Manan ff – Unconditional Love – A New Beginning (Episode 1)

Sorry friends I know I am very late. Actually I just returned from my holiday a few days back and yes I know I used to write earlier even when I was on the holiday but the thing is that earlier I had a lot of travelling and so I did used to get some time to complete the parts but then later on I just could not spare enough time. I know it’s been a while but I hope you missed this ff and you still enjoy reading it so go ahead…


Recap: Manik and Nandini came closer after Manik helped her convince her friends into her decision.

Nandini woke up the next day after their weekend farmhouse getaway and started getting ready for college. Just as she took her guitar and was about to leave her room did she realize the change. She realized the guitar was not her object anymore. She had changed her priorities now and the best part was that her friends and family were in support of her.

She kept the guitar back in it’s place beside her study table and settled on the bed. She sat there thinking about how to go about the whole process of changing her education line when she heard a knock on the door. She was long lost in her thoughts and that made her take a bit longer to respond. She heard the knock the second time and looked up towards the door. She saw just the right person at the perfect time, Manik.

Nandini: Hey! Come in!

Manik: Hello! Good morning.

Nandini: Good morning. Don’t you have to go to college?

Manik: Nope. Today’s a break.

Nandini: Why?

Manik: Because…(pause) I have to help my girlfriend with her college admission process.

Nandini: (surprised) Girlfriend?! I’m your girlfriend?

Manik: Aren’t you?

Nandini: I don’t know.

Manik: Really? You don’t know?! Well then why did you say “yes” yesterday when I said, “You know it Nandini”.

Nandini: (mischievous smile) Oh! So that’s what you meant?! I never realised!

Manik: Oh really?

Nandini: Yeah!

He started tickling her at that for pretending to be indifferent. She tried to resist laughing and also stop him from tickling but he was too strong for her. She kept laughing and screaming, “Manik stop! Just stop!”. Soon she was lying on the bed with him above her, still tickling. None of them realised that their bodies came intensely close as they lay on the bed with Manik above Nandini, still tickling her. Suddenly, Manik’s lips accidentally brushed her left cheek and that stopped the tickling. The sensations that began in their bodies were irresistible and not capable of being coupled with the tickling. Manik stopped the tickling but his hands still rested on her waist. He kept looking into her eyes as his hand started moving up from her waist to her back and up to her neck. He then cupped her face him his hand and started bringing her face closer. Nandini closed her eyes as her bare cheek came closer to his soft lips, and Manik was about to plant a soft peck on it when they heard Chachi call out, “Nandu! Breakfast is ready. Come fast.”

Both of them instantly got separated and were out of the bed.

Nandini: (nervously) Umm chachi..breakfast..come lets go..

Manik: (fascinated to see her blushing) Yeah! Sure! I…I heard that. Let’s go. And I’ll share my research about your admission process in front of them all.

Soha went looking for Aryaman to his college as she had been dying to talk to him, to apologise to him for her rude behaviour. She tried calling him several times after the picnic but he never answered any of the calls.

She reached his college and asked a few people about him that gave her an answer that he was always to be found in the jam room on the third floor.

She opened the door slightly to enter without making any noise that might disturb him. She saw him there with another girl talking about something which was quite strange as the people from the college told her that he used to jam all alone and even his band was not allowed at that hour of the day in the room.

Aryaman: Tanya, please believe me. I have loved you forever and always.

Tanya: But what about that…(sobbing) that girl?

Aryaman: What girl? There’s nobody. I’m yours and only yours.

Tanya: So then why were you with her?

Aryaman: Was just being polite and trying to help her out. But now I’m not doing any of that right? You can see I’m right here in front of you, and not with her.

Tanya: You sure? Because I won’t forgive you next time.

Aryaman: I promise I would never hurt you again. I love you.

Soha was crushed. When she heard that conversation, it came to her mind how deeply had she fallen in love with Aryaman. She had been looking for him, following him not only because she was guilty of her behaviour but because she was in love with him. Without waiting and listening further, she ran away.

Back in the jam room in SPACE, the Fab 4 had been working on a new song for their album. The energy among them and their passion for music was however, not visible.

Cabir: It’s not working like this. We need a lead vocalist.

Charlie: Yeah Cabir you’re right but you saw how passionate Nandini is for her dad’s project. We can’t ask her to come.

Aliya: And we can’t even take Manik into the band. It just does not seem right. How can Fab 5 be complete with someone else in place of Nandini?!

Dhruv: But we need to do something about it. We haven’t even told Nandini we wouldn’t be accepting Manik into the band. I’m sure she believes we have agreed to both the things, letting her step out and accepting Manik in.

Manik and Nandini entered the jam room greeting everyone happily. All of them tried to cheer up and greet them but Nandini, being the best friend sensed something fishy.

Nandini: What’s going on?

Cabir: That, you would have to tell us.

Dhruv: Yeah! What’s up with your admission and stuff?

Nandini: Oh well for that I’m going to have to give an entrance test for which I need to study day and night and if I clear that, I get he admission.

Charlie: Oh that’s great! So all set? To study hard?

Nandini: Yeah almost. But the thing is, I need to have some peace of mind to study properly.

Aliya: So?

Nandini: So how do you think I have the peace of mind when my best friends are disturbed about something but won’t share it with me?!

Dhruv: No Nandini it’s nothing like that. You just focus on your studies and we are going to support you completely.

Nandini: You wish to support me because you care about me right? So then can’t you give me the right to support you as well? Even I care about my friends. Tell me what’s wrong?

Charlie: Okay Nandini. If you insist. We agreed to your decision to quit but we haven’t accepted Manik into the band yet. It’s…its just not possible to simply give him your position.

Cabir: Mukti, calm down. Look Nandini, we don’t mean to hurt you but this is what’s going on. It’s really difficult for us to suddenly accept Manik into the band. You know how important Fab 5 has been for all of us and it’s so close to our hearts. So then, how can we accept this sudden change. And besides, we haven’t even heard him sing before. We don’t even know if he can fill in your place effectively.

Nandini: So that’s the problem? You know if that’s the problem, it can be solved right away. Manik has a beautiful time ready and also a song to go with it. He can play it here for us and then you can decide whether he is capable enough to play with you guys.

Manik: But Nandini. It’s a duet song and…

Nandini: Yeah so convert it to solo. Just play it once for them. Come on.

On Nandini’s order, Manik took his guitar and moved towards the centre of the room. He was about to start with the turn when Dhruv interrupted him.

Dhruv: I’m sorry! But, I can’t let him take your position Nandini. No matter how good he is. So, there’s no point in listening to him.

Charlie: Actually, Dhruv’s right. We’d rather manage without a 5th member.

The Fab 4 take an exit from the room leaving Manik and Nandini disheartened.

Nandini: I don’t understand what’s wrong with these people?! Okay fine. I have decided what I have to do. I’m going to leave aside my dad’s dream and join the band with them for the album.

Manik: But Nandini.

Nandini: (interrupting) No! I have decided. And, they will also realise their mistake of insulting you. That’s my promise to you Manik.

Manik: I did not feel offended so then…

Nandini: But I did! I felt offended for my boyfriend. And even though they are my friends, I am going to teach them a lesson. They do not have the right to insult my boyfriend!

Precap: Nandini joining the Fab 5 again. Her friends feeling apologetic of their behaviour.

Friends, I’ve got news for you all. This ff is soon coming to an end. Now whether it would be a sad ending or a happy ending, stay tuned to find out.

Thank you!

Lots of love ❤️





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