Manan ff – unconditional love – party continues– episode 11


Recap: Friendship Day party at Nandini’s place. Manik invited. Chacha and chachi discussing about Manik in the kitchen when Nandini arrives.

They are shocked to see Nandini standing at the entrance of the kitchen when they are about to leave. They are tensed as they believe Nandini would have overheard their conversation and would have found out about manik’s  true identity.

Nandini: what are you doing over here? come let’s go outside the party has started!

Both chacha and chachi take a sigh of relief on finding out that she had not overheard the conversation.

Chachi: umm yeah murthy ji please carry on with Nandu and I will just get the surprise you have got for them.

Chacha moves out with Nandini to join the others in the hall and chachi follows them with the cake.

It had now become a tradition for chacha to always get a cake for the fab 5 on Friendship Day but still, all of them used to react with a surprised expression as if it is something they had not at all expected, just to make him happy ! He was a fatherly figure not only for Nandini but also for the rest of the Fab 5.

They open up the cake packet which is as usual the Black Forest cake and again all of them give surprised expressions. Manik who has been observing all of this for quite some time notices something weird in all the surprised expressions given by fab 5 but still ignores it . They then cut the cake and first bite goes to Chacha followed by chachi and then all of them feed each other with the cake. All this while, manik is standing in a corner and observing the beautiful friendship bond.

Nandini notices that Manik had been left aside all this while and takes a big piece from the cake and moves towords him. She indicates him to open his mouth wide enough for the big piece of cake to enter. He denies at first but then surrenders to her wish and opens his mouth wide. She fills his mouth with the whole piece with some of it dropping on the floor and also on his shirt. He then takes another big piece and feeds her just the way she had done to him.

Chacha had been quietly capturing this moment in his camera from a corner. He had got emotional on seeing the two oldest best friends meet after ages and celebrate friendship day together.

Nandini: okay now chachi please give us the dinner and we will head towards our party place.

All the girls carry the food and the required vessels upstairs where the boys had already made themselves comfortable. Navya playfully hits cabir on the back and nandini does the same to dhurv indicating both of them to get up and help with the arrangement. Mukti moves towards manik who is sitting and observing all that is happening in front of him. She sits on a stool near him and speaks up,

Mukti: (smiling) so are you enjoying ?

Manik: yeah totally !I mean who would not enjoy in fab 5’s company ?

Mukti: (still smiling) great !

Manik also returns the smile and mukti suddenly changes her expressions to that of anger,

Mukti: so then get up and help now ! You might need an invitation to enter the party but to help with the arrangements you need not wait for an invitation.

Manik feels embarrassed at not realising the same by himself and immediately rises from the stool and moves towards the table where the others were serving dinner.

Aliya: nandini you forgot to get the glasses !

Nandini: oh yeah I’ll just get them.

Just as she starts moving towards the staircase, manik follows her and stops her halfway.

Manik: umm, nandini !

Nandini: (turning around with a questioning look on her face) huh ?

Manik: actually…i…

Nandini: do one thing, prepare yourself for whatever you wish to say and I’ll be right back.

She starts moving hurriedly but manik stops her again by holding back her hand.

Manik: no wait..actually…I have got you a gift…

She looks at him surprised !

Manik: (answering her curiosity) a friendship day gift..its nothing really special but if you could just accept it.

Nandini extends her hand asking for the gift. Manik looks at her hand at first and is little confused but soon realises what her action meant and so places the gift on her palm. Nandini gives him a smile and leaves.

As she moves downstairs, she decides to first open the gift as she is really curious to know what was contained in that lovely packet. She had always been fond of gifts and this time as well it was the same case. She goes to her room, sits on the bed and then carefully opens the gift only to find a small note and guitar strings in it.

The note said,

“I know this gift might not be really expensive or anything but this gift is definitely related to your passion. I don’t mind you using my guitar for another performance but you look more confident with your own guitar. I hope you like it.

Your new friend,

She blushes on reading the note and is surprised to find herself blushing at something. She thinks to herself, “nandini murthy can blush ?! Now that’s some news !” She then takes her guitar and fits the guitar strings into it and carries her guitar as well as manik’s guitar upstairs after taking the glasses from the kitchen.

On reaching the terrace, she places both the guitars in one corner and joins the others who had started having the dinner.

