Manan ff – unconditional love – Half truth, Half lie ! Episode 28

Recap: CaVya fight due to the fact that Navya did not reveal to Cabir about Abhi and Mukti. Nandini reached Manik’s place hideously and found her childhood pictures in his room. She realized there was definitely some connection she shared with him from her childhood in New York.

She turned around to find the same file Manik always used to carry everywhere, lying on the table. She remembered he had been hiding something about that as well and had not disclosed it to her when asked. She started moving towards the table and was about to pick up the file when she heard the door open behind her and therefore turned around. She started sweating on being caught by Manik as if she was a thief who was about to steal something precious.

Manik: (surprised as well as shocked) Nandini ?! What are you doing here ?

Nandini: (scared, stammering) Wh-at are y-ou doi-ng here ?

Manik: (confused) This is my house, my room.

Nandini: (looked around) Oh ! Yeah so what ? Can’t I come to your room ?

Manik: You can but…(suddenly nervous on realizing she might have noticed the pictures on the wall) How long have you been here ?

Nandini: A while..

Manik: How long ? And why ?

Nandini: Hello ! Stop interrogating me as if I’m a thief. I’m here to question you and it’s not the other way round so please !

Manik: What questions ?

Nandini: Manik, I want you to tell me the truth. Who are you ? What relation do we share ? What are these pictures doing in your room ? (pointing towards the wall full of pictures) What are you hiding and why ?

Manik does not respond for sometime. He comes further inside the room, takes one look at the wall having Nandini’s pictures and then unable to look at her, bends his head low and stands there in front of her, nervous.

Nandini: Do we know each other before meeting in SPACE ? From New York ?

Manik: (with his head still bent low) Yes.

And there was an infinite silence in the room. None of them moved or talked. Nandini kept staring at him and then at the pictures, Manik still had his head bent low.

In the hospital, Mukti and Abhi were having their cute cuddle conversation after what seemed like ages !

Abhi: okay now I feel like when I was lying unconscious over there, I heard something. And surprisingly I thought it was you ! What were you saying back then ?

Mukti: (blushing) Abhi, you might be dreaming. I wasn’t there ! The doctor wasn’t allowing anyone to be with you in there.

Abhi: oh really ? So you think I recovered with the help of the machines and the medicines ?

Mukti: not just that. By god’s grace.

Abhi: okay agreed. But is there nothing else that got me back ?

Mukti: no…

Abhi: right ! So then maybe the one holding my hand would be the nurse who was attending to me.. You know I really felt like someone was there holding my hand and asking me to come back, I don’t remember the exact words neither was I conscious to hear everything but it felt really soothing. So if you don’t know anything like that then it must have been the nurse definitely !

Mukti: (patting him playfully on his shoulder) how dare you ? How could you even think like that ? You don’t even recognise my touch ? It was me and you think it was some stupid nurse ?!

She made a puppy face and Abhi kept admiring her innocence. After a while he started laughing and that made Mukti realise that he had been joking and it made her more angry.

Mukti: stop laughing now !

Abhi: okay okay. But look at your face ! (Getting serious) no but I know it was you Mukti. And it’s only because of you that I’m here back with you. You know I wasn’t really scared of dying until I met you. After you, I could not bear to think of leaving you alone. I wanted to be with you all the time and God has finally granted my wish. I love you Mukti !

Mukti: (blushing) I love you more !

Nandini: why didn’t you tell me before ?

Manik: Nandini I’m sorry. Please let it be.

Nandini: no Manik ! I need to know ! Why didn’t you tell me ? And why don’t I remember anything ? Yeah I have faint hunts now but I don’t exactly remember.

Manik: that is exactly why I didn’t tell you.

Nandini: what do you mean ?

They get seated on either side of the bed and Manik starts explaining to her the whole thing.

Manik: your father and my dad were best friends. And that is how we became friends as well. We had been refer her since childhood and the start of our friendship was not really good. I hurt you with a toy and you were angry at me calling me a monkey all the time after that.

Nandini kept staring at him while listening to the story, smiling in between, trying to remember the incidents.

Manik: we became the best of friends and used to be with each other all the time ! But our friendship was short lived as you moved to India.

Nandini: but why didn’t we contact each other ?

