Manan ff – unconditional love – DhruNi unison ! Episode 42


Recap: Manik and Nandini’s sizzling ice cream romance that initiated some more feelings in both of their hearts for each other.

The Thunder 3’s practice had begun early morning in the music room for Musicana but Manik’s heart was lost in Nandini. He wasn’t able to concentrate too well in the rehearsals and that made Navya and Soha have to bring him back to the real world in order to focus on music. He realized his mistake and started trying to focus better.

Nandini reached the jam room blushing while thinking about last night. She had been humming some song out of the happiness her heart had been full of. As she entered, she saw Dhruv sitting on a stool tuning his guitar. He too looked up at her on hearing the happy humming. He had always wanted her to be happy but this happiness it seemed to him was at the stake of his own friendship and happiness. He wasn’t really mad at her anymore but he sure was hurt.

It was just the two of them in the jam room then and he decided to ignore talking to her as he believed it was something she had been doing for quite some time now. Nandini suddenly started feeling guilty on seeing her best friend. She missed those days when both of them would jam together and be happy together. She had wanted to talk to him since the day she had rejected his proposal but the circumstances never permitted. Now, she believed was the time to go ahead and speak up.

Nandini: (moving forward towards him) Hi Dhruv !

Dhruv: (without any expressions) Hi.

Nandini: Dhruv, I want to talk to you. Could you please give me one chance ?

Dhruv: Talk about what Nandini ? It’s cool. I’m fine. You don’t need to bother. Why spoil your happy mood ?

Nandini: Dhruv please ! It’s not like I don’t care ! I really do. It’s just that, I did not know what to say to you and you were so mad at me I was…scared !

Dhruv: Scared ? Of your best friend ? Really Nandini ?

Cabir and Aliya reached the jam room together to find Dhruv and Nandini discussing their topic and therefore waited outside giving them their time.

Nandini: I’m sorry Dhruv ! I really am ! I know I hurt you a lot but I never ignored the fact that you’re my best friend and will always be ! I miss my friend. Can I not have him back ?

Dhruv: How do you say you never ignored that fact ? Because since the past few days, it seems like you never believed in our friendship. Yes I proposed to you and was upset, but I also needed my best friend then ! Where were you when I needed you the most ? Call it your self respect or your ego, but you never gave full efforts to make things right. I waited for you Nandini, all this while ! And you, were nowhere to be seen. It seemed as if you did not care whether I was just or not !

She stood there with her head bent low, ashamed of her actions as well as apologetic. She did not have any words to express her apologies and therefore stayed quiet and let him speak up. She knew Dhruv was not a bad person at heart and when he was hurt he just needed to burp out whatever was in his heart and then things would automatically be sorted out.

Dhruv: Now, are you even going to apologize ?

She looked up to find him smiling at her and that made her rush towards him to give him a bone crushing bear hug.

Nandini: I’m sorry Dhruv ! I’m really sorry for not being there ! I promise this won’t happen ever again !

Dhruv: (smiling and hugging her back) It’s okay !

Nandini: (breaking the hug) Can I ask you something ? If you don’t mind ?

Dhruv: Let me answer it myself. No it wasn’t love. It was a huge crush I had on you but since the time you rejected me in front of the entire college, I realized how stupid I was being ! I was crushing on my best friend ?! That was something really weird ! And you know what was the thing that made me realize that ?

Nandini: What ?

Dhruv: I imagined the two of us kissing.

Nandini: (disgusted) What ?

Dhruv: (laughing) No seriously ! I closed my eyes and imagined me coming closer to you and grabbing your waist with one hand, the other hand behind your neck, and our lips brushing. Believe me, it was gross ! And that’s when I realized I had been living a badly disillusional dream all my life !

She started hitting him playfully at that and Cabir and Aliya joined them in happily as well.

As the things settled down, they started jamming after waiting for a long time for Mukti. She arrived half an hour late and all of them started bashing at her.

Mukti: Sorry guys actually Abhi..

Nandini: What happened to him ? Is he okay ?

Aliya: What happened suddenly ?

Cabir: Why didn’t you call us ?

Mukti: Relax guys ! He’s fine, he’s absolutely fine ! It’s something about his parents and for that I need to talk to Manik.

Nandini: Manik ? Why ?

Mukti: Yeah ! It’s a long story so I’ll tell you guys later.

Dhruv: Okay Mukti but for now can we practice ? I mean Musicana is only 3 days away and we need to rehearse hard ! You can talk to him during lunch time. As it is even they would be practicing.

Mukti: Yeah okay let’s just practice for now.

Manik’s phone started ringing in the middle of the practice and Navya and Soha started getting mad at him for the disturbance.

Manik: Sorry girls. Just one call, it’s important !

