Manan ff – unconditional love – new entry ! episode 5


Recap: fab 5 plays prank on Manik after which navya takes care of him without informing fab 5..

After having the soup prepared by navya, Manik thanks her and leaves. He takes a taxi back home. His house is more like a mini mansion ! He is the only one staying there as his parents are in New York and the house is a bit too large for a lone person to stay ! He is staying with 4/5 servants. There are 3 cars parked outside his house but he takes none of them to college. He has to hide his identity from the others, specially from Nandini. Although there is no harm in letting them know how rich he is, but to complete his mission he has to stay covered and without gaining too much attention he needs to focus on what he is here for. As he reaches, his butler opens the door for him. He straightaway goes to his bedroom, removes the nerdy spectacles, and gets changed into red shorts and a blue tee. He takes his guitar and starts playing a very old tune, his favourite that he had himself composed with the help of his father. And of course, Nandini was also a part of that composition. His father had helped both of them develop that melody when they were too young to even understand the basic notes but this tune they had learnt very quickly ! He starts thinking about the childhood days, Nandini back then and Nandini now in college. She has changed a lot, he thinks to himself. But of course, we were so young when she left New York, obviously any one would change after that. But she still has that innocence on her face. Although she pretends to be tough in front of the world but I know her heart is too soft to play that bad girl character !

Just when he is lost in her thoughts, his phone distracts him. He picks it up without looking at the caller ID and speaks up in an irritated tone,

Manik: hello ! (He almost shouts it out)

It’s his dad calling,

Dad: hey my son ! What’s wrong ?

Manik: (suddenly realising his mistake) oh sorry dad ! Nothing. I’m completely fine !

Dad: well that’s great ! So how are you my son ?

Manik: I’m doing fine ! Just came back from college.

Dad: ohh that’s nice. So how is your college ? Do you like it ?

Manik: yes of course dad ! It’s the best music college in India ! Why wouldn’t I like it ?

Dad: hmm.. Did you see her ?

Manik: (blushing) I met her dad !

Dad: that is wonderful news son ! So are you two friends ?

Manik: (after a long pause thinking about the prank she had played on him along with the others) not yet ! But dad, what I am here for does not require me to make friends !

Dad: that’s true son, it does not require you to make friends but there’s no harm in making friends. Okay I understand about Nandini why you won’t make her a friend instantly, that’s because you are shy !

Manik: I’m not shy dad ! It’s just that, it’s been a very long time, she didn’t even recognise me so then what should I say to her. Besides, it’s good that she didn’t recognise me. I need to hide my identity. Dad did you talk to her chacha and chachi about me ? Did you inform them not to tell her about me ?

Dad: yes I have informed them. They were quite concerned about her you know when I told them the whole thing.

Manik: I can understand that but you please assure them that I am here to handle everything and so they need not worry.

Dad: yeah I did tell them. So we were talking about your friends.

Manik: yeah ! Yes I did make one friend. Well not exactly a friend but she helped me with something today so I guess we are friends.

Dad: ohh that’s good at least you made one friend ! And did you see him ?

Manik: no dad I did not spot him in college today ! You said he had left New York university before me and had arrived in Mumbai 2 days before I did.

Dad: yeah that information was correct ! Maybe you would not have spotted him as there are so many students !

Manik: no dad, I almost came across the whole college today ! But he was not there.

Dad: well he will definitely come up. We don’t need to worry about that. We need to be prepared for the time he starts executing his ugly plans !

Manik: yes dad I will take care of it. Okay dad I’ll speak to you later.

Dad: okay son ! Take care !

The next morning Manik reaches college again in a taxi and while he is paying the taxi driver, he spots his “old friend”. Both of them see each other and start moving closer with a smirk on each of their faces. The new entry in SPACE is Harshad Saxena !

Harshad: oh Manik ! You missed me so much that you followed me here ?

Manik: harshad harshad harshad ! (Sarcastically) Don’t you know me ? Of course I missed you my friend ! And that’s why I’m here to keep an eye on you. You know in case you need my help.

Harshad: of course ! You are here to help me. So tell me one thing, did she recognise you who is the real reason why both of us are here ?

