Manan ff – unconditional love – Holi invitation from the Malhotra’s Episode 37


Recap: Harshad convinces Nandini of his innocence and succeeds in making friends with her. Dhruv asks Aliya to sneak out with him for the entire day as he wasn’t ready to face college and Nandini.

Aliya: (looking into her phone) Umm Dhruv, here it is. There’s a show in like 20 minutes of “Sanam Re”.

Dhruv: No Aliya I’m not watching that film ! The reviews say it’s pathetic ! And you’re so hopeless romantic that you still wanna watch that film ?!

Aliya: Oh hello ! I’m not the only one ! I know even you enjoy such romantic movies. Okay fine if you don’t wanna see that one, we can pick some other.

Both of them spent the entire day roaming around the city, went for a movie, lunch, gaming, shopping etc.

Dhruv had asked her not to inform anyone about their sneak out but Aliya knew her friends must be concerned and therefore she had informed Cabir about it. Cabir had in turn informed the others.

Manik had been quite successful in hiding his identity from the entire college till now but with Nyonika around, it now seemed quite difficult than ever. He suddenly started getting calls from random people from his college talking about some holi party at his farmhouse about which he himself had no clue. Till now since he had not revealed his identity to anyone, nobody had been paying attention to him and now suddenly as his identity had been revealed people had started giving him more respect than ever. He was so confused and frustrated of all the calls, he went straight up to Nyonika as he was aware it would have been her behind all of it.

Manik: Nyonika ! What is all this ? What games have you been playing now ?

Nyonika: Calm down Manik ! What happened ?

Manik: What’s up with the holi party ?

Nyonika: Oh yes ! This year the Holi party is at the Malhotra’s farmhouse and since we are the trustees at SPACE, the whole college is invited as well. You should be happy, all your friends have been invited and you would get to spend time with them. Most of all, you would be the host to all your friends.

Manik: (annoyed) Who asked you to care so much about me and my friends ? And did you talk to dad about this ?

Nyonika: I’m your mother Manik ! And also a 49% shareholder in the Malhotra industries. I can at least take such a small decision as throwing a party !

Manik: (screaming angrily) Oh just shut up !

He leaves without continuing the conversation further. Nyonika gives an evil smile and thinks to herself, “Your dad won’t tell me why have you shifted to India and I know there’s something fishy. I need to find out. And this holi party would hopefully help me with that.”

Manik had been so annoyed of Nyonika’s stupid plan of throwing the holi party and also of those several random calls from strangers trying to be friends, he had decided to skip the party. He set aside his phone and started playing some music, with a firm decision in his mind of skipping the party the next day. He knew Nyonika could do whatever she wanted except forcing him to go for the party and therefore he was too firm on it.

After almost 2 hours of playing some music that helped him calm down and relax, like always, he checked his phone to see 4 missed calls from Nandini and a message saying,

“Tried calling you but seems like you’re busy. It’s okay. Nothing urgent. Just wanted to tell you that I’m looking forward to meeting you at the holi party tomorrow. So, see you tomorrow.”

It brought a wide bright smile on his face and he immediately called her back. But then suddenly realised he didn’t know what to say to her and therefore disconnected the call nervously. Both of them had been coming closer but Manik was still nervous at times when it came to Nandini. After disconnecting the call, he was himself confused as to what was the reason he disconnected ?! “Stupid me !” He thought to himself and started dialling her number again and before it could again get connected, she herself called back.

Manik: Hello !

Nandini: Hey ! What happened ? You didn’t even wait for 2 rings for me to pick up !

Manik: (nervously) No it’s not like that. It was actually…network problem.

Nandini: Oh okay ! Well then see you tomorrow !

Manik: Umm…yeah yeah of course !

There was a pause where both of them wanted to continue to talk further but did not know what to say ! Manik had an offer for her but was confused whether it would be appropriate to say it ! After a lot of thought process he finally concluded on saying it out ! “Just say it Manik Malhotra ! You need to do this !”

Manik: Umm…so, since the party is in the outskirts, would you like me to drive you there ? I mean I would be going as well and you too so maybe we could just…you know…I mean I know you…you can drive…you have your own car as well but maybe we could just …you know go together…not that you can’t drive yourself…not saying that…but maybe…if you don’t mind…

Nandini: (started laughing) Oh my god look at you ! It’s like you’re asking out a girl for a date for the first time ! Don’t worry, I won’t think that you’re doubting my driving skills. I’ll go with you.

Manik: (nervously) Date ?

Nandini: Yes ! It would be kind of a date right ? Must be a drive of about an hour and a half ! And such a long time together alone, has to be a date ain’t it ?

Manik: (happy and excited) Yes of course ! (Suddenly confident) See you tomorrow then, Miss Murthy ! Will pick you up at 8 !

