Manan ff – unconditional love – Abhi, you can’t leave me alone ! Episode 24

Recap: Manik reaches up to Nandini’s place to be with her in her bad time. Nandini feels much better after meeting Manik and again feels the same sheltered feeling with him.

The next morning, Nandini gets ready and asks chacha to again drop her college as she feels Mukti would be in the hospital and therefore won’t be able to pick her up. She comes out of the house along with chacha to find Mukti standing there on her bike with her helmet on. On seeing Nandini and chacha, she removes her helmet. Nandini comes towards her,

Nandini: Mukti ?! I thought you might be in the hospital.

Mukti: yup ! I was but Abhi, he forced me to go to college. He does not want me to miss college because of him.

Nandini: oh ! How is he now ?

Mukti: (hiding her tears and faking excitement) great ! Much much better…come lets go.. (To chacha) don’t bother chacha ji I will take her. You can go to office..

Chacha: okay..thank you beta…god bless you..

Nandini takes the back seat, puts on her helmet and they drive off. All the while Mukti had been controlling her tears.As they drive off, Nandini places her hand on Mukti’s shoulders which makes Mukti’s tears burst out. She tries to hide them from Nandini but they keep flowing. She increases the speed of the bike so that Nandini won’t notice her tears. She badly needed to cry her heart out in her friends’ arms but did not wish to fall weak in front of her. As they reached college, she tried to avoid looking eye to eye with Nandini so that she would not notice her teary eyes. She quickly excused herself to the washroom and Nandini moved towards the music room.

After some time, Manik entered along with Cabir, Dhruv, Navya and Aliya. He wanted all of them to be with Mukti while she was passing through a difficult phase of her life and therefore he convinced all of them to forget whatever fights they had and be with her together.

Manik: Listen guys, as I have already told you all, Abhi is critical and Mukti needs you all. She won’t be able to handle all of this by herself.

Nandini: Yes I think Manik is right. She might be pretending to be alright but she is not and I can see that. So, Cabir and Dhruv, whatever is the matter with the two of you, please keep it aside for a few days.

Cabir and Dhruv nod in agreement because whatever might be the problem between any of them, when it came to supporting one another, they would never step back !

After some time, Mukti came in to find all of them standing with their faces low and depressed. She knew they had all gathered to support her but she did not wish to see them sad. She quickly brought a big fake smile on her face and entered,

Mukti: (cheerfully) Hello guys !! Good morning !!

All of them look at her surprised and instantly realize she had been faking it. This made all of them more angry and Cabir spoke up,

Cabir: Stop it yar mukti ! You’ve lied to us before now don’t repeat it ! Don’t fake all of this ! We know you are not alright so better be yourself okay ? You can share your feelings with us ! We are one family god damn it !!

Mukti: But Cabir I’m not faking it. Yeah I am a bit sad about Abhi but don’t worry, he is going to be absolutely fine ! Very soon and then I’ll take you all along to meet him, not in the hospital but at his place. I’ve been there once. He has such a beautiful house.

Aliya: Mukti ! Wake up ! And be true with us please !

Navya: Yes Mukti, you don’t need to do all this. We would be there for you !

Just then Manik’s phone rings which attracts everyone’s attention,

Manik: (picking up the call) Hello ! Yes that’s me ! What ? Okay I’m coming right away !

He disconnects the call and is panicked and confused as to what to say to the 6 faces looking at him anxiously ! All he could manage to say was, “Abhimanyu….”. And all of them rush to leave for the hospital. First one to run was Mukti who does not wait for anyone and quickly takes her bike and rushes to the hospital. All the others follow in Dhruv and Cabir’s car.

Mukti and the others reach the hospital together and Mukti rushes towards the ICU where Abhi had been kept since the past few days. When she does not find him there, she breaks down near his bed ! Nandini, Navya and Aliya reach up to her and the boys inquire about his whereabouts to the nurse. The nurse informs that he had been very critical and therefore had been taken to the operation theater.

All of them rush towards the operation theater but are denied entry inside. Mukti had not stopped crying since Manik received the phone call in the college. All of them were really tensed on seeing her condition thinking if she was so weak right now, what would happen if something happened to Abhi ? She won’t be able to survive without him ! Nandini had been sitting beside Mukti on one bench outside the operation theater, Aliya and Navya had been sitting opposite to them and the boys had been pacing up and down the corridor near the OT. Mukti had still not stopped crying and Dhruv got a glass of water for her. He sat down beside her with Nandini on her other side.

