Manan A dream love story….Episode 9


Manik and Nandini text each other Good morning.

Manik : So what colour are you wearing today ?

Nandini : Why .

Manik : Because it feels great when two friends wear complementary clothes.

Nandini blushed .

Manik : Now stop blushing and tell me !

Nandini : Manik how come you know I was blushing. You are not in my room too !

Manik : Just a wild guess. Wink emoticon. So you were actually blushing !!

She tries to change the topic.
Nandini : White crop top and black palazzos.

Manik : Okay .

All wake up and go to the breakfast table. Nandini was happy after she got Manik’s cute message. She gets another message ” Lets bunk and go to somewhere. ”

Nandini : No way Manik ! The idea is hysterical.

Manik : Oh ! Nandini Murthy cant bunk. Where is all your bravery you always boast about. You know today Manik I did this .

Nandini : Okay ! But we cant go together otherwise all will become suspicious and then tease us !

Manik : Okay you leave first.

Mukti asks Nandini ” What’s going on Nandu. Whom you are texting since an hour ! ”

Nandini immediately keeps her phone inside her bag. Nandini tells her “Oh no one Mukti ! I was just texting Aryaman. ”

Mukti : Alright. Just eat your breakfast darling. And please no mobile phone on breakfast table.

Nandini murmurs ” Phew.! Thank you god for saving me today.”
She leaves them telling Aryaman is waiting for her at the college.

Manik also sneaks out after sometime.
Both get into the car.

Nandini : Oh I forgot to call Aryaman.

Manik : When you will stop thinking about him !

Nandini : Never.

Manik : Okay go on lady !

Nandini calls him and tells him ” Please Aryaman handle the situation. Actually I m going to bunk today so I told everyone I m with you. And also don’t go to college today. Please Aryaman .”

Aryaman : Okay Nandini but where are you going and who is with you.

Nandini : I m with Milli and we are going to the new resort opened. I actually want to relax.

Aryaman : Enjoy my dear! Love you.

Nandini : Love you too ! Bye !

She cuts the call.

Manik : Milli ? You made me a dog ?! Not fair at all.

Nandini : You don’t need to be one !
Manik changes the topic.
Manik : And what about those love you baby miss me baby and the flying kisses. Huh..

Nandini : Looks like someone is jealous. Don’t worry ! Soha is coming back soon. And she will give you all the pending kisses after she returns.

Manik : No way ! She foes not smell good at all
He laughs but Nandini ignores his joke

Nandini : Manik where are we going ?

Manik : Surprise surprise.

Nandini : Duh huh. I hate surprises !

Manik : Patience…

He instructs her to close her eyes. She does it. They reach and Nandini opens her eyes to find herself in the beach. She rushes to the water and plays with it.

Manik : You look so happy !

Nandini : I m very happy yaar ! Last time I don’t remember when I came here. And you know what my mom used to bring me here. Thank you so much.

She gives him a small peck on cheek and continues her playing. Manik touches the area of his cheek where she kissed. “I will never wash this.” He thinks but later ” what are you doing Manik ! You have totally gone mad ”

He splashes water on Nandini’s face and she in turn splashes on her. Both enjoy and have lots of fun and are totally drenched.
Cabir sees Navya and hides. He remembers how he met her yesterday.
Cabir was with her girlfriend and was getting cozy with her. He kisses her on his lips but Navya sees this. The girl gets scared and leaves immediately.
Cabir : See what you have done ! You made my girlfriend Radhika run away !

The girl hears this and throws her heels on him ” My name is Manisha and not Radhika ”

Navya laughs at him.

Navya : Mata rani ne achha Kiya tumhare saath. You deserve this .

Cabir holds her hand and makes her sit in his car.

Navya : Kya kar rahe ho tum. Plz leave me for gods sake.

Cabir : Oh Madhubala shut up ! I m not interested in you at all. I wont do anything wrong with you. Actually you don’t deserve it.

He takes her to the museum. ” See I helped you to reach your home ! The Museum ! I hope now you would stop eating my brain ! ”

Precap : Manan’s date continues . Mukti in same hospital as Abhi . Will she find his secret ?

Thank you so much for everything !
It never feels like I miss Manan now because its still alive in out hearts !

Credit to: Shelly

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  6. Awesome episode, manan surprise date was awesome…cavya fb was funny…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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