Manan ff: Humdard (chp 2–Panic Attack)


I was in my cabin waiting for patients to come, just then a nurse came and told me that my new patient is not eating anything. I got up immediately and went in her ward walking through the hall with every nurse greeting me, I greeted them too and reached the ward. She was sitting hugging her knees, her hair messed up, her body shivering, tears falling from her eyes.

I knew she is scared of something so I didn’t went close to her. “Why aren’t you eating something?,” I asked. “Doctor, I m not hungry,” she said. “Oh I forgot to ask, what’s your name?,” I asked casually. “Nandini Moorthy,” she said. She had the same name as my friend.”You have a nice name,” I praised her and she said thanks in a low voice. “OK so I m your doctor, you know that already, I m Dr. Manik Malhotra,” I said introducing myself. “Why am I in the hospital?,” she asked blankly.

“You were walking in the middle of the road and I saw you, I asked you if you are okay but you were quiet, you fainted and I brought you here. Why were you roaming on the roads? Where are your parents?,” I asked and more tears flowed from her eyes. “Its OK if u don’t want to tell,” I said. “I am an orphan,” she said forcefully. “Isn’t there anyone else in your family?,” I asked. “I have an aunt (chachi), but she’s outside the country,” she said. “Oh..tell me her number, I will call her,” I said taking out my phone but she immediately said,”no!,” I looked at her. “I mean its OK, don’t call her,” she said. “Its important for someone to be with you in this time, now no arguments tell me,” I said and she gave me her aunt’s number and I called her and informed her everything. She said she’s coming. Nandini lied that she’s outside country. I ignored it and was going.

Suddenly I heard her breathing heavily,I turned to her, her silent cries turned into a panic attack, she clutched the bedsheet tightly and sweat started to form on her forehead. She screamed loudly, ” no plz don’t do this, don’t do anything, don’t come near me,” I immediately made her lay down, she wasn’t calming down. She sat up again but I made her lay. “Look everything will be fine, no one will come near you, calm down”, I said trying to comfort her. “He will come again,” she said breathing heavily. “No one will come,” I said covering her.

She was screaming a lot. “Shhhh,” I said keeping a finger on my lips and looked at the door. She stopped and I calmed her making her lay to sleep, she got fine. I covered her and went from there. I went to other doctors and discussed with them about this and they suggested to do her test from which we can know if she’s raped. I will treat her completely, don’t take me wrong, I m not in love with her. In fact no doctor loves his/her patient. Their patients are their responsibility, and so is she.

I went in my cabin and I got to know a lady is finding me, I told the receptionist to bring her here. A lady came in my cabin with concerned face. “Where is Nandu?,” she asked. “She’s in the ward 34, are you her aunt?,” I asked. “Yes, I m her aunt, is anyone there with her?”, she asked. “No, no one came, she said she just have you and she’s an orphan,” as I said this, she got shocked. “She’s not an orphan, I m going to her,” she said and went. Again she lied. But why? Who lies about this? There is definitely something with her.

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