Manan ff – unconditional love – Manik to rescue Rishab? Episode 46


Recap: Harshad kidnapped Rishab to blackmail Nandini to get the documents. He also trapped Soha but Aryaman reached to her rescue.

Harshad: (on call to Nandini) What? Seems like you don’t love your brother enough? Just do as I say. Get the documents and then call me or else I will call you in 45 minutes to inform you of your brother’s death.

After disconnecting the call,

Nandini: Let this man come to my hold once! I am going to kill that bastard!

Manik: Nandini relax! We will figure something out. And the police will take care of him.

Aliya: Why can’t we just give him some random duplicate papers? How will he come to know? They’re some documents related to science project right?! So then…

Manik: We can’t do that. His dad has been cheated like that earlier so this time he’s going to be too careful. Okay well Cabir, Dhruv, Aryaman, you start searching every nook and corner of the college and girls, you be with Soha as of now. We will take care of all of this. And I will look around the college.

The girls take Soha to the Fab 5’s green room and the boys start looking around for Harshad and Rishab.

In the green room, all the girls were too tensed about the situation and constantly trying to overcome with the big shock they had received about Harshad and his insane character. Musicana had already begun with the other colleges performances going on but neither the Fab 5 nor the Thunder 3 were able to concentrate on their music.

Soha was in a shocked depression and was unable to accept the fact that the man she thought she loved, would have been such an evil creature. She was thinking of all her past moments spent with him and was slowly coming to realise that there were times when he did not seem interested in her or their relationship. He would always talk about Nandini and his grudges against her and Manik. She felt so guilty to have fallen for his trap. She was the one who told him about Manik’s plan of surprising Nandini after which he got the plan of kidnapping Rishab. She was feeling very guilty about it and therefore got up and moved towards Nandini.

Nandini was sitting in a chair facing the opposite direction when Soha reached up to her and tapped her from behind. She turned around and suddenly a concern formed on her face for Soha.

Nandini: (getting up) Soha! Are you alright dear?

Soha: No.

Nandini: Why?

Soha: I’m sorry Nandini. I’m to be blamed for this situation today. Manik had shared his idea of surprising you by getting Amms and Rishab to Mumbai with me and I went up to Harshad and revealed it all to him. You know he used to tell me that in your childhood, you and Manik used to bully him and also that he really liked you but when Manik found out, he got to you before him just so that he could leave him behind in every respect. He made all of this rubbish stories and I was such a fool to have believed him. I’m sorry. I really am.

Saying that, she hid her face in her hands and started crying. Nandini took her into a hug and patted her back to make her calm down.

Nandini: You are not to be blamed Soha. You have been played along too. I can understand what you must be going through. But please don’t blame yourself. You were truthful and honest but that man was a jerk. And don’t worry, Manik will definitely take care of him. But, you used to spend time with him right? So, do you remember some place where he used to talk about, some place in the college or near the college or any other clue of that sort? So that we can look for such places first to find Rishab.

Soha: No I don’t really remember anything. Actually he never used to tell me his complete plan. He would always just tell me a part of it which has my role in it so I don’t really know anything.

Nandini: (sighs) It’s alright. You take some rest. I’ll go check out on the boys.

She made Soha sit on the chair comfortably and turned around to move. But, just when she was about to step outside, Soha got up and called out her name.

Soha: Nandini wait!

Nandini: (turning around) Yeah?

Soha: Yesterday, I went up to his place in the evening to surprise him and when I was about to enter his room, I accidentally overheard a part of his conversation. I don’t really remember it well but I did find it a bit strange. I even asked him about it but he let it go saying it was something related to his dad’s business and I would not understand it.

Nandini: So then try to recall it Soha. That might be just what we have been looking for.

Soha: (after thinking for a while) It was something about some theatre. Some movie theatre but I don’t remember the name. But there was something about it that I found strange at that time which was why I asked him about it. It was….(thinking again)…Yes!! It was this old theater beside our college which is breaking down. It has been started to be demolished just 2 days back. And so I found it strange as to why was he talking about some old theater being demolished.

Nandini: Eureka! That’s it! I’m pretty sure it’s that theater. Let me call Manik and inform him about it.

Aliya, Mukti and Navya also joined in the conversation and they started calling the other boys to inform them.

