Manan ff – unconditional love – first meeting episode 3


I might be writing such long stories but when it comes to thanking you all for your support, I am speechless. You might have observed, my reply to your comments are mostly repetitive because I’m not able to express my happiness on reading your comments. So all I can say is thank you very very much for supporting both my stories and I will make sure to update fast and better.


Recap: first day at SPACE after the summer break, new year, fab 5 performance, new entry in SPACE. Old memories of manik for Nandini.

As the performance comes to an end the crowd starts with an endless applause and so does manik. He comes out of his beautiful memories from the past and starts applauding for Nandini, his love. His face reflected the pride he had in her.

After an endless applause, people start hooting “once more !” And the fab 5 always ready to play music, agree to the plea !

This time all the girls sing together supported only by the guitar and drums . The girls dance to the beats as well and cheer up the audience at the wonderful sight.

Manik is mesmerised to see his girl perform in front of him and enjoy like a little baby.

As the once more performance comes to an end fab 5 greet each other with a group hug at the wonderful music they had created and then depart from the amphitheatre. While moving out, they pass by manik and he just keeps staring at Nandini. They move a bit ahead and then cabir stops walking. All the others give him a questioning look and he turns around to look at the nerdy manik who had been staring Nandini with a wide open mouth.

He comes near manik and closes his mouth with the help of his drum stick.

Cabir: keep it sealed or else some fly will enter without your permission and keep these eyes closed too or else they will get an uninvited punch.

The possessive friend can never take anyone misbehaving with his friends.

Manik does not say anything and just moves away. Nandini keeps looking at him as he is going away.

Cabir: hello sister ! You too ? What’s there to stare ?

Nandini: nothing. I just felt like I have met him before. But can’t remember anything,

Dhruv: (keeping his hand on her shoulder) let it go ! How does it even matter ?

He heads her towards the building and aliya feels bad on seeing the sight of dhruv’s arm around nandini’s shoulder. So, she comes closer and puts her arm around her shoulder making Dhruv remove his hand.

Aliya: how’s your hangover this morning ?

Nandini: I had a bit but now after that performance I’m completely alright ! You know music helps me heal everything !

Mukti: ohh please ! Don’t lie. Your head ache is gone because of the medicine you had in the morning.

Nandini: what are you trying to say Mukti ? That music cannot heal our wounds ?

Cabir: (lost in some thoughts) it can but some wounds cannot be cured that easily, no matter how much music tries.

Just before anybody could think over and react on his statement, navya comes from behind and closes cabir’s eyes.

Cabir: madhubala ! Of course it’s you !

He takes her hands off his eyes and turns around to face her.

Cabir: nobody except you in this entire world would be having such rough hands ! Gosh ! It hurts when you touch me !

Navya playfully hits him on the shoulders and then takes the drumsticks from his hands and starts beating him with it. Cabir quickly holds her tight from behind, ties her hands with his, takes the drumsticks and gives them to Dhruv. He holds her so tight, she is not able to move at all.

Navya: Cabir !! Leave me !! Okay okay sorry, I won’t hit you again ! Now please let me go !

Cabir: that’s better ! Saying this he gives her a soft peck on her forehead and let’s her free.

As soon as she is set free, she again hits him a bit and hides behind mukti.

Mukti: stop it you two now.

They start walking together towards the main building and come across Raghav sir.

Raghav: so the fab 5 is back with a bang ! That was a wonderful performance ! But guys try to be good people at heart as well along with making good music. Because talent is nothing without a good heart !

Cabir: excuse me sir ! Did we ask you whether you liked our performance or not ? We got all the feedback with the hooting from the audience. We don’t need any lecture from your side. Come guys lets go.

All of them move away and Raghav sir keeps staring in the direction in which all of them had been going. He then leaves and on his way he meets Manik.

Raghav sir: hey you must be manik right ?

Manik: (in his nerdy attitude adjusting his spectacles) yes sir.

Raghav sir: I’ve known about your achievements and performances back in New York ! SPACE would be very lucky to have you as our student. I’ve had a talk with your father and he says you wish to complete the rest of your studies here in SPACE itself. Do feel free to ask me anything when in doubt.

