Manan ff – Unconditional love – The fight ! Episode 40


Recap: Manik drunk at the holi party. In the drunk state, he somehow expresses to Nandini that he admires her. 

The holi party had changed a lot of things and had also created a lot of drama in the lives of the students of SPACE. Manik and Nandini had started getting closer and so had Dhruv and Aliya. Dhruv was no longer mad at Nandini as he had started finding comfort in Aliya’s company. He hadn’t really been able to forgive her and wasn’t even communicating with her but he no longer cared about it, thanks to Aliya. Nandini did wish to talk to Dhruv but Aliya had assured her she would make sure he was fine and would soon get the best friends together. She was really happy to finally have Dhruv by her side. Abhimanyu had been disturbed since the holi party since he had seen his dad in there after a long time. That reminded him of all his past family matters that had been created by himself. 

Harshad’s plan was still on and Soha was in it with him. Over the next couple of days, as Musicana was approaching, The Thunder 3 and The Fab 5 were busy practicing their performances and therefore Manik and Nandini would not get to spend enough time with each other. But that did not mean they did not feel the same for each other. Nandini still remembered what Manik had said to her at the party about his feelings for her. She still used to blush at that thought. However, Manik wasn’t aware of his actions. He did realize he must have behaved really weird since he found out he had been drunk. 

Because of the practice sessions, Soha was able to keep Manik extra busy while Harshad used to get some time out to interact with Nandini. 

2 days after the holi party, Nandini was helping Chachi in the kitchen in the evening when the door bell rang. Nandini ran up to open the door hoping it would be Manik since she had not seen him the entire day in college as both of them had been busy practicing with their respective teams. However, she opened the door to find her new friend Harshad at the door step.

Nandini: (surprised to see him) Harshad ?! What are you doing here ?

Harshad: I was just passing by so thought of coming up to meet you. I hope you don’t mind having your new friend here ?

Nandini: (not satisfied with the answer) But how did you know where did I live ?

Harshad: Well, since I would not be participating in Musicana, Raghav sir has given me some of the paper work and extra stuff to handle and help him out. That’s how I came across the details of all the students participating.

Nandini: Oh really ? 

Harshad: Of course ! You don’t believe me ? C’mon Nandini, we’re friends now.

Chachi: (calling out from the kitchen) Who is it Nandu ?

Nandini: It’s my friend from college Chachi.

Chachi: (coming out of the kitchen to greet the guest) Is it Manik ? (surprised to find a new face) Oh ! Sorry I don’t think I’ve met you before. Please come in dear. Nandu, at least offer your friend to come in.

Nandini: Yes Chachi. Come in.

Chachi: What’s your name child ?

Harshad: Hello Chachi. I’m Harshad. Harshad Saxena. And I’m Nandini’s new friend.

Saying that he turns towards Nandini and gives her a wide smile to which she replies with a faint one. 

Nandini had been accepting Harshad as a friend since his intentions didn’t really seem wrong to her but his actions at times did seem weird. She used to wonder at times as to why was he interested in her to such an extent but then used to let that thought be assuming it was just her imagination and things were just normal.

Harshad: Hey Nandini, do you have the notes from today’s lecture of Raghav sir ? I had to miss the class for some work for the Musicana.

Nandini: Yeah !

Harshad: Would you mind lending it to me ? 

Nandini: Okay I’ll just get it. 

Harshad: Do you mind if I come along ? I mean I’m your friend right ? 

Nandini was about to deny as she had started finding things fishy with him but Chachi interrupted and said, “Sure dear. Go ahead.” and that’s how she had to let him in.

Both of them moved upstairs to her room and she started searching for the notes in her cupboard while Harshad kept pacing up and down the room observing everything in the room.

Manik had been getting really restless since he had not seen nandini since morning. When he had flown down to Mumbai from New York, he did not have any expectations of having Nandini so close to him but now that he had her, he could not resist her anymore. He could not imagine his life without her. He did not know if he could have her in his life the way he wanted but he did not mind having her just as a friend as well. He just did not wish to lose her.

He picked up his phone and dialed her number. Harshad who had been pacing in her room while she was looking for the notes, found her phone vibrating on her bed and on finding it Manik calling, simply put the phone on silent without informing Nandini about it.

Nandini: (handing him the notes) Here ! Take these.

Harshad: (taking the notes from her) Thanks ! By the way, you have a beautiful room ! But why just black and white combination ? You don’t like colors ?

Nandini: No it’s nothing like that. But for the color scheme of a room, I preferred something calm and silent. 

Harshad: Oh that’s nice. (turning towards the wall full of pictures) Lovely pictures. Are these your parents ?

