Manan ff – unconditional love – Nandini’s surprise ! Episode 43


Recap: DhruNi union. Manik’s surprise plan for Nandini. Manik asks Nandini to trust him and stay away from Harshad. Nandini although curious to find out the whole truth, agrees to him and accepts his plea.

Soha reached the backside of the college where Harshad had already been waiting for her. As soon as Manik had shared about his surprise for Nandini with her, she had informed Harshad to meet her ASAP as she had this wonderful news that could definitely help him.

She reached up there and immediately took him into a bear hug with love. Harshad made a ‘whatever’ face and hugged her back just softly as if not really interested. Soha noticed that but decided not to ask him about it and ignored assuming it to be her imagination.

Soha: (breaking the hug) I have an awesome news for you baby!

Harshad: (excited) Really? What is it?

She tells him about Manik’s surprise for Nandini quickly with all the details he had given to her. That brought a notorious smile on Harshad’s face indicating he had another disastrous plan for Nandini. This time he was pretty sure his plan was to work and his mission was to get completed soon.

Manik reached the canteen to find the Fab 5 and Navya sitting on a large table in the corner. He saw Nandini happy with Dhruv and realised the smile she had on her face then, had come up after a long time. He kept admiring her from a distance, relishing her joy and excitement on having all her friends back together as one! He did not wish to interrupt the moment between all of them and therefore started taking a seat far away. But just as he was about to get seated, Mukti spotted him and he had to go join them.

Nandini who had been enjoying her friends’ company for quite some time now, blushed faintly and felt nervous as she saw Manik approaching as the recent moments spent with him crossed her mind. His confession at the holi party, the ice cream romance, his concern for her, everything came back to her mind and the bold Nandini Murthy started feeling weak and nervous. Manik did not really notice her nervousness as he had been avoiding looking into her direction while he was joining the others to not let anyone find out his feelings. He took a seat beside Mukti opposite Nandini, still avoiding eye contact.

Mukti: Where were you? We’ve all been here for so long now!

Manik: Nothing was just assembling the instruments.

Mukti: Okay now I need to talk to you about something. It’s about Abhimanyu’s dad.

Manik: (confused) Abhimanyu’s dad? What happened to him?

Mukti described the whole story of Abhimanyu leaving his home and parents in Delhi as all others listened to her patiently. She had tears in her eyes by the end of it, feeling Abhi’s pain of being away from his parents.

Mukti: Actually, he used to work in the Delhi branch and then at your holi party, Abhi saw him there. I just needed to know, had you invited your employees from the other branches as well or was it something else?

Manik: No, we had invited only the ones from the Mumbai branch. Wait, let me find out.

He excuses himself and makes a call immediately. After talking on the phone, he joins the others once again.

Manik: Actually Mukti, as I told you, we had invited only the employees from the Mumbai branch. And, he is an employee from Mumbai and was therefore invited.

Mukti: What? But how is it possible?

Manik: I inquired with the HR department and they said he has been transferred from Delhi to Mumbai just 6 months back.

Mukti’s face was blank. She could not understand whether she should be worried for Abhi or happy that he might be able to get back to his parents now that they were in Mumbai.

Meanwhile, Abhi walked out of a building excited and was about to call Mukti when he got a different idea. He was so happy as he had finally got a job of an accountant in a small private firm. Because of his medical condition, he had not been able to study well. He had simply done his graduation in and therefore, had been struggling for a long time for a stable job. Now that finally he had a good enough job, he was super excited and wanted to share the news first thing with Mukti. He decided to buy some cupcakes for her and then go see her in the college to break the news.

As soon as he walked out of the office building and decided on the plan to surprise Mukti, he saw a bakery opposite the street and rushed towards it to buy the cupcakes.

He was so excited about all of it, he did not notice anything else as he entered and instantly started selecting the cupcakes from those displayed in front of him.

He was busy selecting them when he heard a weak crooked voice from across the cash counter calling out his name ‘Abhi’. He instantly recognized the voice but could not believe it and resisted looking up. He freezed at that position with his gaze fixed at the cupcakes and thoughts drifting towards the owner of the voice. Tears started forming in his eyes and when he neither moved nor responded, the voice again called out his name, this time with more weakness and disbelief. He managed to slowly lift his gaze up and his eyes widened with shock on seeing his mother standing across the counter.

