Manan ff – Unconditional love – Ice Cream Romance Episode 41


Recap: Harshad reaches Nandini’s place to execute his plan. Manik reaches up to save Nandini before he could do her any harm. He gets furious at Nandini for letting him in and they end up into a fight. Mukti concerned for Abhi and decides to talk to Manik about it.

The reason for Manik’s anger was his care and love towards Nandini. He did not wish to let her go through any pain and was therefore over protective about her. That was the only reason he had reacted that way back at her place. He was extremely mad when he reached his place as well. In order to calm himself down, he took his guitar and started jamming.

After around 2 hours of continuous jamming, he could finally come to his senses. He realized how badly had he behaved with Nandini. He was concerned about her because he was aware of Harshad and his cruel intentions but Nandini knew nothing about it. He therefore realized he could not expect her to be the same way as him. He immediately picked up his phone and called her up. It was 12.30 am but he knew she would be awake as even she would be really disturbed because of the fight. And he was correct. She was lying on her bed awake, constantly thinking about Manik’s rude side she had seen earlier that evening.

Her phone rang beside her on the bed and she knew just who might it be. She therefore, ignored the call without even checking the caller ID. He kept trying a few more times which she kept on ignoring after which he got into his car and drove off towards her place.

15 minutes later, he parked his car in front of her house and again dialed her number. She again ignored it. Next, he sent her a text which she checked instantly. It read, ” I can see you’re not asleep. So, if you could please come downstairs.”

She was lying on the bed while reading the text which made her instantly jump out of her bed and reach the window to check downstairs. To her surprise, she actually saw him standing there. That gesture instantly made her anger vanish but she did not wish to let it go so easily and therefore decided to fake the anger a bit more. She called him up,

Manik: (picking up the call at the 1st ring) I knew it ! You can’t stay mad for so long !

Nandini: You’re highly mistaken. I’ve just called to ask you to leave. I don’t want to talk to you about anything so you may please leave.

He instantly looked up to find her standing near the window of her room looking down at him. He realized she was simply playing around and was no longer mad at him. He therefore decided to play along.

Manik: Okay then if you don’t wish to talk, I’ll just leave. Bye ! Good night.

Saying that he starts getting back into his car without disconnecting the call and that makes her speak up,

Nandini: How dare you ? You had been so rude to me earlier and now you’re not even giving in your full efforts to apologize ! You’re actually leaving ?

Manik: Well I did try but since it’s your wish I should leave, I just wanted to grant your wish.

Nandini: (annoyed) You ! Just stay right there ! I’m coming.

She disconnects the call and rushes downstairs. Moving towards the main door, she slowly opens it and steps out without making much noise to not wake up Chacha and Chachi. She furiously moves towards him but simply melts on reaching there. He had 2 ice cream cones in his hands which made her heart melt immediately. Instead of shouting at him, she takes both the cones from his hands and starts eating them up. He was very well aware of her craving for ice creams since the day she had made him stop his bike in the middle of the night for having ice cream.

Manik: (controlling his smile at her innocence) Hey ! One of it was for me !

Nandini: Why ? You were so rude to me ! You can’t have any ice cream and I at least need 2 of them to forgive you.

Manik: But when did I ask for your forgiveness ?

Nandini: Oh ! So you won’t even apologize ? How dare you Manik ?

He starts laughing out loud which leaves her confused. She looks up at him innocently with the ice cream melting in her hands. He takes one look at her innocent eyes while laughing and instantly melts at that. He feels like he had been falling in love with her all over again.

Just as he kept staring into her eyes, he hypnotized her as well. She could not take her eyes off him as well. She did not realize what had been happening to her suddenly but she knew she was loving his gaze on her and at that moment just wished he would not leave his gaze from her face, ever. He moved closer without leaving eye contact, mesmerized in her innocence, and held her hands from her elbows. She still had the ice cream in her hands which was melting and flowing down all over her arms. Him coming closer or holding her hands did not distract her attention at all and she kept looking into his eyes just as he did.

He slowly lifted her arms towards his face, not leaving her gaze, and softly kissed the back of her right palm to lick away the ice cream lying on it. That gesture made her shiver but he did not let go. He kept kissing both her hands to lick away the ice cream and it kept on giving her chills throughout her body. She could no longer hold the look into his eyes and closed her eyes out of shyness. Once he was done licking the ice cream softly all over her hands, he let go of her hands making her open her eyes to find him standing at a safe distance.

She was a hard core lover of ice cream but the steamy scene had suddenly made her want to throw away the ice cream and hide her face away from him. He kept looking at her even after letting her go which started making her feel uncomfortable.

Manik: I’m sorry.

She was surprised to hear that from his mouth. She turned to look up at him in disbelief. She thought he had been apologizing because she was feeling shy but she wanted to tell him that she did not mind him being so close to her.

Manik: I’m sorry for being rude to you earlier and not for what happened right now. I’m glad this happened. Good night.

Saying that he gets into his car and drives off. She keeps staring in the direction of his car for a long time, still holding the ice creams in her hands which had now completely melted down and all she was left with was the empty waffle cones. Just as she realized the presence of the empty cones in her hands, she moved towards their backyard and dumped them into the dustbin. She then moved inside and ran upstairs into her bedroom.

As she moved into the washroom to wash her hands, her mind started reminding her of his feel on her hands. She could again relive his intensity on her hands and wondered as to why couldn’t she stop him from doing that ? Why did she not want him to stop or why did she not mind him being so close to her ? He was a really good friend to her but what was this that was suddenly happening between them ? She remembered him saying that he liked her at the holi party because of the hemp but he had never really admitted it on her face. But, it felt like it was not required since she could read it all in his eyes. “What I could see in his eyes for me, is it visible in my eyes as well, that did not stop him from doing what he did today ?” She looked into the mirror to check what her eyes and face had to say and the mirror showed her the truth. Her cheek were crimson red and eyes were a sparkling bright. She blushed and moved away at that thought.

The next morning was completely different for both Manik and Nandini. Both of them had had a sleepless night eagerly waiting for the sun to rise and to go to college. Manik had spent the whole night playing their tune on the guitar which his dad had taught both of them while they were young. He did not realize but he even made a whole song out of the tune. Nandini had kept browsing through his pictures on facebook, kind of stalking him. That also made her realize that he had some kind of a mask on his face hiding some of his real identity. Although, she knew the real Manik was no longer hidden from her but for the entire college, it was still a mask he was showing off.

Precap: Dhruv and nandini’s long pending confrontation. Manik’s surprise for Nandini.


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Credit to: Medhavi

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  1. Hey medavi…really sorry dat i cudnt comment d last couple of epis……bt it was a steamy romantic 1….lovd it

  2. nestle joseph

    awesome medhu di. pani ff kaha hai&apka exams kaisi hai?

  3. Aww the ice cream scene was so cute, I think Nandini is realising that she loves manik. I really want them to get together soon, today’s episode was really good well done.

  4. Superb medhu …so day by day manan are cming together……love u medhu…all the best

  5. Medhavi..dear u the best.. I loved the manan
    Eagerly waiting for dhruv’s confrontation..
    Stay healthy..

  6. Its just mind blowing dii……all the very best for ur exam……
    Love u….
    Miss u…..

  7. Awesome, wowwww lovely episode. ..loved the ice cream scene very much n nandini realized her feelings for MANIK too…wowwww precap is very exciting. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. . muaaaaahhhhhh

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