Manan ff – unconditional love – new friendship – episode 9


Recap: manik saves nandini and helps her with the special performance. Fab 5 win another chance to host musiciana for SPACE. Harshad tries to befriend nandini but nandini chooses manik who had helped her the other day.

After nandini explains to harshad, the meaning of friendship, he leaves with an irritated look as he had lost in front of manik. He knew this was going to be very difficult now as manik who was here to save nandini from his evil plans was now with her.

Nandini is still holding manik’s hand and they keep staring into each other’s eyes for quite some time.

Cabir: ahem ahem!

The eye lock is broken and the two of them look at the others.

Cabir: nandini you never told us. When and how did you make this new friend?

Manik is embarrassed and he starts taking his hand from nandini’s but she does not let go.

Nandini: (looking into his eyes) yesterday when he saved our performance by taking my pain.

Dhruv: your pain? What had happened to you? You never told us anything.

Nandini: (still looking into manik’s eyes) because he never let the pain reach me.

Navya: nandini you know what we can’t understand a single thing that you are saying. Can you please explain it properly?

Manik: it was nothing.

Nandini: why nothing? (turning to face the others but still holding manik’s hand) somebody had spiked my drink yesterday, those boys from the other college. It was their plan that when I take the drink and run to the washroom to puke, they would lock me inside so that I do not reach for the performance and we lose.

Aliya: what?? How dare they??

Nandini: not just that, they also had another plan in case this one failed. They had broken all the strings of my guitar as well.

Cabir: so this is manik’s guitar that you are carrying and also performed with yesterday?

Nandini: yup! And he knew about the spiked drink and so he took away the drink from me and finished it off.

Mukti: that’s great nandini but manik, why would you risk your life for someone else? (she looks at him doubtfully)

Manik thinks for a moment and then answers,

Manik: I wouldn’t. I mean who would do that for an unknown person or for someone you have known only for a few days? I had no clue about the spiked drink. In fact don’t you remember nandini I was coughing when I came to your green room and asked you if you could give me something to drink. For me water would have served the purpose but you only gave me that drink. I never took it on purpose and so it is clear I did not do anything to save you or your performance. And about the guitar, I saw that the strings of your guitar were broken and since I was there coincidentally with my guitar I offered it to you for the performance.

Nandini was left confused as to how did her thinking go wrong? She was still doubtful there was something else, something close to what she had thought of.

Cabir: umm okay so howsoever but you did help us win that performance yesterday and so we truly are thankful to you. And for now, guys we have a performance in college, in the amphitheatre. Remember, we have come to college after around 20 days so it’s our show time!

Mukti: yes please. Let’s get going.

They start moving towards the amphitheatre and nandini suddenly realises she still had manik’s guitar and so turns around and comes back to him.

Manik: it’s okay. You can use it for another performance. As it is I won’t be needing it right now as I would be busy watching your performance.

Nandini gives him a thankful smile and leaves. They reach the amphitheatre and Dhruv makes an announcement in the mic for the whole college to gather at the amphitheatre for a special preformance by fab 5. Within 10 minutes the amphitheatre starts filing up and they settle down for the performance.

Nandini: (announcing to the audience) good morning friends and a very happy friendship day. Since today is friendship day, today’s performance is dedicated to friendship. So let’s get started.

“… Hum rahein ya na rahein kal, yaad ayenge ye pal… Pal ye hain pyaar ke pal… ”

Manik who is present in the audience feels like it’s his old friend nandini who is wishing him a happy friendship day through this beautiful song. But he soon realises that for nandini friends means fab 5 and at the most navya, and nobody other than that! He would never find his old friend nandini who was separated from him years ago!

As soon as the performance comes to an end, he applauds for all of them and then leaves the amphitheatre without extending the applaud. Today, more than being proud about his nandu, he was sad, sad that his best friend does not recognize him, and also that he is unable to express his feelings. Nandini on the other hand, who had her eyes on manik throughout the performance finds it a bit weird that he leaves so soon. She quickly excuses herself from her friends and follows him.

He reaches the terrace and nandini follows him. He stands near the railing with his hands extended on it, takes a look at the sky and then bends his head low as if stopping his tears from flowing. Nandini slowly comes and stands near him and gently places her hand on his which is resting on the railing. He suddenly looks up to find her and feels like his wish came true. He keeps staring and even she gets lost in his deep eyes feeling as if those eyes were talking to her, questioning her, but she could not understand those questions. After few minutes of silence, nandini speaks up,

Nandini: are you alright?

Manik: (waking up from the dream) yeah why?

Nandini: I saw you got really emotional after that song and then immediately rushed in here. Feels like there is a lot of pain within you concerning friendship.

Manik does not respond and keeps staring at her wondering how is it possible for someone to understand the other person so well?

Nandini: umm manik!  Where are you lost? It’s okay if you don’t want to share. It’s just that I thought it might be something like this and the way you left the amphitheatre I felt like I recreated some old wounds in your heart and just followed you due to that guilt.

Manik: why are you guilty? You haven’t made me sad, in fact you made me really happy. It’s just the circumstances that keep me wondering at times.

Nandini: wondering what?

Manik: that if real friendship does exist and that if friendship is so beautiful, then when will I find that friend?

Nandini: so I was correct. There was something bothering you concerning friendship. See I don’t know what is your story but I believe it’s like the way they say for love, if it’s true, it will definitely come back to you.

Manik: you’re right! And I’m going to wait.

Nandini: well then till then would you like to have a new friend?

