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2k15 might have been the best year for all the manan and kyy fans because we got such a beautiful show as Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan ! It was also full of downhills but we as a fandom were strong enough to survive it all !! I personally have never seen any other fandom as huge and as overwhelming as the fandom of kyy.

Really, KYY is the best thing that would have happened to all of us ! And now, the end of KYY is as sorrowful as it had been cheerful to have it with us. But friends, its time to be happy. Its a new year and new year would not mean we leave the old things behind in the old year. We will bring forward our love for KYY, manan and pani into this new year as well. We will cherish our love for the show and each and every one who had been a part of the show be it positive or negative. Soha, Harshad or Panditji might have been the evils, but its because of them we got so many manan moments ! So, we love them as well !

And, these stories will help us in completing our goal for the new year !

I wish all my friends a very very happy new year and wish you get all the happiness. Love you all so much ! Thank you so much for your support ! I really am out of words to thank you all so please forgive me if my thanks doesn’t sound really convincing.


Recap: friendship day party at Nandini’s place. Manik and Nandini sing O yaaraa together !

The next morning in college, Harshad is roaming around with an evil smile. Seems like he definitely has something on his mind. Just as he spots Manik entering college, he instructs something to a guy and then vanishes from the location. The guy whom Harshad had given instructions, goes to Manik and speaks,

Guy: hey ! You are Manik right ?

Manik: yes.

Guy: umm Raghav Sir has been looking for you. He needed to talk to you about musicana. He has called you in class no. 3 on the 3rd floor.

Manik thought for a moment but then found the guy convincing and therefore moved into the building and to the 3rd floor. Harshad had been waiting on the 3rd floor itself for Manik to arrive. The 3rd floor was almost empty and that made Manik doubtful but nevertheless he spotted class no. 3 and went inside. As soon as he entered, the door from behind closed and he immediately rushed towards it but it had been locked ! Manik instantly realised it must be Harshad and started hating himself for believing some random person.

Once Harshad comes back to the ground floor he spots Nandini coming in. Manik is really tensed and it strikes him that he should call Nandini and warn her to stay away from Harshad. He tries to call her but his phone does not have any network ! Harshad had placed a jammer near the class room because of which his phone wasn’t working.

Harshad indicates a girl standing near Nandini to go ahead with their decided plan and so she does. She comes from behind with a glass of coffee and bumps into Nandini because of which her clothes get drenched in coffee.

Girl: (acting apologetic) Oh I’m so sorry. All your clothes are spoiled. Please come with me I’ll take you to the washroom.

Nandini: (angrily) No its fine ! I can manage myself.

She starts moving towards the washroom on the ground floor inside the building when the girl stops her.

Girl: Actually, that washroom is dirty. The aya is still cleaning it. You please come with me. I’ll take you to the washroom that’s behind the building. Please come fast. We need to get rid of this or else the stains will stay on permanently.

Nandini makes an irritated look but then follows her. On their way, she calls up Aliya to ask her to get her something to wear.

Nandini: Hello Aliya are you still at your place ?

Aliya: Yeah I told you that I have some work so it will take me some time to reach college. I’ll be there in another 45 minutes.

Nandini: Yeah that’s alright. You just get me a dress from your wardrobe, I mean anything to wear.

Aliya: Why what happened ?

Nandini: (looking disgustedly at the girl walking beside her) I’ll tell you all about it later. But for now just know that my clothes are drenched in coffee and they need to be replaced !

Aliya: Oh my god ! Don’t worry Nandini I’ll be there soon and will get you a fresh pair of clothes.

Nandini: Thanks !

As they reach the washroom, the girl starts helping Nandini in cleaning her dress but Nandini stops her saying that she can manage herself. The girl then apologises once again and leaves. As soon as she comes out, she calls Harshad and says, “Plan is on!” and hangs up !

Few minutes later when Nandini comes out of the washroom, still cleaning her dress and not looking in front, she hears someone call her from behind. She turns around to find 4 boys dressed in shabby clothes looking at her in a cheap way. One of the boys comes forward and says,

Boy1: Nandini Murthy ! Right ?

Nandini: (confused and disgusted) Ahaan ! Why ?

Boy2: (stepping forward) Actually we needed to talk to you about something really important.

As soon as the second boy says that, all of them come really close to her and stand in a circle surrounding her. Nandini being the bold and fearless, unlike any other girl, stands still and says,

Nandini: Are you sure you wish to talk or do something else ?

Boy1: Oh so you seem to be really smart ! Great then our work is simplified.