Mukti: where have you been choti ! We had been waiting for you ! But then this cabir was so hungry he forced all of us to start taking dinner. I tried to convince him that lets wait for nandini but he did not listen to me !

All the others start shouting at mukti at that and cabir clarifies,

Cabir: as you very well know nandini, who is the foodie in our band so obviously I don’t need to clarify but still let me do the honours. She was the one (he points a finger at mukti) who forced us all to start with the dinner.

Nandini: okay fine ! Now stop it..

She then joins them with her plate. After having dinner, nandini gets up from her place and moves towards the corner where she had kept both the guitars. All the others’ including manik’s gaze follows her. She gets the guitars and comes to manik. She hands him his guitar and speaks up,

Nandini: today let’s have a real test of your skills. Let’s see how well do you know your new friends. I will play a tune of any of our composed songs till date and you have to catch it and continue.

She gives him a grin and manik takes the guitar from her with a smile. He gets up from his place and starts adjusting his guitar. The others settle themselves for the performance making way for both of them by moving all the stools on one side.

Nandini thinks for a while and then starts playing a tune that was really close to the fab 5! After giving him the tune, she looks at him with a wide grin as manik does not continue the song.

Nandini: (after waiting for quite some time) okay so guys our new friend doesn’t know us at all ! He is not really a true fan as well !! Too bad ! 

She then takes her seat beside aliya and as soon as she gets seated manik starts singing,

“Tumhaari dosti mein bheegi si meri yeh zindagi,
Tumhaari yaadon mein simti si meri yeh zindagi…
Tumhaari dosti mein bheegi si meri yeh zindagi,
Tumhaari yaadon mein simti si meri yeh zindagi…”

He is constantly looking at nandini while singing as if dedicating the song to her. She does not realise at first that he is looking at her because she and all the others are getting nostalgic about their friendship and old memories.

“Aaj main hun yahaan,
adhura lage yeh samaa,
Akela main jaaoon kahaan ?
O yaaraa !! O yaaraa…ohoo….”

After some time nandini realises that manik constantly had his eyes on her. She again blushes at that but then tries to control herself. Manik feels really happy on noticing her blush at his gaze. She then rises taking her guitar along and joins manik in front of the others. She continues the song with him, and both of them sing in chorus, looking into each others eyes…

“O yaaraa o mere yaara,
O yaaraa tu sun le zara,
O yaraa tu aaja re yaaraa…
O yaaraa o mere yaara,
O yaaraa tu sun le zara,
O yaaraa tu aaja re yaaraa…”

Nandini then looks at her friends, her life line and continues…

“Dosti ka ek jahaan tha,
Hum sab se jo milke bana tha,
Tum bin thi main adhurii…”

Manik then takes up from there,

“O yaaraa kaisi yeh yaariyaan,
O yaaraa kaisi yeh yaariaan,
O yaaraa kaisi yeh yaariyaaaaaaaannnn….ohooooo….”

And nandini joins again,

“O yaaraa o mere yaaraa,
O yaaraa tu sun le zara,
O yaaraa tu aaja re yaaraa…
O yaaraa o mere yaaraa,
O yaaraa tu sun le zara,
O yaaraa, Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan….”

As the song comes to an end, cabir, dhruv, aliya and mukti come towards nandini and they greet each other with a group hug. All of them have tears in their eyes with all the beautiful memories flooding their minds. Navya and manik are observing them from a distance and are praying for their friendship to be saved from all evil eyes. After a good 3-4 minutes, they break the group hug and invite navya along for another group hug. Then, once again, nandini breaks the hug and calls manik to join in. He hesitates for a while but then moves forward and hugs them together. He is standing beside nandini and it gives him chills to being so close to her. He places his hand on her shoulder very softly that makes her feel it is some feather protecting her. 

After some time manik takes a leave because he wishes to let the friends be alone and does not wish to interfere in their group. The fab 5’s party still goes on till late as they are discussing about their old incidents. The song had got all the memories back and they badly needed to pour their heart out.

Precap: Harshad again trying to befriend nandini. Would she believe him and accept his friendship or would manik save her once again ? Stay tuned to find out.

Tomorrow: Pani ff. Parth and Niti trying to hide their friendship from all others but someone is going to find out about it soon..Lets see who that is and how does the secret come out ? Watch out for tomorrow..:)


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Credit to: Medhavi thakkar

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