Saying this she extends her hand for a handshake which manik slowly takes in his hand as if it’s a delicate jewel he is holding. Nandini gives him a warm bubbly smile and manik returns with a blushed smile.

Nandini: so now that we are friends, can I ask you something I’ve been dying to ask since morning?

Manik: yes of course!

Nandini: did you really not know about the plan those guys had made and was it all really some coincidence? Because I just can’t believe it. What I felt did not seem like a coincidence. Please don’t lie to your new friend.

Manik: I did. I overheard their conversation.

Nandini: see I knew it!! How could I be wrong?! But then why did you lie in front of everyone?

Manik: because I don’t like to be praised or thanked for any good deed. That is not what I’m here for.

Nandini: not what you’re here for? What does that mean?

Manik: nothing. Now should we go? It’s raghav sir’s class.

Nandini: no! I still have another question that I have  been dying to ask since your first day at college.

Manik: oh! And what is it?

Nandini: what is this file you always carry? Yeah I know it might be some secret but it really makes me curious. So only if you can reveal…

Manik keeps switching his gaze from nandini and the file.

Precap: friendship day party at nandini’s. Manik invited. Chacha chachi and manik come face to face.


Not much to say today friends. Just hope you all liked another part by me. Please do drop in your feedbacks. Another call for the silent readers, friends if you have ever found my story when a tad bit interesting then please comment and let me know your feelings. If I can write such stories for you to make you all happy then can I not expect some small feedbacks from your side?

Now as per the change in my schedule, tomorrow that is Sunday would be a holiday and this manan ff would again be continued on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Pani ff would be continued on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Thank you!!


Credit to: Medhavi thakkar

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  1. Okay. I returned from school. Was thinking whether you have update this one or not. Checked it and found that yeah! U hav updated!! I was so happy!! And the update!!!!!!!!!!! Love it so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much!!!!!! Evil twins!!! Haha loved their interrogation and manik baba ka answer could convince fab 4.. Nandu ko nhi..aftr all she’s his childhood bestie na 😉 aww nandu was noticing manik all d while.. Loved d scene a lot!! Nanduuu… How cutely she asked those questys!!!! Manik is soooooo good!! Love MaNan so much!
    Hell excited for the next chappy!!! Wanna see chacha, chachi and manik’s reactions seeing each other after ages!!!!!! So damn excited!!!
    Loads n loads of love!!! For d ff n medhu 🙂

    1. That is so sweet of you… Thank you so much for that lovely detailed feedback… I enjoyed reading it so much!! ? and yes to find out what happens at nandini’s place when chacha chachi meet manik, wait till Tuesday! ? love you loads!

      1. Anytime friend 🙂 And i love giving detailed feedback to works i love a lot! Love you too dear. 2mrrw is monday. PaNi yayy!!

  2. Wow!!!!
    Really nice…n humble of Manik!!!!!
    N nice to hear…nandu n Manik r finally frnds…!!!!!
    Liked it!!!!
    We’ll miss u tmrw!!!!
    Bt u deserve rest!!!!
    Soo do chill n cook up some more interesting twists n turns for ur next updates….
    C u on Monday!!!!!!
    Love u loads b loads n loads!!!

    1. You don’t need to miss me as I’m at least present in the form of replies to your beautiful comments… Thank you for this lovely feedback once again. I am now out of words to thank you for all this appreciation. So please bear with my repeatation of words and phrases.. ?

  3. Lovedd itttttt sooooooo muchhhhh….
    Amazing amazing amazing amazingly amazing it was can’t wait for Monday to come and I get ur next update the pani oneee…..u r just lavable I love ur way of writing I love the way you express I love the way you give replies just that ultimately I love ❤ you
    Keep going yaar keep it up

    1. Aww dear and I love your feedbacks!!! Seriously love them so much!! And of course love you too!!

  4. Finally friends…waiting for next part.. love you:)

    1. Love you too ?

  5. Yar, kemaal ki hi h apki imagination……
    Really yar… r amazing writer…….
    Infact, u r superb, mind-blowing, fabulous writer…..
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    Or personally thanx bolna chahati hoo…..for such an amazing stories……
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    1. Aww dear Kamal k to aap ho ki meri writing ko itna appreciate karte ho… Even I would love to meet u all once to thank you for your support because of which I’ve reached so far with these stories… Thank you! And love you too ?

  6. Its superb.. Manan friendship … Wow manan rocks

    1. Yup! Manan rocks! ?

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    1. Oh yeah! The party is coming up on Tuesday with loads of fun!! ?

  10. Medhuuuuu…….. Ur stories hav become a drug!!!!! Im happily addicted to it :Dnever wanna get de-addicted..! I wonder who on earth would like to get de-addicted after reading these masterpieces by you! I so feel lucky to have read and still reading your arts! I will surely take out some time to read and comment even if i have my exams going on! After a hectic day i would love to refresh just by reading this! And if you’ve not updated, i would just chose anyone of the chapters and read it again 😀 ! See i have planned it all 😉

    1. Aww dear that is a really big compliment… ? and all the very best for your exams!! ?

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    love you medhuuu!!! Love the FFs madly!

    1. Ha ha even I would have to wait till I write the next part! Hope that day comes soon… And till then you only have to wait another day for the pani ff… ? love you too… ?

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    1. Thank you! ?

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    1. Thank you dear… I’m glad I could make you happy… Yes I will continue this… ?

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    1. Hey dear I’m really sorry to have not been able to live up to your craziness today… I am definitely going to submit the next part today maybe in a few hours and I hope it gets published as well… Sorry for the inconvenience…

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