He asked pointing at one of the pictures.

Nandini: Yeah ! 

Harshad: So, they live in Mangalore ?

Nandini: Actually, they are no more. I lost them when I was young and since then I’ve lived with my Amms in Mangalore and then later on with my Chacha and Chachi.

Harshad: Oh I’m so sorry. 

Nandini was very emotional when it came to her family, especially her parents. She wasn’t really easily convinced by anyone to reveal things about herself and her life but when someone talked about her parents, she would easily give in.

Harshad: So, what did your dad do ?

Nandini: He was a scientist. 

Harshad: Oh how nice ! So what were his special achievements or experiments ?

Nandini: (lost in the old times thinking about her parents) Oh he had many of them ! And his last exp….

She was interrupted by a familiar voice calling out her name loudly “Nandini” ! She turned around to find Manik standing at the door step of her room. She was happy to see him but soon realized he wasn’t in a really good state of mind which kind of horrified her.

Harshad: (trying to escape) Okay then Nandini, I’ll see you later. Thanks for these notes.

As soon as he leaves, Manik shuts the door behind him and grabs Nandini by her shoulders angrily.

Manik: What was he doing in here ? In your room ? And where’s your phone ? Why aren’t you answering it ?

Nandini: (scared of his reaction) Manik what’s wrong with you ? He was here just casually. He was passing by and therefore just dropped by to see me. And then he needed some notes so I was just handing them to him.

Manik: How can you be so dumb Nandini ? Can’t you understand his tricks ? How was he just passing by your place and how did he know your address ? And on top of that, he needed your notes today itself ? Don’t you think there’s something fishy about this all ? God you’re so dumb !!

Saying that he lets her free and turns around angrily. Nandini stays there startled at his words and actions. Day by day, she believed she was getting to know him better but his actions at Harshad in her room had made her realize, she didn’t know him at all ! She did not know what to say to him ? She could not believe the once upon a time so sweet Manik could be so rude to her !

When she does not respond for a long time, he turns around to face her with those ghastly scary eyes.

Manik: Now are you going to speak up or not ?

Nandini: What do you want to know ? You’ve already decided I’m so dumb right ? So then what do I need to say ?

Annoyed at her answer he simply leaves angrily and she is left behind shattered.


Abhimanyu and Mukti had been discussing over his problems with his parents. Abhimanyu was afraid of confronting them after a long time but Mukti wanted him to do it.

He had discovered about his cancer 2 years back when he was living with his parents in Delhi. He did not have the courage to reveal it to his parents and so he kept hiding it till he could. As time passed by, it started getting difficult to hide from them since the symptoms started showing. However, he could not let his parents go through that pain and therefore decided not to tell them about it. 

To keep the fact hidden, he had to move out and stay away from them which was difficult since they would not let him leave. He was their only child and they loved him too much to let him go. He therefore decided on a different plan. His dad worked in the Delhi branch office of the Malhotra Industries but the job wasn’t enough for their growing expenses. Since he had completed his graduation, his parents wanted him to start off with some job but he ignored their plea. He did that on purpose for them to start hating him for being the bad child. He started becoming the lazy kid doing no job at all and simply roaming around with friends. 

Soon, things started going according to his plans and his parents started getting more annoyed at him. His father decided to throw him out so that he would become a more responsible person. He had been waiting for that time and was thankful to god when that time came. He was thrown out by his parents and he shifted to Mumbai leaving them behind. He did not have any contacts with them and they were left alone. They hated him and that was what he wanted so that they would not have to mourn over the death of their son. But he was wrong since they actually loved him a lot and were left too disturbed on losing him. They never wanted him to cut them off of his life but as that happened, they were devastated !

After coming to Mumbai, he worked here and there, doing petty jobs just so that he could somehow afford his medicines to keep him alive till the time of his actual death. He then soon met Mukti and fell in love with her.

At the holi party, he saw his dad after almost a year and it brought back all the old memories. He wanted to run up to him and give him a tight hug but was afraid of doing so for what he had done to them, he knew they would still hate him. 

Mukti really wanted him to get back to his parents as she could see the pain in his eyes of being away from them. He loved them a lot but never showed it. However, she could see it through his eyes. She therefore decided to talk to Manik about it since Abhi’s dad was an employee at the Malhotra Industries.

Precap: Manik apologizing to Nandini. Would she forgive him ? Would he reveal Harshad’s evil plans to her ?


Here’s another update after a long long time ! I hope you guys enjoyed it ! And friends don’t worry after my exams I will definitely give regular updates as I can understand that these delays make you lose connection with the story. Please bear with me for a few more days.

Thank You !

Lots of Love <3




Credit to: Medhavi

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