He returned 5 minutes later quite happily.

Navya: What happened Manik ? What’s the good news ?

Manik: (trying to hide his happiness) What ? Nothing. It’s nothing !

During lunch time, Navya left before Manik and Soha as she had to meet Cabir. Manik and Soha had been winding up the instruments before heading towards the canteen.

Soha: So, what was the excitement all about ? I know there is definitely something and you were trying hard to hide it but but badly failed !

Manik: (blushing) Okay should I share it with you then ? It’s an awesome news and I do wish to share it with someone. I mean I know you and me, we’re not such great friends but you know right now I’m so excited I just want to bring this out !

Soha: Of course you can share it with me Manik ! I’m all ears to you ! Go ahead.

Manik: Okay, so I had planned on arranging a surprise for Nandini at Musicana and it has been confirmed ! I’m so happy about it !

Soha: Surprise ? For Nandini ? You know Manik I’ve never really understood this connection between you and Nandini ! What’s going on ?

Manik: It’s nothing like that ! We’re just good friends. Actually we used to be best friends as kids but then got separated due to certain circumstances and now we’re back to being great friends.

Soha: Oh ! That’s nice ! So what’s this surprise ?

Manik: Oh that I can reveal only on one condition. You would keep it a secret ! You won’t talk to anyone about it, not even Navya or else she might tell Nandini about it.

Soha: Don’t worry I will keep it a secret !

Manik: Nandini’s Amms, I mean her grandmom and her brother Rishab, they live in mangalore. And, since Musicana is such an important event, I thought of calling them over and surprising Nandini. I had talked to them this morning but they had denied because of Rishab’s school but they finally agreed to it later on. They would be arriving day after tomorrow and Nandini would be so happy !

Soha: Of course ! Great job ! Umm Manik, I have got some work so I’ll catch you after lunch.

Saying that she leaves to meet Harshad and Manik moves towards the canteen to have lunch with the Fab 5 and Navya. Just as he steps out of the classroom and takes a few steps forward, someone forcefully drags him into an empty classroom and before he could do anything in self defence, the door had been closed.

He turned around to find Nandini standing near the closed door.

Manik: Nandini ! What is all this ?

She does not respond, instead moves forward and takes him into a tight hug ! He too hugs her back and they stay there with their eyes closed for some peaceful time.

Nandini: (after breaking the hug) I’m so happy Manik ! Dhruv and me…we’re finally back to normal. Everything is sorted between us ! I’m so happy !

Manik wanted to be happy for her but assuming the “normal” as being the two of them together as a couple, his face turned pale. Nandini immediately realised what he had been thinking and therefore continued the drama to tease him.

Nandini: You know I did deny his proposal at first but then I realised how madly I am in love with him. I could therefore not resist anymore and revealed my feelings to him.

Manik: (trying hard to pretend to be happy for her) That’s…that’s amazing ! Congratulations to the both of you ! Great !

At that she starts laughing out loud making fun of him. He soon realizes he had been caught in an ugly trap and starts cursing himself for falling for it !

Nandini: Oh god look at your face ! Don’t worry my “monkey” ! We have patched up as best friends and nothing more than that. Even he has realized he never really loved me and it was just a crush which is no longer active. By the way, why did your face turn pale at that news ? I mean wouldn’t you be happy for your friend if she finds her love ?

Manik: Of course I would be !

Nandini: But it shouldn’t be with someone else right ?

Manik: Huh ?

Nandini: I mean it should be some good sensible enough person right ?

Manik: Yes of course !

Nandini: So then would you look for such a guy for me ?

Manik: (nervously) Me ? Yeah sure !

Nandini: Okay now Manik, jokes apart, I want to talk to you about something serious.

Manik: Yeah tell me what happened ?

Nandini: Manik why were you so angry yesterday ? I’m sure there’s something about Harshad you’re hiding from me.

Manik: (giving out a sigh and moving forward, taking her hands in his and looking into his eyes) Nandini, do you trust me ?

Nandini: Yes !

Manik: So then, please listen to me and agree with what I’m saying. Please stay away from Harshad. Don’t ask me why and what is the reason. Just trust me and do as I say ! And I will tell you everything just when the time comes. Can you do that for me.

Nandini had always been the curious type who would not be satisfied until she knew each and every thing about a particular topic. At this point as well, she wished to find out the whole story behind Manik’s hatred towards Harshad. But, Manik’s magical eyes had her hypnotised and she agreed to whatever he asked for instantly. She never argued or questioned further and simply agreed to his plea.

Precap: Abhimanyu’s confrontation with his dad. Harshad’s final plan against Nandini. Dhruv turning possessive for Aliya. Manik surprising Nandini with the best gift she could have ever received !


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Credit to: Medhavi

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