Manik: my dad and your father had ended up in a fight because of which your father decided to leave New York and come back to India. There was some misunderstanding but it did not get sorted and all the relations between the two families got broken. Your father did not want you or Rishab to have any memories from New York about me. So, he did not talk about us after coming to India. The two of you were so young you forgot about us. I did not have such restrictions and therefore I never gave up on our friendship. When I first saw you in SPACE, I thought you might recognise me but you didn’t. Then I came to know from chachi that your dad didn’t want you to know me. So, I had no other option but to keep mum.

Nandini: (shocked) I don’t believe this ! All of this is too dramatic to be real ! And chachi ?! She knew and never told me even though I asked her twice !

Manik: don’t blame her. She was just doing what your dad wanted.

Nandini: no but still ! It’s about my life and I need to know ! But now that you’ve told me the entire story, I feel
Like I have few blur images in my mind. But you haven’t yet answered a few questions.

Manik: what ?

Nandini: why have you suddenly come back to India ? And what is there in that file over there that you carry with yourself all the time ?

Manik: I’m here for music and to fulfill my dad’s dream.

Nandini: what dream ?

Manik: (nervously making up a story as he could not reveal the truth) it’s his dream project and the file is about that. It’s quite confidential so I need to keep it safe all the time.

Nandini: oh. Okay. I don’t know if I can trust that !

Manik: why not ?

Nandini: nothing. I think I’ll take that because my head is too full to accept any new information. Okay then I’ll leave.

Manik: why ? You can stay. Now that you’ve found out about me and us.

Nandini: that reminds me ! Why have you been hiding your identity like this ? This big mansion like house and the 3 cars parked downstairs.

Manik: umm…one reason is that I needed to hide my identity from you because your dad didn’t want you to know me. And another reason is that my dad’s competitor has an eye on him for the project. So I need to be careful.

Nandini: ohkay..things are really getting complicated. I think I should leave now.

Precap: Navya apologising to Cabir in a different way. Dhruv Aliya not seeing eye to eye. Musicana rehearsals.


So half of the truth is revealed but there’s still much more coming up. Hope you all are enjoying the track. Do leave in your feedbacks in the comment section and also drop in any suggestions you might have.

Thank you !

Lots of love ❤️

Medhavi ☺️



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  3. AWWWW MUKBHI ROMANCEEE! SOO CUTEEE 🙂 🙂 I glad Manik told Nandani at least half the truth! But, why did Nandani’s dad not allow them to be with Manik? Still confused on that… But LOVE the romancee and GREAT job!!!!!

    1. Thanks zoey ! And everything will be clear soon when I reveal the full secret…so you will have to wait for that… 😉

  4. Like nandini, me too wanted to know the maniks complete truth…tell me in secret medhu….I won’t tell to nandini…precap is interesting…atleast half truth of manik is out……keep updating medhu…

    1. Haha ! Good one priya…don’t worry will soon tell you…just wait till then… 🙂

  5. I think….. The project would be myrthy’s (nabshuni father’s) dream. But y did he lie to her and y didn’t she remembered about anything in childhood.
    Does she has any problem????
    Now after knowing her past does she has a feeling for manik????
    Plzzz and to my ques..
    Excited to know about remaining past

    1. All the secrets will be soon revealed but till then you would have to wait dear….keep supporting and I will keep entertaining…

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  11. Nice keep it up it was interesting…..? may be some nuclear or something bad is going to happen with nandini which had happened with her father too and Manik is here to protect her may be…..

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  13. That was a nice update dear…I feel sometimes that manik is more interested in nandini’s friends than nandu..but I hope in future they will be together??..and all their secrets will be disclosed soon..Lots of love.. Take care medhu..

  14. Was reading the episode in between lec and trust me I had awesome fun reading manik nandini conversation. Soo sweet

  15. Wow today’s update was really good, I wonder why and what manik is leing about, what or who is he trying to protect her from, please make cavya together loved Mukabi scence was too cute, really wanna see dhruvlya scene other than that it was amazing.

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  18. Awesome episode medhavi dearrr, you’re tooooooooo good honeyyyyyy. …half truth n half we still hold our breath to know the whole thing…kudos to you my sweeeeeetheart. …it’s getting interesting more and more with each episode. …manan convo was very good n muktbhi were very cuteeeee. …precap is very exciting. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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