Manan ff – unconditional love – We’re locked ! Episode 30


Recap: Harshad and Soha together working towards breaking Manan. Manik and Nandini becoming better friends. Dhrulya giving another chance to their friendship.

Aliya parked her car and was moving towards the college building, searching something in her purse due to which she didn’t notice who she passed by. After she had walked a bit ahead, the person called out to her from the back and she turned around, noticing the familiar voice. As she turned around, she was happy as well as nervous to see him, to see Aryaman, her ex boyfriend standing right there in front of her after 3 months.

Aliya and Aryaman had been together since last year when Aryaman had come to SPACE as a competitor from another college for Musicana. Aliya had loved Dhruv all her life but had never realized her feelings. When she met Aryaman, she got attracted towards him and therefore when he proposed to her, she accepted it and they had a healthy relationship for almost 6/7 months after which the truth started popping up, leaving them separated. Aryaman was the one who made Aliya realize her feelings towards Dhruv. At first, he was the possessive boyfriend and things turned into ugly fights but later on when Aryaman realized the whole story, he decided to let Aliya free from the relationship happily.

Aliya was happy to see him after a long long time but she was also nervous and guilty of facing him after what had happened between them. She always used to blame herself for destroying Aryaman’s life who had been so loyal and loving towards her all the while they had been together.

Aryaman: (moving towards her) Hello ! Seems like you have a short term memory loss problem. Don’t you remember this old Romeo of yours ?

Aliya: (faintly smiling) Of course I remember you Aryaman. HowΒ  can you think I’d not ?

Aryaman: Well maybe. The way you were looking at me right now.

Aliya: I’m sorry Aryaman. I’m sorry about everything.

Aryaman: Stop it Aliya ! What is there to be sorry about ? Did I place any allegations on you ? Then why are you taking things on your head ? Okay tell me, if it would have been the other way round, if I would have been after someone else and you had let me go, would you not forgive me ?

Aliya: I don’t know Aryaman ! I just know that I’m…

Aryaman: (interrupting her) Okay now enough. Come let’s meet the others and Dhruv specially. Tell me what all happened in these 3 months while I was gone.

Manik had to rush for rehearsals and he could not meet Nandini in the morning even though he had to talk to her. He had brought their childhood pictures to show to her and wanted to ask her if she could stay back after rehearsals and they could sit and have a look at the pictures together. Since he could not meet her, he texted her during the practice session,

Manik: Hey ! Have a surprise for you. See you after practice ?

Nandini: Sure ! Come over to the jam room after the others leave. I’ll stay back and wait for you.

Manik: Cool !

During the practice session, Soha was only interested in being close to Manik. It was their plan that Soha would be the one to distract Manik while Harshad would take advantage of that situation and go closer to Nandini to gain what he wanted.

After the rehearsals, Navya left immediately as she got a call from Cabir. Manik was about to leave when Soha stopped him.

Soha: hey umm could you please help me with that piece I was bad at ?

Manik: I’ll teach you tomorrow ya ! As it is it’s not that important as of now.

Soha: it is important for me ! Music for me is something I can’t leave unfinished so if you could please.

Manik was not aware of her plan behind it and therefore could not simply deny her request on her face. But he also needed to escape and at least let Nandini know that he would be there soon. He therefore purposely broke his guitar string while trying to play the tune and excused himself to go to the library to get other guitar strings.

Soha: oh but we can use my guitar. It’s alright.

Manik: no actually I would be comfortable with my guitar only. I’ll just be right back. I should rush or else the library might close down.

Saying that he left the music room leaving Soha alone in there. The plan was that Harshad would lock up Soha and Manik together in that room. When Harshad arrived to lock the room, he wasn’t aware that there was only Soha in there. He quickly locked it and rushed away before being noticed by someone. Soha heard the door being locked from outside and tried to shout and ask Harshad to come back and open the door for her but Harshad was long gone by then. She took her phone to call him up but the battery of her phone was dead. Their plan had once again turned wrong and this time Soha was trapped in there all alone. There was nothing she could do except cry and wait till morning.

Aliya and Aryaman had been sitting at Aliya’s place and chatting about what all had happened over the past 3 months. Aliya told him about her situations with Dhruv which left Aryaman really concerned for her because somewhere in his heart he still loved her.

Aryaman: But Aliya, we all know that Nandini takes Dhruv only as a friend right ?

Aliya: I don’t know if that’s true or not. Sometimes I feel like even she feels the same for him and I am the one coming in between them.

Aryaman: No silly you’re not in between them. You never forced Dhruv into anything right ?

She started crying on having finally met someone who respected her feelings and understood her situation. She had been holding back her tears for a while but on such sweet words from Aryaman, she broke down. Aryaman could not see her like that and he got up from the couch, crossed over to the couch on which she was sitting, settled beside her and took her into a bear hug. She kept crying hiding her face in his chest.

