MANAN FF – OUR HEARTBEAT!! ( chapter -1) by tash

Night….light…sea shore….colours…hot girls…s*xy boys…
Song…dance…alcohol… BEACH PARTYY!!!!
Beautiful senerio at night…
Ppl dancing to the beat….

Suddenly a girl from the bar wearing a off shoulder crop top..with hot pants n sneakers.. Bottle of beer in her hand…walks straight in the crowd joining the dance…
A pair of feather earrings in her ears…no makeup n jst a strawberry gloss on her lips made her look eternally beautiful n hot…
Her shining little moist eyes bcoz of the alcohol..made her look ever more hot n breath taking..
She threw the bottle of alcohol on the floor n went in the middle of the crowd…

She signed to stop the music…

Suddenly a person started singing around her…

Up with it girl
Rock with it girl
Show dem it girl (Bada bang bang)
Bounce with it girl
Dance with it girl
Get with it girl (Bada bang bang)

She looked into the eyes of that person n then took a sip of beer in his hand..

She started her hot moves on the awesome beats of the song…

She suddenly started singing…

Come on, come on,
turn the radio on
It’s Friday night, and it won’t be long
Gotta do my hair, put my make-up on
It’s Friday night, and it won’t be long

She started her hot dancing moves making each n every man there stare at her…all were clapping in beats…

Till I hit the dance floor (bada bang)
Hit the dance floor (bada bang)
I got all I need
No, I ain’t got cash, I ain’t got cash
But I got you, baby (just you and me)

Baby, I don’t need dollar bills to have fun tonight
I love cheap thrills!
Baby, I don’t need dollar bills to have fun tonight
I love cheap thrills!

From the bar a person saw the crowd going mad..he moved towards the crowd..
The person was dressed in jeans n a sea colour t – shirt… Loafers..n ALLL different sort of bracelets in his hand…a glass of beer in his hand…Looking way too hot..all they jaw drops looking at him..girls stare at him checking him out..super handsome..
Super tall n perfect abbs visible from his tshirt..
His sharp feathers..his muscular jaw lines..lil stubble..n his mesmerising eyes..makes every girl skip a beat..

He anyhow made way for himself to see what is going on..
What he saw turned him on…
He smirked seductively…

But I don’t need no money
U worth more dan diamond, more dan gold
As long as I can feel the beat
Mek di beat jus tek control

He went near her n held her waist softly…

She saw him..she too smirked same as he did…

They started to dance seductively in sync…
Her waist moving with the rhythm n his hand carrying her perfectly…

Me an u girl)
(U an me)
(Drop it 2 di floor an mek mi see your energy because)
(Mi nah play no hide an seek)
(Wah fi see di ting u have weh mek mi feel week girl)
(’cause anytime u wine an kotch it di selector pull it up an pull it pon repeat girl)
(I’m nah touch a dollar in mi pocket)
(’cause nuttin in this world ain’t more dan what u worth)

She whispered in his ears -” boy…u r hot…super hot..”
He smiled evilly..

The whole beach now was busy n out of their senses in dancing…
They slowly moved lil away from the crazy crowd..

She entwined her arms from his neck n he was moving his hands shamelessly on her back…

He kissed her sweet n delicate part,her neck which was enough to for her to be turned on…

She said-” hey boy, u know na..u r turning me on completely…”

He smiled n gave a hickey to her..
N that was enough too now…

She now started to dominate…

She kissed him insanely n kept her hands on his chest…

They kissed for a long time n they left eo being out of breath…

They looked at eo..with love in their eyes…

They entwined their hands with eo n then started to walk on the beach silently n slowly…

Boy -” so nandini u definitely know how to turn me on..what u did was jst to turn my action na??”

Nandini -” do I?? Well so was I successful in doing that??”

Boy -” yah..completely…”

Nandini -” so mr Manik malhotra now u see how much hot ur girlfriend is…so do not dare flirt with other girls coz u know I will burn u with jealousy coz I can also make numerous boyfriends if I want ok!!!” ( she looked at him with a death glare..)

Manik-” woh..u scared me…cool….I won’t ok..calm down girlfriend..”

Nandini-” shut up boyfriend” ( tracing her fingers on his stubble )

He tried to bit her finger BT she removes it…

Nandini -” Manik….we r here for a vacation in Rio….with our friends..Brazil is so beautiful ya..n this beach is awesome..BT I m becoming sad now…it’s going to end soon…then our f**king hell life will start again…ZAYN, Gigi,cabir,mukhti,we both….we all will get busy into our hell frustrating**dy ends so soon…ahhhh….after about 13 months we all have gathered together to celebrate with eo…ahh…it will end…n f**k them..where the hell are they..we all should be together now.. ”

Manik-” ooooo…calm down my little angry bird…lets find them..n don’t get sad na love…we will plan this type of vacation again..ok…”

Nandu-” heeeeyyyyy…leave that…look there” ( pointing towards two love birds doing romance)

Manik-” woooh,. Hot!!”

Nandu-” shut up…let me bring them back to life…wait”
Manik-” let them be na..we should also romance na…”
Nandu-” no…it’s jst 2 days left n I don’t wanna waste it na..we ll romance it’s friends time..”

Nandu went near them..

Nandu-” heyyyy…idiots…come back to life…ok…we r here..”

A boy turns yelling -” who the f**k is here”

They boy was extraordinarily hot…he wore a shirt with his buttons open showing his perfect abbs n his super hot n artistic tattoo… A blue jeans n two bands on his wrist..he had lil beard with added an extra point to his hotness.. His sharp feature n super attractive lips were breath skipping..tall n perfect body every girl desires of…

He saw MANAN n he made a disgusted face as if someone has disturbed him in taking his live’s most difficult decision…?


