Manan ff – unconditional love – introduction


Nandini: she is the coolest girl of SPACE academy with her cool and bindass attitude but with the sweetest voice in the whole college. She dresses up western style and lives the western style ! She is part of music band named fab 5 and is the lead vocalist. Her best friend is Dhruv.

Manik: he is a new entrant into SPACE.. A very silent personality, with a simple attire, a pair of jeans and tee, and nerdy spectacles to go with it. Always moving around with a file of important stuff in his hands. Moves around the college completely unnoticed ! He is the not very cool type of guy.

Dhruv: the guitarist in the band fab 5 and nandinis best friend ! Nandini might be considering it friendship but this shy guy has some feelings more than friendship for his best friend. He is shy to tell her that but somewhere believes even she feels the same as they are best friends and she is not connected to any other guy. But is he correct ?? Or does nandini have a destined connection with someone else ??

Aliya: aliya is the girl next door, every mans fantasy ! Her attire is the beautiful dresses that she wears paired up with high heels and an elegant purse to go with. She is the pianist in the band fab 5. Although the fab 5 are the best of friends but there is a hint of disappointment in it as well. Aliya is insecure and jealous of nandini and dhruv’s friendship. Why ?? Because she loves Dhruv ! She has loved him forever ! No no no it’s not love. It’s just that she feels something “nice” about him. So yeah she does not accept her feelings for him. But there’s someone who knows all about it ! Cabir !

Cabir: cabir is the fun loving guy of the band ! Also called the “joker” ! As he makes everyone laugh all the time ! He knows everyone’s deepest secrets ! Fab 5 do share everything with each other but there are secrets at times that they themselves don’t understand and therefore do not share. For example, aliyas feelings for Dhruv. She might not be accepting it but cabir knows it all ! He is committed with navya and is the drummer of band fab 5

Mukti: mukti is another funkaar in the band ! She plays the electric guitar and believes there is nothing in the world above her friendship with fab 5 ! But still she is keeping something secret from all of them. And that is abhimanyu, the love of her life ! Everyone has an impression of mukti that she is never serious for one guy and just likes to “have fun”.. She is therefore not really comfortable discussing about abhi with her friends. Also, abhis health is an issue ! If her friends knew he is suffering from the last stage of cancer, they won’t let her be with him. Even cabir does not know about this little secret ! It’s just navya, muktis soul sister who knows about it and who supports their love.

Navya: the girl from the small village but who is full of life and love for her man cabir ! She isn’t a part of fab 5 but is very close to each one of them ! Fab 5 have been together since school and navya met them in college when she came down from her hometown to become a great singer !

Abhimanyu: muktis love !! He loves her too much to let go of her even when he knows one day he will have to. Yes he is suffering from cancer the last stage ! He so wishes some miracle to happen and make him stay forever with his love !

Harshad: he is the bad guy ! He is in college only on one purpose ! Nandini ! But what does he want from her ?? What is that thing from the past that is known to harshad but not to nandini ?? What is it that brought him here ?? Why is he after her ?? Would he be able to get what he wants ?? Or would nandini escape with someone’s help ??


So friends a very different concept because fab 5 is different and everyone else is too ! But please let me know if you want me to continue this ff ?? Please give me your feedback whether you would like to read more ?? Whether you would accept manik as the soft spoken and nerdy personality and nandini with the cool personality ?! Please do give in your valuable feedback ! Only then would I continue…Thank you !

Credit to: Medhavi thakkar

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  1. Its freaking awsum!!!! U loved cs!!!!!yaar medhavi m dammmmmmm excited for it……!!!! And their personalitys are too good yaar!! Don’t change it….hope muku’s secret will be revealed……. cont soon… !!all the best!!

  2. It was too diff i just loved it plzzz continue

  3. Nce vry nce keep continuing it yaar … Must tell u ua an awesome writer …. 🙂

  4. nice intro 🙂

  5. Awesome intro. Loved all the characters and their looks/roles, plzzzz continue dear, eagerly waiting for the first episode, love you loads

    1. Thank you dear ! I was really scared whether the new look would be acceptable to all of you. But m glad you liked it. I’ve uploaded the next part it will soon be published..

  6. Loved this one too medhavi!!!!!!! I want u to continue both!!!! U r really awesomeeeee!!!!! Love ya loads!

    1. Thanks dear ! Love you too for always supporting !

  7. nice … pls continue

  8. Medhavi thakkar

    Thank you all !! I’m glad you are supporting both my works. And yes I will continue. You will soon get the next part.

  9. Awesome!!!Fantabulous!!!Amazing!!!Bravado!!!Freakin Gr8!!!!!
    Loooooooved D whooole Concept!!!
    Especially d Nerdy Manik!!!?
    N cabir n Navya being together!!!
    N Dhruv n nandini!!!!Wow!!!!
    Keep updating on this bt do not forget pani!!!!!love u babe!!!

    1. Medhavi thakkar

      Aww girl !! This is amazing ! Your comment got me a huge smile on my face. You really made my day ! This was the response I had been waiting for on this story.. So don’t worry I will keep updating both Manan and Pani and you please keep supporting just the same way ! Love you !

      1. If my support n response makes u smile..den I m honoured!!!☺☺
        As u too make me smile!!!!
        As u r amazing n so is ur work!!!!keep it gng!!!!??

  10. Really it’s quite interesting……
    Plz continue…….
    Nd once again you r amazing…..

    1. Medhavi thakkar

      Thank you ! Sure will continue !

  11. Monika malik

    This track is really very very awesome. loving ur writtings n ideas

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you dear ! I’m happy that I’m able to entertain you all.

  12. Monika malik

    Eagerly waiting for ur next updates…….

  13. Acha listen.. How do u get these fabulous ideas in ur mind?? Like how do u manage to amaze me evrytym!!??? Its freakin’ awesome!!! s*xyyy nerd!!!!!!!! I love manik’s look!!! Oh god! Im lovin it! Aww shy boy dhruv…miss him sho much! Alya! Wow great! Cabiraaa…tu toh mera fav hai!! And there’s CaVya..superb!! Muku..abhiiii.. MukBhi!!! Plz dont kill abhi.. I love them so much!! Reveal the truth wid no sorrows to fab 5 plz! Muku n navya soul sisters..aww soo cute they are!
    Harshaddd… What’s wid him?? Wanna know this mystery!! Cool gal nandu.. Hehe princess she is! Ah im more interested in this s*xy nerd!!!
    Update soon! And hav 1 question? R u on IF? Idm if its d same story bt i’ve read d same title. Hope it ain’t d same! But im toh lovin this lots!

    1. Hey dear thanks for this lovely feedback ! I love it when you pay attention to the smallest of the details. And don’t worry this one won’t be any tragedy. But yes it will definitely have many twists and turns. And sorry I didn’t get you. What is IF ?

  14. awesome…………..pls post d first epi fast.

    1. Thanks dear ! Have posted two more parts. Hope you’ve read those..

  15. Hi medhavi….I actually loved this intro ..what we needed from the original writers of kyy at least u r giving it…Thankzzzzzzz….Now continue with this and above all never make it a tragedy as that of kyy2 o.k?u will definitely have my support…the support of a damn lover of kyy season 1(but not a LOVER OF KYY 2)

    1. Hey friend even I am a lover of kyy1 so don’t you worry at all, none of the characters will leave my story ? I can make them stay ! Thanks for your support.. Thanks a ton ! ?

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