Saying this, he moves closer and extends his hand to hold her waist but Nandini stops it with her tight grip. She holds his hand near her waist with her left hand and gives him a tight slap with her right hand on his left cheek. She was really strong but she just could not tackle 4 of them together when they jumped onto her together. She tried really hard to escape but failed! She started screaming for help to her surprise Manik and Dhruv came to her rescue. Manik punched away one who was too close to Nandini and had his hands on her waist. His face full of anger! Nandini was dumbstruck at his action as well as reaction.

Harshad who was watching all the drama from a corner was displeased at the sudden and unexpected change in his plan. What he had planned was that those goons sent by him would harass Nandini at first and few minutes later Harshad would jump in to save and help her. This would create respect in nandini’s heart for Harshad and he would succeed in befriending Nandini. He was about to jump into the scene to save Nandini when he saw Manik and Dhruv coming and he had to stop himself !

Manik and Dhruv succeed in saving Nandini and as soon as they get rid of the goons, both of them run towards Nandini to make sure that she is alright. Manik stops himself at a safe distance from her when he sees Dhruv too close to her. He feels like there is something more than friendship between the two of them as he had seen them together too close than usual quite a few times. It hurts him to find that but still decides to keep a distance from Nandini because of that is what she wants, he wishes to give her that !

Manik is standing with them when dhruv’s phone rings and it is cabir asking as to where were they ? Dhruv had informed fab 5 and navya about the incident and soon they arrived. When all of them were together and Nandini was safe Manik starts moving away. Just then Nandini asks Dhruv,

Nandini: but Dhruv how did you know I was here ?

Dhruv: it’s all because of Manik !

Manik stops on hearing his name and turns around.

Dhruv: Manik told me you must be in a problem. I don’t know how did he find out but if it had not been him, we would not have been able to find you.

Nandini: Manik, how did you know ?

Manik does not respond for some time and Dhruv speaks up on his behalf,

Dhruv: actually, I had been looking for cabir but was not able to locate him. I saw his car was parked outside but he was nowhere to be seen.

Cabir: but me and navya were in the music room. We were waiting for all of you !

Dhruv: now cabir that is really unlike you two ! I mean when has that happened in the past that the two of you would be “waiting” for us and that too in the music room ?! So, I obviously thought you must be at one of your romance spots ! I checked the boys locker room but you weren’t there and so I went to the 3rd floor to check on you. I obviously did not find you there but I heard some noise coming from a distance. Someone had been banging on the door of class no. 3 from the inside. I reached up to that class only to find it locked from outside. I immediately broke the lock and found Manik inside. Before I could ask him anything he quickly dragged me and told me on the way that we needed to find Nandini or else she would fall into a grave danger ! And so we started searching for odd places in the college and luckily we found you here at the right time ! I still do not know how did Manik find out that you must be in trouble but whatever it might be, we are really thankful to him for having saved our friend’s life.

Cabir: (looking at Manik who is standing with his head bent low) really man !! Thank you very much !

All the others nod in agreement. Nandini moves closer to Manik and speaks up softly,

Nandini: thank you !

Manik looks up at her with concerned eyes and asks,

Manik: are you alright ?

Nandini: (giving him a sweet smile) yes ! And it’s all because of you ! I owe you a treat once again.

Manik: oh no it’s okay !

Mukti: why okay ? Not at all !! Let’s have a party ! But this time at a different place. Umm….let’s celebrate at manik’s place.

Manik: (instantly looking up at mukti) huh ? What ? Why ?

Aliya: why ? You won’t give your new friends a treat ?

Manik: yes of course but let’s go outdoors instead of staying indoors. I mean since the time I have landed in Mumbai, I haven’t seen any good places. I haven’t even seen the whole city properly.

Dhruv: hmm…not a bad idea. Let’s go out then. Tonight 9 pm retro disc ! Manik I’ll pick you up as you wouldn’t be knowing the address.

Manik: (does not want anyone to see his house) no no it’s fine. I’ll be able to locate it. As in I’ll be coming in a cab so he’ll know the way.

Cabir: are you sure ?

Manik: yes of course !

Mukti: okay then ! Let’s meet tonight! Two parties in a row ! I’m so excited !

Precap: Harshad trying to be sweet and friendly with Nandini. Manik to find out mukti’s secret.


Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous new year 2016 !! The end of 2015 was a bit sad for all of us as we lost our favourite show “Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan !” But, we won’t stop watching it ! We will keep it alive through all these fan fictions that help us remember each and every one from the show ! So, in this new year, let’s all be happy and cheerful about these fan fictions…and I really wish that this new year brings lots of happiness for all my lovely readers because they have made me so happy that they definitely deserve some more happiness in whichever way they desire !

Thank you once again friends for your continued support. Love you all


Credit to: Medhavi thakkar

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