Manan ff – unconditional love – Another entrant Episode 33


Recap: Dhruv proposes to Nandini in front of the entire college.

After a long pause, Nandini walks up to Dhruv, gives him a hug and says, “I love you Dhruv”. Dhruv who had not been expecting this reaction because of her confused and shocked expressions, was rejoiced on hearing those words and hugged her back tight. Manik who had been getting his hopes high was suddenly shattered and turned around to leave when he heard further.

Nandini: I love you Dhruv because you’re my best friend ! Yes you’re right, the bond we share is explicit ! But you’re wrong on one small thing. We are the best of friends ! But nothing more than that ! I love you as my best buddy of all times, and I know you love me in that sense too ! It’s just that you’re a bit confused with your feelings right now. It’s okay ! That happens !

Dhruv instantly got angry and left. Nandini knew she had hurt him but she could just not accept what he had been asking for. She was now fearing to face the situation with Fab 5 but she had to gather herself and get her friends back together !

She walked up to the music room and Manik decided to let her be alone with her friends as of now and therefore did not follow her. He went up for his practice and found Navya waiting for him, with her head bent low because of the drama that had been created.

Manik: (clearing his throat) umm…where’s Soha ?

Navya: (looking up at him lifelessly) I don’t know ! Haven’t seen her since morning.

Soha had been looking for Harshad in the entire college and at last she found him behind the college building sitting near the old store room lost into deep thoughts. She went up to him and shouted out loud !

Soha: Harshad !

That made him jerk awake from his thoughts and he immediately came towards her.

Harshad: Soha ! My darling ! So how was everything ? Were you able to woo Manik ? C’mon tell me the whole thing !

Soha: What kind of a person are you ? Honestly I don’t even know if you love me ! I feel like you’re just using me for your purpose.

Harshad: Hey why do you say that baby ? Of course I love you !

Soha: So then how could you bear to lock me up with some other guy for a whole night ?

Harshad: C’mon Soha you know it’s part of our plan.

Soha: No Harshad ! It’s not our plan, it’s “your” plan. I’m just a tool of your plan. And let me reveal the thing which you’ve been wanting to know all this while, for which you’re acting as if you love me. Last night Manik and Nandini were together in the college because you locked only me inside the room. I was all alone and I was so scared ! And you were nowhere to save me ! Manik and Nandini did ! They saved me. And I’m now no longer a part of your stupid plans ! Bye !

She leaves and as she was going towards the main building, crying and wiping her tears constantly, she bumped into a guy and he held her in his arms, saving her from falling off because of the accident. It was Aryaman. He looked at her beautiful eyes full of tears and suddenly felt concerned for that stranger he had just met. She immediately let go of his hold and moved away. He kept looking into her direction for a while and then went up to see Aliya.

Aliya was sitting in an empty classroom all alone. She had stopped crying but was still sitting there in the most lifeless attitude, completely opposite her real self. Aryaman observed her from the classroom door and decided to cheer her up ! He immediately straightened himself, took a deep breath and entered with the most chilled out attitude !

Aryaman: (entering the room) hey Aliya ! I’ve been looking for you all around and you’re here ?!

Aliya was still in no mood to talk or chill and therefore spoke up a plain and simple “Hi !”.

Aryaman: (sitting on a chair beside her) C’mon girl ! We’ve met after so many months and if nothing else, we’re atleast good friends. So, don’t you think you should be giving me company ?

Aliya: Not now Aryaman ! Can you please leave me alone ? I’ll see you in some time.

Aryaman: Okay fine ! But for your kind information, Nandini has rejected Dhruv’s proposal. So, you can now relax !

Saying that, he gets up and starts leaving. Just as he reaches the door he hears her saying, “I already know that !”. That makes him turn around to look at her, confused.

Aliya: (continues, staring at nothing in the other direction) But I’m not a person who would be happy if the person they love is upset ! I know Dhruv might be so disturbed right now and that hurts me more. Yes you might be thinking that I should be happy, that Nandini and Dhruv would not be together but I’m not. Because that was something he wanted badly, all this while. He even expected that her answer would be a clear “yes”. His dreams and expectations are all shattered ! I can’t be happy Aryaman !

Aryaman: (coming back inside and sitting on the chair once again) So then, you should go and talk to him. Or maybe just be with him in this difficult time ! Aliya, you told me that you have a feeling that Dhruv does not actually love Nandini, it’s just an infatuation. And you know what, even Nandini said the same thing to him. So, maybe you’re right. Maybe, if you be there with him right now, he might realise that !

After some more argument, Aliya finally agrees to take his advise and leaves to go to dhruv’s place as he had already left from college after the rejection.

Nandini was passing through the corridor, moving towards the jam room when she overheard a conversation of some random students standing there.

Girl: Did you see how Nandini rejected her childhood friend ? That was so unexpected !

Boy: Nothing is unexpected with this Fab 5 ! Anything and everything can happen amongst them ! Just wait and watch, the Fab 5 is soon going to break now !