Manik reached the old theater and had refrained all the others from joining him. He knew just how sensitive Nandini was towards her family and friends, especially Rishab and he did not want her to see him in that situation.

He started searching the half demolished site carefully and suddenly someone came in from behind and hit him hard on his head making him fall of unconscious.

In the green room while everyone was tensed about the whole situation, there came in an announcement for the Thunder 3.

Announcement: Thunder 3 you’re up after the next 2 performances.

Navya and Soha looked at each other with the same horror in their eyes about Manik being missing. But more than anything else, all of them were interested in getting back Manik and Rishab safe.

Cabir: It’s okay girls. You two go up on the stage and talk to the judges about your situation. I’m sure they would understand.

Everybody knew that the judges won’t tolerate the delay in a festival like Musicana but kept giving hope to one another. Soha and Navya got ready for their performance and reached backstage, but were still thinking about Manik and Rishab.

They went up on stage still hoping Manik would appear from nowhere with Rishab in the audience and they would be able to give their performance.

Navya: (in the mic) Respected judges, teachers and our audience. We actually have a situation here.

Judge1: What situation? We see you don’t have your third band member present! Manik Malhotra is it?

Soha: Yes mam. But the thing is he is stuck up in some bad situation and is therefore unable to come for the performance. But if you permit, we would like to give the performance.

Judge2: We’re sorry but we can’t allow that. You can perform if you wish to but you’ll be out of the competition.

Both Navya and Soha took their positions and started with their performance without Manik. Just as they did, a male voice joined them in from backstage. Both of them looked around to search for the person behind it but were unable to see anything because of the black out on stage. They recognized the voice as that of someone other than Manik but were curious to know who was the one interfering.

As the black out dropped and the lights faded in, they saw Aryaman walking in with his guitar in his hands and singing the male verses. Instead of continuing the confusion, the girls joined him in the performance and gave their 100% to all the hard work of so many days.

Judge1: (after the end of the performance) Is this really Manik Malhotra?

Aryaman: No mam. My name is Aryaman. I’m not from this college but these two girls here, are my friends and so, just to be the friend indeed, I helped my beautiful friends in need.

Judge3: You do know, you would be disqualified even though you performed with them completing their band.

Aryaman: Yes sir. We very well know that. But, we just could not give up so easily. Not after reaching this stage. The Musicana is a huge platform and to reach here but not perform would have been a really bad experience for these two girls. I have performed on this stage last year and I know how it feels. So, I just wanted my friends to have that experience.

Manik opened his eyes to the terrace and him being tied on a chair. He saw Harshad and Rishab standing at a distance. Harshad had made Rishab stand at the edge and was pointing a gun at him and also smirking at Manik. He got furious at that and tried to free himself of the ropes tied around his body onto the chair but failed.

Harshad: Manik! You still have some time. You can save Rishab as well as yourself. Just call Nandini and ask her to get those documents here ASAP and then I’ll let you all leave. Or else, I would first shoot this stupid boy here and then turn towards you and aim my shot. Within a few seconds, both of you would be OVER! Oh and by the way, please inform your best friend that I have experts here who would be checking the documents thoroughly before I hand her brother back to her. So, she would better not try any smart tricks as her father.

Manik nodded and Harshad instructed one of his man to go up to him to hand him the phone.

The man untied one of his hand and gave him the phone so that he could call Nandini.

Manik: (on the phone) Hello. Nandini. Come to the old theater being demolished near the college with the original documents. Yes. Do as I say.

After he disconnected the call, the man was about to tie him back to the chair but he pushed him away with a bang by his head and that man was thrown away to a far corner. He then rushed towards Harshad but several other men caught him in between to block and stop him. He fought them all and then ran towards Harshad and kicked him in the chest throwing him away from Rishab. While getting pushed, he hit Rishab and Rishab was about to fall of as well but Manik held his hand tight and pulled him inside.

Harshad again got up and and ran towards Manik and pushed him aside to knock him off to the groundfloor.

Precap: Would Manik be able to save Rishab or would they have to give away the original documents? Would Fab 5 be able to give their performance or would they lose the Musicana trophy as well as Manik and Rishab?


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Credit to: Medhavi

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