Manan ff – unconditional love – The hunt – episode 17


Recap: Manik and Nandini rush to the police station and Manik makes sure the culprit who hit the little kid was arrested. He gains a lot of respect in Nandini’s heart for himself.

Next day, Manik reaches college sharp at 8.00 am as instructed by Nandini the other day. Even while going home after the police station drama, she had reminded Manik 10 times about the time at which he needed to reach college the next day. She badly wanted Manik and Navya to participate in musicana for several reasons. Navya was her friend and she wished to help her, Manik had a beautiful voice she wanted the world to hear and lastly Manik had a beautiful heart which Nandini could not resist but fall for.

Manik had been waiting near the college entrance when a bike rushed in and got parked in the parking. Two people on the bike had their black helmets on. When they got down and removed their helmets, Manik was shocked to see the long hair flowing out of the helmet and extending to their waists. One of the girls who had been riding on the back turned around swinging her hair in the wind towards Manik and he was mesmerized on seeing Nandini ! She was wearing white shorts with a dark blue top and a black leather jacket on top of it. The other girl riding the bike was Mukti who was in her skinny tight black denims and a white top with a black shrug to go with it. Both of them leave their helmets on the bike and move towards Manik who had been staring with his mouth wide open.

Even as they reach him, Manik does not move and both Nandini and Mukti start laughing that suddenly distracts Manik and he comes to his senses. He feels embarrassed at having been caught by them.

Nandini: (still giggling) come lets go. Music room.

All three of them head towards the music room and wait for the others to arrive. After some time, Cabir, Navya and Dhruv arrive.

Mukti: where’s Aliya ?! Dhruv was she alright last night when you dropped her home ?

Dhruv: (hesitatingly) ye-ah !

He then starts thinking about last night when he had been driving to Aliya’s home and she was sitting beside him in a drunken state ! She had been murmuring something in that unconscious state,

Aliya: stop it now Dhruv ! Can’t you see it hurts !

Dhruv suddenly looks at Aliya who had again fainted after saying that. He is left confused as he does not understand what the matter was ? He parks the car outside Aliya’s house and takes her towards the main door in his arms. On reaching the door he makes her stand with the support of a pillar and takes the keys from her purse. He then again lifts her up in his arms and carries her to her bedroom upstairs. He carefully places her on the bed and covers her with a blanket. Just when he starts moving, Aliya grabs his hand and forcefully pulls him towards her which makes him fall on her, their lips brushing. He immediately withdrew his lips away but Aliya again pulled him closer and took his lips into a deep and passionate kiss. All the while Dhruv trying to let go of her but Aliya constantly grabbing him closer and kissing his lips hard ! After few minutes of intense lip lock Aliya lets go of him, looks at him with a smile and then falls asleep. Dhruv quickly moves out and drives home.

Back in the music room,

He again starts sweating on the thought of him kissing someone other than Nandini. He feels he had cheated on her. Cabir notices his worry, realises something hot had happened last night due to the sweat on Dhruv’s forehead and says,

Cabir: What’s the matter bro ? Where are you lost ?

Dhruv: (looking up to Cabir) Huh ? Nothing. I’m fine.

Aliya had been waiting outside the music room, hesitating to enter because of what she had done last night. She did not understand why did she behave that way. She was never ready to accept the fact that she loved Dhruv and therefore was feeling confused and embarrassed at her action from last night. She then takes a deep breath and decides to enter the music room and try and avoid eye contact with Dhruv. As soon as she enters, Mukti, Navya and Nandini rush towards her and start questioning her whether she was alright ?

Cabir: Oh girls ! Stop it ! Let her breath ! Aliya, are you alright now ?

Aliya looks up at Cabir and finds Dhruv standing beside him staring at Aliya in anger. She quickly looks away and says,

Aliya: Ye-ah ! I’m okay. So, what’s the plan ? Nandini, why did you call us all so early ?

Nandini: Okay so, here’s the thing. We have to conduct an audition.

Mukti: What audition ?

All the others look at her questioningly,

Nandini: Navya, you have so much talent hidden inside you but since you don’t have a band, you aren’t able to participate in musicana. None of us like the fact. On the other side, our new friend Manik also does not have a band and is unable to participate. Now, I thought why not team them up ?

Cabir: But Nandini they would still need atleast one more band member.

Nandini: That is an after thought. First, both of you tell me, would you mind working together ?

Both Navya and Manik look at each other and then Navya turns to look at Cabir who nods his head in agreement. Both Navya and Manik then agree to Nandini’s plan.

