Manan A dream love story….Episode 2


Nandini was in her too sleeping like a princess. Suddenly she feels a bang on her head. It was her dearest sister Mukti Murthy . (Actually sounds funny)
Mukti : Nandu plz get ready quickly. Dad wants to talk to you.
Nandini still sleeping. Now her head was under a pillow and she had pulled the blanket all over her body.
Their Dad comes to the room. He signed Mukti to be quiet and let me handle it. !
His dad takes out the blanket. Nandini hits him with a pillow thinking him to be Mukti but she is shocked to see Mukti beside her. She gets up immediately and gives her dad a smile and rushes to the washroom.
Dad : Drama queens ! I wonder who will marry you three.
Mukti : I ll get ready like an obedient daughter.
She winks at him and leaves to change.
Mukti, Manik and Nandini come down. Aliya had already left with Cabir and Dhruv. Manik couldn’t take his eyes off Nandini. She looked so beautiful in that crop top. But he stole those glances and appeared to be very angry with whatever happened yesterday night.
Mukti : Guys. I have a shoot. So I ll see you guys later and saying so she leaves.
Nandini also leaves and Manik follows her.
Manik to Nandini : Listen ! I m … I want… ( a big pause. Nandini looks at him in amazement ) My car is not working. You drop me.
Nandini : Duh huh ! I thought… Never mind. I wont. Take an Auto or taxi. Manik Malhotra.
Her dad comes and instructs Nandini to help Manik. ” Drop him. You both are going to the same place.”
Nandini : Okay dad.
(dad leaves )
Nandini gets to the driver seat and Manik sits behind.
Nandini : Get out of the car ! What do you think of yourself ? I m nt your driver or something. Sit here .
She pointed to the seat beside her.
Both drive off to SPACE. They get out of the car. All look at them. Boys were giving the reaction ” our dream girl is no more single ”
And all the girls were burning out of jealousy. ” He is so cute why is he with her ! I hate that girl so much ! ”
Nandini noticed this and goes to the podium of the basketball court.
” Listen guys . There is nothing between us. Telling this just to clear the air ! There is nothing and there will be nothing ! ”
A girl smirked hearing this. She runs towards Manik and falls in his arms.
” Are you okay ? ” Manik asked out of his gentlemanliness.
“Yeah. Hey I m Soha! ” in such a desperate tone
Nandini notices this and coughs hard . Manik notices this. He leaves Soha there.
Manik : ” what was that ? You are such an attention seeker. ”
Nandini : ” Today I saw who was grabbing attention ”
MANIK : “Oh that ! I know she is so hot. Tell me if she is single. Oh never mind I ll check her FB. ”
He sees Soha there and waves at her.
” Aryaman where are you ! ” suddenly some one pats her shoulder from back.
“‘Sup Nandu ? ”
” Where were you Aryaman ? Lets go to the class now. We will talk later ”
They go to the class hand in hand. Manik was shocked.
Soha to Manik : Why are you looking there with so much desperation?
Manik : Oh nah. Nothing. Who is that guy ?
Soha lies to him ” Its her boyfriend. She simply uses him to get all her work done. Poor him.”
Manik thinks ” Oh she’s totally different. What I saw yesterday and whatever I m seeing today. Girls are always two faced.”
but still he was jealous. Nandini smirks at him.
Raghav sir comes there. So guys I m happy to see you all here. As you know there is going to be a huge Fest here. So I want you guys to participate in it. But unlike the usual tradition of Forming bands I want..
Harshad enters the class ” Sorry for being late ”
“Okay so where was I . I want you all to form pairs. I will decide the pair ”
All shouted Nandini’s name but she looked at Manik and Aryaman.
Manik says aloud ” Sir do whatever you want. But don’t pair me up with that girl. ” he pointed at Nandini
Nandini : Who wants to pair with you ! Donkeys sing better than you.
All laughed. Manik goes to her and holds her hand tightly. Aryaman says ” Leave her hand ! ” Aryaman was just going to give him a hard knock on his face but Raghav sir intervenes.” I have decided.
And my decision would be final. I want Soha and Aditya. Dhruv and Anika. Aryaman and Harshad. ”
He goes on. At the end only Manik and Nandini are left. ” Manik and Nandini ”
Manan’s jaw dropped. And they see each other with hatred. Raghav asks them, ” I hope you don’t have any problem”
“Get back to your place. ”
Raghav thinks ” I can see the spark that will come out of your music. So I paired you guys together.”
Raghav : I hope you don’t disappoint me . Start the practice. I don’t want to see any time pass..

Dhruv asks Anika about the practice but she ws totally chic. “I ll first do my make up. You find a spot for our practice. And plz some shady place away from sunlight. I don’t want my skin to get tan. ”
Dhruv thinks ” Unbelievable ! Girls ..”
He finds Aliya near the canteen. She was working on her designs. And was totally engrossed in it.
Dhruv : Whatsup Aliya ?
Aliya : Just finishing my designs. And you ? How was your first lecture .?
Raghav sir asked about my absence ?
Dhruv : Are you in the same class ?
Aliya : Ofcourse. Music is my first love.
Dhruv wonders “what’s her first love. But thinks not to ask her as it will be too away personal!”
Aliya asks him about the lecture .
Dhruv : Sir had made pairs and guess what ?!?
Aliya : What ?
Dhruv : Sir has paired Manik and Nandini together.
Aliya : Awesome…i hope now all becomes good between them. From arch rivals to silly billy friends.
Dhruv : Can I ask you for a favour ?
Aliya : Sure .
Dhruv : Please save me from that Anika. I don’t want to be her partner. And I suppose you are the left out person. So I could really perform with you. Please Aliya I really beg.
Aliya : Sure Dhruv. What are friends for.
She thinks hard and a smirk comes on het face.
We need Cabir ! Shouts Aliya.

Precap : Manan practice together. Mukbhi meet. Aliya and Cabir’s prank.
I hope you liked it ! And tell me should I show Abhi suffering from cancer or not ?

Credit to: Shelly

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  1. Superrr yaar

  2. Guys this is the third epi…the second one is posted as the third

  3. Ni problem dr……
    It’s just awesome dear ……
    Love it……
    Keep going with this great jod…..

  4. Waiting for the Prank. And I don’t like Anika and Soha…

  5. plzz don’t show….atleast in this they will be together nd love forever….and plzzz pair up aliya nd dhruv….cabir ke liye bhi ek achi lakdi chahiye…todays episode was good I liked it

  6. Awesome, marvellous, lovely episode, it’s going really good. ..I’m enjoying it very much. ..plzzzz don’t show abhi as cancer patient, I loved his cute character..n alia dhruv r perfect…hate soha n harshad…n where is navya? Plzzzz pair her with cabir…just a suggetion, I don’t want to interfere in your story line…loving it soooo much as you are presenting it very awesoooooome. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads, manan forever…very tight hug

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