Manan ff – unconditional love – what is it that I feel with you Manik ? Episode 23

Hello friends ! I did not want to say this but since it has been so many days I’ve been observing things I had to break the silence ! I am calling off writing both my ffs because the response has reduced drastically which definitely means people aren’t liking it…I know many of you are busy with exams and they have already informed me so it’s not about them…and this is also not for those very very few who do comment…but friends even I am managing so much daily and still uploading just to keep you all happy ….but when you see no result for so much of hard work, it’s difficult to continue….so my 25th part on manan ff would be the last here and similarly the 45th part on PaNi ff would be the last…sorry I could not live up to all of your expectations….and sorry to those few who do actually appreciate….but guys, I feel very very sad when my hard work does not pay off ! I have been holding this in my heart for quite some time now but I had to speak it up today ! Sorry for hurting anyone I have !


Recap: All the members of the Fab 5 have been separated and for the first time are away from each other. Everyone disturbed about the problems. Manik wanting to be there for Nandini.

Manik could not resist going to Nandini to be with her in her bad time. The thought of Nandini being alone and sad would just not leave his head forcing him to reach up to her. He got up from his bed, took his car and left for Nandini’s place.

Nandini was sitting near the window of her room playing the Fab 5’s song on her guitar, the soft breeze blowing her hair in the air, her eyes looking at nowhere outside the window, thinking about her family, Fab 5, her eyes full of tears. She had not shared anything with anyone in the house after coming back from college but since she was home early and not speaking anything, Chachi knew there was something wrong with her Nandu. She had been waiting for her to come downstairs by herself but she didn’t. Finally, Chachi herself went up to her room to check on her. She peeped in from the door to find her sitting near the window and playing that song on the guitar. Even she got teary eyes on seeing her Nandu in that condition. She knew there was something wrong with Fab 5 but wanted to know what the matter was so that maybe she could intervene and solve it. But she knew she had to keep patience and stay away from those matters. The Fab 5 would themselves have to solve them. She was standing there at the door step, looking at Nandini lost in her thoughts, when the door bell rang downstairs. The door bell made Chachi jerk from her thoughts but Nandini did not move a bit, and not even blinked her eyes. This made Chachi worry more but she ran downstairs to open the door expecting it to be Murthy ji but was surprised to find Manik.

Chachi: Manik !

Manik: Hello Chachi. How are you ?

Chachi: (faking a smile) I’m good. How are you ?

Manik: Chachi please don’t mind me saying this but I caught your fake smile. I know you’re not good and neither is Nandini.

Chachi: Please come in beta.

Manik gets inside and gets seated on the couch. Chachi gets into the kitchen to get some water for him. She brings a glass full of water and hands it to Manik. Manik takes the glass and then passes it back to Chachi without drinking it.

Manik: (passing the glass to Chachi) please have it. You need it. I’m okay.

Chachi takes it from his hands, tears forming in her eyes which she instantly wiped away with her dupatta.

Chachi: You know I’ve never seen Nandini so quiet. She had always been the spark of this house. Even though she would come home late and because of spending time with her friends, she would be able to pay very less attention to us, but she was still the joy of this house. And today, even when she is home, this house seems to be empty !

She starts weeping and feels embarassed at that and so tries to control her tears by hiding her face in her dupatta. Manik comes forward, bends in front of her on his knees, and holds her hands in his,

Manik: Chachi please don’t lose heart ! I promise you I will get your Nandu back ! In fact that’s what I’m here for.

Chachi looks up at him with hope in her eyes and gives him a smile.

Manik: Can I go up ?

Chachi allows him with a smile and a nod and Manik quietly climbs up the stairs to Nandini’s room. As he moves towards her room he hears the guitar playing in a dark room. The background music to the guitar tune was Nandini’s weeping. In between the tune, she had been weeping softly trying to control her emotions and lock them in her heart. Manik stood outside the room for some time, observing her from a distance. After some time Nandini stopped playing the guitar and kept looking out of the window. Manik had also got his guitar with himself and after few minutes of silence, he started playing from the door which made Nandini surprisingly turn around.

“….Yaar milte hain pyaar milte hain humko yaaro naseeb se….
Ek duje ki aadatein bante dil ko choote kareeb se….
Ek din kyun chale hain jaate chod ke tanha….
Yeh dosti……..
Milti naseeb se…..
Yeh dosti……..
milti naseeb se…..”