Dhruv: Mukti, please have some water. Abhi will be alright. And once he sees you like this, he won’t like it. Please stop crying.

Mukti: Stop it Dhruv ! Stop giving me false expectations. I know it all ! I’ve known it all this while that I will have to lose him one day. And today, sitting her feels like I’m here just waiting for that confirmation that my fear has come true and it’s time to stay alone now !

Nandini: No Mukti ! You’re not alone ! We are with you ! And even Abhi is going to be with you very soon.

Hearing this, Manik moves away giving out a sigh as if feeling burdened of not having able to help Abhi and Mukti. Cabir notices him and goes to talk to him,

Cabir: What ? Is it really that bad ?

Manik simply nods his head.

Cabir: But the doctor said there is some hope with some operation right ?

Manik: I don’t know Cabir ! I wish I would have been able to do something ! I can’t see Mukti lose hope like this !

Cabir: None of us can ! But you really are an angel ! The way you have entered our lives and are changing it, is really commendable ! If it had not been for you, Mukti would still not have told us anything and be sitting here all alone. Now at least she has her friends.

Mukti excuses herself to go to the washroom. Nandini offers to accompany her but she denies. After Mukti leaves, Nandini breaks down as she could not see her friend in so much pain. Seeing her break down, Manik’s heart aches ! He feels so helpless as he was not able to do anything for anyone ! Dhruv goes near Nandini and places his arm around Nandini’s shoulder. She then hides her face in his chest and cries. The sight of Dhruv and Nandini being so close, makes Aliya boil with anger and she moves out ! Nobody notices her leaving. After some time, Mukti returns and all the others straighten themselves not wanting to show their tears in front of Mukti.

After some more time, the doctor comes out of the operation theater and goes straight to his cabin without saying anything to any of them. Mukti again starts crying as it sinks her heart low. Navya comes over to help Nandini control Mukti when Cabir suddenly notices Aliya was missing,

Cabir: Where’s Aliya ?

Everyone looks around but do not find her anywhere !

Cabir: I’ll go look for her.

Manik: Cabir she’ll be okay. Come let’s go talk to the doctor. Dhruv can look out for her. Please Dhruv go find her. Till then we’ll go talk to the doctor.

Cabir who was aware about the differences between Dhruv and Aliya did not approve of the plan but could not say anything further. He just indicated it to Dhruv through his eyes that he better keep his differences aside and look for her properly.

Manik and Cabir go to the doctor’s cabin,

Manik: Doctor, you didn’t say anything. How’s Abhimanyu ?

Doctor: The operation is still going on and we really can’t say anything.

Cabir: What do you mean by that doc ? You have to do something please !

Doctor: Who are you to Abhimanyu ?

Cabir: Sir, we are all Mukti’s friends. please please do anything but save his life. Please !

Doctor: See we really can’t say anything as of now ! Excuse me please.

Saying this the doctor leaves the cabin and goes back to the operation theater. Nandini and Navya ask Manik and Cabir through their eyes as to what the matter was and they reply with sad expressions. Navya had her head bent low and her face hidden in her hands. She did not have the courage to look up and face the reality.

Dhruv had searched the entire hospital but could not find Aliya anywhere. He tried calling her but she wasn’t picking up.

Aliya had gone to a bar and was drinking badly thinking about all those moments when Dhruv was so close with Nandini. Her anger wasn’t lowering and Dhruv calling her again and again was disturbing her more. She kept drinking till there were very less people left in the bar and the bar was about to close. At that she called back Dhruv. She was completely out of her senses and did not know herself what she had been doing. Dhruv picked up at the second ring,

Precap: Harshad to say something to Nandini about Manik. What is it that he would say ? Would Nandini believe him ? What would happen with Aliya and Dhruv ? Would Dhruv find Aliya ? Would Abhi survive for Mukti ? Stay tuned for the next part ! A special episode !


I know guys it is a sad phase but hope you are liking the track ! Please do share your views about the part and also your guesses on what might happen next ?

See you on Valentine’s !

Thank You !

