Manan ff – unconditional love – Confrontations ! – episode 19

Sorry friends I could not update PaNi ff yesterday as I had too much work in office and then I fell sick in the evening. Sorry…Hope you guys understand…


Recap: formation of the thunder 3 band with Manik, Navya and Soha.

After enough jamming till late evening, the fab 5 and the thunder 3, although rivals now for Musicana, sit together for some relaxing time. Mukti had already left for some important work as she said to the others. She had obviously gone to see Abhimanyu. Dhruv and Aliya had been trying but still could not see eye to eye.

Manik: okay guys I’ll take your leave. I need to go somewhere.

Nandini: no wait ! You need to drop me home. Actually chachi wanted to meet you. Yesterday you left from the door itself so she said I should bring you home some other day.

Manik: okay come.

Manik and Nandini leave together , Cabir and Navya leave together and Soha also leaves so Dhruv and Aliya are left alone. Aliya gets up and starts moving when Dhruv grabs her hand from behind and stops her. Aliya immediately gets nervous and tries to remove her hand from his hold but Dhruv would just not let go.

Dhruv: I need to talk to you.

Aliya starts sweating, her heart beats increasing and her legs feeling weak. She turns around to face him, with her head bent low, not looking at him, in his eyes.

Dhruv: (bringing her closer) Come. Sit.

Aliya takes a seat beside him still bending her head low.

Dhruv: (angrily) Do you realize what you did last night ? Why Aliya ? How could you do that ?

Manik and Nandini reach his bike in the parking when Nandini asks,

Nandini: So, am I disturbing your plan ?

Manik: Plan ?

Nandini: You said you had to go somewhere.

Manik: Yeah ! I was just going to see that kid in the hospital. I can go after I drop you. It’s alright.

Nandini: Why is it alright ? I’ll come along with you. Do you mind ?

Manik: Not at all.

They drive off towards the hospital. On the way,

Nandini: You did not answer my question from last night.

Manik: What ?

Nandini: Why do you wear these glasses with 0 power. I told you you look much better without them.

Manik: Maybe I don’t want to look much better.

Nandini: What ? Why ?

Manik: (laughing) Just kidding.

Back in the music room,

Dhruv: I understand it must have been difficult for you but is this really the way ? I mean you know it and everyone except Nandini knows how much I love her.

Aliya looks up at him with tears flowing out of her eyes. Dhruv still does not pay heed to those tears and continues angrily.

Dhruv: I know, after Aryaman, things would have definitely been difficult for you. You might have needed someone close, but did you really want that close person as me ? Your friend who loves another one of your friend ?

Aliya feels broken at that. She keeps crying and staring into his eyes as if asking, “how could you say that?” His allegation on her about her physical needs that might have led to what happened was really painful. She kept staring at him for some more time and then left the room crying. Dhruv was so angry, he completely neglected her tears and moved out of the room to follow her.

Manik and Nandini reach the hospital and Manik asks her to go inside while he would park the bike and join her.

Nandini enquires the room number at the reception and heads towards the room.

Mukti is following a stretcher, crying like a baby, holding Abhi’s hand. Abhi is taken into the ICU and Mukti is asked to wait outside. Manik is moving towards the kid’s room when he clashes with Mukti from behind. He turns around to find her crying, all wet in tears, on seeing him she looses control and simply bear hugs him and starts crying. Manik places his hands around her shoulders,

Manik: what is the matter Mukti ? Why are you crying like this ?

He makes her stand away and asks looking into her eyes,

Manik: I know you come here often to meet your boyfriend. You never told anyone about him right ? What’s the matter now ?

Mukti: he, he’s been taken inside (points towards the ICU) he…he immediately started breathing heavily. Don’t know what happened to him ?!

Just then the doctor comes out and informs that he had a temporary disorder and that he was fine now. Mukti immediately rushed inside the ICU to meet him. The doctor stays back to talk to Manik,

Doctor: are you his relative ?

Manik: not really. Umm friend.. Tell me is everything alright ?

Doctor: actually there’s nobody with him except Mukti. And she is really sensitive about him so we are usually not able to tell her the correct information.

Manik: you can tell me doctor.

Just then his phone rings and he checks it to be Nandini.

Manik: (picking up the phone) hello !

Nandini: (on the other side) where are you ? I’ve Ben waiting for you here. It’s room number 302. Come fast.

Manik: yeah I’m coming in 5 minutes.

Nandini: 5 minutes ? What’s going on Manik ?

Manik: I’ll tell you when I see you. Just wait there for me.

Nandini: okay. Come soon.

Manik: (to the doctor) yeah doc ? Tell me what’s wrong ?

The doctor then describes Abhimanyu’s worsening condition and that the doctor is becoming helpless day by day.

Manik: (after listening to the whole situation) doctor, just do me a favor. Please don’t let Mukti find this out.

