Manan A dream love story….Intro

Manan A dream love story
There is always love hidden within hatred. This is the story of two haters. A path from hate to intense impossible love with its own twists and turns.
My fan fiction shows Nandini, Mukti and Aliya as sisters and Manik, Dhruv and Cabir as brothers.

Nandini : She is the star of SPACE Academy.
Manik : New entrant. He is a handsome hunk straight from US. He is not only handsome but also arrogant. But his arrogance has its own charm ?
Mukti : She is Nandini’s elder sister. She is the bravo darling with hot looks. She stays with her at her mansion.
Aliya : She is younger sister of Nandini. She loves her a lot. And she is the diva of SPACE.
Dhruv : He is Manik’s brother. He is a shy guy and that’s what girls like about him a lot.
Soha : The antagonist in MaNan’s life. Being the girl in everyone’s dream she can go to any extent to snatch happiness from Manik’s life .
Harshad : He lusts for Nandini because she had refused him and his offer of being in a relationship which had hurt his ego a lot.
Navya : The traditional girl who wears kurti and straight away from Bihar.
Aryaman : Nandu’s best friend. He can go to any extent to save Nandini from jerks.
Abhimanyu : Aliya’s best friend. He has a soft corner for Mukti but fears to express his feelings

Hope you like it dearies. Thought to write about Manan coz its ending this year. So this would start afresh. A story of love, friendship, hate and jealousy.

Precap : Nandini’s dad tells her that his close family friend’s sons are coming to stay with them.

Tell me you like it. Them being brothers and sisters. Actually the main motto is to make them live under the same roof !

Credit to: Shelly


  1. Sparkle

    Heyy..!!!Your story is awesome…I liked the idea of staying under one roof….Hey but u forgot to give the intro of Cabir…Plz give that …….Plz try to update your stories daily unlike others…..plz continue..

  2. akhila

    I liked the introduction…plZzz update daily….I can’t wait for two days gap like that….and I Will give reply to ur updates

  3. Plumpyyy

    Awesome!!! 3 sisters and brothers… This is perfect.. Nandu middle one muku elder n alya younger… N v want cabir’s CS plzz.. Continue

  4. shelly

    Due to holidays, we are not accepting new submissions temporarily.

    We will start accepting articles again from the morning of January 4th 2016.

    We wish everyone a very happy and prosperous new year.

    this is what i got from telly updates regarding submission

  5. shelly

    so guys you gotta wait for the next update till next monday or plz let me knw how cn i update it soon coz the update is ready !

  6. Shelly


    Nandini goes for shopping with Aliya. There she meets an arrogant guy. Their mishap had broken the strings of Nandini’s new guitar. Both yell at each other badly. The same morning Nandini’s dad had tell before about the arrival of sons of his close family friend Malhotras !

  7. Plumpyyy

    Haha awesome spoiler shelly! I hope moorthy mansion doesnt turn into a battle field! Btw all d sisters r moorthys na? Nandini moorthy, mukti moorthy, alya moorthy??!! Oh man! It sounds hilarious!! They’re frm mumbai or m’lore?? Ek aur place add karna hai toh plz add udupi 😛

  8. Shelly

    Awwh Plumpy ! Yep it will. Battle follow by love castly. Btw they are all moorthy. Don’t laugh at it. And yeah they all hail from Mangalore but are settled in Mumbai.

  9. Shelly

    Ty for being so patient guys. I will update as soon as possible . Let me know if you app want another spoiler or directly the update on 4 th Jan the update

  10. Shelly

    Plz do comment if u wan another spoiler. I would definitely put it up on ur request coz for me what matters is you all !
    Love you all to infinity and waiting for ur replies..?

  11. kavya

    No need for any more spoiler……
    Agar puts update aise spoiler ke though de dogi…..too update me kuch Maya bhi bachega…..
    But…ye jarure khogi… hoo sake too 4jan ka update thoda long rekhna……itna patience ka faale thoda mitha milna chahiye na……
    Soo plz keep it long……
    Nd thanx for such an amazing ff…..
    Love u

  12. Roma

    Awesome, lovely episode and spoiler is very interesting. Keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.