So friends, Valentine’s Day is coming up and we need to make it special right ? When we had kyy, the Valentine’s Day did not turn out that well as Manan back then had been fighting over soha’s incident ! Remember ?

But this Valentine’s Day, I want to make it as special as possible… So as all of you might have noticed, my PaNi ff is nearing its 50th part and the manan ff is nearing its 25th part. And sadly it isn’t coming on the Valentine’s Day ! But I want to release both parts on the Valentine’s Day ! And for that I have come up with an idea.

Now tomorrow is Manan ff day so I will be updating the 24th part tomorrow and after that the 25th part would directly come up on 14th Feb, Valentines day ! Next week we will be celebrating PaNi week as everyday would be a PaNi update and accordingly the 50th part would again land up on 14th Feb Valentine’s Day ! Hope you all like the plan….

And and and….It’s not over yet….This Valentine’s Day, I have a small competition for all of you if anyone is interested….You can all make edits for both the ffs separately and I will choose one to be the cover of my stories….One for each would be selected and kept as the cover…I don’t know if many of you would be interested or not but it’s just that I want to have your involvement too in these stories as it’s not just mine but all of yours too !! Anyone interested may please text me individually….

Let us make this Valentine’s Day a special one !!

Lots of Love !!



Credit to: Medhavi


  1. kinza

    Hey medhavi darling this is so emotional yr… I guess abhi will survive because I’m sure u can’t see all of us sad…
    Thank-you so much for this episode..
    Lots of love <3<3

  2. nandini

    This ff was soo sad……I hope all will go fine along with the time. Their friendship makes me jealous. I wish to have such friends forever…………
    I’m excited fr 25th ff.
    Have a good day!!!!!!!

  3. alifya

    Wowwww velentine special and ur competition idea is awesome trisome yar how do u always manage me to amaze me? Tell me the truth do u have some magic power? Ha bolo bolo he he..?? I just loved ur idea dear ??..

    Now comming back to ur update it was as always super hit..the emotions which we’re filled in it made my heart spellbound ?? the bond of their friendship is superb ??
    Manek was awesome ? the way he helps them kya bolu ab uske liye…very well describe dear just lived it ♡♡♡..

    And medhu sorry from now onwards I won’t be able to comment daily dear? as m in 12 n I have to study for it.I know my exams r still going on but thought I was commenting cuz I was already prepared for my priliam but now I have to work hard?? so sorry for that..
    But still I will try my best to read it n even give short comments cuz as per me it would me unfair for u if I won’t appreciate ur hard work so don’t worry I’ll try to manage something ????????…
    Lots of love????
    Keep smiling ???
    Stay blessed ??..
    N one more thing I had send u request on Fb mine is alifyachunawala I will definitely take part in it cuz m having holiday for one day ??? …
    OK bye thanks

  4. Darshani

    Medhavi the part was a bit heavy one..?But eagerly waiting for valentines day update…I think Harshad would fill nandinis ears against manik but nandini wouldn’t believe him…Aliya may let her heart out in front of dhruv as she is drunk..I hope that abhi survives but I don’t want u to go by my suggestion…u must go as per ur schedule….I am damn excited for PaNi week..everyday PaNi updates…wow! Wow! ????Just love u Medhavi and both ur ff??????

    • Medhavi Thakkar

      Yes dear I will be going by my schedule….you can wait and find out if it matches yours… 😉
      Thank you so much for the love and support….Do think about participating in the edits competition….let’s make it special together !!
      Lots of love <3
      #behappy 🙂

  5. hope

    I m speechless…so damn speechless…u always tend to do dis to me…
    D friendship of fab5 which u r portraying is sooo breath-taking!!!
    None of them wants to hurt d other by showing ’em their weak side..
    N that’s exactly what friendship stands for to always b there for u friends…no matter what….
    Really just in love with dis update..
    Now d precap..its drivin me crazy…gosh cant wait for dis valentine its gonna b EPIC!!!!!
    What is Harshad planning??
    Will Dhruv realize that he is at fault??
    What will happen of abhi??
    N…d most enthralling part…
    What abt manan??
    How will dis valentine turn out to b for them???!!!!!!
    Can’t Wait..
    But like always u’ll charm us wid ur AH-MAZING concept!!!!!
    Sooo we’ll b waiting!!!
    Take care!!Keep Writing!!!Keep Smiling!!!Keep Bringing Smiles!!!
    Love u loads!!!!?????
    N yeah..abt d competition I would looove to participate!!!!
    U’ll surely find one of my edited pic in ur inbox!!!
    Dont forget to check it out!!!??