Nandini: I’d be waiting Mr. Malhotra !

She had issues with her friends but with Manik, she felt like she lead a completely different life. She could be natural, normal and stress free. She would forget all her problems when with him. And Manik, even though he had lost his friend/first love in the childhood, he never really let her go, not from his heart at least ! She was always there with him. In his sad moments and happy, she was always there. He never really lost her. Feeling her around him, reminiscing her in all his moments made his joys double and sorrows minimise, because she was always there to share them with him. And now, something that he had never imagined was going to happen. He was here with some other motive, and had never even dreamt of being so close to her ever again in his life, but seemed like life had different plans for him. So far, things were better than he had planned for, and he hoped it would remain so further.

Cabir sent a message to the group Fab 5, “Holi party tomorrow. The venue is quite far away so let’s go together. I’ll be taking my jeep and we’ll leave around 9. And I want everyone coming !”

Everyone except Dhruv and Nandini had replied with an agreement to cabir’s plan. Nandini replied with a lie since she had to go with Manik, “Guys I would have to go by myself as Chacha has got some work near that place and so he’ll be dropping me. Probably a bit early as I need to go according to his time and he needs company. So I’ll see you all there.”

Dhruv still didn’t reply and that really tensed Nandini. She called up Aliya to ask her about him since she had spent the entire day with him.

Aliya: Hey Nandini ! How are you ?

Nandini: I’m fine Aliya. But how’s Dhruv ?

Aliya: He’s much better now. Don’t worry.

Nandini: Still mad at me ?

Aliya: He was never mad at you Nandini, he can never be ! You’re his best friend even before all of us ! He’s just upset and disheartened for what happened, especially because it happened in front of the entire college.

Nandini: I know it was bad, really bad ! But I didn’t understand what else could I have done ?! I could just not fake it !

Aliya: Its okay. It’s not your fault. It’s just the circumstances. Don’t worry he’ll come around soon.

Nandini: Is he coming for the holi party tomorrow ?

Aliya: I don’t know. I got the invitation right now when I reached home. He hasn’t replied and I haven’t had a talk with him.

Nandini: Aliya please get him there tomorrow. I need to talk to him. Please !

Aliya: Okay ! I think I’ll have to do that ! For you, for him and for Fab 5 !

Precap: Manik and Nandini’s date as Nandini says. Manik drunk at the party. What would he burp out in front of Nandini in that state ? Would Dhruv get along with Nandini and the Fab 5 ? What is Abhimanyu’s secret connected to his parents ?


Sorry for the delay friends ! I wasn’t getting good ideas ! Tried writing several times but it just won’t come out well ! And seeing the response since the last few parts in both the ffs I know most of you aren’t happy with the tracks and aren’t really able to give good feedbacks or maybe aren’t able to give any feedbacks at all ! So I really wanted your support and love back ! And therefore had to work harder.

I know many of you are upset about Manik’s character in this story but friends that’s how it is. I have mentioned it very well in the beginning of the story that Manik in this story is very different than his character in the show, same as Nandini is different. I’m sorry if you all don’t like it but I just can’t change it suddenly. It won’t go with the flow and also with the story I have planned for future. All I would say is please stick to the story and trust me there are secrets to be revealed you would not believe. Also since I am trying to focus on all the characters and since most of them have a back story apart from the current track, therefore it sometimes happens that there is less focus on Manan ! So I need all of you to vote on whether you want majorly manan or are you actually enjoying the other tracks as well ?! I would not want to upset you all but it’s just that the story is about love definitely but along with it, it’s about friends, life, and family !

And one last thing ! Sorry have been blabbering too much ! The name says “Unconditional Love” which means there’s love, pure love against all odds ! Even though they can’t be together, even though Manik does not hope to have Nandini by his side always, he still loves her ! That is the true meaning ! It’s a different concept than the kyy we have all seen. It is possible that they might not be together but there’s love and you can sense it ! Hope you can !

Sorry for talking too much ! And sorry if I hurt any of you by this information. I just felt the need to explain in short what the story is actually about so that I do not give you all too many high hopes ! I’m not saying it’s a sad story or anything or you won’t have any manan moments, it’s just that the way the characters are, it would be practical for them to be the way they are ! Hope that made sense !

Thank you for sparing your time for my stupid blabbering. And please do share your views on what would you majorly like to see, “Majorly Manan” or the other tracks as well ?

Lots of love ❤️




Credit to: Medhavi

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  1. no medhvi.. its not at all boring….a magical update. each and every update…. i reallly loved it.. i m not commenting regularly.. bcz f my daily life… but trust me… reading ur ff .. is giving a major relief to me… i hate reading yaar… but its ur ff… which changed my hobby…. and lastly… i would tell that dont focus only on manan… for me each and everyone in fab5 is much more imp…. pls continue same like this.. u r giving perfect space for all …. thats what needed for a perfect story…

    also manic being a calm person and nandhini being a gang leader .. is the main positive point for your ff…. i really loved that change of characters… and i m sure.. many of us are reading this ff bcz f this… i really like nandhini as a cool girl.. and manic as a calm….

