Manan ff – unconditional love – party time – episode 10


First of all my apologies for this delayed update.. Was a bit preoccupied with personal stuff. I hope you guys understand. But I won’t let you all wait any longer. Go ahead on the manan ride..


Recap: manik nandini become friends on friendship day. Nandini asks him about the file he always carries and he keeps switching his gaze between her eyes and the file.

Just then dhruv who had been looking for nandini, reaches there and disturbs the conversation saving manik of the confrontation with nandini about the file.

Dhruv: nandini! I’ve been looking for you in the college! C’mon now everyone is waiting for you.

He then gives manik a faded smile and drags nandini away.

Later that evening, nandini and navya reach nandini’s home early to make the arrangements for the fab 5 friendship day party.

Chachi: (on seeing both of them enter the house, dramatically) oh my God? Nandu are you alright child? How come you are home today before sunset?

Nandini: chill chachi!! I think you have forgotten, it’s friendship day today! And as per the fab 5 tradition, the party is here tonight! So we are here to make all the arrangements!

Chachi: hmm… I know what all arrangements you need to make. You just need to hide all those beer bottles in your room before your chacha arrives.

Navya: (dramatically) what are you saying chachi?? Beer?? No way!! This bag contains the notes for our Musicana performance.

Chachi: don’t you try to fool me. I know it all. Musicana is still 2 months away and musical notes do not require such big and heavy bags. Now go and do whatever you need to do fast! Your chacha must be arriving any minute.

Nandini gives chachi a tight hug,

Nandini: love you chachi. And chachi please make the arrangements for your famous chole for dinner.

Chachi: (blushing) yeah okay. Now go.

Nandini and navya start moving upstairs and nandini suddenly stops and turns around.

Nandini: oh and by the way chachi, today there is another guest apart from the fab 5 so prepare it accordingly.

Chachi: (surprised) another guest in fab 5’s party?

Nandini: yeah actually chachi I did want to talk to you about him…

She is interrupted by chacha’s car horn and both of them just rush upstairs to nandini’s room.

Chacha: (while entering) uh shanno ji, nandini’s car is parked outside. Is she home already?

Chachi: (shouting from the kitchen) umm yeah she is upstairs with navya.

Chacha: oh great then let me go and surprise them with this yummy cake I have got for their friendship day celebration.

Chachi gets panicked on seeing chacha climb the stairs towards nandini’s room. She quickly moves towards him and blocks his way.

Chachi: Murthy ji!! You never have time for me right? Rishab is in mangalore with Amma, nandini is always with fab 5 and you are busy with your life. Don’t you ever think about me? Today is such a good day you have come home early and still you are directly running to nandini. Am I not important for you?

She makes a sad puppy face and turns away. Chacha looks around to confirm that nandini is not coming downstairs and then holds chachi from behind putting his arms around her waist.

Chacha: shanno ji, how is it possible that you would not be important?

Chachi: (removing his hands from her waist and turning around shyly) Murthy ji! Behave yourself! Nandini is upstairs! What if she comes and sees us like this?

Chacha: but you only told that I don’t give you enough time?!

Both of them start laughing and chachi moves into the kitchen with the cake.

Chacha: arey but shanno ji give me the cake at least. Let me go and show it to nandu… I’m sure she would love it.

Chachi: murthy ji! Let it be a surprise for all of them. We will show it to them when their party starts.

Chacha: aiyyo shanno ji, you are very smart! Okay then let’s keep it a surprise.

Nandini and navya after hiding the beer bottles in her room, come downstairs to meet chacha ji.

Nandini comes from behind and surprises chacha with a hug.

Nandini: (without breaking the hug) happy friendship day chachu…

Chacha: ha ha… Happy friendship day nandu.

He turns around and finds navya standing beside nandini.

Chacha: oh navya! Happy friendship day beta.

Navya bends forward to touch his feet,

Navya: same to you chacha ji. How have you been?

Nandini: oh God! Started again! The formal talk. Navya it’s alright you can be cool with him. (winks)

Chacha: (showing fake anger) nandu!! What do you mean by being cool? You should in fact learn something from navya, she is so decent and well behaved.

Nadnini: chacha it’s okay! I know you still love me.(winks) Okay now we are going upstairs, to decorate our party place. Just send anybody who comes along upstairs. And also that special guest.

They then run upstairs to the terrace which was the fab 5’s most favourite party place. They used to party hard but all their soulful discussions would take place at nandini’s terrace itself.

They started off with first cleaning the whole place which was handled by navya as she was the one who would always volunteer for such work. Nandini was busy selecting her dress all that while. Once the place was clean, navya called nandini back to help her and they started with the decoration. They got few stools and a small table from nandini and rishab’s rooms. The stools were arranged in a circular fashion surrounding the table in between. Some of the beer bottles were placed on the table and others in a carton below the table.

