Manan ff – unconditional love – Dhrulya Episode 35


Recap: Aliya goes to Dhruv to convince him on talking to her about his feelings. Dhruv does not pay heed to her and she waits there for him to open up. Nandini goes up to Manik’s place and he shares with her about his step mom Nyonika.

After describing the whole story about Nyonika, Manik buries his head in his hands and sits there reliving those horrible days of his life back in New York when he lost his mom and Nyonika entered their lives. Nandini moves closer to him and places her hand on his shoulder which makes him feel a bit better but he does not look up. She starts rubbing her hand on his back and says,

Nandini: Manik, I can understand it must have been very difficult for you all these years. But now you can’t do anything about it right ?! You should think about your dad, he would need your support as well. So you can’t become so weak and vulnerable. You need to be strong and face it.

He slowly lifts his head up from his hands and looks up at her. She gives him a soft smile to convince him of her words.

Manik: I understand it Nandini ! But I’m sick and tired of it ! I just don’t want that woman in my life ! She is a headache !

Nandini: No Manik don’t let her be that. You know you’re yourself giving it a chance for her to affect you. Don’t let her have such an effect on you.

Manik stares into her eyes and thinks to himself, “Yes with you around nothing can really affect me, not even Nyonika ! I wish you could be with me all the time, then I would not have to worry about anything.” Nandini blushes at his gaze on her as if she understood what he thought about. He had his eyes hypnotizing her in such a way that their minds actually communicated through their eyes.

Soha went up to meet Harshad even though she was upset and angry, because somewhere deep inside her heart she actually loved him enough to let go of his unpleasant attitude towards her. He saw her coming towards him and ran up to her and took her into a tight hug. She did not reciprocate at first but then slowly held him back. When they broke the hug, both of them had tears in their eyes. Soha could not see him crying and therefore wiped away his tears and so did Harshad. They settled down on an old bench and Harshad spoke up,

Harshad: (apologetically) I’m sorry Soha. I know I wasn’t being fair with you. But that does not mean I don’t love you. I really do love you and never want to lose you. For a while, I had got carried away with my past and was giving it more importance than my present and you. I’m really sorry. Please forgive me.

Soha: It’s okay. But Harshad what is it that happened in your past that affects you so much ? If you share it with me, it might happen that I can understand your pain better.

Harshad: What happened in the past, when I was young, that made me hate Manik Malhotra ! Me, Manik and Nandini were in school together in New York. The 3 of us used to be best friends. I was young and I had some feelings for Nandini. Manik, on the other hand was a guy who simply used to play around. He was never interested in any one girl at a time. I used to consider him my best friend and therefore I shared my feelings with him about Nandini. When I told him, he accepted it quite nicely in front of me, but he already had an evil plan ready in his mind. Back then, I was a simple and nerdy kind of a guy. He created a scenario wherein the entire school started making fun of me and so did Nandini. He made Nandini against me and both of them left me alone. I know Nandini was not at fault because she was being driven by that monster. But I was really hurt ! Then, Nandini’s dad shifted to India and none of us had any contacts since then. Manik and I became enemies and since then I have been wanting to make fun of him just the way he did to me. And I also wish to save Nandini from that devil. Now is a situation where Nandini does not remember any of us and I need to convince her to me before Manik does. And for that I need your help to stay close to Manik so that I can go closer to Nandini.

Soha raises one eyebrow and gives him a tough look to which he responds,

Harshad: No no dear. Don’t worry. I was young back then, and now I feel love only for you. It’s just for this small revenge that I want to be close to Nandini, that too as friends.

Soha: But why don’t you simply go up to her and remind her of your childhood friendship ?

Harshad: It’s not that easy dear. She does not remember anything about me or New York. So, she won’t accept what I say. She would think it’s all a joke or maybe I’m trying to make a fool out of her.

Soha: Hmm..But darling just let go please. What happened in the past is over now, so just let it go and let’s just enjoy our present.

Harshad: No Soha, I can’t live in my present peacefully, until I take my revenge.

Dhruv was pacing up and down the room restlessly, unable to get Nandini out of his head and to accept the fact that she had rejected him. He was so confident about her feelings towards him all this while, he felt like a fool having been made out of him when his expectations were all flushed down ! Aliya took a look at him from the balcony but did not dare go up to him again and talk. She knew he would soon come around and talk to her because he badly needed someone to talk to. She turned towards the sky and took a deep breath trying to calm herself down to be able to help him.

She had her eyes closed and body facing towards the sky, peacefully absorbing the silence of the nature when she heard her name being called out softly and helplessly. She opened her eyes and turned around to find Dhruv standing with his head bent low. She walked up to him and held his hands in hers and dragged him towards the railing.

Dhruv: (looking up at her) Aliya I…

Aliya: (covering his mouth with her hand) Shh… Just stand here quietly, close your eyes and face the sky.

He followed her instructions, and she did the same along with him.

Aliya: (with her eyes closed) Now take a deep breath in and then slowly let go. And then think about all the happy things in your life. Your mom, your music which is your first love, Fab 5, our performances, our achievements, and all else pleasant.

She then slowly opened her eyes to look at him, obeying her instructions and felt relieved to find him trying to come out of that zone where he had been pushing everything aside and simply concentrating on the bad part. She stood there, adoring him, observing his breath and his face forming a slight smile which let her know that he had actually been drifting into the good times. A few minutes later, he opened his eyes and kept staring at the sky, still reliving all the happy memories he had just felt. He did not leave his gaze from the moon in the sky and spoke up,

Dhruv: Thanks Aliya.

She did not respond and switched her gaze to the moon, standing there beside him quietly. It was as if they had been talking a lot through the silence in between them. There were no words being spoken, but they had been communicating.

