Manan A dream love story….Episode 6


Manik was with Soha.” I m glad that Music Fest is tomorrow. Now you don’t have to spend so much time with Nandini .” Thinks Soha.
Manik thinks it will be his last day or last practice with Nandini. ” God knows if we would ever perform again ! ”

Nandini enters SPACE along with Aryaman. Manik takes her hand forcefully. Nandini continuously revolts as it was hurting but he hardly listened. “We need to practice ” was his cold reply.
” Yeah right. ” they practice and Nandini didn’t stop even for a moment inspite of the fact that her hand was hurting badly.
“Alright we will take break now.” Manik said this as he had noticed Nandini’s aching hand. Manik tries to hide his CARING feelings for Nandini. But Nandini continues performing. Manik leaves her in that painful state.
Mukti was hurrying as she had instructed Abhimanyu to come before 8 and she herself was late. She enters the practice room and sees Abhimanyu playing with his Smiley ball and smiles at him. Abhimanyu throws it away

Mukti asks Abhi ” why did you throw it away. U looked so cute when you were playing with that.”
“Because I found my new smiling sunshine ” Abhi replied. Mukti turned pink and lowered her eyelids totally blushing. Abhimanyu smiled gazing at her beautiful face.
It was the first time for her that someone else had made her blush .
They start their dance practice. Mukti and Aryaman entangle their left hand and Abhi kept his right hand on her waist. He felt a but shy and holds his hand in air until Mukti again places it on her waist.” Don’t feel so shy you are my friend.”
They start their marvellous performance and look awesome together. Veronica sees their performance and feels jealous of their perfect performance. She leaves.
Their performance ends and Mukti softly plants a kiss on his cheek.
“You are perfect Abhi ! I wish I was like you. So perfect.” Said Mukti. She had tears in her eyes.
Abhi starts ticking her to make her laugh. Both start their tickling session And fall miserably on the floor.
After a tiring day Nandini returns home with her hand totally strained. She starts jamming in her room and her hand was bleeding profusely. Manik hears the aggressive music being played from Nandini’s room and wonders if she is okay. And he is horrified to see her hand bleeding badly.
Manik comes running with the first aid kit. He gently takes her hand but Nandini jerks it away. Manik again tries and this time Nandini surrenders like a kid.
He slowly puts an ointment and the bandage on her hand.

Both didn’t speak a word to each other and Nandini leaves the room slamming the door hard. Manik knew she was angry and thinks if it was her fault ” she had hide her relation with Aryaman. Even Soha confirmed it. Maybe she wants privacy and I think I should grant it.”
He goes to Nandini. And apologises her.
Manik : Look I m seriously sorry. I don’t what happens to me sometimes. Words slip from my mouth easily. I apologise from my heart for hurting you again and again. I feel miserable seeing you like this.

Nandini : Its not easy to take back your spoken words. Whatever you do hurts me a lot. I wont perform with you tomorrow.
Manik also thinks about the pain she gave to him unintentionally and recalls all their moments. Their first fight her right slap their tight hugs. So much had actually happened in his life in a couple of weeks.

Manik : I m sorry. And I really don’t want to force you into this performance. Do as you like . Its your life. What I really want to tell you is that it affects me a lot. Whatever you do I don’t know why. I have this strange feeling about you. It does not have any name . I cant describe it in words. But whenever I see you in pain my heart also aches my eyes also cry.
If you come to tomorrow’s performance I would think you have forgiven me and if you don’t I would think you have forgotten me.
Nandini was expressionless.
Manik signs off.

Precap : Dhrulya performance. All like it. Manik is waiting for Nandini in the Amphitheatre.
Will she come ? Will she not.? Let us see.

Its Five when I was writing this. I have my exam week now. So if I miss to update I m sorry for that! Love you all and please do comment about the track. I hope you are not bored of their fights and yeh about the scene of bleeding hand I actually wanted the reverse unlike the real kyy where always Manik bled his hand and still managed to look so cute ! I miss Manan chemistry on TV only You tube these days and I always have tears when I watch season 1 … Love kyy a lot !
And guys I m sad about the response from you all. Your few words which hardly take a second help me a lit with this ff and I will continue only if you want this to go on and on . Silent readers thank you so much for reading this ff but its high time you should respond !!!

Credit to: Shelly

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