Beautiful sparkling lights were arranged on the light poles. The terrace was a usual hangout for them and they also needed privacy for the drinks and the drama they would create after being drunk. They therefore had curtains arranged on all four sides supported by light poles on every corner. So the last task was to pull down the curtains and the work was done.

After finishing off with the decorations they wonder why hadn’t anybody arrived yet and they decide to call them and ask. Both of them had left their phones downstairs in the hall and so they move downstairs only to find all the others seated with chacha and chachi.

Navya: wow! So you guys have already started with the party! Couldn’t any of you come upstairs and help us with the preparations?

Cabir: we were coming but then we realised that the two of you are best at all these things so why to disturb you in between and that’s why we stayed back.

Dhruv: oh yes and chacha and chachi were alone downstairs then we could just not leave them alone.

Nandini comes to dhruv and starts beating him on his back,

Nandini: (while beating him playfully) is it so?? Chacha chachi, two people here were alone and two girls upstairs were not alone?

Dhruv: (playfully while being beaten by nandini) somebody save me!!

Mukti comes to his rescue and uses the trick that was really very useful against nandini all the time, tickling. As she starts tickling her, nandini loses control over beating dhruv and starts laughing madly! Even aliya joins her in the evil task and soon nandini falls off on the floor followed by Mukti, aliya and dhruv who keep tickling her continuously! They are then joined by cabir and navya. Chacha immediately picks up his Handycam that he had kept ready for the party and starts filming the beautiful moment. Chachi keeps looking at all of them from a distance having their innocent fun.

While all the others were busy ticking nandini, cabir smartly changes his target to navya and starts tickling her hard! Soon even she falls off on the floor beside nandini and Mukti, dhruv, Aliya and cabir start tickling both of them. After continuously tickling each other for quite some time, they lie down on the floor one beside the other, dhruv on the corner with Mukti and Aliya hugging nandini from either side, and navya resting her head on cabir’s chest. After their laughter stops, they straighten themselves and run towards chacha to have a look at the video he had captured of their mad fun!

Dhruv: (announcing after watching the video) guys we just created another beautiful fab 5 moment!!

All the others shout a woo-hoo!!!

Navya follows chachi into the kitchen to help her with the dinner preparations. Just then the door bell rings and nandini opens the door to find manik standing at the door step. He is again dressed in his nerdy look, a white shirt, black trousers and the spectacles.

Manik: hi.. happy friendship day!

He extends his hand for a hand shake which nandini accepts with a smile.

Nandini: happy friendship day to you too, new friend. Come in.

She takes him inside and all the others greet him as well. However, chacha is left confused at the new member in fab 5’s party. Even chachi, who had come out of the kitchen to check who had arrived is curious to know who the new face is.

Nandini notices their confusion and introduces him to chacha and chachi.

Nandini: chacha chachi this is manik Malhotra and manik they are my chacha chachi.

Manik gives them a reserved smile but neither chacha nor chachi responds. They are shocked to hear that name. Their faces turn pale. After few minutes, nandini breaks the silence.

Nandini: Umm I know you must be wondering how come fab 5 invited someone else for their party and let me answer your queries. Well it’s a long story but to cut it short, we owe him a treat and I thought what would be a better treat that your chole chachi?! So I invited him in.

Chachi gives a faint smile.

Chacha: manik Malhotra! As in Malhotra industries from new York?

Nandini’s eyes light up on finding that chacha already knows him.

Chacha: your father….

He is interrupted by chachi,

Chachi: ohoo murthy ji stop it now. Would you start off your interrogation now? You must have definitely read about the Malhotra industries somewhere right? Now come with me to the kitchen and we’ll get the surprise you got for all of them.

She drags him into the kitchen without giving him a chance to explain anything further.

Chacha: aiyyo shanno ji why didn’t you let me finish?!

Chachi: because murthy ji you were about to make a blunder.

Chacha: what blunder?

Chachi: actually he is the same manik that you are considering but you do not have to reveal his identity to nandu.

Chacha: so you mean nandu does not remember her old best friend?

Chachi: no she doesn’t! And I forgot to tell you but Manik’s father called up when you were out of town for a couple of days. He told me manik is in town to save our nandini and your brother’s last wish from some evil. But he asked me to keep it all a secret from nandu.

Chacha: aiyyo you should have told me earlier. It’s okay now let’s go outside.

As they turn around they find nandini standing at the entrance. They are horrified on the thought that nandini had overhead the conversation and their secret was out.

Precap: would nandini find out manik’s true intentions?

Tomorrow: pani ff. Pani keep smiling at each other during a manan scene where they need to fight, giving several retakes.


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Credit to: Medhavi thakkar

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