Manan A dream love story….Episode 4


“And that was an EPIC moment !” Exclaimed Mukti… Actually she was telling about her fabulous day especially about her tiff to her dearest sisters. And Aliya showed them her fashion designs
“I want that dress for my Pageant!” Ordered Mukti.
Aliya : Okay sissy
Here comes some details about the day.
Mukti was into a little bit of modelling. And she was with her friends in the canteen craving on fruit ice cream.

A girl comes in dress skimpily. ” This time I would win the Beauty Queen ”
The girl was Veronica Mukti’s frenemy who changed her colours according to the situation. “TOTALLY CHAMELEON ”

Thought Mukti.
Mukti tries yo leave the table. Veronica holds her hands but Mukti jerks it away.
Mukti : Don’t dare to touch me ! Get that ?
Veronica : Loser ! You were trying to leave the place. U got scared of me or what ?
Mukti : Scared of you. Aliya’s poodle wont even be scared of you ! Actually you know what I only speak to people of my standard. And you are totally below that. LS.
Veronica : Who are you. A chic with a skinny figure which is not even natural. you diet and all this is the result of that ? That’s totally unreal.

Mukti : Don’t teach me what’s natural. Who doesn’t know in this college that you got your nose job done . You are so fake.. I m glad not to meet you until this bad morning
Someone watching this argument from behind and was having a good laugh at it. Mukti notices this but pays no heed. Veronica leaves the place after getting so much insults from Mukti.
The guy turns back and was about to leave but Mukti tries to turn him.
Mukti : You were trying to have a good laugh at me ? Don’t you know who I am ?
The guy is none other than Abhimanyu. He had a wide smile on his face. Mukti gets more annoyed seeing him smile vaguely.

Mukti : Are you gone case ? Oh hello I m talking to you… Why were you laughing ?
Abhimanyu : Laughing is the best medicine. Besides I love girls having some naughty cat fights. It amuses me a lot…
Mukti : Whatever .
She leaves the canteen. Her friends follow her trying to cheer her up. She indeed smiled but the reason was only limited to her.
Nandini was thinking about her day. Actually her fight with Manik.

Manik and Nandini were practicing on the song
Ek din kabhi jo khud ko taraashe
Meri nazar se tu zara, haaye re
Aankhon se teri kya kya chhupa hai
Tujhko dikhaaun main zara, haaye re
Ik ankahi si daastaan daastaan
Kehne lagega aaina Subhanallah…

Jo ho raha haim pehli dafaa hai wallah
Aisa hua, Subhanallah..
Jo ho raha hai pehli dafaa hai wallah
Aisa hua

Meri khamoshi se baatein chun lena
Unki dori se taarifein bun lena (x2)
Kal nahi thi jo aaj lagti hoon
Taareef meri hai khaamakha
Tohfa hai tera meri adaa
Ek din kabhi jo khud ko pukaare
Meri zubaan se tu zara, haaye re
Tujh mein chhupi si jo shayari hai
Tujhko sunaaun main zara, haay re
Ye do dilon ka waasta waasta
Khul ke bataaya jaaye naa
Both together
Jo ho raha hai, pehli dafaa hai Wallah
Aisa hua.. Subhanallah
Jo ho raha hai, pehli dafaa hai Wallah
Aisa hua.

Both looked happy untill Aryaman came to Nandu to ask her if she had breakfast. Nandini tells him she had it and he leaves. Manik behaves rudely with her since then
Manik : Is he your pet or what ! I don’t get it yaar. What is he trying to prove.
Nandini : Its totally our of ur reach Manik Malhotra. Its friendship. U wont understand it.
Manik : I wont understand friendship !

He takes her to the corner of the too with his hand over her shoulder.
Manik : What am I trying to do then since morning ? Trying to be ur friend. What do i get in return ? Nothing !
Nandini jerks his hand away and tells him ” When did you stretched ur hand for friendship ? Maybe you were day dreaming or maybe I ws sleeping since morning. Since morning you were either fighting with me or were fighting with Aryaman. Secondly One should never expect anything in return in friendship. Get that fixed in ur mind. ”
She leaves. Manik ponders over her words.
Aliya, Dhruv and Cabir were having a good laugh.
Cabir : That was a great prank man ! Luke seriously.
Their PRANK..
Anika was searching for Dhruv everywhere and she enters a secluded place. Cabir was dressed in a white cloth and his face had a mask.
Anika shrieked in fear. Who are you ? She asks her hands trembling.
Cabir : Who I am is not the question but what are you doing ?
Anika : What do you mean ?
Cabir : You paired up with Dhruv.
Anika : Yeah. He’s cute and adorable.
Aliya who was hearing this fumed in jealousy. Time entry Dhruv. She winks at him.
She comes dressed in a sari. I m Dhruv’s ex girlfriend.
Cabir : She dies thinking about Dhruv. He’s cute and adorable.
Anika : But how can a person die thinking about another person !?
Aliya : My limbic system broke down because of him. I sacrificed my life for him and now you… You are trying to separate us. I wont leave you for sure.
She steps closer and closer to Anika and Anika runs away like a rat.
All remove their costumes and have a good laugh. Aliya : Now she would definitely not pair up with you.

Manik was in his room thinking about his equation with Nandini.
” for the first time you are wrong Manik. She is right. Okay now you have to do something. To win her back. I mean her friendship. I don’t wanna lose a nice friend ”
He thinks about how to ask her for her friendship and hits upon a plan. ” Now I can sleep peacefully ”

Next episode : Manik proposes Nandini … For friendship .

Hope you are having a good time reading this coz I really enjoy writing these especially for my dearies…

And totally sorry for breaking your heart in the Precap. But that will also happen soon. But there are a lot of twists and turns to come before that to make this love story an ELECTRIC LOVE STORY .
And tell me how badly you hate Veronica and Soha .
Coz these two girls are totally going to be behind our Murthy sisters
And you want to pair Cabir with Navya or someone else. I personally like their pair but need you opinion badly. Mark my words and do reply. And have a great 2k16 ! Lets keep Manans old memories alive and cherish them daily and make some new beautiful memories.

Read all Manan ff’s like I do. Only for Manan I m humesha ready !

Credit to: Shelly

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