Nandini got agitated at that, and walked up to them furiously.

Nandini: (angrily) Listen you losers ! Fab 5 stays or it breaks, you should be having no personal business out of it ! So just shut your mouth and stay out of this !

She then moved towards the jam room but came across a lady on the way who stopped her.

Lady: Hey ! Are you a student here ? Could you please tell me where could I find Manik if you know him ?

Nandini: Manik ?

Lady: Yeah ! Manik Malhotra. Do you know him ?

Nandini: Yes I do. But who are you ?

Lady: I’m his mom ! Nyonika Malhotra ! Actually I’ve been trying his phone since long but it’s unavailable. If you could please tell me where could I find him.

Nandini: I’m sorry I have no idea.

Precap: Aliya consoling Dhruv. Manik talking to Nandini about Nyonika.

Tomorrow: PaNi ff. Niti’s birthday. Let’s see what plans does Parth have for her birthday ?


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I would like to apologise for not being able to reply to all your comments on the past few parts… I’m really sorry about it…but I did go though all of them and I would like to thank each and every one of you for the quantum of love and support you’ve been giving me ! Thank you so very much ! Love yo all !!

I also have an announcement to make. Due to my studies I am changing my schedule once again. So instead of Monday to Saturday, I would now be updating from Monday to Thursday ! Monday and Wednesday would be “PaNi ff – a story we wish were true” and Tuesday and Thursday would be a “Manan ff – Unconditional Love” update. Hope you all understand because friends I have my CA final exam in less than 2 months and I need to focus on that !

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Credit to: Medhavi

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  1. Nyonika… Is she here for something good or partof harshad’s evil plan?

    1. Wait n watch ! ?

  2. nestle joseph

    awesome….but i cant digest the presence of nyonika…she is a bad person,like manik i too hate her.

    1. I too hate her ! ?

  3. Who is aryaman

    1. He is Aliya’s ex boyfriend according to my story. They broke up because Aliya had feelings for Dhruv and Aryaman made her realise that.

  4. Awesome and fantastic turn which I didn’t expect. Thanks for updating soon

    1. Thank you ! ☺️

  5. I am in cloud nine that she rejected. But i wish aoon things should happen good fr fab5,dhrulya and the most ….manan. its quite interesting that aryaman and soha are pair

    1. I’m glad you liked it…thank you ?

  6. yes nanduu rejected dhruv….. but aliya she is such a nice girl and a true lover she doesn’t wanna see his lover broke down…. soo good aliya…. I expect one day dhruv will realize ur love…. manik that’s a good move ………. y navya is upset….. she already knew dhruvs story right…….. wer r cabir and mukhti……….. am totally involved in ur story ….. see how many doubts am asking but medhu will simply say wait and watch……………. awaiting for pani ff……. keep updating……… love u medhu……..

    1. Hey Priya I’m so happy that my story has got you so involved into it…and Navya is upset because she knows that Fab 5 will have problems now because of Nandini’s rejection. She is simply concerned for her friends..

  7. Loved it. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks !

  8. Awesome!!! I said na.. she’ll say she loves him as a best friend!!
    Feelin bad for dhruv.. I hope alya’s able to console him n dhruv develops feelings for alya too! Love aryamann like anythin!! He rocked d whole damn thing!!
    Soha left harshad!!!!!!!! Yayyyy great!!!!! That jerk deserves no one but soha is not trustworthy!
    Now y is this nyonika here? I hope she wont create probs between our manan… waise bhi what else does this b*t*h know to do?!
    Good that nandu said she didn’t know where manik is!
    Waiting for next part.. u know ur d best right?! πŸ˜‰
    Badly waiting for tomorrow… PaNi!! Their feelings.. reactions on d kiss.. kya bolenge?? Damn! You’ve got me crazy medhu!!!
    Loved it n love u!!
    All okay with d new schedule.. and no worries if u dont update πŸ™‚ study well all d best πŸ˜€

    1. Aww plumpyyy you know how badly I’ve been missing these long and detailed comments from you….in glad you’re back ! So you’re in 10th ! Great dear all the very best for your boards ! And thanks for understanding the schedule…. ?
      Lots of love ❀️
      #behappy ?

  9. Good update dear…..we are okay with ur schedule..No probs..we will always support u dear..keep updating and yeah study well..

    1. Thank you so much Monika !! That’s exactly what j want ! Your support ! Thanks a ton !
      #behappy ?

  10. Awesome, marvellous episode, loved it very much, medhavi dearrrr you’re amazing,….nandini rejected dhruv…I was expecting that…but why manik trying to keep away from nandu…aliya n aryaman convo was really good…nyonika came to meet manik….wow shocking. ..nandini will not let fab5 break….loved the way nandu replied dhruv…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads…it OK new schedule accepted. …your studies n exams very important for you n for us too…all the best for your exams and get very good grades. ..β™‘β™‘β™‘

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