Manan ff – unconditional love – Another twist Episode 29


Recap: Nandini reached Manik’s place and made Manik confess the truth. But she is unaware of the fact that only half the truth is revealed. She knows now that Manik has been her friend since childhood but does not know why the friendship broke and why is he back ?

Later that evening, Navya called up Cabir in a panicked state. Cabir finally picked up her call after avoiding many.

Cabir: what is it Navya ?! I said I don’t wanna talk to you !

Navya: (crying on the phone) cabir ! Cabir I…I’m so…can you please…come here…I just…ouch !!!

Cabir: (getting anxious) navya !! I’m coming !

He reaches her place ASAP and climbs up the stairs to her apartment, thinking about her and her pain he heard on the phone. He wished he could reach her fast so that he could comfort her in any possible manner. He reached her flat and started ringing the door bell constantly.

When the door opened, he saw Navya standing at the door step, in a black off shoulder dress, wearing a dazzling smile on her face. He immediately understood the whole thing. He had been a prankster all his life and Navya had learned those tricks from him in their time together. He knew it was one of her pranks on him and that made him more furious !

Cabir: (angrily) what is this Navya ?!

Navya: Come in Cabir. Take a look how beautiful everything is looking.

Cabir: no I won’t ! I see you are completely fine. So, I’ll just leave.

Navya: but you came because you were worried about me right ?

Cabir: of course I was worried ! You think it’s a joke ? But I don’t find it funny !

Navya: no Cabir it isn’t funny ! It’s your love that brought you here. Please Cabir give me one chance.

Cabir: for what ? I’m in no mood to listen to your stupid excuses.

Navya: I won’t make any excuses. I know I am at fault but please at least talk to me.

She held his hand and dragged him in closing the door behind. He took a look at the exquisite arrangements made all around. The whole room was in dark except for the candles illuminating the surroundings. Cabir’s heart did melt a bit at the sight of the efforts she had put in but he still wasn’t ready to let go. He turned around to face her,

Cabir: what is all this ?

Navya: surprise !! Come have a seat.

She guided him to the sofa and they settled down. She poured the two wine glasses lying on the table in front of them, offered one to Cabir and took the other one herself.

Navya: Cabir, I know my mistake isn’t small enough to be forgiven that easily. But I really am sorry ! I was stupid to not have realised the importance of you knowing the facts. Believe me I am guilty for not having told you about it before. But Cabir, today everything’s fine, and Mukti and abhimanyu are together, happy. And I want to be happy too, with you. Please please forgive me.

Cabir kept looking at her in surprise for some time and then cleared his throat to speak up,

Cabir: you know, I really can’t digest it when you talk so calmly and lady like. It’s so unlike you.

Navya: (continuing in the soft feminist tone) why you don’t like it ?

Cabir: I do like it but I’m used to my madhubala the drama queen !

Navya: (excited) so you forgive me ?

Cabir: do I have a choice ?!

Navya: yayy !! Thank you Cabir !! I love you !!

Saying that she held him tight by his shoulders and took his right cheek for a prolonged kiss which left a clear red mark on it.

Nandini woke up the next day tired and exhausted of the thoughts from last night. She was trying to regain memories from her childhood with Manik but did not find any. It had been a long time since they had left New York and there were no hints around her to make her remember the past.

Musicana rehearsals had to start as the competition was nearby. There were 3 bands participating from SPACE and those were The Fab 5, The Thunder 3 and The Rockstars which was Harshad’s band. Harshad had his cruel intentions to not only win over the Musicana trophy and the album contract coming along with it but also to win over Nandini for his mission.

Harshad reached college and found Nandini standing alone at a distance and so decided to go ahead and talk to her. He had given her few hints about Manik the other day and wished to see whether his plan had worked or not. He started walking towards her but just then he saw Manik reach up to her and both of them started talking quite casually and happily. She seemed to be happier than ever with Manik. He started boiling with anger, turned around and made a call,

Harshad: (on the call) Where are you ? Meet me right now on the terrace !

Nandini: You know, I was trying to remember our childhood but I couldn’t recall anything ! How about you tell me some of our incidents and we meet up someday and see the old pictures, I see you have many of them.

Manik: Sure we can definitely do that !

Nandini: But well, as of now, we need to get back to our rehearsals.

Manik: Yeah ! So, I’ll see you later then. bye !

Manik reached the music room and found only Navya.

Manik: Hey Navya ! Where’s Soha ? She was the one giving us lectures about how we should be serious towards this competition ! And now where has she vanished ?

Navya: I don’t know. I called her up as well but she didn’t pick up !

Harshad reached the terrace and got agitated at not finding the person he had called up there. After a while, someone called out his name and he turned around to find Soha there.

Harshad: Where have you been ? I asked you to come right away !

Soha: I’m sorry baby ! But you know when I was coming, I came across Manik on the way and I had to escape from his sight and that took me long.

