Manan ff – unconditional love – bike ride – episode 15


First of all a very big THANKS to all my lovely friends for taking time to comment on my work…thank you for giving me what I asked for !! And now I am giving you all what you all love….:)


Recap: Manik saves a boy, takes him to the hospital. He finds out about Mukti’s secret. Aliya gets jealous of Dhruv and Nandini together and starts drinking a lot ! She faints and Dhruv takes her home. Manik offers to drop Nandini home on his bike.

While moving towards the parking, Manik asks Nandini to wait outside and he would get the bike there. When he arrives on his R15, Nandini is unable to take her eyes off him. Though he was a nerd in those glasses, but on the bike he looked dashingly handsome ! She kept staring even when he reached her and stopped the bike near her. He blushed at her gaze on him but then said,

Manik: You wanna come ?

Nandini: Ye-ah !

She began sitting on the back seat and unknowingly slowly placed her hand on Manik’s shoulder for support to climb up which got sensations in both of their bodies. As soon as she placed her hand, Manik who had been looking in the front, waiting for her to settle herself, turned around and looked at her, and even she looked up to him. Their eyes met and both of them freezed in that moment ! Few minutes later, a car started honking at them as they had been standing in the middle of the way and that broke their eye lock. Nandini quickly moved aside and Manik moved the bike making way for the car to go. The driver of the car, stopped by them and shouted angrily, ” Go romance somewhere else and not in the middle of the way.” Both of them were embarrassed at that.

Nandini then quickly seated herself on the bike trying not to touch him and maintain a distance as the other driver’s comment about romance was still going on in her mind. But she had a problem, whenever she was on a two wheeler sitting behind someone, she had to keep her hand on the other person’s shoulders, it was a habit. She used to do it always with Mukti but was not able to do it with Manik. Manik saw in the rear view mirror how she was controlling her hand from not falling on his shoulders. While he was looking into the rear view mirror, a car suddenly passed by and he had to instantly stop the bike which gave a jerk to both of them and Nandini’s body fell over Manik’s back with her hands on his shoulders. She was about to take them away when Manik stopped her by putting his hands over hers on his shoulder.

Manik: It’s okay. You can hold me if you want.

Nandini: (giving him a thanking smile) Thanks !

Manik removes his hands from hers and starts the bike when Nandini stops him.

Nandini: (almost shouting) Oh wait !

Manik: (scared) What happened ?

Nandini: Ice cream !

Manik: What ? Ice cream ? At this time ?

Nandini: (pointing at an ice cream parlor across the road) Over there ! Come let’s go.

Manik takes the bike towards the ice cream parlor and feels excited on seeing the child like Nandini coming out of the tough girl. He was also relieved to see that maybe just for a while but she had forgotten about Mukti’s problem.

Nandini: Black current for me please !

Manik turns around to look at her jolly face, gives her a smile and goes forward to get her the ice cream.

Few minutes later he returns with a cup full of black current ice cream for Nandini.

Manik: Here you go.

Nandini: (taking the cup from his hand) Thank You ! But where’s yours ?

Manik: I don’t wanna eat one.

Nandini: No that’s not fair ! Come then share from mine..

Manik: Oh no it’s alright..

Nandini: It’s not alright for me ! C’mon have it ..

Manik: Okay then let me get another spoon.

He turns around to find that the parlor had closed down. He turns back to look at Nandini. Nandini giggles and says,

Nandini: Here, you can share mine.

Manik’s eyes open up wide at that offer from her.

Nandini: No need to get shocked ! It’s okay ! We don’t live in the nineties that sharing a same spoon is such a big deal !

Manik laughs in his head thinking how innocent she was. She thought sharing the same spoon for ice cream was not such a big deal. But it was a big deal for him. She meant something really special to him and sharing an ice cream with her was like being in paradise. He kept staring at her for a while thinking about these things.

Nandini: Hello ! Where are you lost ?