Abhimanyu and Mukti were sitting in a cafe and Mukti had been describing the whole incident to him. Abhimanyu was simply staring at her and trying to understand the entire situation. He then interrupted her when she started cursing Nandini for her actions.

Abhimanyu: Okay now stop right there ! That’s enough !

Mukti: What’s enough ? There’s more !

Abhimanyu: No ! The whole actual incident is over, now whatever you wish to say is only your viewpoint about Nandini.

Mukti: yeah so doesn’t my viewpoint count ?

Abhumanyu: It does but only when you have thought about it deeply from both sides.

Mukti: What do you mean ?

Abhimanyu: Listen Mukti, I know Dhruv is hurt and it’s a really big trauma for him and for you guys as well. You must have been really sure that since the two of them had been best friends like forever, she would obviously love him. But tell me one thing, you and Cabir have been great friends too right ? Like even within Fab 5, the two of you share quite a strong bond.

Mukti: Yeah ! So ?

Abhimanyu: So just imagine, if Navya wasn’t in Cabir’s life, could you imagine yourself as Cabir’s girlfriend ?

Mukti: What ? Obviously not !

Abhimanyu: So that’s the case with Nandini as well. Why don’t you understand ? You’re clearly over reacting to this ! It’s her life and her own choice. She loves Dhruv but not the way he wants.

Mukti thinks about it for sometime and tries to digest what Abhi had been trying to explain to her.

Mukti: I think you’re right ! I was actually over reacting. Okay I’ll talk to her tomorrow.

Abhimanyu: Good !

Mukti: So, did you talk to your parents ?

Abhimanyu: I tried but I can’t !

Mukti: Of course you can ! C’mon Abhi. They’re your parents. Please don’t do this to them.

Abhimanyu: Let’s leave that topic for some other time please.

Precap: Harshad going closer to Nandini. Dhruv and Aliya coming closer.

Tomorrow: PaNi ff. Would Niti accept Parth’s proposal ?


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Credit to: Medhavi

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  1. nestle joseph

    ha ha harshad ur fake story is superb like soha i too belive it.medhu di actually i hate questions but u forcing me to ask que is what is the problem of nandhu? how she forgot her past?

    1. Hey dear as I have already mentioned she was too young when she was friends with manik..around 5/6 years old, after that she never met him neither did her parents mention anything about him or his quite obvious one would forget..hope I could clear your doubt..

  2. hey medhavi
    update pani off asap dea..ll b alwyz waiting fr dt humble request

    1. According to the schedule dear pani ff would be uploaded every Monday and Wednesday..

  3. Uma Maheswari

    Abimanyu’s explanation for Nandhini and Dhruv bond is simple but superb. All the best can’t turn into to lovers. Please make Manik romantic enough.

    1. Uma Maheswari

      Sorry All the best frnds can’t be lovers

    2. Yes dear he will turn romantic but since right now he is just a friend of Nandini so he can’t be romantic enough…

  4. What an evil person yaar

    1. Yup !

  5. Hmm finally our mukhthi tried to understand nandu’s POV..hope dhruv comes out of his trauma soon.. But this stupid harshad sure he is just using soha for his stupid plans ??that precap scared me…harshad going closer to nandu…omg..
    Waiting for both the ffs medhu…love you take care..

    1. Thank you Monika…. ?

  6. Hi medhavi! when we lost hope we thought life is over but that time we need a friend or family member who understand us and help us to solve our problem and samjhae ke good and bad situations will come in every person life but they not effect on life,we need to face it and try to move on,medhavi in todays update no manan scene,sorry medhavi main exams mein busy thi so tumhare update padhne ka mouqa nahi mila,todays update superb but manan missing #behappy

    1. Yes that’s true. ?

  7. sorry there is one manan scene,nandini ne manik ko samjhaya ke he should stay strong and help his dad,nandini ne manik ke achche friend hone ka farz nabhaya,thats like a true friend.

  8. This is was good i really do want Dhruv and Alya to get closer and I wonder if Harshad really does love soha I don’t know, I really want manik and Nandini to get together soon.well done.

    1. Hey Muskan yes everything will happen slowly….thanks !

  9. Iss harshad ko koi slap karo :-/ .plz turn manik s character as romantic rather than only a gud boy n gud frnd

    1. Hey Lisa I understand your feelings but that will happen once him and Nandini come more closer…right now they are just friends so romance not possible…sorry about that…

  10. Harshad is just disgusting. Manan and Mukhbi part was awesome. Thx dear

    1. Thank you ! ?

  11. Haaiiii diii, I’m back, my exam ended on 23rd march. I read both pani and mananff just loooved it ❤❤❤???
    I really liked today’s update ?. When I was reading ur last paniff and when I finished it I was left awestruck by the way Parth opened about his feelings for Niti and that too in front of all them. Even in my dreams I didn’t though that he will open up .I really really looooooveeed ❤ that update soooo much ❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤
    . I know u will be thinking that this mananff and I am talking about paniff.
    And one more than plz plz plz plz make Niti accept Parths proposal.
    That update was ur ever best update?
    Now I don’t have words to express ur writing It’s really out of words because it is sooooooooooooo beautiful that can’t be described by mere words❤❤
    I really really missed u these days.
    I’m happy that I am back?
    Looooooooooooooovvvvvvvveeeeee u soooooooooooo much ??❤?❤❤❤?❤❤❤?❤❤❤
    These are only and only for my sweet dii .

    1. Hey anakha !! I’m so happy you’re finally back !! I really missed you and your comments….hope your exams went great ! I’m sure they must have been great !! And about the PaNi ff and Niti ka answer, I have submitted today’s part kab upload Ho tab dekh Lena….?
      Thank you so much….???

  12. Awesome, marvellous, outstanding episode, loved it very very muchhhh. ….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads.

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