Doctor: don’t worry.

Manik: thank you. And, umm, are there any minute chances of saving him ?

Doctor: I’m sorry to say but I’m afraid there aren’t any. Maybe 0.5% if there’s some extraordinary treatment done for which he does not have enough cash and also even such treatments aren’t always successful.

Manik: okay. Now you please don’t worry about the cash. I’ll arrange for that. But please do whatever you can.

Doctor: sure. But you might want to hurry up. He does not have too much time. 2 weeks that’s it ! And his condition would go on deteriorating.

Manik: don’t worry. Just make sure Mukti does not find out.

He then rushed towards the kid’s room where Nandini had been waiting for him. They stay there for some time when all the while Manik had been tensed about Abhi’s condition and Mukti’s concern for him.

Dhruv follows Aliya to the parking lot and stops her when she was about to get inside the car. He grabs her hand and pulls her towards him.

Dhruv: (still boiling with anger) You can’t get away with this. Answer me damn it !! Why did you do that ?? You know I feel so devilish !! I feel like I cheated on Nandini last night. I feel like I can’t show her my face ever again. I…I love her so much….

Aliya: (interrupting him) Good for you..If you love her so much, good for you..But Dhruv if you can’t understand others’ feelings, don’t ever expect others to understand yours !

She gets into the car, tears still escaping her eyes, and drives off leaving Dhruv wondering what she meant.

While on their way to Nandini’s place, Manik is engrossed thinking about Abhi and Mukti and is not paying attention to Nandini at all. Nandini finds it strange but does not ask him anything as she feels she does not have that right as yet to enter into his personal space. On reaching Nandini’s place, he stops the bike and breaks the silence,

Manik: Listen, please tell your chachi I’ll come and see her some other day. I really need to go right now. It’s important.

Nandini simply nods her head in agreement and Manik leaves.

Precap: Manik talking to Mukti about Abhi and try and help Abhi with the treatment. Aliya crying her heart out all alone when Cabir to lend her a shoulder to cry on.

Monday: Pani ff. Jungle and cliff sequence, offscreen story.


I know friends, today’s episode was a bit heavy and not really joyful ! but it is a part of the story…but do leave in your feedbacks to let me know whether you liked the sad track as it is possible that some other tracks after this as well might be such…so if many of you dislike it, i will try to change it and add something cheerful….but trust me this is required for the story….

Thank You.



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  1. No, it is totally ohkay. 🙂 No worries. The update is superb. <3

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you so much Priety…:)

  2. No yar… But make sure at the end of ff … Abhi is out of cancer…. Feeling sad for aliya and abhi…. Nice update… Take care of ur health … Andin which company u r wrking

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Well for that you will have to wait and find out how does it go for all the couples…;) 😉 I can’t say anything now because as of now Abhi’s chances of survival are very less as per the doctor….
      and I am not working with any big company…actually my dad is a CA and i am also studying the same so I go to his office daily…

      1. Nice medhavi… So u r managing work and studies and two ffs …. So nice yar…

    2. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you so much Priya…:)

  3. Its good ya…in fact i like the way manik helps to mukti.. I like to have abi and mukti together…. I think this will be possible only through manik….
    Kind request..plzzzzzz make mukti and abi to join forever.
    Plzz update ur story on time. I don’t have that much patients. But I try to understand ur condition.
    Don’t stress too much. Be happy always..


    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Well yes nandini, manik is trying to help them but we can’t say anything whether he will survive or not…you know it’s life, very uncertain….but do wait and find out wht happens….but you will have to keep patience as the end is very far as of now….:)

  4. Hoow can dhruv say like that yaar

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      I know right !! He is behaving so stupid !!

  5. medhavi seriously why don’t you take care of your health…we all said that na health is more important we can wait for update….now you should take care of your health…coming to update todays episode is emotional manik is really a true friend who is there for his friends no matter what is situation….druve how can he sure about nandini feelings still she doesn’t say anything to him and that too he hurts aliya….at least now take care of your health…don’t take stress…hope your fine now…be happy

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Hey tasmeena, thanks for the concern dear….it feels good to know that someone who doesn’t even know you, cares so much for you….this shows we are truly friends !!:) 🙂
      And about my health it was because of excess work at office not because i was writing the story…that’s the reason i did not update that day…the next day i was feeling really good and therefoe updated this one….i’m glad you liked it….thanks for the lovely comment dear….:)

  6. No need for any change dii……
    It’s just amazing dii……
    Mukbhir track is little bit sad……but it’s okk…..
    But at the end…..inki ek swts si haapy ending Dena plz…….
    Nd really dii…..manik kitna concern h towand nandani and her frds…….
    Really dii……u r such an mind blowing writer……
    I m soo soo happy to see manan update on telly page…..