Manik: Nothing. Lets start or else we’ll have to drink the ice cream later.

Nandini takes a bite and then fills the spoon with some more and offers to feed Manik. He hesitates at first but then opens his mouth and Nandini feeds in the ice cream into his mouth. She then takes another bite for herself and then lends him the spoon to eat. Manik keeps placing glances at her, enjoying her ice cream and her innocent sweetness like a kid.

After finishing off with the ice cream, Manik moves towards his bike but Nandini stops him by holding his hand. He turns around to look at her confused.

Nandini: can we just be here for some more time ? The atmosphere is amazing and I don’t wanna go home so soon.

Manik: but your chacha and chachi must be waiting.

Nandini: oh no ! They know I’m usually late. In fact today is really early and if they find me home at this hour they might think something’s wrong. Manik looks at the time in his watch to find it was 12.30 am. He is surprised to know that her chacha chachi would find 12.30 am quite early ?!

Manik: okay then.

Nandini: (let’s go of his hand) thanks !

Manik gives her a smile and stands beside her. Both of them keep quite for some time. Nandini again starts thinking about Mukti and gets stressed ! Manik notices that but is not able to ask her about it as he fears she might feel offended ! After some time Nandini breaks the silence,

Nandini: so, you participating in musicana ?

Manik: I don’t know ! I mean I don’t have a band !

Nandini: oh ! But you can make one !

Manik: tomorrow is the last date for registration of band !

Nandini: ohh ! So then ?

Manik: So then I’ll participate maybe next year when I have a band that can beat fab 5 !

Nandini: No ! You should participate ! You are so good ! You really understand music and your voice is amazing…

Manik: So, then give me entry into fab 5!

Nandini keeps staring at him, shocked, could not believe what she had heard. Manik starts laughing and continues,

Manik: Look at your face. As if someone has asked for the most precious toy from a little kid.

Nandini makes a puppy face at that and turns away. Manik places his hands on her shoulder and makes her turn towards him. He just gives her a smile and she forgoes her anger and give him a soft smile.

Nandini: Listen, even Navya doesn’t have a band. You could pair up with her.

Manik: But we still need a third member.

Nandini: So, we’ll find one ! Tomorrow be present in college sharp at 8 am. We’ll start hunting for a third member for your band.

Manik: But…

Nandini: No buts…Just do as I say.

Manik: (smiling at her) Okay.

Nandini then keeps staring into his eyes for a while and suddenly takes off his glasses and asks,

Nandini: What power ? I wanna try them once !

Manik immediately takes away the glasses from her and wears them back. She again makes a puppy face and says,

Nandini: What’s the big deal if I try on your glasses once ?

Manik gives out a sigh and removes her glasses to give them to her. She happily takes them from him and puts them on.

Nandini: How do I look ?Hey wait ! I can see quite clearly through this. How is it possible ?

Manik: That’s because it’s zero power glasses.

Nandini: What ? Why ?

Manik stays quite and Nandini continues,

Nandini: Okay fine if you don’t wanna tell. At least tell me how do I look ?

Manik: (nervous on having to compliment her) Umm…good..

Nandini: Just good ?

Manik: (staring into her eyes) always !

Nandini blushes for a while and then asks,

Nandini: So you always notice me haan ?

Manik: Umm no..not like that..i just meant..

Nandini starts laughing and on realising that she had been teasing him, even Manik joins her in the laughter. They keep laughing for some time and then suddenly Nandini straightens her face and says,

Nandini: Manik you look so good without these stupid glasses ! Why do you wear them then ? You know you should really stop wearing these !

Manik just gives her a smile.

Nandini: okay I want a picture in this !

She takes out her phone from her pocket but finds that the battery is dead !

Nandini: oh no ! No battery ! Take it in your phone !

Manik takes his phone and clicks a picture of her wearing his glasses. Just then his phone rings and he picks it up. While the person on the other side says something to him, Manik instantly says,

Manik: (angrily) yes I am coming right away !

