Manan ff – unconditional love – Let’s sneak out ! Episode 36

Recap: Aliya helped Dhruv calm down. Harshad convinced Soha to help him take his revenge from Manik for what had happened in their childhood. Abhimanyu explained to Mukti that it wasn’t Nandini’s fault if she rejected Dhruv.

The next morning, Manik reached college and he saw Nandini at a distance and started walking towards her to talk to her about Dhruv but his way was blocked by Soha.

Soha: Manik ! Where were you ? Me and Navya have been waiting for you in the music room for so long !

Manik: (looking in Nandini’s direction) Yeah Soha just excuse me, I’ll see you in 5 minutes okay ?

He starts moving towards Nandini again but Soha grabs his hand to stop him and makes him face her.

Soha: No Manik ! This is serious ! Musicana is like a week away and we need to practice !

Manik: (aggressively facing her) Oh really Soha ? So where did this concern vanish yesterday when me and Navya had been calling you again and again and you did not bother to pick our calls neither did you bother about the one week away musicana !

Soha: (apologetically) I’m sorry Manik. Actually there was some emergency with my family yesterday. That’s the reason I couldn’t come for practice and I was so busy I could not even answer your calls. But let’s not repeat that today. Let’s just go and practice please !

Manik takes one look at the direction in which he saw Nandini and is unable to locate her. He gives up and accompanies Soha to the music room where they start the rehearsals.

Nandini was moving towards the jam room but was afraid to face everyone. She remembered Mukti’s  bashing at her the other day and did not want to end up in the same situation once again. She had tried calling Dhruv several times the other day but he hadn’t picked up any of her calls. That was a reason she feared facing him as well. She did not even know how were Aliya and Cabir going to react to it and therefore was taking small steps slowly moving towards the jam room.

She  was being followed by Harshad who was quite confident now that he knew that Soha would take care of Manik giving him plenty of time with Nandini. He kept following her for some time after which he called out her name from behind. She did not recognise his voice and slowly turned around to face him. The sight of him made her feel irritated because she remembered his cheesy efforts from the past trying to befriend her. She turned around and started moving away when he called her name again.

Harshad: Umm Nandini wait ! Please !

Nandini: (turning to face him again) What is it ?

Harshad: Listen please can’t you give me a minute to talk to you ?

Nandini: But why ? Why do you wish to talk to me ?

Harshad: To make you believe that I might not be such a jerk as you consider me.

Nandini: And why would I bother about that ?

Harshad: You wouldn’t ! But I do. After all it’s about my impression in your mind.

Nandini: Listen I do not have any impression of you alright ?! So chill !

Harshad: Wrong ! You do have an impression of me and that too a really ugly one. Please give me one chance to prove you wrong ! Please. It really matters a lot.

Nandini: Okay fine ! Speak up !

Harshad: (with a wide smile on his face) Thanks ! So should we start afresh ? (Extending his hand for a hand shake) Hi ! I’m Harshad Saxena !

Nandini: (giving a “you’re unbelievable” look and shaking hand with him) Hi !

Harshad: Its a Pleasure to meet you. You know I really admire your musical talent and I’m a huge fan.

Nandini: (faintly smiling) Thank you !

Harshad: Listen, I’m really sorry about whatever happened in the past. I was new to the college and was just trying to make new friends. And as I said I really admire your music so just tried to befriend you. Simple ! Nothing more than that. Yeah maybe I went a bit too cheesy. I’m sorry about that. It was only to impress you.

Nandini: So I was right ! You’re a fake !

Harshad: Well I’m not ! I was just pretending. Now that I am in front of you, do you find this fake ?

Nandini thinks about it for a moment and then says with a smile, “Not really !”

Harshad: Exactly my point ! So we’re friends now ?

Nandini: (giving out a loud sigh) Yeah okay !

Harshad: So then, would you like to grab a cup of coffee ? In the canteen ?

Nandini: Umm…no…I guess I….

Harshad: C’mon please ! It’s just one coffee.

Nandini had to meet fab 5 but somehow she was also afraid. The fearless Nandini Murthy was today afraid of meeting her own friends. So, when Harshad asked her for coffee she got a reason to escape meeting them.

Nandini: Ohkay..

Aliya was getting ready for college when Dhruv called her.

Aliya: Hello !

Dhruv: Hey, I’m picking you up in like 5 minutes. Just be ready.

Aliya: Umm Dhruv, actually Aryaman is coming to pick me up.

That agitates his anger and he disconnects the call without saying anything further.

Aliya then calls Aryaman and asks him not to pick her up as Dhruv was. But then, when she tried calling Dhruv, he was so angry on hearing about Aryaman, he did not pick up any of her calls. She kept calling him again and again but he did not pick up till he reached college. While parking his car, he again got a call from Aliya and this time he picked it up and spoke angrily,

Dhruv: What is it ?

