Manan ff – unconditional love – Harshad’s plan is on Episode 45

Recap: Manik surprised Nandini by getting her Amms and Rishab to Mumbai for Musicana. Both of them went on a long drive when Manik revealed Harshad’s secret.

Nandini woke up at 4 am as instructed by Amms even though she had gone to sleep at 1 am after coming back from the long drive with Manik. Amms had asked her to wake up early so that she could help her with the last minute preparations for Musicana. She got dressed and met her Amms in the hall downstairs.

Amms: Nandu why do you seem so tired. I told you to go to sleep early didn’t I?

Nandini: Yes Amms I did go to sleep but could not fall asleep till late.

Amms: Oh why dear? is everything alright?

Nandini: Yes Amms everything is alright. Was just really excited for today. Come let’s start with the rehearsals.

Amms: No dear I think you should go back to sleep. More than anything else you need proper rest to be fresh during the performance. Go back to sleep.

Abiding by her Amms’ instructions she went back to sleep and dozed off immediately as she was actually very tired. She woke up 3 hours later and after getting ready, was looking for Rishab in the whole house but couldn’t find him anywhere. She asked Chacha, Chachi and Amms about him but they had no clue about him either.

Nandini: Amms why don’t you get him a phone so that we can reach him whenever he’s out.

Amms: He’s too young Nandu. I’ll get him one when he is in college just like you.

Nandini: So that’s just 1 year from now right? What difference would it make if you get him one right now?

Amms: (giving out a sigh) Okay listen don’t panic so much. We know where he is.

Nandini: Where?

Amms: He…He wanted to get you some gift for your big day so he’s gone to buy something. This was supposed to be a surprise and therefore we had to pretend as if we have no clue about him. But in fact he has taken our permission before going.

Nandini: But it’s 8.30 in the morning. What would he find at this hour?

Chachi: Actually Nandu he wanted to give it to you before you leave for college because then he would meet you only in the evening when we come to SPACE for the Musicana.

Nandini: Oh God! Why did you all let him go alone?

Chacha: Relax Nandu he’ll be back soon. And besides, he’s not a small baby anymore.

Nandini: Yeah but for me he’ll always be my little brother. And, I don’t need any other gift. He’s here, Amms is here for my big day, that’s all I need.

Chachi: Well now that he has gone for your gift, please just wait till he comes back. He wants you to have it before you go to college.

So Nandini waits for her little brother to arrive with his gift but he doesn’t. They wait for another 2 hours after which things start getting tense. It had been such a long time and Rishab wasn’t back home yet neither did they know where to look for him in the whole city. Nevertheless, Chacha and Nandu started searching for him around their neighborhood.

Nandini started getting calls from the Fab 5 as she needed to be in college for their last minute preparations but she could not go until she would find Rishab, neither could she bother any of them with the news of him being missing. She did not want the others to stress before the performance and so she kept making excuses for being late.

She then got a call from Manik and she knew he was the one she could share her problem with. But then since even he had a performance in Musicana, she did not wish to bother him as well. So she decided to hide it from him as well. She picked up the call and tried to be calm and composed.

Nandini: Hello.

Manik: (stressed) Nandini, is everything alright? I mean are you alright? Or is there some other problem?

Nandini: (nervous) Why?

Manik: I just met Harshad in college right now and he had this naughty smirk on his face indicating that he is succeeding in his plans. I thought maybe you are in some danger because of him or…Are you alright?

Nandini: Umm Manik…I’m alright but….but…Rishab…

Manik: What’s wrong with Rishab?

Nandini: He’s been missing since morning. Me and Chacha, we’re looking for him in the neighborhood but are unable to locate him.

Manik: Oh my god! Nandini do one thing, just come to the college ASAP and till then I’ll try and figure out something.

Nandini rushed to college immediately and went up to the cafeteria where Manik had been waiting for her.

Manik: He’s going to blackmail you to give him those documents against Rishab.

Nandini: (scared) What? So then let’s just give them to him. I want my brother back anyhow!

Manik: Are you mad Nandini? You want to give away your dad’s dream project to the ones who actually killed your parents?

Nandini: So then what are we gonna do? I can’t let Rishab be into some danger because of me.

Manik: Listen, you have to be strong. I have a plan but for that you need to be really stubborn and not agree to him to give away those documents.

Just when they had been discussing the plan, the Fab 5 and Navya spotted the two of them together and rushed towards them angrily. They had been looking for the both of them since morning and none of them where to be seen in the entire college. They had tried calling them but the calls were left unanswered as well. None of them were aware of the situation and therefore considered Musicana and their performances as the most important thing.

Mukti: There you are! What’s wrong with both of you? We have our performance tonight and the two of you are sitting here and chatting instead of rehearsing.

Navya: Yes Manik! I tried calling you so many times but you never answered any of my calls.

Cabir: And neither did Nandini answer our calls.

Nandini: Guys relax! We aren’t simply sitting here for fun. There’s a problem. Rishab is missing!

Aliya: What? How come?

Manik: We are 99% sure it’s Harshad behind it.

Dhruv: Harshad?! What has he got to do with all of this?

Manik: Look we don’t have time to explain the whole story but to brief you all about it, Harshad had flown down from New York to Mumbai after Nandini. He has been after her for some documents he believes are with her but actually they are with me. I have been keeping them safe as well as Nandini. And now we believe he has kidnapped Rishab so that he can blackmail Nandini to get those documents from her.

