Manan ff – unconditional love – Mukbhi – episode 13


Recap: Harshad tricked Nandini and got her caught with goons who tried to harass her. Manik and Dhruv reach at the right time and save her. Fab 5 really thankful to Manik and declare another party to treat their new friend. Harshad pissed at the situation as his plan to save Nandini and become hero in her eyes, failed!

Fab 5 are jamming in the music room and navya and Manik are observing their performance from a distance. Navya staring at cabir and Manik at his love Nandini ! But soon manik’s eyes lower down from her face when he finds Nandini and Dhruv passing glances at each other. He feels really downhearted as he cannot see his love with someone else but is left in a fix as he also wants her happiness and realises that it is for her happiness that he would have to accept what is in front of his eyes. Navya notices the sudden change of expressions on Manik’s face and asks,

Navya: what happened ? Are you alright ?

Manik: (shaking away the disturbing thoughts and bringing a soft smile on his face, turning to face navya) yes of course ! Why ?

Navya: (realising he is hiding something but decides to ignore) nothing. So ? Musicana is coming up ! Aren’t you going to participate ?

Manik: yes of course !

Navya: (killing his excitement) don’t be so excited ! You need a band to participate in musicana. Do you have a band ?

Manik takes a look at fab 5 and navya continues,

Navya: don’t even think about it ! Fab 5 won’t even include me into their band ! How would they take you ?!

Manik: no I wasn’t thinking that ! Even if they would take me, I would deny.

Navya: why ?

Manik: no ! Don’t take me wrong ! I am a fan of fab 5. But would never dare to interfere in such a pure friendship.

Navya: that’s true ! Actually that is a reason even I have never asked for it. I know they won’t deny me if I ask but I would not like it myself.

Manik: hmm…so even you are without a band ?

Navya: yeah ! Oh but don’t even think like you and me !

Manik: why not ?

Navya: where in the world have you seen a band with just 2 people ?

Manik thinks for a moment and then says,

Manik: so but we can find someone to be the third member !

Just then the music stops as fab 5 had just completed their jamming session and someone from outside the room starts clapping. It is Harshad !

Harshad: (still clapping and entering the class room) too good guys ! Seriously ! Hats off man ! Fab 5 is the best band I’ve ever heard of !

Cabir, aliya, mukti, Dhruv and Nandini make pale faces at his words. Harshad still keeps clapping for some more time and then comes nearer and continues in a sweet accent, very unlike him.

Harshad: look guys I know we haven’t had a good start. But can’t we all forget everything and be friends ?

Cabir: I find something fishy ! Why are you so eager to be our friend ?

Harshad: c’mon cabir bro ! Who wouldn’t want to be friends with fab 5 ?!

Dhruv: yeah cabir he is right ! But sorry bro ! Friendship with fab 5 ain’t that easy !

Mukti: got it ? So now, just leave !

Manik chuckles softly on seeing Harshad’s plans failing one after the other. Harshad leaves without uttering another word. Just then mukti’s phone rings and she moves out of the room to take the call. All the others look at each other wondering who must it be that mukti had to move out of the room. They are all really tensed and most of all it is Nandini as she fears that their band, their group might break down if all of them start keeping secrets. Manik notices the stress on her face and decides to talk to her later about it.

Mukti did not come back to the music room for quite some time and suddenly all of them got her message that she had to leave as there was some emergency ! She still had to think of an answer to give to her friends once they catch hold of her but for now, all she was thinking of was abhimanyu ! She had got a call from the hospital asking her to reach immediately as there was some emergency with abhimanyu ! She was horrified at the thought of losing abhimanyu ! She did not want to accept the fact that one fine day se might wake up to an empty world where she would not have her love, her life and she would have to live just for the sake of it, just because abhimanyu had made her promise that she would do nothing stupid after him !

She quickly reached the hospital and enquired at the reception about abhimanyu thakkar. The receptionist informed her that he was in his room only which got her a bit surprised as even if it was an emergency, nobody had gotten him to the ICU ! She rushed to his room on the second floor and broke into his room only to find the room all decorated with red balloons suspended from the ceiling, and red rose petals lying on the floor. Abhimanyu was sitting on the bed, dressed in a red tee with a V neck and a black denim. Mukti was overwhelmed to see him looking all normal, and for a change in those normal clothes apart from the boring hospital dress. She stood there at the door freezed to see him alright and all the decorations in the room. Abhimanyu kept smiling at her but she did not move and that bothered him. He had expected to make her happy but she had no expressions on her face ! He then softly called out to her,

Abhimanyu: (lovingly) mukti ? My love are you okay ?

She melted at those words and started crying her heart out. She fell on the floor straight on her knees and hid her face in her hands so that abhimanyu would not see her tears. But she could not control it. She had been crying so bad, abhimanyu who was really weak being in the last stage of cancer, had to try and get up from the bed and move towards her.

He reached to her, bent on his knees along with her in front of her, and kissed the back of her hands that had her face buried inside. At that, she removed her hands from her face and looked up at him. As soon as she took a look at him, she gave him a bone crashing hug ! Abhi was really weak to take it in and it hurt him but the love his lady was passing on to him was much larger than the pain and he survived it. After a long time which seemed like forever, they break the hug and softly brush their lips together to communicate their love for one another. The kiss was a short lived one as they needed to look into each other’s eyes. Both their eyes full of tears, and as soon as the tears again start escaping mukti’s eyes, abhi kisses away her tears and reminds her through his eyes that he hates her tears and she should therefore keep them buried within. He had also made her promise that she would not cry on his death to which she had given a fake promise, apologising to him in his heart. Even he was quite aware of her fake promise but could not say anything further at that. They never really used to discuss life after his death as they both knew, even the most minute mention of their separation would cause them to die a thousand deaths !

