Manan ff – unconditional love – first day at SPACE episode 2


Exactly at 7.40, mukti reached nandini’s house on her bike and started honking impatiently to call nandini out !

Chachi opened the door and came towards mukti.

Chachi: ohoo mukti stop it ! She’s just coming in 2 minutes. And it’s all your fault ! Why were you partying till late last night when you all knew you had college this morning ?

Mukti: chachi we weren’t partying ! We have a performance today in fact in 15 minutes and were preparing for that.

Chachi: hmm..I know you all really well ! There was no practice going on. So don’t try to trick me dear ! Here, have this, sweet curd for your performance.

Mukti: chachi ! You know I don’t like this. And we don’t even need it. We are always the winners.

Chachi: too much overconfidence can be harmful my dear ! Just have it c’mon.

Chachi forcefully makes her eat the sweet curd and just then nandini comes out dressed in black skinny pants and a black crop top paired with boots and her hair let loose.

Mukti: Oye ! Get your guitar fast !

Nandini: ohh no ! I forgot ! I’ll just get it.

Mukti: see chachi your nandu is never responsible.

Chachi: it’s okay ! Just wait and watch. One day there’ll be some shah rukh khan who will come into her life and make her responsible as well.

Nandini comes out with her guitar and chachi makes her eat the sweet curd as well and they leave.

As they reach SPACE, everyone is staring at the 2 beauties in black ! Mukti is dressed in white shorts and a black tee with some junk accessories around her neck and big boots covering her feet.

They meet the others at the entrance itself who had arrived in cabir’s jeep and they all head towards the amphitheatre for their performance. It had been a tradition that the fab 5 used to perform for the whole college a brand new song after every shortest of the vacation from college, be it long weekends, Diwali breaks, summer breaks or any other sort of mini vacation as well.

Cabir was dressed in black pants paired with a white tee shirt and a black leather jacket on top of it.

Aliya was wearing a beautiful black tube dress barely reaching her knees, with golden earrings and a golden bracelet in the left hand, a black bag in the other hand and black high heels to suit her elegant walk !

Dhruv was the simplest of all. He was wearing black denims paired with a black tee and a black jacket with a hood.

They greet each other with a group hug and head towards the amphitheatre.

The stage was all set for fab 5 and most of the audience had taken their positions, while the others entered behind fab 5.

Aliya first started off with her piano and the audience started hooting !

At the entrance of the college, a guy in white pants, and a sea green plain tee shirt, his nerdy glasses on his nose and holding a file in his hands enters college and is confused on seeing the college completely empty ! He is manik malhotra ! Just then he hears the piano being played and all the hooting. He starts moving towards the music.

After aliya, mukti plays the electric guitar solo followed by dhruv’s guitar cover.

Cabir then takes up the beats with his drums and after his solo act, Nandini steps in with her beautiful voice and her guitar,


Manik who had been moving towards the music is startled on hearing the familiar voice. His excitement increases its pace and he starts moving faster. He soon reaches the amphitheatre and is rejoiced on seeing her perform !

“Tu le aade menu golden jhumke main kanna wich pava chum chum ke…”

The way she is enjoying the song, looking at her friends while singing and also dancing with them in between during the music, the sight makes him feel like he is in heaven. He knew he would find her there but was not aware he would find her on the first day itself. It was like the first person he saw in the college was her, Nandini Murthy, his childhood friend, his love since childhood. But obviously it was a one sided love. She never knew what his feelings were and then they got separated as Nandini’s father moved to India and manik stayed in New York with his dad. There was a time when the 2 used to be best friends. But today, she might not even recognise him. He recognised her immediately. He had also been following her on every possible social networking site. He used to watch all their performances videos on YouTube and used to always feel proud of her achievements.

When he saw her singing in front of him he got nostalgic about their childhood which was probably the best part of his life because she was with him then.

He was lost in his thoughts when he heard people shouting and hooting and cheering for the performance. He realised the peroformance was over and started clapping for them, or rather her.