    1. Thanks dear…it’s just that I was getting worried because of the low response but I’m glad you’re liking it…I’m glad I could make you like reading…thanks a lot…and yes I will focus on other characters as well as manan…

  2. Other tracks as well. Too much of manan scenes will make it boring. The episode is nice.. 🙂

    1. Sure dear….thanks !

  3. Hey plzzz dont change ur writing as i said in ur other ff.. this is goin great.. wot is the difference if all ffs hav same manan track…its not that v dont want manan track..but all other people r also importnt n want to knw teir secrets…
    So u.plz continue wit ur current track as there r few people njoyin this n eagerly waitin fr it..

    1. Thanks a lot dear for your support and yes I will focus on manan as well as other tracks…

  4. I only want too say dii….i trust u…..nd I m always with u…
    I love ur both ff…..
    Soo plz keep going……
    Waiting for next part dii….

    1. Thank you so much kavya !! 🙂

  5. I am sooooooo much excited than manik(who is going fr date)…….i was just smiling when manik ask fr a ride…….it is right that all should give importance……but i like to prefer more manan scenes like one scene fr one ff and twice a week full ff with manan scene ……..since i have been sooooooooo much attached to manan i don’t have any option….So,don’t mistake me. And i was eager for drunken sceen of manik….arey great idea yar

    1. Thanks dear…don’t worry I’ll be focussing on manan as well as other characters…


    Medhu di sorry for last comment. and eagerly waiting for next update. I LOVE U

    1. What are you sorry for dear ?

  7. sujatha muthukannu

    Whatever the track, am enjoying myself by reading update..plz keep writing. Both ur ff. Take care dear.

    1. Thank you so much…

  8. Medhu…u don’t know how desperately I wait for ur update….it’s not boring…sometimes sad part will be there….I completely understand ur point of view….don’t worry…. Am with u and njoy reading whatever u update….pls continue with ur storyline….love u…

    1. Aww thank you so much dear…

  9. Don’t be sorry di. Why so much of apologies , sorry this , sorry that, u didn’y do anything wrong, so just relax. Ur doing a fab job and we all love u a loooot for that. All are simply sharing their views not that ur ff is boring, so just chill. coming to d update it was very good and I loooved it. I’m excitedddd for d holi party so update sooon.
    Di, my classes for 12th will start from 1st of april. Till 8th Ihave class, from 9th april to 29th may it’s holiday. I’m really in a nervous state now because my family has already started talking about getting 100 in all sub actually I HATE such talks evev if I know that they don’t want me to lose.I know now u will be thinking why am I telling such things to u ,it’s just that I felt like sharing to u it makes me feel good. OKAY end of blabbering.

    1. Thanks Appusy for your support dear …and it’s completely alright that you shared your feelings with me…it’s okay dear parents will talk to you about all of it because they are concerned about your career…but you should just focus on your studies for your own satisfaction…just give your 100% and don’t bother about the results or else it will get over your head and keep you tensed all the time…study without tension…I know many people say all these things and it’s quite common but I just said it because you shared your thoughts with me…btw have you taken science or commerce. ? All the best for your studies !!

  10. I forget tell u why my sisters call me apu**y that;s because my brother’s pet name is appus,so being his younger my sisters call me apu**y. Uknow in malayalam we have infinite number of pet names.Ithink now u got it. I’M SOOO HAPPPY that u called me by my pet name as my sister. THANK YOU

    1. Okay ! Cool pet name.

  11. Well that was a good update… Though the story is going bit slow v r lvng reading ur ff..but pls Dr please try to update as u said alternate days ull update both the ffs soo..and waiting for the next parts medhu…keep updating..

  12. It was really gud. Sorry due to my semester final i couldnt read it n i m reading now. I love manan in every form but plz try to give a happy ending ay the end. In kky, i didnt understand,was ot a jappy ending or sad? Bcoz they didnt clarify anything.. Did u or anyone else understood the manik s denmark treatment process? If yes plz let me know

  13. Awesome episode, love it soooooooo muchhhhhh. …dhrulya sneak out was amazing. …n manan upcoming date so lovelyyyyyy n exciting. ..I like all other scenes as well. …it’s really superbbbb story n I love this story very very muchhhhhh. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads ….

  14. I have started reading your posts a few days ago only and I liked it so much that I completed reading both pani and unconditional love ❤ from the beginning within 3 days only….hope you post the nxt updates very soon…waiting is tooooo difficult

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