Precap: last day for musicana registration. Would Manik and navya find a third band member and would fab 5 be able to help them for that ?

Monday: Pani room sequence continued…


Friends please let me know if you like or dislike something in the story. Feel free to give any suggestions as well….Thank you !



Credit to: Medhavi thakkar

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  1. really superb…and thank u very much for such an amazing fan fiction.keep continuing

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Hey paru please don’t thank me ! It is me who should be thanking you for leaving your feedbacks on my works and that too such lovely feedbacks !!:)

  2. Yes they will help him i think…

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Even i think so…let’s see what happens…:)

  3. It’s amazing dii……nandani ki hesitation manik ke shoulder ko touch karne ke liye,
    Ya fir nandani ka kiddy behavior hoo….
    ya fir manik ka concern hoo nandani ya fab5 ke liye…sb kuch mind blowing tha…….

    dislike jaisa too kuch h hi nhi isme dii…..
    Its all time awesome story……
    Love manan
    Love u dii…..

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      And I love you kavya for your beautiful kind words….sorry i fall short of words when it comes to descibing my feelings on reading your comments….but yes i can say that your comments make me so very happy and excited to write further….Thanks !:)
      #behappy always !


      DI.. its u manan always

      1. Medhavi Thakkar

        Thank you so much…:)

  4. Loved it a lot!!! The ice cream adoration part was soooooooo cute!!!!!!!!! Manik without glasses!!!!! Zero power!! Haha mine is 3!! Chashmish me n chashmish manik 😀 Bike ride……. What can i say. The cmnt by dat driver ws fab!!! Go romance somewhere else!!! In a secluded place… Jahan koi na ho.. Jahan sab kuch=0 hota hai n only 2 ppl survive on this holy earth… Lol. Wt m i sayin. Sachhi that hand keeping this ws damn cute!!
    Again, how do u manage to amaze me each time???
    Loved it yarr medhuuu!!!! My cmnt is shortened fr tym management 😀 PaNi on monday.. Vry good. I’ve got economics to study this weekend unwillingly. Jaan jati hai meri. I cn read aaram se.. Waiting fr monday..
    And who ws d caller n wt did he/she say dat made manik hell angry???!!!!!!! What would be nandu’s reaction at his anger??? Yaar the suspense has started killing me!! Medhu cn u say wen will d nandu kno d truth?? Brief idea?? As in, in how many epis??

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Yup finally nandu saw our s*xy manik without glasses….:) exciting right ?? so you have glasses as well ? Power 3 is too much….even i have glasses but a very less power, only 0.75….But if we talk about our hero, he looks great, with and without glasses !!:) 🙂 🙂
      Yes of course manan romance on a secluded island ?? What say ?? It would be some intense romance right ?? They are made for that only !!! Full love, romance, passion !! Let’s see when that happens ?! 😉
      All the very best dear for your studies….even i have got a lot to study now…it’s going to be tough managing things but yeah i will do it cuz i can’t ever let go of you guys by not writing updates….it makes me happy to make you all happy….:)
      Manik’s anger !! Oh yes !! What is it ?? Even i’m eager to know !! and so you ask about when will nandini come to know the truth ? I can’t say exactly but it will take some time as of now…because that is going to bring a major twist as it is the main plot of the story….and i’m still working on how to bring it up exactly properly !! So, sorry to disappoint you, but it is going to take time….but nandini will for sure have some hints…now we need to see if manik is able to erase off those hints fom nandini’s head ! Hope i didn’t disappoint you….
      Love you Plumpyyy !!

  5. Yes darling… I love this manam ff.. along with pani… Good going… My request is pls write more episodes during weekends if possible ….

