Manan A dream love story….Episode 8

Before starting the episode I wanted you guys to know that I m writing another ff “The Beauty in our stars” . I wanted you guys to tell me how is it. And I thank everyone for the love you showering on me. I m really blessed to have friends like you
Starting with the episode.

Cabir was a serial dater who changed his girlfriends the way one changes his clothes.

Manik comes there and asks Cabir Are you serious ? You slept with this behenji !

Cabir : Madhubala please leave yaar.

Navya leaves immediately.
Cabir : How can you even think that Manik.

Manik : Sorry bro. I know your choice. Hot beautiful modern and full of attitude right ? And mom will never accept a girl like Navya.
( So now you know who is the potential villain for Cavya )

Cabir : Hmmm…. And she never has to ! I would never date a girl like Navya. Now please!
All of them leave together and reach home. Cabir tells them to have a big blast as uncle is not at home.
Mukti : I ll get the drinks.

Aliya : I ll fetch food.

Cabir instructs Dhruv to go with Aliya and he himself goes with Mukti.

Nandini : What will we both do ?

Mukti : You guys clean the mess and please Nandu don’t tell dad about this secret party yaar. And yeah decorate the house.

Nandini : I ll call Aryaman.

Mukti thinks to bring and introduce Abhimanyu. He calls him but he doesn’t pick up.

Abhimanyu was in the second stage of cancer. Doctors had lose hope of his survival and so he wanted to achieve whatever he could in this short time. A great friend like Mukti and helping her. And now she was more than a friend to him. He had fallen for her and so he decided that he would help her against all odds. He was there for chemotherapy.

Abhi : Doc . Can we postpone this. I really have to meet Mukti

Doctor : No Abhimanyu you already are taking too much stress these days and your reports are also not normal. We cant delay any session from now not even for a minute.

Abhi : Okay doc.

He messaged Mukti that he is busy.
Mukti became sad. Cabir asks her if all is okay.
Mukti : Everything is okay. Pitch Perfect !

Nandini was doing the decoration.
Nandini : Manik I have not asked you yet does not mean I don’t need your help. Sometimes boys do have to understand without words.

Manik : Okay Nandini. Now don’t start your lecture. I m really in the wild party mood. Don’t spoil it.

He helps her by inflating the balloons and goes out of breath. Nandini sees this and panics. She directly jumps from the stool and comes running to him.

Nandini : Manik are you okay ?

She panics a lot. Manik lies unconscious. She tries to call Mukti but Someone grabs her phone. She gets scared and turns back only to find Manik. Manik starts laughing at him.

Manik : Hahaha.. Caught you ! You are such a fool.
Nandini : Is this a joke. I was so scared and yes I m a fool to trust you.
She punches him hard .

Manik : Ouch ! What I meant by fool is a flower.

Nandini laughs at his cheesy joke but
She was still angry and throws the pillows at him. Then came the papers and finally the balloons. Manik comes near to her and Nandini jerks him away but he was holding her hands and both fall in the floor with Nandini on top of him. And Nandini’s lips brushed on his. Nandini immediately gets up as she heard Cabir’s voice. Cabir notices them sitting on the floor beside each other with their hands touching each others. Nandini immediately removes her hand , gets up and rushes to one corner.
Mukti : What a mess ! Nandini i told you to clean the mess but you made this place a trash box.

Nandini doesn’t answer still thinking about the accidental kiss between her and Manik. Manik knew she was disturbed and so takes the blame on himself.
Manik : I m sorry. Actually Nandini had cleaned the place but I made it dirty again.
Dhruv and Aliya also arrive.

Mukti : Party is cancelled guys all thanks to Manik !

Cabir : No guys wait. Lets go to the new club opened here. And guys plz hide those bottles before uncle sees them and kills us.

Mukti : I will hide it in my room. Our future reserve.
She giggles.
Nandini and Manik totally avoided each other after that incident. All have their drinks. Cabir spots a hot girl and dances with her.

Nandini asks Dhruv to dance and Dhruv agrees. Aliya gets jealous and so does Manik.

Aliya : So you what is it with Soha ? Love ?

Manik : Nah.. Not love. Common. Just casual dating.

Aliya : But I heard Soha is damn serious about this relationship.

Manik : No yaar. I heard about Soha’s fling with many boys. She cant be serious about this. She’s not that type.
He empties the whole glass as he stares Dhruv and Nandini getting closer as they danced
Manik : Dance ?

Aliya : Sure.

Both land next to Dhruni. Manik tries to make Nandini jealous by getting cozy with Aliya.

Nandini thinks “Why is he getting my sister in between this all ! I hope she does not take this in some other way.”

She goes to them and asks Manik to dance with her. Aliya immediately leaves him and Dhruv dances with Aliya.

Aliya : Why did you say yes to my sister when she asked you for dance.

Dhruv : Why cant I ? Your sister is really adorable and I like her a lot. And by the way you were also dancing with Manik na. I don’t have any problem with that so why do you have ?

Aliya : Yeah right !

Manik : Jealous of your baby doll. Doesn’t suit an elder sister.

Nandini : Manik I warn you don’t bring Aliya between our ..

Manik : Our .??

Nandini goes outside and Manik follows her. Manik goes and stops her by holding her from back

Manik : Nandini i want to know what you feel about me. Tell me damn it !

Nandini : Leave me Manik. Its hurting me
He loosens his grip but still was holding her getting her an inch closer to him.

Manik : No you have to tell me. From the day I met you I have these butterflies in my stomach. I don’t know what is this.

Nandini : Manik you are with Soha don’t forget this.

Manik leaves her and Nandini runs away. Manik decides to break up with Soha as he thinks she is coming between them. He tries to call her but later cuts the call thinking ” It would be rude breaking up with her on phone. I have to wait till she lands back to India. Till then Nandini will only be my friend ”

He messages Nandini
” Nandini . I m sorry. I am like always wrong. Whatever happened today I cant delete it or reverse it back. But lets try to forget all our fights and the awkwardness we always had. Lets just forget everything and be friends. Tomorrow’s morning will bring a new sunshine to OUR life. Lets begin again”

Precap : Nandini and Manik bunk their college and go to beach. Mukti in same hospital as Abhimanyu.

So here is a new start for Manan BEGIN AGAIN.
I love the movie too. And the biggest coincidence is that it is also based on music.

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