Manan ff – unconditional love – You have a beautiful heart Manik ! – episode 16


Recap: Manik and Nandini’s first bike ride, ice cream sharing, growing friendship in the middle of the night.

Manik clicks a picture of Nandini in his phone and just after that his phone rings,

Manik: Hello !

Whoever the other person is on the other side, says something that makes Manik furious and he replies,

Manik: (angrily) Okay ! Wait for me ! I’m reaching in 10 minutes.

Nandini gets tensed on seeing the angry Manik. She had seen that face of him before when the goons had come to harass her. She knew this anger had a really furious fight to end with. She was hell scared but did not dare ask him anything.

Manik disconnected the call, held Nandini’s hand and dragged her to the bike. He started the bike and Nandini quickly climbed up without questioning on anything. Manik drove off at the speed of a bullet. Nandini’s loose hair were flowing with the wind and her face was cold with the cool breeze brushing her face due to the acceleration. This time she did not even dare touch his shoulders as she was scared he might get wrathful.

7 minutes later when Manik stopped the bike, Nandini opened her eyes which she had shut tight fearing the high speed at which they had been travelling. Her eyes wet with tears because of the cool breeze combined with the high speed. She brushed her eyes to wipe out the tears that blocked a clear vision only to find herself outside a police station.

Manik parked the bike and rushed inside followed by Nandini. She was very confused at having landed up in a police station but Manik wasn’t paying any attention to her at that point of time and she therefore could not ask anything. She simply followed him until they reached the police inspector’s desk which was surrounded by 3 other people.

Manik: (talking to one of the 3 people) Where is he ?

The other person pointed at another person standing opposite to them and Manik turned to face him with his face featuring anger !

Manik: (moving towards that man and talking to him) So, I believe you need to take driving lessons ? Because as far as I have seen, your pathetic driving could have killed that little kid today.

Nandini’s eyes widen on hearing that and she gives out an “ohh!!” expression louder than required. Manik instantly got distracted and turned to look at her. On seeing her scared expressions, he indicated the third person standing there to take her outside and wait there with her so that she would not have to experience the scene. The man understood Manik’s indication quickly and asked Nandini to move out with him.

After having confirmation that Nandini had moved out, Manik continued,

Manik: (to the inspector) Just arrest him sir. I am ready to give my statement that the driver was this man.

Culprit: How can he arrest me just like that ? I’m telling you it wasn’t me. You must have misread the car number.

Manik started laughing at that and the inspector, the culprit and the third person who was his lawyer kept looking at him in astonishment.

Inspector: Mr. Malhotra, this is a serious discussion. What is there to laugh ? And besides he is right ! We cannot just arrest him based on your complain as it is possible you must have misread the number.

Manik: (stops laughing and straightens his face) Manik Malhotra is never wrong ! And neither does he say anything without any proof.

He quickly takes out his phone and shows a picture to the inspector. The picture was of the car that he had clicked quickly to keep as a proof before taking the kid to the hospital.

Manik: You can see and identify the road as well. It is the same road where the accident took place and it is his car.

Inspector: Now this would do. Thank you Mr. Malhotra.

The inspector then arrests the culprit and asks Manik to record his statement.

Nandini is feeling restless outside as she wishes to know the whole matter and therefore talks to Manik’s manager who had been standing with her.

Nandini: What is all this going on ? Who is that man ? And what happened to that kid ?

Manager: That man hit a small kid on his bicycle and ran away. The boy was severely injured.

Nandini: Oh my god ! Is he okay now ?

Manager: Yes he was immediately hospitalised and is much better now. Manik sir quickly took him to the hospital. And before that he took a picture of the car that had been running away. Based on that he filed a case.

Nandini: oh ! And he took the boy to the hospital ?

Manager: Not just that, he took care of all the treatment and made the complete payment. And it was good as the boy’s parents weren’t really well off to be able to afford that.

Nandini had tears in her eyes on hearing about what Manik had done for a stranger. She saw Manik coming out of the police station and kept staring at him lovingly thinking about the good deed he had done that day. He did not realize but he had gained a lot of respect for himself in Nandini’s heart.

Manik: (on reaching her) Where are you lost ?

Nandini: You have a beautiful heart Manik.

Precap: Last day for muicana registration. Would Manik and Navya find a third band member ? Would fab 5 be able to help them for that ?


Sorry friends I know today’s part does not match with the precap I had mentioned on the earlier part. But pakka the next part would definitely match the precap.

Hope you all enjoyed today’s part.

Thank you !



Credit to: Medhavi thakkar

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  1. amazing is the word medhavi……..u r just brilliant….thanks a ton for such lovely updates

    1. Thanks a ton !!:)

  2. Awesome episode medhavi dearrr, loved it very much, nandini is lost in manik’s good deed for a stranger…n manik very smartly proved his case, wowwww…manan rocking, keep it up dearrr, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug

    1. Thank you so much Roma…:)

  3. I think aryaman will be there

    1. Lets see what happens !;)

  4. It’s okk dii…….
    Infact yeh jada acha h……
    Thanx for such an adorable episode……
    Maza aa gye, maza aa gya……
    Love u…..

