Manan A dream love story….Episode 7

Aliya was getting ready and she cuddles her poodle.

Aliya : Wish me luck Milli… I am going to perform today and you know what ! I m performing with Dhruv. Don’t you think we look so perfect together.

Her poodle makes a noise and runs away only to be caught by Manik.
Aliya thinks I hope he didn’t listen anything otherwise he might tell Dhruv.

Manik : Have you seen Nandini. She is not at home.

Nandini was in her secret space which none of her sisters knew. And she could see Manik talking with Aliya from there.

Aliya : I don’t know. By the way you are looking hot.. Nandini is going to be damn jealous of you.

Manik Turns crimson red hearing what she told just now.

Nandini : No wonder Manik knows how to handle so many girls together !

Manik leaves with Aliya and Dhruv.
” I hope she comes ! Was only going through his mind.”
Dhruv and Aliya practice for one last time. Mukti comes with Abhimanyu and wishes all of them a lots of luck.

The Music Fest starts with the first performance being disliked by the audience and they boo at them. This makes Aliya very nervous. Dhruv tries to calm her down and gives her a tight hug. They step on the stage. They start their performance on Khuda jaane …(Bachna Ae Haseeno)
All love their performance and give them a big applause. Anika throws a soda can on Aliya but Dhruv saves her.
Next was Manik. He was nervous as Nandini had not arrived yet. He steps on the stage and starts singing his lines.

He was very nervous but then…

Nandini and he happily complete their performance giving each other a hug at the end and they gets Standing ovation for their awesome performance. All clap loudly and shout aloud Manan Manan Manan !

And both look at each other with disbelief.. “Manan ?” Both asked each other. But from their heart they loved being called Manan.
Soha stamps her right leg hard on the floor in frustration and leaves.” I have to play my game now. But Manik wont trust me right now and maybe all this drama would be only for this performance. I hope so.. .. ” says she in her mind as she leaves .
Soha calls Manik and tells him that she is going to London for a few days and will be back soon.

“That’s great” says Manik in excitement. “Finally I will get my space..” He thinks
Nandini is joined by Dhruv, Aliya, Mukti and Abhimanyu.

Dhruv : What an entry Nandini ! It was awesome.

Nandini : Thank you..

Mukti : You actually made me scare huh.. I thought you would not come because of..

Nandini was tensed as she thought what is going on between Manik and her. She trembled in fear.

Mukti : Because of fear.. That your performance would not be liked by people.

Cabir comes to the backstage.
Aliya goes and hits him hard on his head.

Aliya : You didn’t come to see our performance !

Cabir : Sorry yaar. I faced the biggest torture of my life.

Nandini : (in concern) What do you mean ? Is everything okay.

Cabir : Nothing serious. U know actually I met a Madhubala.

Navya enters. “Cabir ji yeh apka hai kya ?” All are shocked to see her and wonder how she knows Cabir

Precap : .. Manan’s accidental kiss.

Hope you liked it.

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  3. Awesome episode, loved it very much. …the story is going really good. ..manan rocking the stage…precap very good. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  4. Ha ha cabir ji

  5. wow todays episode was amazing….I really liked it very much….I hope navya and cabir’ chemistry will rock…..don’t show so many negative roles plzzzz I am requesting u

    1. Sure Akhila I will keep that in mind. Actually I also don’t like negative characters so I sent Soha for a big holiday

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