Nandini: Great then we need a third band member. And for that, we conduct auditions. But the auditions should be completed soon as the registrations for musicana close by 4.30 pm. So, let’s get started.

All of them head in different directions for making separate arrangements. Nandini is going towards the library when she comes across Harshad.

Harshad: Hey ! How are you ?

Nandini: (making a “not interested” face) How does it matter to you ?

Harshad: just like that. You might not be considering me your friend but I do. And friends do ask each other if they are alright.

Nandini: Oh really. But as you got it right, I don’t consider you my friend and therefore I don’t need to answer your question.

Harshad: C’mon Nandini ! What have I done that you hate me so much ? I just tried to be friends with you.

Nandini: No, you tried to bribe me to be your friend.

Harshad: (acting apologetic) Okay I agree I made a huge mistake. But was that mistake that big that you cannot forgive me at all ? Please give me one chance. I’ll prove it to you that I can be a good friend. I won’t ever disappoint you.

Nandini keeps thinking for some time and then leaves without answering. Harshad lets out a smirk after her and leaves.

1 hour later, there are numerous students flooding into the music room for auditions being conducted by Fab 5.

Precap: Auditions start and complete. Would Fab 5 succeed in looking for an efficient third band member for Manik and Navya ? If yes, who would it be ?

Tomorrow: Pani ff. Parth and Niti at Niti’s place. Interference from the others. PaNi trying to hide their friendship.


Hope you all enjoyed the part. Do leave in your feedbacks to let me know your feelings…

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Credit to: Medhavi

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  1. It’s amazing come back dii…..
    Awesome update.
    Sry for short comment dii….i m really very busy in these dayzz…..
    But still waiting for next update…..
    Love u
    Miss u..

    1. Hey kavya it’s completely alright dear…thanks for the feedback though…:)

    2. who is the third person Aryaman or Maddy?

      1. Medhavi Thakkar

        Wait and watch !;)

    NOT HARSHAD!!!!!!
    anyways back to d storyline!!!!
    Awesome as always!!!!!
    Never disappointing!!!!!!
    Always upto d mark!!!!
    N enthralling!!!!!!!
    D whole is once again let me tell u FAB yaar!!!!
    Tooo good..tooo gr8!!!
    Nandu’s chic look is soooo “BOOM”!!!!
    Manan’s Growing Friendship is ‘Oh So Sweet’….
    In all u r dng gr8 with d lead of manan!!!!!
    N now we saw dhrulya too…
    Keep up with it!!!!!!
    Sorry I couldn’t comment on Pani!!!
    As I m kinda busy with my lecs b pracs!!!
    Lets keep d mess aside…
    Sooo soooo Adorable n Cute!!!!
    Ayaz oh ayaz d cupid!!!!!
    Niti’s mixed feelings!!!!!
    Parth’s unawareness towards his feelings!!!!!!
    ITS AWESOME!!!!!!
    Wish u could see my expression..
    I bet u would have seen my eyes sparkling…even when m writing my comments to u…
    N now cmng back to d thing where d new member is concerned…plzzzz dont let it b HARSHAD!!!!
    Y not introduce a new character or an old one…but plzzz not Harshad….
    Just a smalll thought!!!
    Or u should u go with whatever u have planned n thought!!!
    After all whatever u do or write is plain AH-MAZING!!!!!!
    okay i guess its enough with my blabbering….
    Missed u all these days…when u were gone due to ur guests…hope u had fun!!
    Now that u r back…YIPEE!!!!
    okay okay..thats it I have to stop…
    Love u loads…n loads..n loads..n loads…too much to carry…right???
    Just kidding…enough…I’ll take my leave…soorry for dis huge stupid comment….love u take care…
    Keep smiling…just like u make me..n many more…
    P.S.: ..sooryyyy….
    I just wanted to ask u one tiny question….
    What is your age???
    Seems stupid enough to ask..but still…
    Just out of curiosity…
    Sorry…n thanks…
    N love u again..???

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Hey dear….your comment is in no way stupid, it in fact got me smiling ear to ear….God !!!! You are such a sweetheart !!!! How can you appreciate a new comer to this extent !!! I really don’t know if I deserve so much of attention but when I’m getting it, it feels great !!! I feel like I’m on cloud nine !! Yes you are so right !! I so wish I could see your expressions…I wish I could meet you in person. I would have given you a looooonnngggg tight hug !! I just don’t know what else to say ?! Thank you so so so so much…..and yes your love isn’t something I can’t handle because it is so precious I will always handle with extra care !! <3 <3
      Now, coming to the storyline, I obviously can't reveal the suspense as of now but all I can say is I will definitely try and keep you all on your toes with this story…Just wait and watch what happens next….You won't have to wait long for this one, It will be revealed in the next part itself….
      Love you loads dear !!!! Thanks for making my day with this wonderfully large comment !!!! Take care….