    1. Thanks Kavya !:)

  5. bhut bhut achaa tha

    1. Thank you !

  6. Awesome yaar… Manam forever
    thnk u medhavi

    1. Anytime dear…in fact I thank you for your feedback !:)

  7. Oh my my so mr malhotra has again bang on wow…see that’s why i love his character sooo much he is such a sweetheart..
    N now coming back to appreciate u ill just say ke medhu ur storyline is actually beyond brilliance yarr..
    If i would have been the director of kyy then i would have surely approach u for making ky3 storylines…

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Alifya you are so sweet !!!! Seriously i am out of words to thank you…tum chaahe kuch bhi bolo but koi mere face pe smile laye always aur main use thanks na bolu vo bohot galat hoga !! Aur main aisi galti karna afford nahi kar sakti…So thank you very very very much !!!!!! Sach mein !!! Love you !!<3

  8. And i think u missed my reply on ur mananff epi 15…
    I already said DON’T THANK US cuz whatever we guy’s r commenting is what u deserve dear…
    Aur tum ne sach mai nahi suna hai ki dosti mai no sorry no thanku..
    Yad rakho app plzz..hehe

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Yes dear i had missed it…i have replied now…you can check it out…aur main vahi cheez yahaan kahungi that dosti hai vo baat pakki but thanks to bolna hi padega !! So thank you so very much !!<3

  9. Aww soo sweet my heart fell in luv with manik like nandu fell

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Hehe…he is actually so sweet na isliye…:)

  10. Real manik came back……..his angry and ordering on others made me to go back… my point of view manik=angry+stubborn+caring+tender+love+etc………I would like to see all of his seen and unseen expressions in the upcoming episode……..and make sure don’t make any misunderstanding between manan. Have a good day!!!!!

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Yes nandini you are right manik ka vaisa character hi best hai ! Even i love him that way ! But i hope ab tak you must have understood ki vo yahaan bhi vaisa hi hai bas pretend kar raha hai for some reason…so don’t worry our original, real manik will be back !;)
      Thank you so much for your feedback !:)

  11. Thanks for the lovely episode it is just amazing..nd Manik ka gussa….i also don’t like people like that driver who don’t know how to drive but they got license they should be punished?

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Please don’t thank me dear…it’s my pleasure !! and yes such people should definitely be punished…

  12. hi! medhavi seriously yesterday when you replied me instantly a smile came to my lips mere paas words nahi hai explain karne ke liye ke how i felt…today in college i am thinking about your reply and laughing…one more thing medhavi my real name is not tabassum its tasmeena sir called me tabassum….so i am sometimes use that name…angry manik is back,innocent manik is also nice but i like angry manik,yes he has valid reason for anger…scared nandini its quite unexpected because fab5 never scared to any situation…scared nandini so cute….nice episode always keep smiling #be happy god bless you dear

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      So, tasmeena…thanks for letting me know the real name of a very dear new friend…and yes i had to reply like that because all that i said was true ! thank you very much for all your support and love …it keeps me going on this journey…
      And yes you are right…fab 5 are never scared of anyone but Nandini had to be scared of Manik you know it’s compltely different wiith him…;) But you are still correct…that scared Nandini somehow didn’t fit into the character…i will definitely take care of it in future….thanks for pointing it out ….i really appreciate that….

  13. Gr8 story

  14. So im quite late… M cutting d crap off.. Im actually happy dat u cud nt add d precap part in this epi medhu! And u call us frnz na toh kitni baar sorry bolti ho??? Stop that formal thing!! Dosti mein no sorry no thank you!! U urslf mentioned it in pani ff na 🙂 see i dont frget things!! 😀 😉
    widout second thoughts, my fav part has to be “The Manik Malhotra” !!! I just had a damn huge smile on my face!!! :)))))) I love his “manik is that” “manik nvr does this that” “manik, manik n manik” !!! Monster Manik 😀 :* <3 <3 <3 completely in manik land 😀 that i while typing "part" i typed "parth" lol.
    I soooooooo loved his monstrous laugh n instantly a straight face!!! Monster!!!!!! How i wish nandu wud've heard his laughter!!???
    You have a beautiful heart manik!! When i opened TU n saw this na.. I started blushing medhu…….. I from nowhere want harshad to b d 3rd member in manik & navya's band!! Im havin this intuition frm quite some days bt frgot to tell 😛
    watever.. I toh loved manik totally!!!!!!! 😀

  15. Manik ka reaction kya hogaaaaa?????????

  16. Acha listen na medhu.. Wen will original manik come?? Yeh toh pakka trailor tha coz original one is a monster n The Manik Malhotra!! Kuch bolna hai.. Bolu?? I mean its a request.. Ya question.. Jo samajhna hai samajhlo.. Who’ll come to kno abt manik’s truth first?? Ofcourse not nandu.. Plz dhruv nahi!! Alya will b gud i guess… Manik loves nandu.. Dhruv kinda loves nandu.. Alya loves dhruv! Alya ko pata chalega toh it’ll b hell fun!! ManLya on action lol.

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Hey Plumpyyy, I guess you will have to wait for that…and I’ll definitely try to make it fun !! And yes I might as well use your suggestion…But wait and watch dear ! 😉

  17. Done medhu. Your updates are worth my wait 🙂 I know you’ll make it far better than what i expect !! 😉
    waiting for manan epi!! Got half day tomorrow! Church feast for 2 days! 😀
    Monter!!!!!! Love him!!!!

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