Nandu-” ZAYN stop looking at me like that…we r here not for f**king eo…BT for friendzzzzzz masti..right!!”

ZAYN-” ah,,,Manik bro…is she chucking nuts…go n romance with her too na n don’t disturb ”

Nandu dragged a girl away from him…

The girl was wearing a crop top n skirt hardly reaching her mid thigh..showing her perfect flat stomach n curves..
She had her hair open n no makeup..BT that all added her beauty n hotness even more..she was eternally beautiful n hot..ofcource coz she was a model.. All her features were flawless n made every jaw drop in amazement..tall..

He shouted sadly -” Gigi….”( dramatically!! haha..funny as if a child is seperated from him mother)

Manik-” bro..stop overreacting..if ur drama is over them lets go n spent some time together…coz it’s jst 2 day more..n we need to spend some time together according to nandu( Nandu gave him a death glare) n…n…me too…we got this tym after so long so let’s enjoy guys!! What’s say??”

ZAYN-” ok…f9… We both r coming…!”

Gigi-” yah..we both r coming..lets go n find those two evil twins..where r they…”

ZAYN-” m sure they must be pranking someone somewhere..coz that is what they both do when they r together..u know EVIL TWINS , CABIR N MUKHTI!!” ( he said Making his hands in to inverted comas..)

Gigi-” let’s go find him…”

All side hugged eo n walked to find our evil twin…???



A/n -” sooooo as I already have told that this contains a totally opposite character of everyone from, the real serial…Nandu is super bold n muh Fatt in this ff..Manik is as he was in ky2 jst some changes…n other u ok get to know soon…so don’t bash me for such Nandu..n it will contain some mature contents..I m warning before only..BT don’t worry..not much mature…

IF any criticism, suggestion,

appreciation..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz comment n tell me…plzzzz???? n I want lots of comment otherwise I m not updating..ok…
N tq ALLL for ur love…tq very very veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyymuch….means a lot to all who commented…n those who didn’t..for them KATTI…

Chalo bye…n plz do comment n tell me…love uh all….tq all…



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  1. Superbbbbb I loved all characters soooo much amazing storyline tashu you just rocked with your all ffs you are just extraordinary dear I don’t have words for your writing skills keep going ,stay happy take care dear love you loads

    1. Tash

      Hey piya… first of all tqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq sooooooooooooo much for being. Regular commenter… means a lot… n dear so much appreciation.. it means a lotttttt… tq tq tq… love uh… take care u too…

  2. Nishita

    Superb tash..loved it..Waiting for next epi ?

    1. Tash

      Tq nishita dear.. n m sorry for not commenting on ur ff.. sorry dil se…. can’t help it now..,. Bt will soon comment… n trust me.. i have read ur story.. new one also.. 3 short,. N i loveddddddddddddddd it.. what a story… u r a gr8 writer yaa..

      1. Nishita

        Itz ok prblm at all..I’m glad to know that u read them & lykd them…thank u sooooo much.. & yeah..u r superb writer 😉 🙂

  3. Its really a new version of manan loved it continue please update fast

    1. Tash

      Yeah ll update asap.. tq for commenting.. ?????

  4. Ohhhhh no……KATTI is nt acccptd by me…..n e ways grt start….nd i likd d charactrs….nandu being dis bold too……grt going….update jst soonr plzzzzz…lotts of love.

    1. Tash

      Not katti with u dear… m happy that u liked nandu’s avtar.. tq so much anjali.. ll update soon.. tq

  5. Mahi13

    Di it’s SUPERB. OMG!!!! THIS NEW AVTAR OF NANDINI HAS MADE ME SPEECHLESS. I’ve surely fallen for her 😛 n ZAYN N GIGI……… NO WORDS FOR THEM COZ COMPLIMENTS R NOT ENOUGH FOR THEM. I wish they stay together always but…….. Hollywood celeb couples r just like Chinese product (sigh)……. Anyway our Manan is for forever. Now tell me how r u????
    Update ASAP n take care of urself 😀

    1. Tash

      I m so happy that u liked nandu’s this avtar.. first i was unsure of this new avatar bt now i feel confident… n i too love zayn n gigi.. bt i too wish desperately that they stay like this forever.. bt i also agree woth u.. these hollywood celebs r way too different.. cant guess them.. hope zayn n gif stay togehter n never breakup… n tq for ur concern dear.. i m happy now.. totally f9… with my family now..also tq for commenting n ur appreciation.. take carw u too.. love uh

  6. diiiii , its a superb one . a very different storyline …..loved it very much. waiting for next epi

    1. Tqqqq so much tasni…tq..????

  7. U r a fabulous writer yash
    Keep rocking
    Update soon

    1. Tq so much vaishali..means a lot

  8. IshaJain3006

    woah! a new nandu
    m lovin it

    1. Yah…Nandu different from before..bold n angry..n tq

  9. Sindhu_Varma

    Oh my my tashu
    i am loving it what a kickass start loved it and zayn gigi they are goals hope they dont split
    the way zayn looks at gigi na hayyee
    i am super impressed with new nandu

    1. Yah…I jst hope ZAYN n Gigi don’t split..I love their pair….n yah..ZAYN’s eyes show that he loves Gigi very much..n also looks at her with so much love….n yah ..Nandu is different from before…no more komal kali..? N tq for uh…

  10. Nice one ? next update plzzz

    1. Already updated..tq

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