  3. Hi medhavi! I wish nandini ki bike riding kyy main hoti but its not possible.. anyways medhavi you explained nandini bike ride very beautifully…manik in shocking stage ? …again harshad trying to be friend with nandini oh god he will never change …medhavi thanks for beautiful update…keep spreading happiness…god bless you

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you so much for those kind words….I’m glad I could explain things properly and the way I imagined them to be….:)

  4. I feel like you updated this one after ages!!! Damn!! I missed this soooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!! Its been 1 week since you updated the previous one!!! Omg!! I missed it soo much and i missed you too!! Sorry medhu couldn’t reply to your reply on pani ff 🙁
    loved this one!!! Though it was small but i toh like always enjoyed it lots!! MukNi on bikes and manik checking them out openly!! To be precise; checking out nandu!! Gosh!! That was freakin’ awesome!!!
    What the f**k??!!! Dhrulya kissed!!! Actually they smooched!!! Like seriously!! Dhruv did not respond to it.. Shit man! He should’ve responded 😉 Is he dumb that he still didn’t get alya loves him??!!!
    Cabira is their cupid!! Woah nice! Its gonna be supah fun!!! Yayyy!!! Loved it medhu!!!
    So now my intuition has grew stronger!! I so hope harshad isn’t the 3rd band member!! Jerk he is!! So.. If he unfortunately is the 3rd member of the band there’ll surely be ManShad fights and manik’s wrath and monster manik would be on 24*7!!! Oh god its gonna be one hell of an interesting track!!!
    Loved you medhu.. Keep up the incredible piece of yours 🙂

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Hey Plaumpyyy yes you are right it’s been 1 week since I uploaded the last episode…I hope the wait was worth it…;) Majnu Manik checking out his nandu….:P Dhrulya kissed yes !!!! Dhruv has to realise something atleast now !! Let’s see what happens….also about the 3rd band member, I can’t say anything. You will have to wait for that…But the wait isn’t too much now….Till then, take care…buh-bye !!!<3

      1. Yepp!! Your hope has won medhu! The epi’s worth our wait undoubtedly!!
        Okaay.. Lets be patient. After all sabr ka phal meetha hota hai 😉

  5. Ohhh nandhini was so cute

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Yup !:)

  6. medhavi if you don’t mind i want ask you something do you have instagram account if yes please tell me user name i want to follow you…thankkkkkkkkkkkkk you so much for both ffs…again i have a feeling if you didn’t write these ffs then what is my condition now….your deserve the whole universe happiness because you spreading happiness…and making so much kyy fans happy…god bless you…before this i am kyy fan but now i am your big fan….i think i am lucky because you call me your friend…yes your bestest friend of me..who fullfills my impossible wish with both ffs specially pani ff…honestly i glad because i have a friend who has a beautiful heart to fullfill the wishes of their friends….have nice day..always be like this

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Hey tasmeena, I’m not really active on instagram so it would be of no use following me out there…sorry to disappoint you…and please please don’t thank me for writing these ffs cuz the reason I’m able to write so much is all of your support and motivation through such kind words….I know I’ve said all of this before but even if I say it another thousand times, it’s not really enough…:) 🙂

  7. Beautiful episode..both PANI and MANAN FF..:) loved them!!

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you so much…..:) 🙂

  8. May be aryaman or soha…. but i think its not harshad…. medhavi amazing update yar… the thought of nandini wearing shorts and riding a bike….is awesome….keep updating….. lots of love to u medhavi…..

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you so much Priya….:) 🙂

  9. Is it Maddy or arya??? Awsum Pepsi loved it

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Wait and watch….:P

  10. Tumhe dekha
    To laga jaise din thum gaya
    Par jab hakikat mein aye
    To dekha din gaya, tum gayi
    Aur laga jaise jindagi thum gayi
    Khade the tere dar pe
    Aakho mein intajar liye
    Teri ek jhalak dikhatehi
    Jindagi phir she shuru ho gai

    To be continued……..