Cabir: What is all this? And how come we haven’t had any clue about all of this?

Nandini: Even I came to know just last night. And I didn’t tell you all about Rishab at first because I didn’t want to stress you out.

Mukti: Come on Nandini we are your friends. You can obviously share it with us.

Manik: Yes and now we need all of your help to find Harshad. I feel like he must have hidden Rishab here in the college itself because I saw him here while Nandini had been looking for Rishab in her neighborhood. But let’s not keep any spots untouched. Let’s split and look for Rishab. Till then, I’ll get the police.

All of them split and start searching for Harshad and Rishab. Cabir and Dhruv go outside the college to search other possible places and the others search the college.

Aliya had been running from one corridor to the other when she spotted Aryaman. She briefed him about the situation and he volunteered to help. He too started looking for Harshad in the college but instead of Harshad, he found Soha. He instantly got mesmerized on seeing her and gathered the courage to go up to her and talk.

Aryaman: Hey!

Soha: (confused) Hi..

Aryaman: Look, I know we don’t know each other well but I’m a friend of your band members’ friends. I mean I am a friend of the Fab 5 who are friends with your band members Manik and Navya. I just saw you here and thought of wishing you good luck for today’s performance.

Soha: (not really paying attention to him and trying to escape) Oh yeah well thanks. Actually I’m in a rush so I’ll see you later.

Aryaman: Sure!

Just as she turns and leaves, her cell phone drops from her back pocket of the denims and Aryaman picks it up. But, before he could give it back to her, she had vanished. He had been standing there in the middle of the corridor with her phone in his hand when it rang and he checked the caller ID to be “Baby”. He was heartbroken as he very well understood the “Baby” would have been her boyfriend. He did not pick up the call and started looking for her to give it back when it again rang with the same caller ID. This time he picked it up but before he could say anything, he heard Harshad’s voice.

Harshad: Where are you? I’ve been waiting for you in this store room for so long! I hope you’re not going towards the store room in the first building. I am in the basement store room of the third building. Come fast! I’m waiting.

Saying that he disconnected the call and Aryaman started walking towards the third building. He reached the store room and peeped inside to find Soha throw her arms around Harshad to take him into a hug. The door was slightly open and he could therefore hear their conversation faintly.

Soha: (while hugging Harshad) baby!!! I am so excited! Today is my performance and I hope it all goes well. Please wish me luck!

Harshad: (breaking the hug and giving a smirk) Good luck my dear! And you’ll actually need it because you won’t be able to perform today.

Saying that he covered her mouth with a tape and started tying her hands behind. He made her sit on a chair and tied her tight to it. She was shocked to see that side of Harshad but before she could react on any of it, he was gone. He opened the door, waited there and spoke up before finally leaving,

Harshad: My plan would be completed today. I don’t need you anymore because that Manik won’t be able to do any harm to me now.

Aryaman witnessed all of it and just as Harshad was about to walk out of the room, he hid himself behind a pillar. When he was convinced that Harshad was gone, he went up to the door, broke open the lock and entered. Soha was confused to see him there but was also relieved to know that someone was there to rescue her. He quickly opened her tape and rope to free her.

Soha: Thank you. But how did you turn up here?

Aryaman: You dropped your phone back there and then Harshad called to inform you to meet him here and therefore I came up to return your phone but what was all of this?

Soha explained Harshad’s plan to him and gave him all the details she had. Harshad was too smart and had not even informed Soha about the location where he was going to keep Rishab but he sure had told her that he was to keep him in the college itself. Both of them called the Fab 5 and Navya to the jam room to inform all of them about Harshad’s plan.

15 minutes later everyone had gathered in the jam room and later Aryaman entered with Soha. All of them were shocked to see Soha with him in that discussion and Aryaman soon cleared all their doubts. He also told them whatever Soha had told him and what he saw back in the store room.

Manik: Soha, he had been cheating on you all this while. Harshad can never love someone. He would use people for his goals and then leave them disheartened. I wish I had known about your involvement with him before, then I would have definitely helped you out.

Soha started crying at Manik’s statement realising how big a fool had she been proved by Harshad. Aryaman gave her support by placing his hand around her shoulder and she leaned into his chest crying.

Manik: Okay now that it’s confirmed that Rishab is in the college itself, let us all start looking for him.

Just when everyone was about to leave, Nandini’s phone rang and it was Harshad. All of them stopped and Nandini put the phone on speaker mode.

Harshad: Hello my dear friend. How are you?

Nandini: (angrily) What do you want Harshad?

Harshad: Well now I can ask for exactly what I want. And that is the documents your dad had prepared for his dream project which sadly he could not complete in his lifetime. But don’t worry my dad would complete it for him. But for that you need to hand me those documents, complete in all respects. And I assume you’ve lost your brother since morning. Look the Musicana is about to start in 1 hour so I have this really quick deal for you. Go get those documents ready for me and then call me so that I can make the deal against your brother. Come on quick!

Nandini looked up at Manik and he gestured her in a “No” with his head.

Nandini: (on the phone) NO! I won’t give you those documents.

Harshad: What? Seems like you don’t love your brother enough? Just do as I say. Get the documents and then call me or else I will call you in 45 minutes to inform you of your brother’s death.

Precap: Would Manik be able to help Nandini in saving her father’s documents as well as her brother? Would the Fab 5 and the Thunder 3 be able to perform?


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