Manik: how does that matter to you ? She won’t need to recognise me. I’ll still be there for her and against you !

Harshad: ha ha ha ! Good luck bro ! Let’s see who succeeds ?

Manik: more than me, you need this good luck so keep it to yourself.

They then move away in opposite directions. As he moves further, Manik spots navya and goes to her to thank her for helping him the other day.

Manik: (back to his nerdy accent) hi navya !

Navya: (who is facing the opposite direction, turns around) oh hey ! How are you feeling this morning ?

Manik: much better. I just came by to thank you once again for all that you did yesterday. Here, cabir’s clothes. (He hands her a packet)

Navya: oh thank you ! Okay then I’ll see you later. I’ll go and put this inside his locker before he finds out. Bye !

Manik: sure ! Bye !

She then rushes towards the boys locker room and cabir spots her running. He is confused as to why is she running so fast and follows her. After some time he looses track of her in the middle of a corridor as there are a lot of people surrounding and he is not able to spot her anywhere. He still moves straight when he spots her coming out of the boys locker room. He then goes up to talk to her.

Cabir: (immediately approaching her that scares her) what’s up madhubala ? What are you doing here ?

Navya: cabir ! You scared me !

Cabir: why scared ? Am I a ghost ?

Navya: no less than that !

Cabir: so then if you are scared then tell me fast, what are you doing outside the boys locker room ?

Navya: I was looking for you !

Cabir: oh really ? But why did you think I might be here ? And besides you could have called me up !

Navya: actually I had a feeling you would be here and I wanted to see if my instinct gets me to you ! And see it did. I found you here !

Cabir: madam, it’s not you, I found you here !

Navya: so what’s the big deal ? We found each other. And besides I was also missing our locker room romance. So I just went inside to see if even you were missing that and waiting for me here.

Cabir: oh is that so ? Then let’s fulfill your wish too ! 

Saying this he drags her inside the locker room and closes the door from inside. Mukti who is passing by spots the love birds going inside and starts blushing thinking about abhimanyu. She takes her phone and gives him a call. He does not pick up at first ! She calls again, he still does not pick up, she keeps calling but he does not answer ! This bothers her and she rushes to the hospital where abhimanyu has been admitted.

On reaching there, she finds that he had been taken for a chemo session and therefore wasn’t answering her calls. She waits for him in his room while he returns from the session. Once the nurse gets him to the room in a wheelchair, mukti asks her to leave as she would manage him. As the nurse leaves, she helps him get up from the wheelchair and settle on the bed. She pours him a glass of water and once he is settled, gives him a slap on his back !

Abhi: ouch mukti ! What’s wrong with you ? Is this how you behave with a patient ?

Mukti: how many times have I told you to drop me a message before going for chemo ? I should know where are you ! I had been calling you since forever but you weren’t picking up ! And there was no message from you that you were being taken for chemo. I was so scared do you get that ?

Abhi keeps looking at her as she is scolding him out of concern. Once she is done shouting, she gives him a tight hug !

Mukti: don’t you ever repeat this !

Abhi: okay my jaan I won’t ! Now would you please calm down ?

She gives him a smile and settles on a chair beside his bed. Just then her phone rings !

She finds its aliya calling and picks it up.

Mukti: yeah aliya ?

Aliya: mukti where are you ? I’ve been looking for you for so long ! You know I saw your bike when I entered college and then I didn’t find you anywhere and now when I check your bike isn’t there ! Where the hell are you ?

Mukti: yeah aliya I’m on my way ! Actually I came to pick up Nandini.

Aliya: what ? But Nandini is here with me.

Mukti: exactly I reached her place and found that she had already left for college.

Nandini snatches the phone from aliya,

Nandini: but why did you go to pick me up ? We discussed last night that today I’ll be coming to college with chacha so you don’t need to pick me up.

Mukti: yeah choti actually I forgot about that conversation and so by mistake I reached your place !

Nandini: okay no problem. Now please come fast ! We are waiting for you !

Mukti: yeah coming !

After disconnecting the call she gives abhi a quick peck on his lips and leaves !

