who was most concerned about her condition was Dhruv. He immediately picked her up and left. He told the others not to worry as he would drop her home and meet them the other day. Few minutes later, even Mukti leaves which again disappoints Nandini. Manik notices the tension in her mood and decides he needed to talk to her and he even got a chance to do the same.

Nandini: Oh god ! I had come with Dhruv and Aliya ! I’ll have to call Chacha now to pick me up. Cabir you would have to drop Navya right ?

Cabir: Yeah ! But I’ll drop you both .

Nandini: No Cabir ! It’ll be too far ! Don’t do that ! I’ll manage.

Manik: Can I give you a ride ?

Nandini: Do you even have a car ?

Manik: Bike.

Nandini: But you never get it to college.

Manik: That’s because I got it today itself. My dad sent it from New York. I mean it was mine over there and he sent it to me today.

Nandini: Wow ! You sure you can drop me ?

Manik: Yeah not a problem !

Nandini: Okay then let’s leave.

Precap: Manan first bike ride.

Tomorrow: Pani ff. Store room locked sequence of manan. Pani off screen story for the same.


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Credit to: Medhavi Thakkar

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  1. Wowwww manik nandhini ke bareme itna ache se jaanta hein yaar

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Yeah that is so sweet right ?;)

  2. very nice

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      Thanks !

  3. Amazing….manan first bike ride ? waiting for next ff
    Of course Manik can see hidden feelings behind her smile that is for soul mates are ☺ ☺ ☺

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Yup soul mates ! That’s what they are 😉 me too waiting for the bike ride !! hehe i hope you like that one as well…thank you so much for commenting… #behappy

  4. hi medhavi! sorry i didn’t comment on this story before this bcoz i like manan in kyy they characters perfect in kyy but today i think i have to comment on this story firstly your fabulous writer so this story also great and specially this part is to good i like the exchange of manan characters nice story…

    1. Hey tabassum…thanks for commenting dear…but could you please tell me if you like or dislike this exchange of characters ? I totally respect your opinion but would really wish to know the truth…hope you reply…:)

      1. yeah why not you ask me reply aur main na karo thats not possible particularly i can’t say that i like or dislike…i like so much manan bcoz they emotions,concern,connection like they can’t away from each other…they also feels the pain of each other…always care for each other etc thats why i am deeply connected with manan…In your story you take childhood friends that turns into love with manan that also nice to imagine different manan and also i like western nandini murthy and innocent manik so i like your manan ff…i hope you got your answer #be happy god bless your and yes spreading smile its your job only you can do better than me or others…so you also #keep smiling

    2. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thanks for replying dear…yes i got my answer…and even you do spread smiles ….trust me on that….because i smile wide each time i read your comments…:)

  5. Manisharahman

    Nice your ff makes MaNan live in my heart
    I love it

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  6. good one

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  7. Hi! I’m waiting for your ff every single day..:) it’s pani tomorrow…can’t wait..good work..keep going..

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  9. Awesome episode medhavi dearrr…loved it to the core…manan rocking…manik’s concern for nandini n convo with dhruv was really nice…lovely story. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug

    1. Hey Roma ! Love you so much dear !! Thanks a ton for commenting with such warm words of appreciation….*tight hug* 🙂
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      1. Thx for reply medhavi, you deserve appreciation for making us smile with your amazing imagination…manan rocking n I’m very excited for their first bike ride…keep it up…love you loads my sweeeeeet friend

    2. Medhavi Thakkar

      and thanks for replying back Roma…:P love you !:)

  10. Today, I don’t have words for express my happiness…….
    “MANAN” first ride……
    today I m soo soo soo happy….
    Thanx yar for this adorable update……head off for u, nd for ur imagination…….
    Love u dii……hope u don’t mind if I call u dii…… I know that u my senior…….
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    Love u dii……
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    1. Hey Kavya ! Yes you can definitely call me dii little sis…:) So yes just wait for the bike ride…I hope I live up to your expectations with that…:) and yes dear i’m fine now…thanks 🙂 Hope you are fine too…and all the very best for your studies….!
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  11. its superb n soo lovely n the way dhruvs concern for Aliya n plzzz keep abhi alive n don’t let him die of cancer

    1. Yes Fathima…All love stories are blossoming…and about Abhi i can’t reveal what will happen but just remember that all stories do have an end…we just have to wait to see what is the end of this one ! But one thing is for sure….I will keep entertaining you !
      #behappy #spreadsmiles

  12. BIKE RIDES!!!!?????
    D whole jealousy angle is fab!!!
    Keep on with it..
    Love u loads!!!!
    Eagerly waiting to know what’s gonna happen..

    1. Yup bike rides can become a turning point in a relation so that is required ! I’m glad you are liking the track…I hope i live up to your expectations about the bike ride sequence…:)
      Love you too dear !
      #behappy #spreadsmiles

  13. Nice.. love the way you write. Thanx for this lovely episode. 🙂

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      And thanks for this lovely feedback !:)

  14. Hii!!!!!…Sorry for not replying back but your updates are superb…..actually I have my 10th boards so I dont read regularly but read all ur updates…nd so dont get time to reply back….but ill try replying you whenever i get time nd gr8 going….u r just superbbbb!!!!!keep it up!!!

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    Cuz ur post r so dammmmm good …that i am just speechless

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  17. thanku so much medhavi..first because ,through ur ff i am able to keep a close touch with kyy,nandu,fab 5….navya etc..and secondly i am able to keep a close touch with many of my friends in kyy pg as now commenting is not possible there due to the ending of the show..thank u so much…… u r rocking…

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