Manik: sure sir. Thank you sir.

He starts moving and then stops and turns to call Raghav sir.

Manik: umm sir.

Raghav: (turning to face him) yes ?

Manik: sir, please don’t tell anyone about my performances or achievements from New York. I mean please don’t reveal it all to the other students.

Raghav looks at him confused .!

Manik: I mean sir I don’t want people to hear about me. I will show it to them when I get a chance. But I really don’t like to show off my talent by word of mouth.

Raghav: (smiles proudly) SPACE is really lucky to have a student like you. The others need to learn a lot from you. Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone.

Manik: thank you sir.

Fab 5 had been sitting in the canteen when a peon comes to call Nandini as the principal wanted to see her. She excuses herself from the others and moves towards the principals office.

She reaches the corridor outside the principals office and is looking into her phone. She does not see someone coming and the other person, that was Manik is also arranging the papers in his file and therefore does not see her coming. They accidentally bump into each other and all the papers from manik’s file fall over. He slips and Nandini holds him in her arms (completely opposite to a filmy situation). He keeps staring at her eyes and the way her hair keeps touching her face.

Nandini: ohh hello ! Wake up and please get up ! I can’t take your weight any longer ! Can’t you see ? Blind or what ??

Manik realises he was still in her arms and gets up on his feet. He mutters a sorry and starts collecting all the papers from the floor. Nandini also starts helping him. She bends down to collect the papers but Manik stops her. He snatches the few papers from her hands which leaves her confused !

Manik: it’s okay. I’ll pick it up myself.

Nandini doesn’t bother and gets up and moves into the principals office. Manik thinks to himself,”thank god she didn’t see the papers”.

He then again starts rewinding the scene of him falling in her arms sometime back and starts blushing. He does not realise he had been sitting on the floor and people passing by start laughing at him. He suddenly realises what he had been doing and immediately gets up, collects all the papers and enters the principals office.


I have decided to continue this ff as well as I did get some response so for all those who wanted me to continue. Here it is. Thank you for supporting.

Credit to: Medhavi thakkar

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  1. Did manik hav specs. . . It doesnt suit his luks . ..

    1. YEs he has specs for this story. It’s a nerdy character. You know he does not look like one, so I had to add the specs to give the nerdy feeling.

  2. WOWWWW!!!!!!
    Dhruv possessive of nandu n alya possessive of Dhruv n Cabira my Hero!!!?????
    Love it love it Allll!!!!!!!
    N d manan scene UFF!!!!!??
    Waiting n gng crazy in wait for d next update!!!!
    Love u babe!!!!no words to describe my feelings…awesome!!!!

    1. Medhavi thakkar

      No words ?? You actually used many of them and this smile on my face is not gonna go away that easily. ☺️☺️ Thank you so much dear !! Really I can’t thank you enough for making me so happy !! I know I’m not sounding convincing but trust me I can’t stop smiling and it’s not gonna let me sleep tonight… Your lovely comment ! ??

  3. Awesome yaar plz continue both stories ?

    1. Medhavi thakkar

      Thanks dear ! Sure I will !

  4. Wow opposite situation was damn cute yaar

  5. R u srs liya!!!?? Damm!! U should see his pic with glasses he looks damm cute!!!!

    1. Medhavi thakkar

      Yeah ho does look cute ! ☺️☺️

  6. No words yar…..
    Kya bolo ispere……
    Just say……plz yar itna intzaar mat karwaya karo……
    This update is superb, amazing, awesome……
    I hope tum smjh hi gyi hogi…..

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Got it !Thanks !


    1. Aww dear. That’s the ultimate compliment any writer could ever receive. The fact that people can actually imagine what I have written is an amazing feeling ! Thank you so much dear for your compliment ! Love you !

  8. Yar plz update fast na…..i can’t wait any long….

    1. Sorry dear. I have already submitted it but they are not publishing it fast.

  9. Awesome episode, loved it very much. ..I was watching instead of reading itself…and the scene where nandini holds manik, was hilarious. …I can see that eyelock…very funny. …keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Thank you dear ! ☺️

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