She came forward and invited Harshad into a hug which he took in after a bit of resistance. He soon let go of her and said,

Harshad: Okay now listen. We need to be quick and sharp ! Our plan from yesterday seems to have backfired ! I spoke to Nandini about Manik to break them apart but they seem to have come closer.

Soha: Oh ! So that means there is definitely some magnetic connection between them. (winks)

Harshad: Soha ! Are you with me or them ?

Soha: Of course i’m with you baby ! But you know it’s quite evident what they share with each other.

Harshad: But we need to break that, no matter how strong it be ! So now listen up, we need to go ahead with Plan B !

Dhruv was heading towards the jam room with his guitar when he got pulled into one of the classrooms. It was Aliya who dragged him in as she was restless to talk to him and clear things out. She knew they needed to focus on music and with this tidal wave flowing in both of their minds and hearts, it would be almost impossible to concentrate on just music.

Dhruv: (shocked) Aliya ?! What is all this ?

Aliya: I need to talk to you Dhruv.

Dhruv: Well I don’t think it’s a good idea. As it is, whatever you say these days, isn’t really digestible to me. So it’s better we just focus on music.

Aliya: No ! You need to hear me out. And I promise after this, we won’t talk about this ever again !

Dhruv: (giving out a loud sigh) What is it ?

Aliya: Look Dhruv, I know you’re disturbed about whatever happened the other night. But trust me I was not in my senses. I don’t know how and why did I say that !

Dhruv: Even when in not his senses, a person speaks up his heart out ! So clearly what you said has been in your heart !

Aliya: Yes. It has been. But it’s no pressure on you to accept it. You are not bound by what I said. I said it because I feel it, and clearly you do not. But we can be the normal friends we used to be. Please ?

Dhuv kept thinking for sometime because it was difficult for him now to face Aliya after her confession. He had feelings for Nandini but she was only his friend until he proposed to her, and Aliya had feelings for him but she was his friend because he did not feel the same. It was all really complicated.

Aliya: What happened ? What are you thinking ?

Dhruv: It’s just that. It’s gonna be difficult now Aliya. Things might not be the same.

Aliya: But we can try can’t we ?

Dhruv: Okay fine. We will try.

Precap: Manan recalling their childhood.

Tomorrow: PaNi ff. Manan dance sequence and Nandini drunk scene off screen story.


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Credit to: Medhavi

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  1. knight_angel

    soha and harshad ….. it sounds so wierd. and both cavya reconcile. soo cute is it .

    1. Yes it’s weird but with twists…wait n watch !

  2. omg!! soha is harshads gf…… so strange yar…….. cabir and navyas part is soo nice…. precap is nice…… u medhu………. twist is nice but to digest this will take some time………….. keep updating…… u…………….

    1. I know dear it’s weird but if you trust me, just wait n watch ! 🙂

  3. Awesome dear…keep writing…

    1. Thanks Sanjna 🙂

  4. Soha……again. I’m sure manik is not going to win in musicana due to soha….. And I beg u that the plan execution of harshad and soha should make manan closer as like kyy.

    And….in pani ff about that birthday of niti……..i know that her birthday was held during musicana….But I need to remain u so that u can narrate it with special….. Since my birthday is also during that month and mostly held during diwali i indicated it as diwali month……

    1. Yes it’s Soha and Harshad…well I can’t say who is going to win Musicana but I will make sure to keep you all entertained….and I hope you will like it 🙂
      Sure will try to bring something special during the birthday segment 🙂
      Thank you

  5. This soha nd harshad is one team……
    Ye chiz too sirf ap hi kar sakte hoo dii……
    u r such an amazing writer dii……
    Keep going…..
    Waiting for next part……

    1. Thank you so much Kavya 🙂

  6. So happy yaar

    1. 🙂

  7. Next episode plz

    1. Coming soon 🙂

  8. Very nice update medhu…

    1. Thanks Monika 🙂

  9. Yay manan will be together soon. Eww soya and Harshad is so wrong but I’m happy soha is not in love with manik that would have been bah, this harhshad is always bad. I’m so happy dhruvlya is back and hopefully Dhruv will realise his feeling for Alya, cavya scence was amazing so cute and adorable. Can’t wait for more manan scenes. Well done

    1. Thank you Muskan 🙂

  10. Ohh goddd!!.. This one was awesome.. I love ur ff… Keep writing??

    1. Thank you 🙂

  11. Awwwwwww Navya is SOO good! Now hes not mad at her!!!! I LOVED IT!!!! SOO CUTE!!! but Dhruv is still not nice AT ALL 🙁 I hate him SO much rn! He is being soo selfish!! BUT GREAT EPIII

    1. Yes Dhruv is selfish but let’s hope things turn out well soon… 🙂
      Thank you 🙂

  12. Awesome, marvellous, outstanding episode cavya veryyyyyyy cuteeeee n adorable. …manan rocking aa always ….dhrulya seriously nice convo…alya spoke her heart out n dhruv still in dilemma. …harshad n soha…omg medhavi they r together. …shocking….what are they upto….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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