Manan A dream love story….Episode 3


Recap : Nandini’s dad tells them about Malhotras. Nandini has a bad fight with a guy.
Nandini : You!
She couldn’t believe. It was the same guy with whom she had an ugly fight.
Nandini : What are you doing here ?
The guy was just about to speak when her dad tells her : “He is Manik Malhotra. I told you about him in the morning. They are going to stay with us. He is Dhruv ” he pointed at a guy who wore a cap and had his face covered with his hair. “And that’s Cabir ” He was a chilled out person with a stupid smile on his face.
His dad leaves saying ” I ll see the dinner arrangements. Come inside my sons. ”
Manik follows uncle and gives an evil smirk to Nandini.
” finally all is well !” Exclaims Mukti.
” All is not well ” thinks Nandini.” I m sure this Manik Malhotra is definitely upto something. I have to stay away from him. ”
She storms inside her bedroom and lies on the bed. Mukti joins her.
They talk about the boys.
I think Cabir is a fun guy.
Hmmm… “And Dhruv seems to be a nice boy. I mean he is so shy…” Says Nandini.
Mukti tells ” Manik is handsome. But I don’t know how he would be like. ”
” He would be full of attitude and arrogance. He …”
Mukti teases Nandu ” How you know so much about him. Love at first site or what ? ”
Nandini fumes in anger. “Are you out of your mind!! Me n him. Its never gonna happen. ” she starts throwing her pillows on Mukti. Mukti tries to save herself from Wrath of Nandini Murthy and so opens the door. Nandini aims another pillow at the door.
” Ouch ! ” This time the pillow had hit Manik. He enters her too and goes to her. Nandini manages her hair and comes out of her blanket.
Manik was hell shocked looking at her.
” She is not that bad. Only one problem. She is not my type. ” Thinks Manik.
Manik says to Nandini ” So this is how you welcome your guests. ”
” No we have better welcomes. ” replies Nandini with a smile.
Manik had fallen for her beautiful smile..
” Close your eyes Manik . ” He does as she says. Nandini comes close to him. Manik could feel her breath . Manik sensed something soft on his face. He opens his eyes immediately and is shocked to see his face painted with a magenta lipstick.
Nandini laughs at him and leaves the room. Before leaving she boos at him.
Manik remembers how he had done the same with her. ” Manik never repents for his mistakes. So its time to hit you back Nandini Murthy ! ”
It was dinner time….
Nandini was out to take Aliya’s poodle for a walk as she was busy. She comes late for the dinner.
” Come darling ! Sorry we started without you. “says his dad.
Cabir tells her ” All thanks to your ever hungry Sister Mukti ”
Nandini smiled at Mukti.” I ll just come in a sec. ”
” What happened to your right arm Nandu? ” Asked Aliya
Oh this . Nothing. I just twisted it while coming back. It would be alright.
” I m so sorry ! Its all my fault ”
” No yaar. You guys carry on ”
She comes back and Mukti asks her to sit to the chair next to Manik as all the rest of the chairs were preoccupied.
Manik gives an evil smile to her. HHethinks ” Time to get even with you ! ”
Nandini was having her dinner. All went good but the just in the middle of dinner she could sense Manik’s touch on her hand.
Nandini was getting annoyed. She gave him an angry glance and Manik returned it with a devil look.
” What happened darling. Why are you not eating anything? ” His dad asked.
” Nothing papa. ” Manik leaves her hand by then. Manik now starts tickling her.
Nandini starts laughing out loud. Everyone notice this. Manik asks her ” what so funny.? Let us also know the joke ! Don’t be so selfish.”
” Nothing. I m not hungry. I ll have a sleep. “She was about to get up but Manik puts his leg to make her fall and she falls on the floor badly hitting her head.
” Are you okay? ”
Nandini keeps her hair at the back of ear and gets up. ” See I m totally okay.”
She looks with disgust towards Manik.
She hides out her pain and the wound she got on her head by her hair. No one notices this except Manik as he was adjacently seated to her. He tells ” Uncle. I forgot to phone my Mom. She must be worried. I ll be back in minute. ” saying so he leaves.
Nandini was in front of the mirror trying hard to put the ointment on her head. But it was difficult for her as she had twisted her arm.
” Let me help you .” “No way. Don’t even touch me. ” Answered Nandini when Manik offered to help. He snatches the ointment and applies it steadily on her wound.
“Ouch….”cried Nandini in pain.
Manik coldly tells her ” I’m sorry. ”
Manik slowly blows over her head to minimise her pain. She closes her eyes as she couldn’t control the pain. He gives her a peck on his cheek. And he comes closer to her. Nandini suddenly gets up and slaps him on his face.
” Manik Malhotra. Its not even a one proper day I met you. And you are trying to get so close to me. Don’t ever try this next time. Get lost and don’t you show your face ever again ! ”
Manik leaves in anger ” How could she slap me ? I don’t believe this. I was right about her before. She is certainly not my type. ”

Precap : Nandini’s dad tells her to go to SPACE with Manik. Soha tries to befriend with Manik.

I don’t know whether you would like this episode. But what I really liked about Manan was their cute fights. So I want to start this love story with some really hopeless fights.
Hope you liked it and plz help me with your suggestions. My friends and all silent readers plz do comment because i love reading them. And I m thankful to you all for loads of comments and suggestions .
Love Manan to Infinity

Credit to: Shelly

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    Superb your ff makes my day

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