Aliya: Dhruv ! Would you pick me up ? I’ve told Aryaman not to come as you’re coming !

Dhruv: Why ? You’d be better off with that Aryaman. Why do you need me ? I’m not coming !

Aliya: But Dhruv I’ve already asked him not to come.

Dhruv: So ? Then manage yourself.

Aliya then decides to take her own car. She gets ready and heads downstairs for breakfast. After breakfast, she grabs her car keys and as she opens the main door, she finds Dhruv standing there at her doorstep.

Aliya: Dhruv ! Hi !

Dhruv: Come now ! I’m waiting in the car.

She gets excited on seeing him, throws the car keys on the couch and shuts the door immediately behind her.

Dhruv does not speak to her for a while in the car and she does not dare agitate his anger by trying to initiate a conversation. She very well knew him and she knew that he was such a sweetheart that as soon as he found out that Aryaman wasn’t coming to pick her up, however angry he might have been, he would have been concerned about her conveyance and therefore came up to pick her up.

After a while he took a right turn from a crossroad and that confused Aliya. She did not want to bother him but this time she had to speak up.

Aliya: Umm Dhruv, college is that way.

Dhruv: (angrily) I know that !

He stops the car and keeps staring at the empty road ahead and Aliya senses something bothering him. She respects his silence and waits for him to speak up.

Dhruv: I can’t face them all !

Aliya: Whom can’t you face Dhruv ?

Dhruv: The entire college. And specially Nandini.

Aliya: But Dhruv, she is your best friend and it’s our college, SPACE ! There’s nothing to be afraid of.

Dhruv: No Aliya I can’t ! At least not today ! It’s only been one day and I would be a joke for everyone to laugh around. And Nandini, I had thought we, me and her….But it all turned upside down. Now I just can’t go. Let’s sneak out today ! Just the two of us.

Aliya: Yeah Dhruv I can understand but Musicana is like a week away and we need to practice.

Dhruv: Please Aliya ! Please ! I need some time off, away from that mess I myself created yesterday !

Aliya: But Dhruv, you would have to face it some or the other day isn’t it ?

Dhruv: Yes I know that Aliya but I don’t want it to be today ! Please !

Aliya: (smiling) Okay !

Precap: Dhruv and Aliya spending time away from college and fab 5. Holi celebration.

Monday: PaNi ff. Parth and Niti back to the professionalism mode. Jungle sequence off screen story.


I hope you all enjoyed this part. Please share your views in the comments and let me know if you’re excited about the holi sequence ?

Thank you !

Lots of love ❤️




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  1. Hey harshad and soha are disgusting but yaa a story without villains is incomplete so it was nice .excited of druyala part

  2. Nice dr

  3. hi medhavi!how can harshad act to be friendly with nandini for purpose of revenge,friendship is pure emotion,how can any one use friendship to execute an evil plan,thankfully nandini is not dumb,she will get to know the evil plan of harshad behind his friendship,yeah manik is there na no need to worry about nandini,he will safe her from harshad and soha.Happy Holi To You Too Medhavi #behappy

  4. nestle joseph

    medhu di name of ur ff is manan ff unconditional love story not best friends for ever.

  5. nestle joseph

    happy hooooooollllllliiiiiiiiiiii……

    You know what in kerala no one plays holi except in few colleges so I won’t be having any holi. So, can u do me a favour ply hpli for me too.
    Coming to the update I liked it . This harshad and his devilish plans! I juzt wanna slap him.
    At the same time I’m happy for dhrulya . I think u r going to make them wander in a jungle and make them realise that they are d ones who should be together, like in ky2. It was just a guess ,if it is wrong forgive me plzz.
    BYE di

  7. Ooops! forgot to tell u something .STOP calling me Anakha because my sisters don’t call me that they call me Appusy, u can also call me that cause u r also my sweet sister. I’m telling this becuse calling me Anakha is very formal and sisters never formal.
    I just said what I felit if u r not ok with it u can continue with Anakha.

  8. Wow……. dhruv and aliya trak is soooo gud plzzzzzz make manan together i hate that harshad and soha separating them. At last the holi seq…. i am sooo much excited

  9. Yay Dhruv and alaya scne sooo happy im really exited on seeing what is going to happen between them. Ohh I hope Nandini doesnt like Harshad too much as she is going to get hurt when he does something evil. Manik and Nandini scne please other than that it was great well done

  10. First of all dii…..apne iska cover pic bhut acha edit kiya h…..really just too good…..
    Now come too update………woo too as usaul awesome tha…..specially for dhurav nd aliya…….
    but plz dii……holi celebration ko manan special episode bana doo…

  11. Happy Holi everyone… That was nice update…slowly things are turning well btwn aliya and dhruv..Happy for them..
    Thanks for update medhu..keep updating

  12. Awesome episode, very interesting twist n turns coming…enjoying a lotttttttttt. ….keep it up honeyyy. …eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh

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