So friends, I hope you find the story interesting. Please drop in your valuable feedbacks ! Thank you ! I’m still waiting for a proper response. This part is definitely the last one. Next part only after I get better response.

Credit to: Medhavi thakkar

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  1. AAAAAA!!!!!???
    N NANDU IS SOOO HOT!!!!???
    Keep updating babe…gng crazy waiting for ur updates..!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Still cant stop smiling!!!!???

    1. Omg !! Thank you for this wonderful response ! Now there is no chance that I don’t continue ! I have to and I will … Once again, thank you so much !! ☺️?

  2. Already in love superrr

  3. pls medhavi……..continue with this fan fiction…………….i dont no abt anyone else but atleast i eagerly used to wait fr u to upload ur next part in d preveious fan fiction…………….n its d same with this one…………….it means a lot to me………..pls continue…………..i wl b waiting eagerly fr d next part

    1. Medhavi thakkar

      Sure dear ! Pakka promise I will continue this one too…☺️☺️

  4. Good going

    1. Medhavi thakkar

      Thanks !

  5. superb dear..pls continue..loved it &waiting fr nxt part

    1. Thanks yes I will continue..

  6. I m xcited wat would b happng in da next part n ya pls continue n its really damn good yaar n u r such a very good writer

  7. looks interesting

  8. Really I too….
    Very excited too know what would happing in next part…..
    Purane character ke sath ek puri new story develop karna is not so easy…..but you do this…’s really awesome dr….

  9. Awkward how swt….dey both r childhood frnds….lovely… U kno such a gud writer yar…keep going??

    1. Thanks for the support ! ☺️☺️

  10. Wow nice yaar

  11. u really have a wonderful creativity…That childhood friendship was seriously unexpected…
    I srsly want u to continue with this…And i think the original writers of kyy wud feel a regret 4 not having such a great creativity as that of urs…ALL THE BEST DEAR..GO ON…I’M THERE TO SUPPORT U…

    1. Hehe thanks..the childhood friendship was unexpected for me too, it just came into my head and I liked it so kept it in the track.. Thanks for your feedback dear, it means a great deal to me..

  12. Love it but the previous fan fiction is much much much more interesting pls pls pls update that

    You r awesome gr8 efforts pls update that one too.
    Love u

    1. Sure dear I will keep updating both…

  13. Please update the next one soon…i’m eagerly waiting for it

  14. Oh gosh! Im addicted to both of ur stories babes!!!!!! Like srsly.. How do u manage to amaze me evrytym??!!! Its just outta d world!!! I love d s*xy nerd manik and d cool gal nandu!!! Way to go babes! Its just sooo awesome!!! So MaNan r childhood frnz…great!! Im lookin to read further! Would love to b a part of another beautiful journey of urs!! Loads of love to u n ur story!! U rockkkkk!!!!!!
    P.S- I wont b able to read ur story fr 2 days. Will read n cmnt aftr returning!
    Keep smiling and spreading smiles lyk u do now!

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      I cant thank you enough for always being a part of my journey. Admirers like you have inspired me to write even a second story. Love you loads for getting me to smile each time through your lovely comments.

  15. Back ground song must be banno tera swagger laage s*xY 😛 😛 😛 😛 😀

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      hehe that’s true ! It should have struck me then ! 😛

  16. medhavi,please tell when the nxt one wud be published….

    1. It is published dear. It sometimes takes longer than usual to get published. Sorry you had to wait. You can check, it is now published.

  17. Awesome, outstanding, marvellous episode, wowwww loved it very much. . Manik’s childhood love nandini awesome plot…loved each and every scene of the episodes n seriously I could watch it…you’re really amazing writer. soooooooo muchhhhhh. …plzzzz continue dear, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you so much !

  18. sujatha muthukannu

    O god, it was entirely different.
    I like the story, interesting.., keep rocking

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