She was dressed in a plain sari with an apron wrapped over it around her neck, her hair tied in a lose bun at the back and a delicate gold chain around her neck. Her posture was a rather weak one, her face full of wrinkles and her eyes filled with tears.

Abhi’s mother: (controlling on the tears) Abhi, is that really you my son?

He could not respond and just stood there numb while his mother came out from behind the counter to face him. As soon as she came out, he rushed towards her and took her into a bear hug. Both of them burst out crying as soon as their bodies collided.

Back in SPACE, Dhruv had been wandering in the whole college looking for Aliya as she had been missing since after lunch. He had started getting worried now as she had been missing for an hour and her phone was also switched off.

He reached the terrace of the college main building and pushed open the door with a bang. He saw her there standing with Aryaman and that made his concern turn into anger and ferocity immediately. They saw him there and greeted him cheerfully but he did not respond. He simply moved forward with a pale face.

Aryaman: Hey Dhruv ! What’s up buddy? How is the practice going on for musicana?

Dhruv: (with an indifferent look) Why hasn’t Aliya told you about it? Oh yes I forgot! You might not have gotten the time to discuss about that right? You might be having lots more to do and talk about.

Aliya: Dhruv what’s wrong with you? Why are you behaving like this?

Dhruv: And may I ask you the same question Aliya? What’s wrong with you? We’ve got musicana coming up and here you are at some far off place with your special friend.

Aliya: What do you mean by that Dhruv? And yes I know we have to practice, but Aryaman needed to talk about something important and that’s why I had to come here.

Dhruv: Yeah right! Sorry for disturbing the two of you then. I think I should take a leave.

Saying that he left leaving both Aliya and Aryaman shocked.

Dhruv had not been realising it but for a long time now he had started getting a strange feeling dragging him towards Aliya making him possessive and insecure for her. Such feeling was not even too sudden. Even when he believed he loved Nandini, he was actually unknowingly attracted towards Aliya.

After the rehearsals in the evening, Nandini packed her stuff, greeted her friends goodbye and moved towards her car in the parking lot. She was about to open the car door to get in when someone held her from back covering her mouth with his hand and forcefully dragged her aside. She tried freeing herself with the help of her hands but the stranger held her hands tightly behind her back. He dragged her into a car and made her sit in the passenger seat and himself moved towards the driver seat. Before she could open the door and move out, she saw the face of the stranger.

Nandini: Manik?! Is that really you? What had you been planning on?

Manik: Kidnapping you!

Nandini: But why? What ransom would you get off me?

Manik: You’ll see. Now would you please take this blind fold and tie it around your eyes? (Passing her the blind fold)

Nandini: You can’t be serious Manik!

Manik: Oh well I am! Now go ahead. I’ve kidnapped you. (Acting strict)

Nandini laughed at him pretending to act strict but then tied up the blind fold on her eyes.

The way seemed too long for Nandini to be able to resist and she kept on complaining to Manik about it but he ignored her.

After around 20 minutes the car stopped and Nandini took a sigh of relief. She was about to take off the blind fold when Manik shouted to stop her.

Manik: No! Don’t !

Nandini: But we’ve reached haven’t we?

Manik: Yeah but I am the kidnapper and I will decide how long do you have to keep your blind fold on. So now let it be like that and come with me.

He made her get down from the car and took her forward. After reaching a particular spot, they stood there like that for another 10 minutes.

Nandini: Manik what’s going on? See by now I have understood its some kind of surprise for which you’ve got me like this. But how long is this going to take?

Manik: Just few more minutes. Now if you’re so smart to have found the secret of the surprise so then be patient as well.

Nandini: (irritated) Fine!

5 minutes later, Manik moved towards her back and untied the blind fold. She opened her eyes slowly and soon her eyes widened in disbelief and her mouth wide open.

Precap: Harshad’s plan for Nandini. Manik to reveal the whole truth about Harshad to Nandini.


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Credit to: Medhavi

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