After kissing away her tears, he slowly moved towards her forehead and planted a soft peck and then wished her in the most adorable voice,

Abhi: happy 6 months anniversary my love !

Mukti keeps staring at him for a while confused at his sudden wishes.

Abhi: (after waiting for sometime for her to respond) What’s wrong Mukti ? Won’t you wish me back ?

She instantly lowers her eyes from his gaze, feeling ashamed to have forgotten their anniversary. She had never been the type of person who would remember and celebrate anniversaries. She still remembered their 1st month anniversary.


Abhi had invited her for a dinner date and surprised her with his favorite red roses combined with her favorite white roses, into a beautiful bouquet. As she arrived at the rooftop restaurant that he had booked for their date, he greeted her at the entrance with those pretty flowers that melted the heart of a girl like herself who had never been the girlish type who would like to accept flowers and chocolates as gifts. He bent down on his knees in front of her and offered the bouquet at which she turned crimson red and lowered her eyelids. He stood up on his feet after she accepted the flowers and held out his hand to which she shyly gave in her hand. He then led her to the table and pulled out a chair for her. After seating her, when he settled on his seat, she immediately asked,

Mukti: Abhi, is it any special ocassion or something ? As in why all these arrangemets?

Abhi: Why ? Can’t I make arrangements for you, or rather us without any occassion ?

Mukti: No its nothing like that but i just thought maybe…

Abhi: Actually you are right ! There is a special occassion. But to tell you about it, I would have to come closer. May I ?

Mukti blushes and softly nods her head in agreement. He rises from his chair and walks towards her, his eyes constantly on her, her head still bent low with a blushed smile on her face. Once he reaches her chair, he bends on his knees beside her to whuch che turns to look at him, surprised. He comes closer to her and plants a soft peck on her lips, and says,

Abhi: Happy 1 month anniversary Mukti !

At first she simply blushes at the sensations running throughout her body due to the brushing of their lips for the first time. Her first kiss with the man she LOVED! Love was something she had never felt for any other person except for Abhi and of course fab 5. She had had physical relations in the past but still this kiss was something out of the world. She actually felt like it was her first kiss. She suddenly realized the difference between love and lust. They had been dating for a month and had met each other 1 month before they started off into a relationship, but all this while they never felt the need to be physical with each other. It was just the love that connected them and that was more than enough for both of them.

Mukti: I’m really sorry Abhi, I’m really bad at remembering such dates. You know me right ? I’ve never been in a serious relationship. But can I ask you something?

Abhi: Yes of course! But first you need to know that it’s completely alright if you don’t remember these dates. We complete each other. So, if there is something you miss out, I am there to balance us, and if I miss out on something then you would take care of it.

Mukti: (blushes) I Love You Abhi !

And she gives him a hug. After breaking the hug,

Mukti: But why are we celebrating month anniversary ?! I mean yeah people do that but isn’t it a bit lame ?

Abhi: (his face suddenly dropping) I know dear ! But I just thought, you know, I might not be there to celebrate a yearly anniversary so….

He is interrupted by her hand on his mouth stopping him from continuing further. They again hug each other in order to wash out any bad thoughts from their minds and enjoy the evening.

***End of Flashback***


Friends I need your feedbacks ! Do you like the mukbhi track or not ? If the votes are in favour then I will continue this track along with our manan track. It’s just that I wanted to give an equal importance to other characters and their stories as well..therefore, I also have a track lined up for the others. But if you all don’t like it, I would definitely change it to what suits you all the most. So please do comment and let me know whether you would enjoy this or not ?

Thank you !


Credit to: Medhavi Thakkar

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  1. Awesome as usual .Medhavi just luv the way u write,can literally imagine as if happening in front of me.Luv uuu…Thnk u..Do continue.but keep pani also updated that is even more breathtaking#luvparth

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Hey Megh ! Thanks girl ! I’m so happy that i could affect you all so much through my stories….and yes i will keep updating both stories and you have to keep reading them and not to forget to comment….cuz you know how i love reading all of your comments…:)
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  2. Oh howw cute our manik is

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Hehe…That he is Hayathi…:)

  3. I love this mukbhi track……
    Specially ur way of writing……
    plz continue
    Love u…..

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Hey Kavya I’m so glad you also liked it…because i loved writing it….so since you all like it i will be able to continue it…thanks !:)
      Love you !
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  4. really good!! carry on your good work Medhavi!

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

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  5. Yeah … Muktis track is good but give a happy ending to their track unlike in the kyy … Going great… Keep updating… Happy new year… I just love the way u r narrating… Hats off to ur imagination…

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Hey Priya thanks for the compliment and i agree mukbhi track didn’t end very well in season 1…You know i kept waiting for Abhi to come back someday, for a very long time…But let’s see how does the track go ahead in our story…:)
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  6. The mukbhi track is awesome n very romantic n cute fell in love with it

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      Thank you so much Fathima…:)

  7. It’s good please continue.I don’t have time for more I told u on last update.

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      Hey Anakha i know…it’s okay if you don’t comment…i understand…:) still, missing you…and all the best for your studies…:)
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  8. The Mukbhi track is superb……..just dont want abhi to die……..but please continue it…..and lovely epi……..just superb….please dont stop writing!!!!

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Hey Chandana, thanks for your feedback…I will continue it…:) I’m glad you liked it…Please do keep me updated with your feedbacks as i would love to read them and implement any suggestions as well…

  9. Lovely n heart touching episode. ..loved it…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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