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Hey Priya thank you so much for that apprecition….and i respect your request but the thing is i am following a schedule according to which sundays are free for me to relax…Monday, wed, fri is pani ff and tues, thurs, sat manan ff….so i need sunday to relax and to think about the further story…plus i have to manage studies as well as office together with it that’s why i need to follow this….i’m really sory if i hurt you….:( hope you understand….

  6. Nd dii…..mere pass “PANI” ff ke liye ek choti si suggestions h, if u don’t mind too lya me bol sakti ho…..yaha par…..

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Hey Kavya ! Of course tum de sakti ho suggestion…both my stories are an open invitation for suggestions from anyone…and i will definitely try to incorporate it…please batao kya suggestion hai ?

  7. Manisha Rahman

    Its makes my day
    really I loved it thank u so much dear

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Aww Manisha and your comment made my day….thanks for the feedbcak…i really appreciate it…:)

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank !:)

  8. Amazing yaar…..

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you!:)

  9. Amazing!!!loved it

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you chhaya…:)

  10. awesome update.I totally loved it

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      Thank you so much….:)

  11. Hai i didn’t comment for some time,cause i was busy study and in 18th exams will start. So sorry? don’t think I stopped reading I’m reading it when I’m free but don’t have that much time to comment.
    Coming to the update it was awesome I just loooved it ???
    The bike ride was really amazing?
    I wish Ki a scene like this was there in kyy it will be cute right.
    Gotta go bye ?
    Luuuuvvv u a loooot
    Keeep smiling ??

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Hey anakha….it’s alright…i understand and it’s good you don’t let your studies suffer….but still you take time to read, so thank you very much….it makes me very happy…..:) and yes while wwriting this part ven i felt the same thing ki kaash kyy mein ye scene hota…i guess yahi ek cheez baki reh gayi hogi kyy mein with manan…:P koi baat nahi humne yahaan pura kar diya….:)
      all the best for your exams !!

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    U NAILED IT DEAR!!!????
    D whooollleeeee Bike Ride was Awesome!!!!!
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    But no doubt U’LL MAKE MY WAIT WORTH IT!!!!
    God Bless U Immensely!!!
    Keep Making Us Smile…N Keep Smiling!!!!
    Love u once again…?
    N thanks once again…?

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Aww hope you made me blush !!!!:) sorry i’m typing from laptop so can’t use such attractive emojis as you have….but trust me, if i had that option….the whole reply would have been full of blushing emojis……:) 🙂 🙂 🙂 what should i say ??? I’m speechless yar !!!!! thank you is just not enough !!!! And I hope I again live up to your expectations with that call part….do let me know when you read the next part….:)
      Love you !!!!<3 <3 <3

  13. Ayyo Nandini s kiddish character is awesome nd manik s hesitation…a new angle coz manik is generally whom we expect as daredevlish…. This angle is superb di..

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Yes Megh, it’s a very different angle which makes me nervous at times to think if you all would be able to accept it or not….but now that you say you like it, i feel relieved….:) Thank you so much….:)

  14. Nice. It looks like everything is happening in front of my eyes. I really don’t have any words to appreciate ur script nd ur talent. Beside being a doctor u r an amazing writer.

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you so much dii…can i call you that ?? as you are elder to me….and btw maybe you have mistaken me ….i am not into medical…i am a commerce student and am studying CA…

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      Thank you Pravni….:)

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    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Yes tabassum you are absolutely right !! Bohot acchi lagti hai life jisme koi hardships na ho…but aisa kabhi hota nahi hai….and yeh bhi sach hai ki hum sabki life mein kabhi to ek aisa insan aata hai jiske sath rehkar, you feel there is no tension…and i wish even you find your manik(hero) very soon….and if you already have, then i wish you stay happy with him always !!
      And please don’t thank me, i have taken up this in order to try and make all of you happy….and i’m just doing my job….which i love !!!! and about replying to all comments, i do that because, i am not able to ignore any comment when i read one…my hand automatically reaches to the reply button….:P