Nandini was heart broken but was trying to control her tears. This, Manik found to be dangerous. He wanted her to vent out whatever was in her heart. And he knew something that would remind her of her friends would definitely make her burst out her emotions. And that was exactly what happened. Nandini kept looking at Manik while he was playing and singing the song. More and more tears started escaping her eyes as the happy memories of Fab 5 passed through her mind. As soon as Manik stopped the song, Nandini got up from the couch and ran towards Manik and invited him into a bone crushing hug. Manik was surprised for a moment but when he realized she had been crying, he completed the hug by holding her from the back with his guitar in one hand. Nandini again felt the protective shield around her as soon as Manik held her and that made her tighten her grip around him. She did not move for a long long time and stood there holding him and weeping in his arms. Manik let her cry as much as she needed to. However, after some time, he could not see her in so much pain and therefore decided to break the hug and wipe her tears. He tried to let go of her hold but she did not allow him, rather she tightened her hold around him, with her eyes shut tight. That gesture got a little smile on Manik’s face but he wanted her to stop crying and therefore forcefully let go of her and made her look into his eyes. She kept staring straight into his eyes while he wiped her tears off her face.

Manik: (while wiping her tears) Now that’s enough. Okay ? Everything will be alright. Trust me.

Nandini did not respond. She kept staring at him for some more time after which she spoke up,

Nandini: What are you ? And what magic do you create ? Manik I’ve just met you but still why does my heart always want to trust you ? Few minutes back I had lost all hope in getting back Fab 5 together and now this one sentence from your mouth, why does it make me believe again ?

Manik is touched by her surprise. He is overwhelmed to find that he has such an effect on Nandini. He simply gives her a smile and then drags her into the room and makes her sit on the bed. He kneels in front of her while she sits on the bed.

Manik: Look Nandini I know whatever has been happening is wrong ! But please don’t lose hope. Just have faith in your friendship and everything will be sorted very soon. Mukti…She might have hid the fact about Abhi from all of you for so long but what’s done is done now. As of now she needs you and all the others. Whatever the matter is between Cabir and Dhruv, it can be looked into later. But right now, Mukti needs you.

Nandini: Yeah but what is really the matter with Cabir and Dhruv. I mean it came as a shock ! What was it that happened so suddenly ?

Manik: I know it’s difficult but right now please focus on Mukti and Abhi. Okay now I’m going to tell you something which you need to promise you aren’t going to tell Mukti about.

Nandini: (scared) what ?

Manik: Abhimanyu…He….He is very critical…Doctors are helping but he might not have more than a week.

Nandini covers her open mouth with both her hands in shock, her eyes wide open starting to form tears.

Nandini: I….I…Why ??

Manik: Nandini there’s not always an answer to a why ? But let me tell you there are doctors treating him. Actually Abhi does not have his family around and therefore it’s only Mukti with him. The doctor had seen how Mukti had always been for Abhi, weak. And so, he could never share about his condition with Mukti. When I went to the hospital and met Mukti, the doctor called me aside and told me about his condition. I have called the best doctor from New York and right now he has been treating him. But you need to support Mukti. She is a strong girl but when it comes to Abhi, she is really fragile ! Just be with her.

Nandini: Yeah..I will….

Manik gives her a smile, gets up and starts leaving but Nandini stops him by holding his hand. Manik turns around to look down at her looking up at him.

Nandini: Thank You ! I really don’t know what is this connection I feel with you but whatever it is, it’s good. Thank you very much.. For everything.

Manik: (smiling) We’re friends right ?

Nandini: Yeah !

Manik: Then no sorry and no thank you !*winks*

Saying this, he leaves. Chachi had been observing all of it from outside the room and when Manik came out of the room, she gave him a wide smile thanking him for supporting her Nandu.

Precap: Abhi critical. The Fab 5 along with Navya and Manik reach up to the hospital to support Mukti.

Tomorrow: PaNi ff. PaNi fight over Veeyaz’s situation. A nasty fight resulting into a broken friendship !


Hope you guys enjoyed the manan moment. I know many of you had been waiting for this…So hope I could live up to all of your expectations. Do let me know how did you find the entire part…

Thank You !



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