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you so much Kavya for understanding the story line and allowing me to write the way it’s going on in my head….you are such a sweetheart dear !!!
      Thank you once again for the kind words of appreciation…..
      sach mein aur kya bolu samajh nahi aa raha…..
      Aur aage kya hoga, jaanne k liye, stay tuned !!;) 😉

  7. Had tears on my eyes felt like aliya

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      That tiny line is a big big compliment dear !!!! That my work got you carried away like that, you could actually feel the scene ??? Thank you so so so much !!!!!!!:) 🙂 🙂


  8. Like seriously how many time we guys r telling u to take care of ur self but u r not listing nly that is very bad yar medhuu?? u should take care of ur self dear…
    Now comming back to upadate there was not a single thing to dislike dear ??..ur story is perfect but today my all appreciation are for two other person who derseve these lovely comment and that is ur mom and dad…cuZ they are not the person who has thought you the lesson of life..thy had given u all the positive which reflects in ur story..sometym I wonder ki tum itni pure hearted ho to tumhari mom kitni pure hearted hogi?????…
    I would love to meet ur mom n dad n u too one day?☺☺…plz give ur mom a thight huggg n kiss to ur mom dear??..
    I wish ur mom n u all the happiness ????? n lots n lots of love ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤…sorry for blabarring aaj much zayada hi likh liya naa? ??..but kya karu I wanted to thank ur mom isliye likhliya ??..n one more thing medhu mujhe ye puchna tha ki what’s ur birthdate plzz tell me if u don’t mind..
    N I think now I should stop writing nai to u would kill me????..definitely yard meri jitni bakwass koi nahi Marta hoga??..
    #lots of love ???❤❤❤??????????????????????❤❤❤❤??????????????????

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Alifya you have no idea how happy you have made me and my parents today !!!
      Wow !!! I never expected this….that i would be able to bring appreciations for my parents through my work !!! Never ever imagined this !!!! My mom is super happy !!!! Thanks dear !!!! I really don’t know what else to say !!! It took me really long to reply to this one because i was wondering what to say ?! And still, i haven’t yet figured it out…just thought now its high time i reply !!
      Love you dear !!!!!
      May you and your family remain happy forever and ever and ever !!!!
      Lots of love !!!

    2. Oh and you’d asked for my birthdate ? It’s 18th August…When is yours ??

  9. Sorry I mean they are only the person ?who thought u

  10. God how can any be so thoughtful…
    This is only for u
    Prepaiding & sharing happiness that u had given us
    Vakta ne jindagi ko to bhar diya
    Par vakta dil ko na bhar paya
    Jindagine kis dohrahe par khada kar diya
    Jaha usne mujhe tujhase mila diya
    Dil ke andhere kono mein tune ujala kar diya
    Ujale mein usne ek naya vajud de diya

    Luv u dear

    1. Woww palak u write so well..awesome dear?

    2. Medhavi Thakkar

      Palak !!!! How can you write so beautifully dear ???? I’m going crazyy over your poetries…..seriously !!! And the fact that you write them for me, makes me much more happier….Thank you thanks a ton !!! Love you for this dear…..Let me also try something for you,
      Tera saath jo mila, hum khil uthe…
      Jo kabhi tera ikraar na mila, hum rooth chale…
      Ab to hai tera saath zaroori humein,
      jiske bina humara ye din na dhale….:) 🙂 🙂

      Thank you once again !!

  11. i hate you dhruv.

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Yup !! He’s bad !! But lets see if he realises his mistake o not…!

  12. MEDHU ws nice..simple and cute..and obviously v need some heavy moments too at times…its like a silver lining 🙂 🙂 ..i called u medhu adoringly..hope u dnt mind..u r a working lady and make attempts to write for ur readers..such a sweet gesture..thank u..shudnt mentio. It. But still. .thank u. 🙂

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Aww Jesy thank you so much…..thanks for understanding the story line….now I’ll be able to continue it the way I imagined….Love you for that….and don’t worry dear I don’t mind you calling me Medhu…because I know you’re doing it lovingly….After joining telly updates, I’ve gained many friends who call me differently….I kinda like it….I feel connected to all of you like that…


  13. Very nice episode medhavi dearrr, it’s really heart touching n emotional…dhruv was very harsh with alya n alya so much hurt…ahhhh…so sad for her….manik worried for muktbhi n agree to pay for abhi’s treatment…there might be some hope…nandini acted very sincerely…very touchy episode. …loved it soooooooo muchhhhhh. …tears filled in my eyes when alya told dhruv,”if you can’t understand other’s feelings, then don’t expect others to understand yours”….such a pain in her words…I hope he realize it…loving this story very much, keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you so much Roma….I was starting to wonder where are all my friends as many are not commenting these days….it makes me a little sad but I’m happy you commented…. Thank you !!

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