  18. Woooowwww…manan haai ‘the bikeride…ice-cream wala romance was super duper cute yarr..n manek without glasses haii he must be lookng so hot in that look..i can even image the whole story in front of my eyes…medhu seriously u r seriously having an magical power to make ur story real imagination….
    U Nailed it yarr lyk seriously…i just wsh jabbhi tumhe apna mr rght mile tumhari bhi story super duper cute ho i wsh u a magical love story in ur real lyf…ummhhhh n a tight hug….love u medhu

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Awwwww Alifya, i’m so happy to know that you enjoyed this part so much….frankly speaking, for this particular part i had not expected such a response….but seeing your happiness makes me more happy about it…..and the magical power is actually all of your love that makes my stories what they are….if you all would not have supported so far, i wouldn’t have come such a long way….so it’s all because of you….
      and thank you so much for wishing me a magical love story…..but you know what, i wish you do get one amazing love story very soon !!! and i’m sure you will definitely have one because you are such a sweetheart and you totally deserve it !!!!:) *tight hug* Love you dear !! and thank you once again, for such a wonderful comment !!:)

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    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you so much arunitha….:)

  20. medhavi i think you didn’t read mine reply on pani ff part 33 plz once read that

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Hey dear yes i had missed it out….sorry about that….have read it now and replied to it as well….:)

  21. N m back again cuZ i forget to tell u gud nyt hehe….swt drmzzz
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    n will miss u till u return with an amazing script ahead

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Hehe that is so sweet of you….:)

  22. Hiiii….this epi is really superb.that too bike wala fact I even thought while watching kyy that they can do this bike scene.but u have done it. Carry on…and remaind u don’t give up……..and I like to say ur sence of thinking is much creative. Don’t give up ur creativity. All the best fr ur future

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Hey nandini thank you so much girl !! for those kind words of appreciation….but basically it’s because of you all that my story is what it is today…..:) and yes they missed out a bike scene on the show but yes we have one now….:)

  23. Ya sure. Btw u r an amazing writer. And all the very best. My good wishes r always with you. May this new year brings lots of happiness and success in your life. Keep showering love n happiness through dese ff’s.

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you so much di….that is really sweet of you….and may you also have a wonderful year ahead !!!:) 🙂

  24. Awesome episode medhavi dearrr, you’re tooooooooo good….superbbbb episode, bike ride was really fun n ice cream scene such a cutie pie…manan convo was just a cherry on top of that ice cream..n manik without glasses looking handsome but I’m sure he’ll look good with nerdy glasses too…so sweeeeeet story my friend…I hope nandini find out his identity soon n they love each other…keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Hey Roma, thanks dear… know i seriously did not think this part would be appreciated so much….actually i myself could not live up to my expectations while writing this one…but now that you all like it so much, i feel really happy….love you dear….thanks for commenting each and every time with such warm words that completely melt my heart ! *tight hug*
      And yes can’t say when will nandini find out the truth, but when she does, there are a lot of things coming up together with it….so just wait and watch….;) 😉

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    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you !:)

  26. Superb as always………yaar y don’t you start writing books?????….but the episode was too gud….u know with all d ice cream part,sharing the spoon nd ice cream,d driver telling them to romance sum where else…..just tooo gud…….
    I would actually luv to see the nerdy Manik and the stylish nandu……..
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    1. Hey chandana, that is really very sweet of you to say…thank you so very much !!!

  27. Dii….ap ” PANI” ff me ek villain ko le aaio….
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    1. Hey Kavya thanks for the suggestion girl…i will try to incorporate it…bas baat itni hai ki I am trying to make this as realistic as possible isliye i thought ki koi bahar ka villian nahi but PaNi khud hi khud ki story ke villain ho…still i will definitely give your suggestion a thought…:)

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    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      That is so sweet of you dear but fir bhi since you make me so happy, thanks bolna toh banta hai…:)

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      Thank you !:)

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      Thank you ! Love you too !:)

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