Manan ff – unconditional love – Celebration time? Episode 48


Recap: Manik’s plan got Harshad behind the bars and saved Rishab. The Fab 5 won the Musicana trophy as well as the album contract.

After the end of the eventful day, all of them gathered at Nandini’s place before departing for their respective homes. Usually, whenever Fab 5 would have a winning trophy in their hands, that night would always be their celebration night. No one would sleep and all of them would just celebrate the victory. This time however, even though it was a big achievement and they were all very excited about it, nobody had the energy to celebrate. It had been a hectic day for all of them, physically as well as mentally and therefore they just needed some rest.

Nevertheless, their victory did not have to go in vain because just when they reached home after getting Manik’s wound dressed at the hospital, Chacha had kept a delicious cake waiting to welcome them. As Chacha had been a fatherly figure to the Fab 5, they felt really touched by that gesture. Nandini was still worried about Manik’s wound even though the doctor had said it in front of her that it was nothing to be worried about and that he would be fine soon enough.

Amms: I am so glad my Nandu found such great friends who never left her side in the difficult situation she faced today. This is true friendship which glows even in the darkest of times. And all of this has to have a special mention of Manik for being so supportive of Nandu.

Chachi: Yes Amma. You’re absolutely right. I always knew how close the Fab 5 were to Nandini but today, what Manik did to save Rishab and Nandini’s performance, it was just commendable.

Chacha: So that calls for a celebration. Come let’s cut the cake now.

All of them join in together and the Fab 5 cut the cake while all the others cheer for them. Nandini took the first piece of the cake and fed it to Rishab and the next one to Manik. After the Fab 5 had fed each other and also the others with the cake, Chachi took it inside to cut it into proper peices to be served to each one of them.

While all of them were sitting together, discussing about the whole day and their performances, Mukti got a call that made her blush and she moved aside to answer it. All of them understood just who must have it been to make her blush and started teasing.

Mukti: (on the phone) Hey!

Abhimanyu: Hey my love! Congratulations!!

Mukti: How do you know we won?

Abhi: How could I not know that? Of course it had to be the Fab 5! Who else is better than you’ll ?

Mukti: (blushing) Thanks!

Abhi: So where’s the party tonight?

Mukti: We’re at Nandini’s place where Chacha got us a cake. Other than that there’s no other party tonight. We are all too exhausted. It’s a long story, will tell you once you come back from Pune. But when are you coming back? I miss you!

Abhi: I’m sorry baby! But you know this is important right? It’s my new job and I couldn’t deny them sending me away for a month for this work. I have to be really careful.

Mukti: Yeah I understand. So, do you talk to uncle and Aunty often?

Abhi: Dad never receives my calls. Mom does assure me that someday he would accept and forgive me just like she has. But, I don’t know. I think I have hurt him too bad for him to be able to forgive me.

Mukti: It’s not like that darling. Things will change and they will change for better, trust me!

Abhi: (trying to smile) If you say so.

After the cake cutting, all of them depart for their respective homes with a decision to meet early morning the next day to go on for a picnic at Manik’s farmhouse for the celebration.

Nandini fell asleep thinking about Manik and his concern towards her and her family. She felt blessed on having him in her life. She remembered Rishab telling her a while ago after the others left,

Rishab: You know Manik is a great guy! Never let go of such an amazing friend. What he did today out there, I don’t think anyone can do such a thing for someone. You really are very special for him.

Even Rishab could sense that. But, was it true? Did Manik really feel something more than just friendship for her? If yes, then why wouldn’t he express it to her? And what about her feelings? What did she feel for him that inclined her towards him, all the time?

The next morning, Nandini woke up to Mukti’s call as usual because Nandini always needed a dose of Mukti’s threatening calls to wake her up when there was an early morning plan.

She finally opened her eyes and picked up the 5th call.

Nandini: (sleepy voice) Hello…

Mukti: Wake up lazy bird! We have a picnic to go on and we don’t wish to be late just because of you!

Nandini: Yeah fine! I’m getting up.

Mukti: Make it fast! And don’t you dare go back to sleep after disconnecting the call. We are reaching your place in 1/2 hour and I want you ready by then!

Nandini: Hmm…

She disconnected the call and again closed her eyes only to open them wide enough instantly thinking of Mukti’s threat. “Don’t you dare go back to sleep after disconnecting the call”.

1/2 hour later, she was still struggling with deciding on what to wear. She was in her room, a towel wrapped around on her body and was standing near her closet searching for a good pair of clothes. She was never the type who would think before getting dressed. It was always Aliya who would take 2 hours to get ready because she would be too careful with her clothes, make up, shoes etc. But now suddenly it was Nandini in Aliya’s shoes. She had been standing near her closet for the past 10 minutes but still hadn’t figured out a proper pair of clothes.