    It is in Hindi hope u understood
    These lines indicate how much I waited for ur updates and u
    But after reading updates
    Jindagi phir she shuru ho gayi
    Today’s updates wr awesome as always

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      OMG ! OMG ! OMG ! Palak that is soooooo sweet of you !!!!! I’m blushing, blushing and blushing like stupid !!!! You write so good …..Even I write such short poems and stuff but can never match up to this….thank you thank you thank you sooooo much for this one….I really can’t express my happiness with this reply….*tight hug* <3 Love you loads !!!
      Thank you once again !!!<3

  11. wow nice update di…

    hey guys is anybody connected with parth’s real fb account? wts the name of it? 🙂

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you !:)

  12. Hey medhuu pehle to sorry cuz my not having that much tym to comment on both of your fc s my exams are going on ? so m commenting here for ur both ff……
    Last update of pani was superb…
    N Manana epi was also marvellous..
    ?? u r seriously rocking it dear….
    N day by day ur both ff’s or becoming too interesting ?…..
    Gbu ….
    Lots of love❤

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Hey Alifya, please don’t be sorry dear….hope your exams are going great !!! And thank you for taking out time out of your busy schedule to read my work and also comment on it….it means a great deal !! Thank you !!:) 🙂 And all the very best for your exams !!

  13. Yaar medavi
    Ur just awesome u made my day. Seeing the love for each other uffffff I cant stop reading it again and again thank you very much for not letting down manan even after it has gone off air
    I was to be a silent reader but frm now on I ll be the person who comments daily love u lots yarr?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Aww Ash thank you so much for the love dear !!!!! I’m truly blessed to have gained friends like you…..thanks a ton !!!! And it makes me feel more happy that you being a silent reader have changed into one commenting daily….that might be the power of my destiny to let me have more and more friends…..thank you so very much !!!!!<3

  14. bring 3rd member as ARYAMAN Plz……..

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Wait and watch !!;)

  15. Medhu.. Ok. Im so full of questions these days.. Sorry for that. Yeh madhyam singhania aka maddy naam ka character hoga kya 3rd member?? Yeah i know it’ll be revealed in next epi par yeh dil hai ki bilkul sunta nahi 😉 shit. Damn cheesy line!! I bet u i’ll be the happiest if its maddy!! Happier than you too! But if its any1 else toh bhi im supah happy but jerkshad hai toh i’ll gift him my box of gaalis lol.
    PaNi today!! Hurrah!!

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Hahaha !! Just wait and watch dear !!!;) 😉

      1. Ohkaye! At present, im waiting for something without which no one can live, PaNi!!!!!! 😉 🙂

  16. wow..superb epi……love u medu…….u r rocking…just bcz of u i m able to keep manan and kyy alive….love u lots…….continue ur gr8 work…

    1. Aww thank you !!:)

  17. Wow manan rocks … Nandhu doing so much for manik wow

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Yup !:)

  18. Superb episode
    But I think it gonna be harshad..
    If its an entry f new member… There may be possibility f aryaman

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Can’t say ! go ahead and find out in the next part…;)

  19. Awesome, marvellous episode . Dearrrr medhavi…..the bike scene, manik mesmerized to see nandini…n nandu caught him n laugh at him making him embarrassed.….then dhrulya romantic flashback…dhruv shocked on alya’s action thinking as if he is cheating nandini…uffff..alya not able hide her feelings for dhruv n stealing eye contact…poor alya…cabir never leave the chance to tease anybody…lol….now nandini is on mission for third person for manik n navya band…I think it might be aryaman….

    Loved it sooooo muchhhh dearrr, it’s amazing…the story is getting more and more interesting with each update. …I’m a huge fan of youuuuu and your both stories, pani n manan rock stars forever… you’re giving the new heights to these stories n your imagination is completing these characters with equal importance n dialogues…
    Keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      I don’t know what to say Roma ?! I’m speechless on you giving so much appreciation to this piece of work….you know somtimes after reading your replies i really need to read my part again to check whether it actually deserves the appreciation it is getting….all I can say is thank you ROma….short reply for the time being as I need to go study….thank you once again…

  20. Still in your waiting list 😛 Have you submitted today’s epi medhu?
    I just cant wait more today as i gotta complete my damn shitty assignment and notes which unfortunately has to be submitted tomorrow! 🙁 im checking every now and then for the epiii… This 3rd member has got me crazy!!

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Hahaha….hope you are satisfied now…was really busy in office today therefore submitted it late….

  21. Di…waiting for today s episode…Im having a test tmrw but can’t wait…… opening now nd then to check whether u updated it or not…….

    1. Hey! Same going on with me! This calls for a hi5! Lol.
      Assignment + test + unconditional love = eagerness and trouble! Eagerness for the epi and trouble baki do ke liye 😛

    2. Medhavi Thakkar

      Sorry dear…was busy in office today…uploaded now…hope you like it…:) and all the best for your test !

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