Precap: fab 5 meets Harshad !


So friends first of all I’m really sorry I could not update yesterday ! Was a bit preoccupied with some other things. And now onwards I have a schedule change. I had been updating daily till now but friends it becomes difficult at times to update daily so from now onwards, I would be updating both the stories every Monday, Wednesday and Friday ! And on Sunday I will upload any 1 story based on your requests ! So based on the Friday update you can comment and let me know which story would you like to read on Sunday. I would go with the majority votes and if there aren’t sufficient votes I’ll go with whatever suits me. Friends I hope you understand the reason for such schedule change and do cooperate with me.

Thank you !

Credit to: Medhavi thakkar

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  1. oh my gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooddddddddddddddddddddd.what a wonderrrrrrrrrrrrrrfuuuullll episode…I srsly lovvveed in …Thankyouuu sooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhh MEDHAVI…….lOV E U LOADDDDDDDDSSSSSSSSSS

    1. Medhavi thakkar

      Thank you so much kitty !! Love you too ??

  2. Nice and spectaculer story yaar so harshad is trying to harm nandhu

    1. Medhavi thakkar

      Thank you !

  3. Nice yaar

    1. Medhavi thakkar

      Thanks !

  4. OmG!!!!
    U r making dis really difficult…
    Leaving us at d peak of curiosity…
    Bt I m loooving it…
    Today’s update was EPIC!!!!!!???
    Manik dng d Clark Kent Thing!!!??
    I mean his whole nerdish disguise as behind all of it der is this hunk…!!!?
    N on top of it d suspense is like a cheery on d cake!!!!???
    What r harshad’s motives???
    Y is Manik hiding???
    N all of dis is bugging me!!!
    D romance is soooo adorable!!!!
    Cabir n Navya!!! Mukti n Abhi!!!!
    We’ll Miss U!!!on Tuesdays n Thursdays n Saturdays!!!!!!!
    N thank u for ur wonderful updates on Mondays n Wednesdays n Fridays!!!!
    So in all we loove u n will always love u!!!!!!!
    Once again Thank u sooo much!!!!
    U r really a sweetheart!!!!!!!!

    1. Medhavi thakkar

      Aww dear !! Thank you so
      Much !!! Even I’ll be missing your lovely feedbacks on Tuesdays, thursdays and Saturdays !! Love you too !??

  5. oh…now harshad also entered space it will be interesting..

    1. Medhavi thakkar

      Yup ! The drama starts !

    1. Medhavi thakkar

      Thanks !

  6. Yar har story me ek villain hona jaruri h kya….means bina villain ke koi story puri kyu nhihoti….
    Well today’s update is as usual awesome…..
    Ya ye kho…..tu koi story likho or woo best na ho ye ho nhi sakta…..
    Nd really I miss ur update on Tue.,Thur. Sat…….
    Nd plz ho sake too Sunday ko bhi “manan” ff hi continue karna….

    1. Aww thank you kavya !! ☺️ yes I will continue this ff if it has more votes ?

  7. Awesome, marvellous, outstanding episode. ..medhavi dearrrr you’re amazing. ..your both stories are mind blowing. …with your unique narration n your imagination making it outstanding. ..cabir n navya romantic convo n multi n abhi’s flawless love…and above all manan unconditional love…now villain harshad’s entry …manik’s dad convo n secret of his nerdy look n his motive is real suspense. ..keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. ..for scheduling I’m supporting you 100% as studies shouldn’t be suffer…it’s a huge favor that you’re writing these amazing stories only for us…thx dearrr

    1. Thank you so much girl !! Stay tuned to find out the secrets … Lot of suspense and of course lot of Manan coming up ?

  8. Hey guys can you please tell me where can I find these ff serially because every find I have to find the episodes in search bar due to which many a times I am unable to find d episodes. Pls help me out

    1. Hey dear if you have a problem reading the, here then you can also find the, on wattpad..also here you can just type Manan in the search bar and you’ll find all episodes. And for the Pani ff just search Pani and you’ll find those parts as well…I hope this helps..☺️

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