Manan ff: Humdard (chp 1-Dr Manik)

(The update before this was promo, by the way this story was written for Mehbeer, it’s a remake of that story with different name)

A boy is getting ready in her room in doctor’s clothes. A woman comes in his room.
Woman: I m proud of u that u r fulfilling your dad’s dream.
Boy: Mummy he’s my best friend, n u r my first love, I can do anything for u both.
Mom: I know, but telling u again, don’t break any girl’s heart
Boy: yes mom, I will never let u down, Manik promises to never break anyone’s heart, be it anyone.
Mom: beta I m proud of u

She kisses his forehead.

In a house, a girl is crying and begging in front of her parents.

Girl: mumma plz believe me I m your daughter, I m not blaming him, I can’t take classes from him, he has raped me.

Mother: Nandini just shut up, he’s your teacher, how can u blame him?

Nandini: mumma I m not lying plz believe me

The man standing beside her gets angry.
Man: do anything but don’t blame me.

Nandini sits on her knees.
Nandini: no plz don’t do this Pandit ji
Pandit ji: u blo*dy b*t*h, don’t u dare blame me, if u don’t want than don’t take classes.

He holds her arm and pulls her up, she goes to her father.
Nandini: papa, u believe me na?
Papa: beta I didn’t expected this from u, how could u do this?
Nandini: papa m not lying.
Mother: what will society think of us? Go get lost don’t come in our house again.

She pushes her out of the house and closes the door on her face.
Nandini: mumma

She cries more pressing her back against the door and slides down till she reaches the floor.
Nandini: mumma plz don’t do this, think of me, where will I go?

She says loudly hoping she will come out and will take her in a warm hug but nothing such happened. Just because of telling the truth, her parents left her, the same woman and the man who adopted her when she was little, they gave her love but on the time of support, they left her. She stands up and walks away slowly, her mind was lost, her eyes flooded with tears, sadness filled heart, she walks in the middle of the road not knowing where’s she going. Manik sees her and rings the horn again and again, but she was too lost. He stops the car and steps down going towards her.

Manik: why are u walking in the middle of the road? U will get hurt.

She stays quiet.
Manik: where u live? Should I drop u??
Nandini walks further, he comes in front of her.
Manik: will u come with me? I will drop u to a safe place? U look scared.

She faints, he holds her.
Manik: hey, what happened? Get up.

He takes her to his car making her sit inside and sprinkles water on her eyes. She doesn’t wakes up.
Manik: she’s in deep unconsciousness, I will take her to hospital.

He buckles her seatbelt and drives away to the hospital. He stops outside his hospital named as “Laksh Memorial Hospital” named on his father. He gets down the car and goes to her side and opens the door, unbuckles her seatbelt picking her in his arms and closes the door. He asks the nurses for stretcher and lays her down on it taking her to emergency room. By the way Manik is a highly qualified doctor, he’s a psychologist.

They do some tests and get to know she’s emotionally disturbed, they give her drips and after sometime she gains consciousness. Manik is informed about this, he goes to her.
Manik: how r u feeling?
Nandini: better
Manik: should I call someone from your family?
Nandini gets teary eyed.
Nandini: I don’t have family.

As she says this, she felt as if someone had stabbed her heart many times.
Manik: oh, if u need anything, tell anyone from here OK.
Nandini: yes

Manik’s POV:
When I took her in my arms the moment she fainted, I saw her face and felt bad to see sadness on such a beautiful face, I got a feeling as if I know her since a long time, she resembles someone who was close to my heart, I will try I can be her friend and can solve her problem, not because she has a face resembling my old friend, but because she don’t have anyone.
End of POV

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