    • Medhavi Thakkar

      Aww hope, you really liked it so much ??? I still can’t believe it that people are actually enjoying my sad updates as well….you know I was thinking maybe people would start complaining that please don’t update sad parts….but in fact people are understanding and liking it too….and people like you , who never fail to bring a wide smile on my face !!!!
      What else should I say ?! Such compliments force me to write more and better !!! I enjoy writing because I have something to look forward to and that’s your comments and appreciation….gosh !! I’m so happy I could make you happy….
      Well about the valentine’s update, you will obviously have to wait….but I’ll make sure the wait is worth it ! Manan is not the only one here now, because there are so many parallel things going on….so there’s a lot to come this valentine’s day !! Do stay tuned to find out !!
      And yes I would be waiting for your edit !!
      Lots of love <3
      #behappy 🙂

  6. Plumpyyy

    I did not like the part a bit!!! Not even a lil!! Coz I LOVED IT BEYOND THE LIMITS!!! If you’d ask me which is the best part you’ve written in both stories, i’d say this is it! The best!!! I know you enough medhu.. You wont end our MukBhi like this! You cant let abhi die accompanied by our love for him! I always wanted MukBhi together but my wish went in trash several times though i read some stories which mukbhi alive.. But here.. You just nailed it with utmost emotions medhu!! I love MukBhi most in your FF! Oops! You said its ours too! 🙂
    MukNi, ManBir, NavTi, NavNi, DhruBir, ManTi, MukBir, MaNan and the best right now MukBhi.. Im at loss of words to appreciate you!! Each n every damn thing is penned in the most beautiful way!!! The power of friendship and love is shown here!!! I just cant say how much im in love with this part all the more with MukBhi!! His monkey smile and her pissed off face <3 Hehe these are freakin' cute!!!
    I so love manik in all this! If abhi would be safe( IK he'll be safe) the credits goes to mukti's love and manik!
    The way all showed up in the beginning of the part for the fact that when it is friendship everyone's like 'friendship is life, love life gaya gutter mein' and i so love this thing!!!
    Loved how cabir literally ordered dhruv to search for alya without being a jerk!! Hope DhruLya's misunderstandings doesn't grow more!
    In short, I loved each n every bit of the part!! Each n every as in every damn alphabet, spaces used, nanoseconds you took to think and pen it down and you!!! And.. This part is the 24th.. And im happy that my fav n lucky number 24 proves it right again!!
    Arghhh… Ab harshad ki kumi hi baaki thi..! I hope he doesn't tell the truth! I guess he'll speak some kinda shit as usual! And i hope nandini doesn't believe in his shit!
    MukBhi will win and death will lose!!! The universal fact it is!!
    Loved it so much that i cant say how much?!
    Tight hugs and lots of love to you medhu!!!!!!!
    Now see, im gonna read the 25th part using my dad's phone!! Im gonna complete my studies this week anyhow and will read it on sunday!!
    And on PaNi FF's part you asked me na how i manage to amaze you by my feedbacks.. The answer is simple.. Coz im amazed by your magical writing skills!!! And even im happy after having a talk with you after ages! 😀 Will study hard and come back to give extra large comments! 😀
    ILYSM medhu!!! You literally own a bow down from me!!! Hats off dear!!!
    P.S- I think I started typing the comment approx 45 mins ago! 😛 <3 <3

  7. tabassum

    hi medhavi! i would like to participate your competition but i can’t participate because my practical exam on 11th feb so lots of work have to do in record i think i can’t comment this week but i will definitely comment on valentines day update….todays update emotional…mukti is very lucky to have true friends…who never leave her alone…manik really i am speech less…manik na sirf nandini ku uske friend ku unke difficult situation mein help kar raha hai thats like a good person….ok bye….thanks for believe that ke main exam achha likhhon gi…i will try to give my 100% to exam…i will miss you badly specially your reply….god bless you..#behappy

    • Medhavi Thakkar

      Hey tabassum I wish you could have participated but it’s okay….do study hard and do great !!! all the very best !!! I’m gonna miss you friend !! 🙂
      Lots of love <3
      #behappy 🙂

  8. Priya

    Medhavi update is soooo emotional……so much of suspense is there in precap…..I think now dhruv will realise after finding aliya in such a state….hope abhi will be back after fighting with cancer…..soo excited for valentines specials…u made an excellent deal….love u medhu….waiting for both ffs….