Dhruv came by to Aliya’s place to return her phone charger which he carried with himself by mistake and what he saw there really brunt him inside. He was moving towards her main door when he saw her in Aryaman’s arms crying through the window. He did not understand why but he did not like what he saw. He had slowly started to understand Aliya’s feelings and had even decided to try not to hurt her. He knew she might be feeling uncomfortable when he might be close to Nandini and therefore just to make sure she was okay, he had decided to keep some distance from Nandini in front of Aliya. He very well understood the pain one would go through on seeing their love being close to someone they really love. He knew he loved Nandini but he also knew Aliya was his friend first and therefore he could not hurt her. All these plans he had made up to make sure Aliya wasn’t hurt flushed down the gutter when he saw her being so comfortable with her ex boyfriend. He instantly took her as someone playing around with people’s feelings. It seemed unfair to him because she said she loved him but now was with Aryaman which just did not seem appropriate. This made him take a decision to propose to Nandini and be with her just like he had always wanted. He had decided to stay away so that Aliya won’t be hurt but when he saw that Aliya did not care, he decided even he would like to go ahead with what his heart suggested. He left for Nandini’s place.

Manik reached the jam room where Nandini had been waiting for him for a long time.

Nandini: hey ! Where were you ? I have been waiting for so long !

Manik: sorry. Actually that Soha.

Nandini: (curiously) what about her ?

Manik: (teasing her) She..she’s something haan ?! You know once Navya left after the practice, she came to me, closer, and closer and closer…

Nandini: (irritated) okay got it ! She came close to you ! And then ?

Manik: (faking blush) not just close..closer..she came closer and said….

Nandini kept looking into his eyes searching for the answer, anxiously waiting to punch his face hard on getting the answer.

Manik: and said…”please help me with this guitar piece..”

And he burst out laughing looking at Nandini’s confused face. She still could not catch what had just happened but when she did, all she could do was run after him to hit him hard and harder. Soon they were running around the room, Manik laughing and Nandini angrily following him to punish him for that breathtaking joke !

While they were running around the room, suddenly the lights went off and they stopped right there. Nandini quickly reached near Manik and held his hand tight. This made Manik blush and he was glad for the darkness that his expressions were not visible.

Nandini: Please don’t leave my hand Manik ! I’m scared of the dark !

Manik: wow ! Nandini Murthy the fighter of Fab 5 is afraid ?

Nandini: don’t you dare say that to anyone !!

Manik: you mean even the Fab 5 don’t know ?

Nandini: no. And if you tell them then….

Manik: okay don’t worry I won’t. But first let’s find out what’s up with the electricity ?! Come..

They come out of the jam room to find the whole college in dark except for the faint blue light from the moon in the sky. They realise the college had been shut and they where locked in there. They move towards the staircase only to find that the staircases were locked as well and they now had the entire college to roam around but not a single way to get out of the building. All ways of going out and coming in had been locked. Manik took out his phone to make a call to someone who could come and help them but Nandini stopped him.

Nandini: Let it be !

Manik: What ? Let me call Cabir and he could come and rescue us.

Nandini: But I don’t want to be rescued.

Manik: what ? Why ?

Nandini: just like that ! Let’s be here tonight. We have the entire college to ourselves ! Let’s roam around, chat, play, make music and have some fun ! You had a surprise for me right ? Give it to me now and we’ll sit and chat the whole night ! It’ll be so much fun !

Manik kept staring at her while she was describing the entire plan. He just could not take his eyes off her innocence. She pretended to be tough and strong in front of everyone but actually she was a delicate and innocent girl at her heart.

Manik: But what about your chacha and chachi ?

Nandini: I’ll text them and tell them that I’m with Fab 5. Simple !

Manik: You sure it’s okay ?

Nandini: of course ! Come on now show me the surprise.

Precap: Manik Nandini’s night out in college.


Friends I know it has been difficult for all of you to accept Harshad and Soha’s pair. But friends please trust me, this is not going to be harmful. It’s just a part of the story. And there’s lot more to come…I hope you can accept it soon and again start enjoying my ff…

Are you all excited for the Manan night out ? Do let me know what you feel about today’s update as well as about the upcoming one !

Thank you for your support.

Lots of love ❀️




Credit to: Medhavi

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    And….. The most is nandini’s jealousy is soooo funny….. I’m so much excited to read next ff……But….. I should need patience to pass 2nit!!!!!!!
    Hope to update on time!!!!!

    1. Thank you nandini πŸ™‚

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  6. Soo good medhu…theres saying in Telugu like whoever digs the hole to trap others they only fall into that…same happened with soha….am so happy for that as well as manans night out …..this dhruv won’t change ….pity u aliya ….I think aryaman sort out dhruvlya issues ….awaiting for next part…keep updating… Love u medhu

    1. I’m glad you liked it Priya…Thanks πŸ™‚

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  10. hi dear…..
    see i am following u here too… like a sunflower who follows every moment of d sun… i knw tht was too melodramatic….
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    1. Thank you for following me like a sunflower Janvi… πŸ™‚ I’m glad you do… thanks for leaving your feedback πŸ™‚

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