Suddenly the door of her room burst open and Mukti came in fierce fully.

Mukti: Choti? What are you doing?

Nandini: Mukti! Thank god you’re here! Come and help me find a good pair of clothes Na!

Mukti: What? You’re still struggling with what to wear? And since when did you start behaving like Aliya? Listen, we’re waiting downstairs and I want you there in 10 minutes!

Saying that she left, banging the door behind her.

10 minutes later, Nandini walked down the stairs into the hall where everyone was waiting for her. As soon as they heard her footsteps, all heads turned towards the stairs. Soon, all eyes were glued at her in disbelief. Nobody could believe that the girl in front of them was actually Nandini.

She was dressed in a white tube floral dress and nude wedges. Her long hair were let lose covering her bare shoulders.

Nandini murthy, the “cool” girl was actually looking like a delicate lady, a fairy descending down from the heavens.

Soon enough all of them had to accept her in that state as it was no dream. They had hired a mini van to fit everyone, the Fab 5, Thunder 3, Aryaman and Rishab. The boys had agreed to ride one by one so that not one would feel too tired and worn out. It was a drive of an hour and a half and the first one to drive was Manik.

He was in the drivers seat and all others were enjoying, playing random games and teasing one another at the back. Nandini was not interested in any of the games because Manik wasn’t there. She kept looking at the driver seat towards him and he too noticed her look at him through the rear view mirror.

After some time, she excused herself from the others and move forward to sit beside Manik in the front. She simply took the seat beside him and sat there silently. They did not communicate much but just the two of them being together in that situation was enough.

Soon, Nandini dozed off and Manik adored her innocence and simplicity. He did not let the others drive as he wanted to be with her alone.

When he stopped the van at the destination, Nandini slowly opened her eyes and was glad to see the first person as Manik. She gave him a faint smile and then proceeded out of the van and into the farmhouse along with the others. They dropped their luggage in the guest room and settled in the hall to relax.

After some time, the guys changed into their swimming trunks and jumped into the pool and the girls went on to get changed into their swim suits.

After getting beach ready, the girls too stepped outside towards the pool area. Navya was the first one to enter in the simplest swim suit revealing minimum.

Next to enter was Soha and Aryaman could not take his eyes off her.

He kept looking at her not realising he had been making her nervous. When he realised how uncomfortable she was, he quickly looked away to not embarrass her.

When Mukti and Aliya entered, things were pretty normal as the Fab 5 boys were quit used to that due to the various pool parties they had all enjoyed together in the past.



But when Nandini entered at the end, Manik’s mouth went vast open and his eyes almost fell out of its socket. He was stunned on seeing Nandini in that 2 piece bikini. He could not believe his eyes and Nandini flushed under his gaze.


In no time at all, all of them were in the pool, splashing around water at each other, playing various tricks, having a swimming race and playing volleyball.

Everyone had very well accepted Rishab into the group as well that did not make him feel left out.

After pool came crazy hunger. None of the girls were in a state of preparing anything so the boys took over. That got the girls worried whether they would get anything proper to eat but Rishab saved the day. Since he had been living with Amms in mangalore, he had all the skills. Amms believed that men and women should be treated as equals in all respects. Women should be able and allowed to do all the stuff that men do and in turn even men should be able and allowed to do all stuff that women do. So, Rishab had to learn almost all the household work. Even though he might not be doing it in regular basis but he had to have the knowledge of doing it all for any time of emergency.

Nandini: I need all of your attention friends.

Everyone stopped all the conversation at once sensing the seriousness in her voice and turned towards her.

Nandini: Okay now I want all of you to please listen to what I wish to say very calmly and try to understand it.

Cabir: Why are you creating so much suspense? Burp it out now!

Navya: Yes Nandini now you’re getting me worried.

Nandini: No it’s nothing to be worried about. Actually, I was going through those documents related to my dad’s dream project. All of you know how I always wanted to go into the science field and fulfil my dad’s last dream project.

Mukti: Ahaan…

Nandini: So, I had to drop that plan because I could not find the documents. And now that I have got those documents, I wish to do it. I was going through them and realised I can do it and I want to do it.

Dhruv: Okay so that’s good. You can obviously do it and you should do it. What’s the problem with that?

Nandini: The problem is that I can’t manage music and science together.

Aliya: So?

Nandini: So I would have to give up one thing for the other.

Mukti: And what are you planning to give up?

Nandini: (nervously) Mu-sic..

Dhruv: What? How can you do that? That too now when the Fab 5 has won such a big contract!

Nandini: I know it’s big and that should not get affected due to my decision and for that I have a solution.

Cabir: And what is it?

Nandini: Manik can replace me.

Precap: Would the Fab 5 accept Manik as a band member in place of Nandini? Would Soha be able to get over Harshad and find comfort with Aryaman?


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