  9. dolly

    No worsds to appreciate what an amazing track…. Well i have 1 query r u going to introduce aryamann and maddy in any of ur ffs

  10. kavya

    Ye sad track bhi bhut acha h dii…..
    I really enjoy each an every moment of this update…….
    Love u dii….
    waiting for valentine’s day…..

  11. pulin

    Di it’s so sad………but next episode Mai happy happy kar Dena plz nd about precap it is full of suspense nd I am waiting for next episode
    Love u di take care ?

  12. Monika

    Hmm the episode was very emotional?aliya is really going mad for dhruv.hope abhi will be alive after the operation…

  13. Zoey

    omgggg I just read all the episodes from 1 to 24 in one go and just finished!! Overall, I LOVE the concept of this ff. Its a but slow but a LOT of detail which I like! I LOVE the fact that Nandani and manik are childhood friend! I just hope Nandani figures out soon! And I hope that abhi sats aliveeee!! I will be SOOO SAD if he wont!!! And dhruv is SOOO ignorant!! He isnt even officailly dating Nandani and hes calling her babe. I hate him SOO MUCH rn!!! I feel SOO bad for aliya!! But I also like how cabir and navya are dating!! anywayyy, I LOVE both of ur fanfics!!!! You are such an AWESOME and GREAT writer!!!! please continue!!!!

  14. Priya

    Medhavi seriously yar u r such a awesome friend and an amazing responser……they way u respond to each and every comment and u value each and every word of ours….how could u even manage everything like seriously two ffs stories, studies and responding to each and every comment…..I love this quality of urs….and if u r doing this much to keep us happy then seriously expecting a simple feedback from us is very genuine……very few episodes I missed to give feedback or comment….but seriously from now onwards I will never miss commenting….I love u and ur efforts and the way u njoy by making kyy lovers happy….

    • Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you so much Priya….It’s all about keeping my friends happy and if you’re all so happy, my job is done right then ! Thank you so much for appreciating my work and about replying to the feedbacks, it happens automatically when i read a comment on my work. My fingers instantly move towards the keyboard and start pouring my heart out…because seriously the beautiful words with which you appreciate my work, I can never imagine not to reply..Hardly it might happen that I read and still don’t reply…It’s really very difficult for me and it would happen only when I’m so pre-occupied…and I also know that with time, I might not be able to reply this way as my exams start coming closer…and I just hope that you all would still not leave your support because I won’t be able to repy for that period of time….because it really bothers me that I might have to stop doing the thing for which my friends love me, that is replying to every comment….
      Thank you for deciding on commenting regularly….it means so much to me I can’t explain in words….
      Sorry for blabbering so much….Just wrote what came to my mind after reading your comment….
      Lots of love <3
      #behappy 🙂
      #spreadsmiles 🙂

      • priya

        soo sweet of u medhu….all the best for ur exams….. studies should be the first preference later u can give feedback after finishing all ur exams…… I wont stop commenting ………. seeing ur comment I also cant stop giving reply even am in office…… 🙂 ……. love u … all the best………….and ha waiting for todays pani ff………..

  15. Roma

    Awesome episode medhavi dearrr, it’s really superbbbb n heart touching, emotional episode….I loved it very very muchhhh…honeyyyy u made a very special friendship bond between us…the way u appreciate our comments n response each one individually it’s really very humble and very sweeeeeet gesture. …I’m totally speechless…all the emotions you filled in this one episode….care, fear, love, friendship, hurt, pain, tears, affection, sorrow, fears, frustration, guilt, anger, n lots more….I’m blessed to read such an amazing story…I loveeeeeeee youuuuuuuu soooooooo muchhhhhh dear for sharing your stories with us. …loved your idea of contest…as i commented in pani page…I tried to make edit, it’s not done yet…what is the deadline? I’ll try my best….love you loads and very tight hug, muaaaaahhhhhh

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