Manan ff: Humdard (chp 35: Fight Back)

30 minutes before Manik woke up..
Trilok sneaked in Nandini’s ward and closed the window slowly. He stared at sleeping Nandini and smiled. “I will make you mine again baby,” he said and took out a folded piece of paper from his pocket and kept it on the bedside table. He saw Nandini waking up and poured chloroform on a handkerchief and put her on her mouth and she fainted. He put her in a suitcase and zipped it slowly making sure not to disturb Manik’s sleep. He kept the zip open a little and jumped out of the window.

I was woken up by someone splashing water on my face, as I opened my eyes, I got the shock of my life. It was Trilok, I was at his home. “S-s-sir you? Why you brought me here?,” I asked fearfully. “Because you’re mine darling, and will always be,” he said and caressed my cheek and I moved away on the bed wrapping myself in the blanket. “Don’t be scared baby, I love you, please stop resisting me,” he said and kept his arm around my waist while I shivered praying to God.

“Look, pleased stop touching me, I am someone else’s wife,” I said pleadingly and he got angry and threw me on the floor. “Ohhh,” he said and sat beside me on the floor and came on top of me. “Baby I will make you mine once more,” he said and kissed my cheek and I pushed him slapping him hard. “What do you think I can’t fight back?,” I said and he again tried coming on top of me, I pushed him with all the strength and stood up. I took a vase and confidently approached him. “Whatever you did with me won’t happen with someone else,” I said and broke the vase on his back. “Aaahhh,” he screamed. I took a pieced of broken vase and went near him fisting his hair tightly. “If you dare to touch me again, I will kill you,” I threatened him keeping the piece on his neck and suddenly someone pulled me away from him, I thanked God saw Manik was the one.

I hugged him, he hugged back and I hugged him tighter. “Nandini, go sit in the car outside,” he said. “No I won’t go anywhere without you,” I refused. “Nandu, just go,” he ordered. “But,” he interrupted me. “Go,” he said again and I went.

“She’s mine and not yours, stay away from her,” I said and punched him and went outside to my car and saw Nandini leaning to the car. I stood beside her. “Relax he went,” I assured her and she looked at me. “I have used the power to fight back Manik, I threatened him,” she told me. I pulled her in a hug. “We’ll go far from this place, don’t worry,” I said. “Honeymoon?,” she asked. “Nope,to hide you,” I replied. “Manik yar,” she said disappointed and pouted. “I will make everything fine I promise,” I said and kissed her forehead.

We reached hospital and I came outside from the car and went to her side, I opened the door but she wasn’t reacting at all. I picked her in my arms. She clutched my T-shirt tight. “You won’t fall,” I assured. “But we will go,” she said. “After you’re served justice,” I said and took her to her ward. She was still holding me tight and looked here and there as if making sure that he’s not here. I made her eat.

After four months:
Today was the day for her rape case. She was sitting on our queen size bed looking out of the window. I sat with her and gave her strength. “You will win the case, just you,” I assured her and entwined our hands. “I know you are with me,” she said and hugged me. It’s been a long time since we had a hug. It felt really good to have her back.

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